Anger at Royal Air Maroc

Fadwa Massat
Washington / Morocco Board News Service -  "These are rip-off prices not air fares”, a sentence that is repeated by many Moroccan Americans these days, and the reason is the "fire" that broke out in the prices of airline tickets from United States to Morocco.
This summer, round trip Tickets to Morocco are priced at around $2,000.00 per person. "A person with two kids and a spouse needs more than $8,000 dollars just to reach Casablanca, How much more does s/he need for a car rental? Presents & tips for the family, and other trip expenses ?" said one Moroccan Immigrant.
These questions are common on various Facebook pages of the large Moroccan American Community these days.
Community members are venting their anger at the airline that claims to be a “national carrier” and they express their outrage at Royal Air Maroc and they are holding it responsible for depriving their children from visiting their country of origin, from a chance to learn the Moroccan language and their religious customs and from renewing their relationship with a country that they hear about from their parents, but they are asked nevertheless to love it , to be proud of originating from it and also to serve it when the opportunity arises.
A Moroccan American wrote "Royal Air Maroc denies our children to identify with their country of origin and deprives Morocco of a priceless treasure which is the younger generations that rise in America today and learn in its schools and practice its methods and can serve Morocco in the future ... don’t you think that there will be a Moroccan American Obama or a Moroccan American Sonia Sotomayor in the future? "

Popular anger here in America towards Royal Air Maroc is renewed every summer and every month of Ramadan and on eids, occasions for which Moroccan immigrants are ready to cross the Atlantic to share their joy with their parents and loved ones in Morocco.

The Anger this year is doubled because of the economic crisis that is faced by many, and because the month of Ramadan that is taking place during the summer season. The Airline is apparently ignoring that Moroccan children need a yearly dose of their grandparents love and the warmth of their extended family, relationships that have been fading in the United States because of a culture of individualism, and that they often require a yearly dose of their annual national Moroccan dishes, of hearing its national anathema, of getting to know the king of the country, … and a host of other things necessary for them to keep their relationship with their country of origin.
The Wrath of Moroccan immigrants for Royal Air Maroc, this year, is mixed with a sense of pain and alienation because of a “national” company that is setting fire to their pockets and of making them feel as though that they are riding “bus No. 11” in the city of Rabat, when they are lucky enough to afford the trip to Morocco and of causing disconnection in ties of kinship with loved ones in Morocco and of depriving their children of the joy of travel into the arms of a country whose colors and geographical location they know but are unable to speak its language and ignore much about its history, customs and traditions, they  are denied the opportunity to look at faces similar to theirs, depriving them of belonging to a country that lives in the hearts their parents , robing them of the tales of their grandmothers and the  sweet joy of all night celebrations...

this year they are  raising their palms to the sky with tears in their eyes and a lump in their chest
" Oh God! may you punish them for what they are doing to us and to our children !!"


0 #89 Royal Air Maroc Sucks big timeMalik 2014-04-23 14:00
Royal Air Maroc sold our seats on our return journey (family of five of which 3 small children) just to make a quick buck, the greedy pigs (at NADOR AIRPORT). Their excuse was that we were late, in fact, we were well within time.

Then they gave us some vouchers just to fob us off. Later when I tried to redeem the vouchers they had this excuse again for not paying up saying this was they were wrong voucher.

The security guard at Nador Airport told us that there are daily arguments only concerning the ROYAL AIR MAROC desk, the Western airlines never gave any problems. Western countries treat us much better than so-called these so-called muslim countries. RAM is a big joke. You've been warned. When my In-laws are dead and buried I will be avoiding morocco forever!
Abi Manar/London UK
0 #88 We should all bycott flying withRAMAbi Manar/London UK 2012-09-11 07:25
Quoting Naim:
I have been flying Iberia for the past 11 years myself, and since then I've enjoyed every flight back home. Sure I'm open to paying a little more for the convenience of a direct flight, but I will NOT pay hundreds of $$$ more to spend 8 hours with the most arrogant miserable looking flight attendants. I'm pretty sure there are some in RAM that are excellent, but unfortunately you will always find at least one or two on each flight that would make you want to open the door and jump out. Moroccans in the US and elsewhere (I think) love to rant about RAM because they are disappointed, and because RAM and its staff do not reflect the good and welcoming nature of the Moroccan people.

[quote name="Naim"]I have been flying Iberia for the past 11 years myself, and since then I've enjoyed every flight back home. Sure I'm open to paying a little more for the convenience of a direct flight, but I will NOT pay hundreds of $$$ more to spend 8 hours with the most arrogant miserable looking flight attendants. I'm pretty sure there are some in RAM that are excellent, but unfortunately you will always find at least one or two on each flight that would make you want to open the door and jump out. Moroccans in the US and elsewhere (I think) love to rant about RAM because they are disappointed, and because RAM and its staff do not reflect the good and welcoming nature of the Moroccan people.

