Morocco: 4th Fez Festival of Sufi Culture

02/25/2010 ---The 4th Fez Festival of Sufi Culture will be held from 17 to 24 April in the palaces, riads and Andalusian gardens of the city of Fez around the theme "Mysticism and poetry”.

The festival will , according to the Association of Fes Festival of Sufi Culture, continue to show Morocco as the land of the ancient home of Sufism and promoter of dialogue among cultures, but also as a bridge between the East and the West, symbolized by the mediating role that Morocco has always played, especially in its modern history.

As in previous years, the festival offers a musical program blending various artistic creations of the Sufi world. It will celebrate the Shahi Qawwals of Ajmer Dargah Sharif, who come from India, and the troupe of Chinese music and Sufi songs "Maqamat", Mustafa Zaman Abbasi from Bangladesh, Hussain Al Aadhamy from Iraq, Syria Shaykh Habboush and Jalal Eddine Weiss of France. *

The festival will bring together the Moroccan artist Karima Skalli and the Haj Younis, who will pay tribute to Abu al-Hasan Ash Shusturi.

Other troops famous for Sufi music are also invited to animate the festival evenings. The sumptuous Batha Museum will house the night of Samaa Tariqa Boutchichiyya, Charqawiyya, Darqawiyya, Wazzania and Siqilliyya Khalwatiyya.

Other evenings will also be expected by enthusiasts of Sufi music, including a vigil Samaa Haj Mohammed Bennis and concert Briouel Mohamed, who is accompanied by "great voice" of Samaa Morocco.

At the intellectual level, debate will be animated by personalities from different cultures and religions, academicians, intellectuals, spiritual leaders, politicians, business leaders and actors of civil society, which will meet in the Forum 'Giving Soul to Globalization".

Several other conferences and forums are also in the program.

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0 #1 SUFI QAWWAL AHSAN ALI TAJI 2010-10-21 00:36
Dear Sir

ALI MOHAMMAD TAJI is one of world famous QAWWALI SINGERS in Sufi Mystic/folk and semi calssical songs of PAKISTAN.
ALI MOHAMMAD TAJI golden voice has swept audience into a trance with scintillating renderings of devotional ecstatic Sufi
mystical Poetry with his unique style,being the only vocalist who can sing QAWWALI / AND FOLK melodies in Urdu/ Hindi/ poorvi/ Panjabi/ and Sindhi language. ALI MOHAMMAD TAJI till now perfromed EUROPE/INDIA/UA E/ SOUTH AFRICA AND UK. His beaufiful uplifting music transcends all linguisitc boundaries.


SAQIB ALI TAJI is a bonafide singer, has the capability of singing classical music, including Thumri, Darda, Ghazal and Kafi. He has been performing in qawwali since the last 22 years with his father Ali Mohammad Taji qawwal. He is one of the best qawwal of Pakistan .

yours very trully
resarch and media Manager,
moiz ayaz
0 #2 qawwali music of pakistanmoiz ayaz 2012-08-23 11:04
dear sir
sufi music qawwali and fames coke studio qawwal song kangana fareed ayaz abu muhammad from pakistan , coming to sufi concert and festival 2012 in canada and usa perfom date list week in november 2012 i am intisst your concert in usa plz contect us regard moiz ayaz
Hamid Ali Qawwal
0 #3 QawwaliHamid Ali Qawwal 2013-06-15 13:47
Please see a video of Hamid Ali from UK performing Qawwali.

[fv]https://www amidali.qawwal[ /fv]
+44 7815815969

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