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Moroccan Pop Singer Senhaji turns a Sour Performance in Washington

Virginia Moroccans gathered at theWestin Hotel ballroom for a night of fun and dance with Moroccan Pop singer Senhaji.
However, when the singer came into the ballroom, he appeared to be in a state of intoxication. Instead of singing, he was actually screaming. The crowd was tolerant enough and cheerfuly participated in singing and dancing. At one o'clock, Mr. Senhaji, simply dropped the microphone on the stage and walked out of ballroom and disappeared. nobody could find him & No one knew what happened, including the event promoters. Needless to say, many attendees were upset and wondered why Mr. Senhaji did not see fit to acknowledge the audience and, at least, bid them farewell. It was rude to say the least.
Abdu El Filali, a co-promoter who was busy calming infuriated attendees complaining that they
were feeling cheated by this performance, said,
" even in the most remote weekly country markets in Morocco, the local performers had infinitely more respect and regard for their audiences and definitely more class than this bumbling clown who is masquerading as a singer"



Last Saturday night May 24th in Orlando, Florida, he did another performance which we attended ( we paid $240 for the 4 of us after driving for 3 hours one way to attend the event). The performance was supposed to start at 8:30, he did not arrive until 11:30 in the same manor that he performed in Washington. Obviously high off something and yelling into the microphone, he performed for about an hour then took a 15 minute break only to come back and do an even worse performance, the majority of which was spent just taking pictures with the crowd. In the exact same way as in Washington, he walked out and dissapeared for almost an hour. Everyone walked around waiting for him to return which he never did.

We were livid and felt cheated. It is sad that all of these people came together to gather as a Moroccan community and were basically scammed. This was a very disheartening event and I am ashamed for Mr. Senhaji...In the future the promoters for these events should screen these performers better so that this does not happen again.
The Chlih Family, Sarasota, FL


Dear All,

First and foremost I am not here to find excuses for Mr. Senhaji, I do however think we should give him a break this time because as you said it, he was intoxicated. When someone is under the influence of any substance including alcohol, he/she acts in a way that is not considered normal. I am sure that his intentions were meant well and that's why he came all the way from Morocco to participate in this event and to be with his fellow Moroccans. We as Moroccans should be forgiving towards our brothers and sisters and avoid all sorts of lynching.  

If someone did not have a good night of fun at the Westin, it is not the end of the world. We all have good nights and bad nights. The night at the Westin was a bad one but we should simply carry on and avoid spreading a climate of dislike.
Let's not create an atmosphere of hate among us. Let's be good to each other and let’s be Moroccans who care for each other especially for those of us here who thrive for a sense of community and brother/sisterhood.
Mr Senhaji was not able to understand at the time the consequences of such ill-behavior and carelessness but I am sure that he will find the time to reflect on his actions and hopefully feel ashamed and perhaps understand that getting drunk is not the way to approach his audience. 

From the images you have shown in the site, it seems like everyone had some fun. Some fun is better than none. Let's not be greedy.
Forgive my bluntness, I wish I could phrase it better.
Thank you for providing us the opportunity to freely express ourselves and last but not least 3asha lmaghrib wa sa7ra maghribiya.

Only you know who you are...Descartes


Orlando performance was no different, you could hardly hear the singing due to his intoxication and parts to the speakers.  he left eary as well without notice to the croud, didn't bother to say good night. it was shameful



I love these functions I paid 100 dollars to see this sh.... but it was part my research fund to find out why these people are so behind in everything even thier behind is behind.

Mehdi Amiri


You guys should be ashamed of yourself for squandering money on this monkey fest.  By the way, nice picture of pseudo wretches drinking wine.
I hope you enjoyed it.



The Guests looked very good .I think this clown should be sued  and the story reported to some Moroccan newspapers.I live in Morocco and will send your article to some members of the media.
How come nobody was wearing hijab?just kidding!

outre mer


I just want to thank you for  doing the effort covering and giving an idea about the Senhaji Event to our friends and people who attended the events that was out of our hand as you mentioned..None of us ,as Promoters, knew what was going on.I was on the stage and didn't even know that he left.Unfortunately that was rude and not professional for  a popular Singer to leave the stage without thanking the Audiance for coming and the organizers for making it happen ,but always good to learn to avoid these  things from happening in upcoming events.
Thank you again and good luck.



I read your article about Mr. Senhaji, our Moroccan singer.I would like to add something to it.He did the same thing last Saturday in Orlando, Florida. I was at the party and he performed very badly. He left at 1AM without acknowledging the audience or saying goodbye. It was the worst Moroccan party we hade by far.
Thank you

As a promoter I was dealing with Mr Senhaji in his first tour in the US. first I would like to thank Mr Senhaji for taking the time from his busy schedule to come  perform in the US and he told me that he was very happy to come visit his fellow Moroccans in this country. Mr senhaji is the nicest performer I ever dealt with. About what happened in Virginia it was a misunderstanding between Mr Senhaji and one of the organizers that was intoxicated, Mr Senhaji was doing what he was supposed to do making everyone happy, taking pictures with whoever wants to take a picture with him until that the party organizer that was intoxicated asked him to stop and that what he did. Mr Senhaji thanked the crowd while singing and left in a profetional manner so he can avoid a crowded room for another two hours.

as we all know if he had stopped an stayed in the room everyone will want to talk to him and take more pictures with him and that would create a chaos. As a promoter with experience with Moroccan parties all over the country I think that the Senhaji event in Virginia was a good event where everybody was dancing and having a good time without any fights which Moroccans are used to have at every party.lets not accuse our Moroccan star of being intoxicated because he wasn't. the one that was intoxicated in the promoter in Virginia that stopped the party short.


Mr. Badr is right, Senhaji was not intoxicated but rather HIGH. Bottom line is, whether we are talking about a singer or a promoter, they were there to perform a job; Mr Senhaji did not come to the US to do us a favor, he was here to perform a job and was getting paid to do so and in such function, a certain level of professionalism is expected. Character does not have anything to do with this issue, he might be the nicest person ever, but that does not excuse his storming out of a party room without acknowledging the “guests” and thanking them and bidding them farewell; it is those “guests” whose money are paying your paycheck that night. Furthermore, a “star” that does not take the time to do a sound check to ensure that their voice will be well projected is not a professional. We are a long way from having Stars and quality entertainers in our country. Whether a promoter or an agent for “stars”, there should be discussion about standards, sound and lighting norms as well as realistic compensation that ensures that both parties will make enough money and keep their customers happy for many more parties to come. It is this sort of cheap parties, where a promoter finds themselves having to cut many costs to pay the entertainer what he/she wants, that ends up hurting business and the community and denying any sort of repeat-business potential.
Anis R.




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