We have the same issue here in the UK. I live in London with my wife and 3 daughters and the price of purchasing tickets from RAM to fly to Casablanca is really ridiculous so we chose cheaper alternatives rather than direct flight.
+1 #87 RAM staff lack culture of customer serviceNaim 2010-12-28 03:11
I have been flying Iberia for the past 11 years myself, and since then I've enjoyed every flight back home. Sure I'm open to paying a little more for the convenience of a direct flight, but I will NOT pay hundreds of $$$ more to spend 8 hours with the most arrogant miserable looking flight attendants. I'm pretty sure there are some in RAM that are excellent, but unfortunately you will always find at least one or two on each flight that would make you want to open the door and jump out. Moroccans in the US and elsewhere (I think) love to rant about RAM because they are disappointed, and because RAM and its staff do not reflect the good and welcoming nature of the Moroccan people.
0 #86 Problems encounteredsimobenelhassan 2010-12-25 21:00
I totaly agree with all of the persons comments mentioned above about this stupid flight (ram) and also about the idiotic persons who work within this bloody company ,I had so many problems with this horrible company and I feel there is absolutely no point in me trying to explain about my experiences in dealing with this company because they are unable to correspond and offer apologies or any help with the problems encountered. Their response is very arrogant and selfish and they offer no compensation to myself or others. We are not made to feel welcome when entering their country, I would not recomend them to others at all!!!!
I truly applaude RAM
0 #85 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocI truly applaude RAM 2010-06-15 05:14
for being able to adapt and face the competition that it has faces since the open sly agreement. RAM gets all the credit for always being there for its passengers. For the NY-CASA air fares, it is absolutely normal for RAM to offer high fares as it is the only company offering that destination. It is costing RAM a lot of money to fly to the US therefore high prices for a direct flight. Any other airline who will offer to fly from the US to Morocco will charge the same as RAM if nto higher fares. Enjoy your flight with RAM!
there is no anger at RAM
0 #84 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocthere is no anger at RAM 2010-06-14 09:35
if you are angry at RAM, do not fly RAM and stop complaining. There are many airline who will fly you to Europe and then you can fly to Morocco. When you book with these airlines, make sure you tell them that you hate RAM and that you have signed Driss Temsamani's petition. When you do so, you will get to fly for free with any airline including RAM too. Anyone who signed the petition gets a first cless free ticket round trip from JFK to casa and you get to take a picture with RAM CEO and of course with Driss Temsamani
thank you ram
0 #83 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocthank you ram 2010-06-14 01:46
for raising the prices and keeping your clean image. The higher the prices are, less ignorants we see at JFK. For anyone who think that ram is bad, has high fares... go take yoru business somewhere else and stop acting like your are helping the RME's in the US because you are only doing the opposite. The more you complain by your stupid petitions, idiotic videos,... the more RAM is laughing at us and as an RME myself, i am ashamed by being represented by idiots who are clueless about the Moroccan airline, the industry and and sadly their own country. Thank you RAM for ignoring the ignorants
0 #82 Vote with your wallet, boycott Royal Air MarocAndrew 2010-06-13 15:36
Vote with your money, BOYCOT ROYAL AIR MAROC
0 #81 it is not necessaryHafsa 2010-06-11 21:23
It is not necessary to use morocco airlines there are another airlines like egyptair, etihad, france air line , brithish air lines.
do it right
0 #80 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocdo it right 2010-06-11 10:05
want to fly to morocco from us with ram, then you pay the price whaever it is and consider yourself lucky that ram is offering different routes from us to casa. If you can not afford it or fell that it is too expensive, just take your business somewhere else. We all have choices and i have made RAM as my choice when it comes to flying back home. No need to complain because there are no reasons to complain about RAM. As far as our kids, again this is very simple, ram has nothing to do with your kids. A kid come with responsability and ram never encourage you not to have your kids fly its airplaines. I am having difficulties understanding anyone who complain about ram and its prices. if ram was not a respected company which cares about its rme's, it would have shut down its JFK to casa route instead of piloting the new routes which seem to be very succesful so far. Thank God that morocco gor its independance from france but for some of you, your brain is still colonized by other nations and other carriers
Moroccan Patriot
0 #79 Air France tickets are available for less than $900Moroccan Patriot 2010-06-08 12:47
I just did a search and found an Air France ticket going to Morocco in August for 898. The same fare with RAM was $1700. Do some digging for the best deals, Only a complete idiot would fly with RAM.
0 #78 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocmourchida 2010-06-08 10:57
0 #77 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocWML 2010-06-08 04:48
RAM is in the business to make money and by flying them we accept their pricing/service . airline selection is up to the consumer. I shop early and base my selection on convenience, price and then customer service. I must say that as moroccans we tend to expect more from RAM than we would from another airline.
Abs- UK
0 #76 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocAbs- UK 2010-06-08 00:54
Well said Hamid... you have hit the nail on the head on the state of affairs in Morocco!
Mike Kilpatrick
0 #75 Stop Crying Mike Kilpatrick 2010-06-07 11:05
Shame on those who cry foul that the tickets are too expense, if you live America you should be making good money and of course saving those earnings knowing well that you and your family will be traveling to Morocco during the summer. Don't blame the King or the Moroccan government for your problems, if you can't afford to go then don't go! It makes me sick to hear people complaining about how much it cost to travel, the problem is you people always want everything either free or cheap, come on grow up and stop the crying game it cost money to run an airline if you want free or reduce fares plan well head and join the safer miles program it works wonders when you need to fly by adding the miles you may get a free ride or reduce fares. So tell your wife to stop spending money on fancy clothes, house items, Jewry, cars, you get the picture and maybe you could save enough money to fly home don't get me wrong it's a suggestion only. And for the guys, you need to stop bragging to the ladies and friends just how well your connected to the royal family it sounds childish and weak, if you had the connections to the royal family you would be crying about money, airline prices, etc. Thanks and enjoy your trip.
Younes from Houston TX
0 #74 Shop around for dealsYounes from Houston TX 2010-06-07 07:27
Personally I never flew with RAM, because we do not have it here in Houston TX, but for people, who are complaining about the high prices, just shop around for the best deal you can find, and then make a decision. Myself I always fly to Europe, and then to Marrakech, sometime I spend 3 or 4 days before I go to Morocco. And if you think that RAM is not providing a great customer service, just do not use it. And remember do not compare Morocco to the US, we are not at the US level when it come to customer service, but we are hoping we will get there someday. Stay positive change in Morocco is happening but very slowly so we expect your patience.
0 #73 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocS3aidi 2010-06-07 01:54
safety is a must by international law , but RAM is too expensive and not up to the airlines regulations either, so fly with another Europpean airlines it is a lot better, RAM as it's makhzen government does not want to change....
+1 #72 Such is life--but better customer service would be niceCasawiya 2010-06-06 23:12
I've emigrated to the US and accepted that my children will never be full Moroccans. They are Americans of Moroccan origin, so I try to teach them about Morocco at home, and take them back to Morocco every three years. I know it's going to cost me a lot to do it, so I save money for three years to make the trip, and I book my tickets in advance. Unfortunately, RAM is a profit-making company, not a non-profit transport for Moroccans who want to go home. So it means it costs a lot for me to do this, about $1400 per ticket this year. I have come to accept this. It means I can't drive a brand new car, live in a great neighborhood, or wear designer labels. But it's a choice I am making with my eyes open. The customer service has improved over the years, but it could still improve a bit. It would be nice for the airline to provide better check-in conditions, more smiles with the business interactions, and better crowd control while people are boarding. But passengers too have to behave for the experience to be good for everyone; you can't ask RAM to reeducate its customers. A little ihtiram and sabr from everyone would go a long way. Another thing RAM could do: add a route from Washington, DC, please. That way I don't have to fly through the terrible terminal at JFK to get home!
0 #71 RAM pilots save lives: Birds force pilot to make an emergency landingMorcelli 2010-06-06 22:56
The RAM staff that you criticize just saved 64 lives
0 #70 Vote with your feet - seek alternative carriers and other service providers and STOP moaning!Hamid_UK 2010-06-06 20:39
I think enough has been said, but people can make a stop to all this and balance the following arguments:

Everything in Morocco is expensive - paradox of a poor country with Luxemburg prices!
-The cost of medicine is the highest in Africa (pity those who pay towards compulsory health insurance that doesn't pay!
+The cost of a house in Morocco is at least 20 times the average salary compared to an average 3.5 to 6 times in Europe and Japan!
-The cost of telephone calls is the highest due to IAM call termination charges levied on foreign carriers!
+Interest rates are amongst the highest in the world + Moroccan banks always excel with several unnecessary catches to pray on the illiterate / the many semi-illiterate that can be easily persuaded to bite any rotten deal!
-Electricity charges are even higher than UK - no surprise electricity meters are out of this planet - made in Morocco!

-Taking an indirect flight is not the end of the world - rather spend the difference of charity at home. I would take extra with a stop in Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona...etc and pocket the difference than let RAM get away with it. Even better I would rather give that money away to some needy family in Morocco as sadaka (to help towards school fees, Aid, contribute towards someone costly dialysis, medication etc and you earn hassanat- instead of worthless RAM airmiles for those unfortunate dreaming they would get free flights!

Suffice it to say, seek alternative carriers, and going on holidays elsewhere is more fun. It's not the end of the world if you don't go to Morocco once a year. For around $1,000 you can visit Malaysia (flight + hotel) for 2 weeks' period. There are many other destinations where you won't be ripped off for your hard earned cash. Morocco won't run away if you give it a miss.
God bless you all
Another Moroccan
0 #69 EasyJet is not an easy optionAnother Moroccan 2010-06-06 14:34
For those who might be thinking about connecting through Europe using low-cost airline, I would suggest to avoid EasyJet. I flew Delta from the west coast to Madrid ( round trip for less than $600 ). I bought a ticket with EasyJet from Madrid to Morocco for about $200 round trip. From Madrid to Casa, the gate for the aircraft was changed no less than 6 or 7 times and it was delayed for at least 4 hours on a sunny day in Spain. Everything was Ok until I was trying to catch the EasyJet flight from Casablanca a week later. The staff at the checking countrer are no where to be found. The two females - I am refrainig from using other terms - at the ticketing counter told me that the closed the flight and they can not page anyone or call someone even on my cell phone. They asked for a bribe and they would call someone and try my luck or pay 600 DH for new ticket the following day I ended up buying another ticket with RAM not miss my flight from Madrid to the US. As if the RAM was aware of my hassle with those jerks from the ticketing counter at EasyJet and wanted to stick it to me. They were super nice in getting the ticket and also during the flight. In Madrid, I met a Moroccan fellow who simply did the same and flew delta from teh east coast to Madrid and EasyJet to Casa. He paid 100 DH for an EasyJet staff to get him to the plance after he checked his lugage and was enjoying a coffee with his family before making his flight.
Another thing with EasyJet, you pay basically for EVERYTHING. They are short of starting to charge for using the toilet during flight. You pay for each piece of lugagae and less weight is allowed. Another thing, you have to clear the spanish customs with you lugage and you hope that it does show up in Madrid or you might be in trouble if you are connecting the same day. It is a good option but not for everyone,

I filed a complaint with the EasyJet customer service and to tehir credit were responsive but since I had no evidence - I do not go about my daily life with a camera -. I was told that the ground manager conducted an "investigation" and found no viloation of the airline policy. Case closed!!

This year, I opted for Lufthansa and I am hoping for a trip with no hassle.

RAM can be a hit and miss. I first flew RAM to Europe and North Africa in the late 70s when Boeing 727 were the flagship of the airline. It was quiet an experience. Customer Service was at it best compared to today. Passengers were different and planes were not full either. It depend on your luck starting from the staff at the airport to the stewards and more importantly, your fellow passangers that can make or break you trip experience. At times you would be lucky to have nice stewards who would do their job at times, you meet those who thinks that they are doing you a favor by passing you a meal or a custom form.
sidi  said
0 #68 Fin ghadaya bina ya royal air marocsidi said 2010-06-06 07:37
let me be honest with you, royal air maroc is not making a lot of money in flights to usa due to the fact that everything is expensive in usa , airport, catering , employees, few years ago they were thinking of not flying to usa, later they decided to keep the usa destination, when they bought boeing 767 because its an economic airplane. i agree with all the Moroccan community that their prices are expensive, their employess are arogant , no customer service experience, i did write to medi 1 sat tv in Morocco nad i sent them all the complaints from the Moroccan cumminity and they promise me that they will work on this issue with the royal air maroc chairman and they will show him all the compalint from the moroccan community .
Moroccan Patriot
+1 #67 RAM is bad for MoroccoMoroccan Patriot 2010-06-06 07:09
RAM needs to be privatized. The word Maroc needs to be taken out of the name too. It is offensive to me that my countries name should be associated with a crminal organization like RAM.

To all of my fellow patriotic Moroccans, avoid this airline at all costs, it is the patriotic thing to do. By continuing to give this airline business all you do is say that it is ok for the Naciris of the world to flout the law and prevent their children from being arrested, you are saying that Moroccans need to stay unaccountable for their actions.

Accountability is the key to positive change in Morocco. RAM needs to see a direct cause - effect between the rudeness of their staff, the unprofessional behaviour of the family clan that embezzles millions from its coffers and the other roaches that comprise RAM.

Change begins with you.
0 #66 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocSlawi 2010-06-06 01:54
The best way to save some money is to travel from the U.S or Canada to a European city with a major airline, then fly from there to Morocco with a low fare cost airline. Here are some of these airlines:
Aigle Azur
When flying with these low cost airlines, you need to be aware about the airport connections, the timing and the luggage policies.

Most of the time you will have to spend a night or 2 at an European city during the connection. However you can join l'utile a l'agreable and make your trip enjoyable by staying in a hotel that offers a shuttle from and to the airport.You can also expand your stay to discover a beautiful city like Paris, Madrid, London...etc...

You can also check this web site for the best offers between the U.S and Europe:

Northwest does not exist anymore, it was absorbed by Delta. Delta does not own RAM, RAM is a semi-public company owned in majority by the Moroccan government.Delt a has a pertneship with Air France/KLM who are shareholders of some of the RAM assets.

0 #65 Just the factsMorcelli 2010-06-06 01:05
La ram was not sold to delta, they simply have codeshare agreement with Delta.

Definition: Code sharing or codeshare is an aviation business term for the practice of multiple airlines selling space on the same flights, where a seat can be purchased on one airline as if actually operated by a cooperating airline under a different flight number or code. (Wikipedia of course)
A Bouskouchi
0 #64 MrA Bouskouchi 2010-06-05 22:04
Hi All!
After reading various comments, I must say you are being unkind to RAM. I have flown various airlines to varios distinations and I must add 2 airlines tops them all, RAM and BA.
They are clean, very profetional, polite, and in RAM's case, the best food and Halal. So please hands off RAM. The price depends on the time of the season and 50% off for Moroccan citizns.
It is also wrong to say Duaa in a bad way. It is best to let Allah be the judge.
I love you all,
take care,
Allah! Alwatan! Almalik!
A Bouskouchi
0 #63 MrA Bouskouchi 2010-06-05 21:39
Brothers and Sisters,
Wallahi, I have read this tears in my eyes. As a Moroccan and lover of the Kingdom, I do sypathise with you all and agree with all your saying. I have lived in England now for 44 years and in the senties and eighties, I had the same problem with our 'airline' and I have even approached certain British newspapers about the case but Alhamdulillah thanks to the the new king Mohammed VI (May Allah bless him)initiated the open skies programs and we in Europe have very cheap flights to the Kingdom.
I can understand the airline's problem in the present economical situation, petrol charges, landing fees, the security situation etc. etc. The airline is squeezed from every angle but this is no excuse for the exuberant prices.
My suggestion to you brothers and sisters is to oranise yourselves, get a certain community where it takes children to Morocco on a subsidesed fee or even free. Approach the ailine from the top, that is united and sign a petition and forward it to our Embassy in US and inchallah, they will respond to your wishes.
In my opinion, this is better than attaching our airlines indevedually and to no avail.
You have a very strong case, love of the country,gourba, trying to introduce the next generation to their land and their granparents, to learn a bit of Morocan Arabic etc. etc. These are very strong cases for our Moroccan government to think about. You will find that M6 (may Allah Blees him)understands these cases very well, so go for it.
May Allah bless you all wherever you areand give you a lot of Sabr,Ameen!
Allah! Alwatan! Almalik!
0 #62 La RAMBONITA 2010-06-05 15:42
Very simple fly with other companies. I fly with Northwest from Seattle to Amesterdam then to Casa for $800.00 But I buy my ticket 8 months before to avoid high season prices. try to buy your ticket online through m. You need to understand that La Ram was sold to Delta many years ago. That's why WHEN YOU BOARD la RAM from jfk They Mention DELTA AS CO-SHARE.
0 #61 WOW!!!Zainabest 2010-06-05 13:47
I got my ticket from Washington DC to CMN via Madrid a few months in advance because I was expecting the hike in prices. I paid less than 1,000 dollars and am satisfied with Iberia. Had there been a similar ticket with La RAM, I would have considered it. I would like to point out that the staff are usually very kind and genuine. My problem on La RAM flights has to do with our fellow Moroccans. Not all, but some who think that God has promised them other people's things (ie: Luggage spot in the overhead bin would be an example). I saw a woman embark in JFK once and tell a guy who was putting his carry-on luggage in the overhead bin that it was her spot. Mind you she sat next to me and that very spot was 3 seats further. She even made the poor guy put her heavy luggage in the bin, and he was kind about it.
She went on to explain to me how she was exhausted from flying from Texas to JFK already when I gave her "the look of disapproval." Mind you, I had just flown in from LA myself, yet I don't see why that should be anybody else's problem!
Just saying! You want good tickets, search early, they were under 1300 up until mid April with La RAM and under 1000 from the West Coast with Iberia, until end of April!
Also, for God's sake, don't blame la RAM, if all the other airlines are offering expensive airfares anyway! It has to do with the World Cup among other things!
elhajjam Mohamedd
0 #60 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocelhajjam Mohamedd 2010-06-05 12:59
Just a correction : I am not quite sure who wrote multimillion dollars company but you made me laugh. Second , I do not fly with Air Morocco like you claim ..
I usually use air France . It is free I paid with miles. you just made my day. nothing wrong in trying to succeed in this country . this is a land of opportunity and the comment has nothing to do with the fact RAM is expensive. thanks again for the comment Mr 8 times
0 #59 Everything sucks about Morrocco, LA RAM includedAJ 2010-06-05 11:08
1. Too expensive to fly there with La Ram, inconvenient through Europe
2. Get there and the cabi at airport will rip you off
3. Get to your destination (family) and they all wait with open hands for their gifts along with crying poor(right!)
4. So now you are there, good luck finding a cab to get somewhere if you are a family of more than 3 people
5. Pay through your nose to rent a post soviet era buggy (take your chance)
6. Good luck finding parking for your post soviet era buggy and hope the crazy drivers in MA don't hit you or better yet kill you.
7. Sit in a cafe and wave your arm like an idiot until someone decides to come over and take your order. Wait another 15mins for a coffee!
8. While you are there bring a fat wallet, you will be fleeced because you are from Kharej and it is a Moroccan merchants right of passage to RIP YOU off.
9. Now your trip is over and your are on your way back home. If you are flying La Ram, your flight will NOT leave on time having you miss any connecting flights.
10. You finally reach home exhausted and poorer. Luggage unpacked with that funny Moroccan smell. Empty wallet and nothing to show for it but a pair of babouch!

Enjoy your trip to Morocco! I will be sitting on a beach in Cuba with all the money I saved not going to Morocco to pay down my mortgage.


First generation Canadian of Moroccan heritage that has no plans to visit Morocco anytime soon.
Abou Mehdi
0 #58 Thanks Mr. Dumbest comments by MREsAbou Mehdi 2010-06-05 07:53
Thanks for insulting thousands if not millions of Moroccans who express their disgust with RAM. Thanks for calling Moroccans Dumb just for commenting about their pain and suffering while visiting their parents back in Morocco.

I know that my comments will be edited/deleted once I cross a line so no need to even type them.

Mr who calls MREs Dumb: I honestly don't care if you work for RAM and feel threatened by MREs standing up to the lousy RAM, or your plain hate for those who support and have been supporting your country Morocco. Without MREs Damb and smart ones,Morocco would have been kissing Feets and hands to be able to borrow Euros and dollars to support your lousy economy back home.

with a 6 figure salary I can fly to Morocco once a month if I want to. I havent been for 6y to rotten hole, andif that makes me dumb be it.
I didn;t have any issues with RAM in my last flight(6y ago)but I feel bad for people with limited income be single or married with children.

Mr Wiseman:yes Moroccans who live in North america will realize sooner or later that visiting Morocco once a year is unrealistic and they will find alternatives believe me.
for 10k family of 4 can take a ten day cruise with lot of fun for everyone.
for 10k parents can take their children to disney for a month including flights/food/ho tels etc
for 10k parents can take their kids to south america for a month
for 10k parents can send their kids to summer camp and have time for themselves to enjoy
for 10k parents can to Alhaj as someone mentioned before
for 10k :Parents can save it for their kids education/purch ase a car,down payment for house etc
0 #57 The camel does not see its own humpMorcelli 2010-06-05 07:49
The Staff at LA RAM are the best employees I have ever met. I show them respect, they respect me back.
When I ask , I ask in a gentile way, When they are busy, I wait, when they are resting, I help myself. My kids are next to me and they will not move, they will not cry, they will not act up. They know very well that they cannot stress me out. My kids do not play, We color with them, we give them things to play with, and we engage them, we do not let them roam free and we sleep and snore after we pig out.

Even the passengers are the same, you respect them, they respect you back, you give them a bad look, they made it their goal to make your flight a hell in the sky. My last trip, I asked this gentleman to switch seat with me so that i can be with my family, he first rejected, I thanked him anyway, few minutes later, he changed his mind, and switched seat with me. Kindness is the key, be kind, be patient and used the civilized way that you learned in the US, don't turn into Moroccan mode as soon as you see a Djellaba.

As for the prices, You may save couple of hundred dollars if you book early, otherwise, you are out of luck, gone the days when we used to fly for $850 when Saudi Arabia and our other Arab brothers used to sell 20 bucks/barrel.
The barrel is not 80 bucks, you are lucky you are not paying 4 times 850. If you cannot afford to go every year, go every other year. Don't push it.

Before you go after la RAM, think about your own behavior and remember where you come from and try not to compare the US with Morocco.

Have a safe and a pleasant trip and god bless.
0 #56 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocamerica122 2010-06-05 04:50
The quality of passengers have not been the best lately,you think you are in a medina bus.people are rude ,they push each other and think of the staff at la ram as their personnal servants.I avoid la ram because the plane smell and people traveling are not a pleasant bunch.La ram is usually cheaper than Air France.
0 #55 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocOMAR 2010-06-05 00:09

the dumbest comments ever
0 #54 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocthe dumbest comments ever 2010-06-04 22:54
If you do not fly RAM from US to Casa because of the following: high fares, bad customer service, rude employees,... then you have no idea about the airline industry and your country and you should not even be flying at all. I read at least about 20 comments which only reflect the ignorance of our RME's from the US. For those who have a little bit of education and are proud of their origins, if you do a little research, you will realize that RAM prices are not expensive, its staff is far away from being rude...Do your homework, research and then you might understand how an airline company functions. Until then keep complaining about RAM and keep promoting other ailines like AF, IB,etc. I am sure some brilliant genius who knows it all would love to create another petition about RAM. I think this time the petition should be sent to the UN security council.
Ihsan Kaim
0 #53 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocIhsan Kaim 2010-06-04 22:51
One thing moroccon can do, BOYCOT the airlines.Take airfrance or Iberia.Or just dont go to Morocco at all. Go to Meca for Umrah its more rewarding and thoughtful. The people who run companies Like RAM and the likes, are not intrested in Morcocns comming to visit thier country, they are intrested in the dollars and eauros that forigners are bringing. So, if you want to go to morocco, take another airlines or just dont go in the Summer, its hot and crowded and expensive .Morocco is developing from a third country into a western country wanabe! That is causing the people there to live a life they dont know, its just not the same in moroco any more,for $8000,I can take my Morocon wife and our two boys to Hawai for two weeks at a five star hotel and get tons of mileage and alot of fun. I will go to Morocco in Feb when RAM is cold and quite!
Moroccan Dude
0 #52 Giving my money to some who needs it.Moroccan Dude 2010-06-04 22:33
My contribution to this whole saga of high prices is that this year I am taking that $1300 and giving it to someone in Morocco who needs it the most rather than putting it in the already fat pockets of RAM executives.
0 #51 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocMorcelli 2010-06-04 14:00
If you a lose a fake tooth while flying ram, blame your dentist or perhaps you should have tasted the food not just bite and swallow. easy easy.

Still your story was hilarious and i love it, it shows that you are a honest person. thank you!
0 #50 Rzak 2010-06-04 13:32
I have not read all the posts here but I am not sure if someone else made any comments about the greedy, embezzling, and opportunistic behavior of the Royal Air Maroc counter staff at Mohammed 5 Airport in Morocco. When passengers board the plane from the US, they are allowed a carry on case inside the plane. However, when you are coming back to the US, Some of these thieves in the Royal Air Maroc staff will cross your path and try to force you to check in the same carry on case you brough from the US, unless you of course give them a " tedouira" a big tip. These low lifes have no sense of shame and ask you directly to take care of them if you want to check in your carry on piece. If you put a fuss, they just get much more stubborn and call on a more professional thief-the custom agents or "gent d'arme" who are in cahoute with these counter people and share the prize at the end of the day depending on how many victims they prey on. . So they use scare tactics to force people to pay up front to avoid paying the checking price. This is a very shameful behavior that needs to be addressed big time. It has happened to so many people and mostly to Moroccan nationals, while other Non Moroccan nationals just walk in with the same size carryons . SO why do we still see this type of greedy opportunistic behavior that can mar you vacation and make you hate travelling back home.
said abou mahdi
0 #49 mr said abou mahdi 2010-06-04 13:10
everybody needs to know that RAM is not a 100% Moroccan entity.the french own a large part of its shares,and so do other non Maghariba. therefore, do not expect a national or patriotic attitude from the company.they are in for the money.
also,were it only RAM that was treating us like this, it would be ok; we, Moroccans are treated even worse by our own. look at the consulates, a single paper costs 20bucks,double even triple the amount that other nationalities have to pay their consulates.and i will not talk about the phone cost , the customs fees that belong to a world of fiction, and the list goes on.
So,are we treated bad? the answer is definitely YES. WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT IT?
The 1st thing is to respect one an other ,as we say in darija"dima kabbar bi khouk al maghribi, dima".truly the starting point.
i may go on and on, but , i will stop here...if unhappy with RAM, There are so many options out there.
0 #48 HypocritsKhoushbish 2010-06-04 12:40
For the girl who is so happy not to have kids in his flights: you are lucky I don't fly with ur company otherwise I will give my 2 kids a bag of candy, bunch of toys with new batteries so you know the true meaning of childless flight; you have no idea what my 2y old son is capable of:iwa sir lah ye3tik le3ger. Obviously you don't have kids and i bet my life that you are still a kid in his early twneties with no real life experience.

for some people the flight can be 2000 dollars; not evenone lives in New york, and not everyone's final destination is Casa.

Moroccans have to adjust: As a parents of 2 I refuse to spend 10 to 15k for a mere vacation of 2 weeks. Morocco has nothing to offer me or my kids except the freaking headache; parents can come visit anytime they wish. Thank God, there is a big Moroccan community in the State and now kids have Moroccan friends they can barbecue with or go to the beach with.
Moroccans can spend lot less when spending vacation anywhere in the world.
Parents can still fly with other airlines to Europe, rent a car and drive to Morocco if they have to.

The CMN/JFK route is expensive is not true. RAM will not have one flight a day on Mond/wed/fri and 2 flights a day in tue/thur/saturd ay for a total of 9 flights a week if they are incurring losses. please

It's their most profitable ones: CMN-JFK AND CMN-MONTREAL; Less competition I mean NONE, big communities, high prices.

Not to mention the money that they received from the government this year.they are losing lot of money and they want to take the damn airline private but they can't find a buyer ;-)

Someone mentioned that the petition was the reason why the fares are high, and calling the petition initiator as an idiot:listen Mr, at least the man had the courage to start something and did something about it,please tell us if you have genius idea!!
Samir Alawi
0 #47 RAM problemSamir Alawi 2010-06-04 11:00
I say yes the Moroccan airlines is expensive, but there are dozens of other alternatives, More you search more you discover new ways out!

It is better to fly RAM direct from NY to Casablanca, but unfortunately the landing fees, the cost of kerosene, and the crew is substantially higher than expected. I brought up this subject with Mr Makouar The Moroccan ambassador to the U.S, and quite frankly there isn't much the government can do to ease the burden.

We can hope things will change one day!
Un Marocain
0 #46 You are the consumer, you have alterntivesUn Marocain 2010-06-04 07:21
*** stop the madness *****
You are the consumer who's paying for the service, so why not travel with a different carrier!? Companies compete to attract an informed consumer, so if most of us if not all of us stop using la RAM, then they will revise their policies and trim their prices for a better service that suits the educated customer's needs.
Mohamed Alami
0 #45 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocMohamed Alami 2010-06-04 06:56
I agree with the comment that going through Europe is a a better option because it's much less expensive and much more pleasant. My kids are going this year through Madrid.
I also agree, that there are other options for vacation, Morocco no longer being a "vacation" for me but a chore. I'd rather go sailing in the BVIs.
After the abuse my family and I went through in 2008, we will not fly RAM period, not even for free. And that's my two $.02.
0 #44 el hajjam AVAkhoroto 2010-06-04 03:55
El hajjam is CEO of AVActions, a multimillion virginia based company. He often travels to Morocco with RAM [at least eight times a year]. He even flies on first class and on the company's account [It can be deduced as an expense from the company charges. I don't understand why he is joining the complainers
Moroccan Patriot
0 #43 Boycott RAM - It is the Patriotic duty of Every Proud Moroccan to NOT use RAM until they change their management team.Moroccan Patriot 2010-06-04 02:08
I fly quite regularly and know many people who also fly regularly, we are all in agreement, RAM is as bad as an airline can get. High Prices, rude employees, criminals. That is the word that best describes RAM from the top down, a bunch of Criminals. From the Bennani family that uses RAMs budget like their own private piggy bank, to the very lowest level employee who will literally steal things you might accidentally forget on their plane when leaving. If you fly with RAM, you are enabling criminal behaviour.

RAM is the worst airline on the face of the Planet

I have flown all over the world. I have flown out of some of the scariest airports on some of the scariest flights you could ever imagine and I can say without hesitation that RAM is the absolute worst airline on the face of the earth. It takes a lot to make someone prefer to fly an overbooked Air Egypt flight or a dirty Air Senegal flight to RAM. RAM is able to supply this special kind of disguist because they combine alcoholic/drug addicted pilots with Stewards/Stewar desses who are beyond rude and inept with a ground staff that are simple petty theives and an administration that is run by one family that adds new meaning to the words nepotism, graft and corruption.

RAM has NO redeeming qualities. If we talk about RAMs corporate structure, they are run by one family. I do not have a problem with family run businesses, except when they are losing money and govt. tax dollars have to be thrown in to keep them afloat. This brings to mind another question.... HOW DO YOU LOSE MONEY WHEN YOU HAVE A MONOPOLY?!?? It takes a special kind of incompetence to charge more than the competition, have a monopoly on direct flights and still manage to be in the red! How do they do it? Simple, they have one family running the whole show. A family that clearly could not manage a coffee shop much less a multi billion dollar business.

Like with all truly poorly run corporations, the bad corporate policies find their way down to the poor work ethic exhibited by all RAM employees... From the Pilots who feel that they should not have to compete for the jobs nor fear termination for being rude to passengers or drinking alcohol (in a muslim country) before flights, to the stewardesses who will not even deign to interrupt their gossip sessions to get someone a glass of water.

I would rather swim the Atlantic than Fly RAM. I would rather walk to Egypt than fly with RAM. RAM should be left to go out of business. Competition needs to be allowed to put RAM and everyone that is associated with it on the unemployment rolls.
0 #42 RAM is gone for me longtime agoAbdouUSA 2010-06-04 01:14
I and my familly stopped using RAM long time ago. It's expensive, low quality services.
People here in US and canada can sue RAM for it's monopoly.
0 #41 Easy and SimpleKimo 2010-06-03 23:37
The easy way is just don't fly with them and the only way to teach them a listen is Boycotting RAM...other than that we are just wasting our energy..
Hamid k
0 #40 Quality assurance officerHamid k 2010-06-03 23:18
LET'S us all be rational here.The prices are high but we do have choices you can go through Europe like some of few suggested.It's nothing personal it's just business.Yes we wish RAM had some type of local competition but until that happens let's look at other alternatives.Ye s one dose of Morocco once year for the kids is warranted.
0 #39 the airfare situationDaniel 2010-06-03 22:55
I don't understand the fass people are making about the Moroccan airfare!!!! The only solution to this is just to take a different airline like air France...I personnally stopped taking RAM and even stopped going to Morocco period. I've had enough of the BS with those hypocrite people...I no longer vacation in Morocco but instead I vacation in Latin Amercica and Europe. Believe me, it is not worth it to fight about RAM or any other Arab country for that matter.
0 #38 alternativesalphatango 2010-06-03 22:52
Look, if it is too expensive, there are thousands of flights to Paris, Brussels, London, or Madrid. From these cities, it is extremely easy to take a low cost flight to Morocco.

For example, one could flight to Gatwick airport in london and take a flight with Easyjet from Gatwick to Marrakech...
0 #37 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocLou 2010-06-03 21:49
Dear All,

Please stop complaning,simp ly do not fly with Air Maroc.I took my dicision a long time ago,Morocco will always be in my heart , but we have a whole world to see for cheaper air faires and better service,Sadly the Moraccan goverment can't see the potential in our buisness we can help Morocco reach the 10 million tourist a year," We are tourist " each Moraccan American familly can easily spend 10k a year on vacation on a very conservative average ,Morocco could choose to get our money or offer it to other contries like Greece , Turkey, Egypt, Italy,Spain ,Carribean..... .........Folks we are strong we make money, Morocco has to compete for our business.
0 #36 Boycut RAMXXX 2010-06-03 21:31
RAM is the most ridicules airline I ever saw. They are taking advantage of the situation and raising ticket prices and preventing us and our kids from visiting our homeland, our families, and much more. I strongly recommend all of us to take a part of this and BOYCUT BOYCUT BOUCUT for a year or two or even more. I hope some of RAM leaders would listen. By the way their children and family members fly for free and in a luxury class. RAM this is for you: you are preventing us from visiting our homeland and our families, but be sure you not doing any good to Moroccan economy, Banks,…etc… they will never get our top $$$$$$$$. Think about this twice!!!!! Please do not fly with RAM ever.
0 #35 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocTaha 2010-06-03 21:29
RAM rips people off. I have boycotted it a long time ago. Thank God there are many options there. I may consider using RAM again after they kick that Benhima out.
They want you guys to work your a** off and send dollars and euros to Morocco so they can spend them on festivals like Mawazine ... No one cares about Moroccans abroad ... they care about the dough they send ...
millions of Moroccans in Morocco are deprived from the minimum possible rights like good education, hospitalization ... they are deprived even from their dignity once you they go to any Moroccan administration ... so why do think they would give a damn to our Moroccan kids in usa or any other country?
I'm not gonna fly RAM and make benhima richer than what he already is ... RAM money doesn't go to Morocco or Moroccans, it goes to few certain "moroccan" people, I don't want to be part of this crime
0 #34 RAM NEEDS TO REDUCE FARES FROM JFK TO MOROCOKenneth 2010-06-03 21:05
For 27 years I have been flying Royal Air Maroc. Last year, in October, during my return flight from Tangier to Casablanca to JFK, the food was so bad that my crown broke on the first bite of the "chicken" (mostly bone), that I asked for aecond meal and it was also bone. It cost me $1,000 to have my tooth fixed because the caterer used by Royal Air Maroc used inferior food to cut costs. Meanwhile, the airfares have indeed grown so that a roundtrip from JFK to Tangier is now over $1,700, as I stay from May to October. Every year the fares have gone up from $100 to $200, and by 2011 I expect a roundtrip will be over $2,000. It's outrageous. This year I flew American Airlines to Madrid and easyJet to Tangier and saved a lot of money. I don't think I will use RAM again. It's sad, but it is not well run, and the executives in charge really do not care since it's your money they are taking. I was so annoyed that I wrote a letter to RAM's headquarters and they wrote me back a form letter (Dear Mrs., and I am a man). The worse is the excessive tax for a "free" ticket if you are a Safar Flyer, so the tax is now almost as much as buying a ticket. I'm sorry, but this airline needs to REDUCE PRICES, and not raise them. Being a "national carrier" does not make it a well-run airline, and I'm sorry if this offends Moroccans but the prices are much to high. They'd make more money with reduced fares, not the highest fares in the industry.
Hatim from Bahrain
0 #33 Writing skills need improving, but it'll do... We get it.Hatim from Bahrain 2010-06-03 18:04
Many of you by now should have known the true colors of this company and it should be in the top of your "Things and Places to Avoid" list. I will not fly with R.A.M even if they offered me a free fare just out of principle. Many of you should also know that you have options and some of these options are actually a sweeter and better deal to fly home. It's 12 years and counting since I last stepped foot in a R.A.M flying junk-mobile and I have been doing just fine. Let'em have it...
0 #32 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocMoroccan. 2010-06-03 14:26
Weaning about the prices of RAM is not going to help or get you anywhere.Many before you have done it with no positive outcome.
I have stoped traveling with RAM like 10 years now. I fly through Paris most of the times.believe me it is more convenient for me: I get the service i deserve, I fly with civilized people:sad:nice & quiet),and I get to see Europe if I desire to.
RAM does not exit for me even if they offer me a lower fare, I rather fly with a bigger & a more respectfull airline.
That is my view anyway with respect to other views.
0 #31 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocAhmedM 2010-06-03 13:35
Let's keep things in perspective:
A flight from the West coast to the East coast cost about $450 departing in June returing a month later in july. The same flight NY to Casa is about $1,400. This flight cost 3 times more than LAX-NY but it is only 1 or 2 hours longer!

No matter how you look at it; RAM is taking advantage of the situation which is kind of their right. That's why I have decided not to fly RAM any more and I have not seen 2004. I fly Air France and as someone mentionned above; you get quality service and you get treated with respect.
I am also considerign cutting the trips to Morocco as the trip costs about $8,000 and with this amount I can go to Tahiti for 2 weeks all included!

Any way, RAM go to hell!
this is great news
0 #30 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocthis is great news 2010-06-03 10:19
thank you ram for not allowing kids to visit back home. flying with a bunch of kids whoc can nto stop crying is anoying. I have one request for RAM executives: please do not allow kids to fly with your company and THANK YOU. Also please ask your staff especially in NY, Seattle and Orlando to be more rude with the Moroccans who fly once a year to Morocco and they think they are contributing to RAM business.
no anger with RAM
0 #29 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocno anger with RAM 2010-06-03 10:15
Thank God, very happy with RAM. I have been flying with them for the past 7 years from JFK to CMN and i can insure you that they are much better than AF,IB. Unfortunately, the masses feel that they are superior to RAM employess who have no choices to be rude sometimes. I would not work for RAM at any aiport in the world. Notre che3b is moussekh especially some of the Moroccans living in the US. They think that they are superior to any RAM employees. Most of these zmagrya visit the homeland during the summer and they are the ones always complaining and ironicaly flying RAM again and again
0 #28 Help your country?Bendar 2010-06-03 10:01
Some of the comments here keep saying that "Help your country,fly La RAM"Really ?/ this is rediculous!. we are not that stupid Come on!everybody knows that helping our country has nothing to do with what we are talking about here.. giving money to La Ram is not helping poor people in our country that's for sure.I understand that La ram is in business to make money.. like every company do.. but do they do it in a reasonable way?Do the services and prices meet the expectations of moroccan community in the US?of course not.
Personally I haven't used La Ram for several years now.. and i think everybody need to do the same..
0 #27 MaghribiyaMuneerah 2010-06-03 09:59
I do not get angry at RAM, I just do not use them anymore. I discovered that if you buy a cheap round trip ticket to either London or France, you can then buy a round trip ticket to Casablanca, Agadir or Marrakesh for only about $100 US. I recently bought a round trip ticket on British Air for $300 while they were having a sale, a pop up window came up and said get 50% off this ticket, and I did that and got the ticket for $150 plus tax so I ended up only paying a total of $325 round trip to Agadir. Remember this, if you want to fly in the main months, you must purchase your ticket in January.
The best time to go is at the end of August or the first two weeks of September.

0 #26 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocSlawi 2010-06-03 09:50
It's interesting to see the fares of the RAM between NY and Casa going up despite the rise of the US dollar value and despite the relative stability in the price of the crude oil barrel (around $72.00). While other airline companies are striving and working hard to get people's business to stay afloat, RAM is taking the Moroccan community business for granted. RAM is a semi-public company owned in majority by the Moroccan government. Therefore, it's the Moroccan tax payer who is subsidizing this company. Bhima and the cohorts surrounding him are running this company like they're running a bazaar in a banana republic. This company will not survive one more year without being bailed out by the Moroccan government who is injecting money each time to keep it afloat.

Boycotting RAM is a necessary step if you want to see some relief in the fare prices from NY to Casa. It's even necessary to get this chabakouni out of business in order to get serious players who value their costumers and appreciate their business entering the arena.
0 #25 Do your research peopleWatchdog 2010-06-03 09:48
Dear Ussef,
Your comments are a bitter pill to swallow but then again so is the truth. Everything you said is right on target and thank you for telling it like it is
Dear AdamFL,
I suggest you do your homework. An open sky agreement has in fact been signed in September 2001. The truth is, as one of the commentators has rightly pointed out, that the line NY- Casa is exorbitantly expensive and it makes zero sense for Airlines to take it up.
Dear commentators,
You need to know what Monopoly means before you start running your mouths just like the idiot who wrote an open letter to the king complaining about air fare. Pure idiocy!!!
There is no monopoly, other airlines don't want to compete for that line; to them, that line is business suicide
0 #24 This is true for Canada as well...Rexbea 2010-06-03 08:10
RAM has a monopoly on direct flights - their flights are usually full - so they can dictate their prices. It is sometimes cheaper to Casablanca fly via Madrid, even in high season.
0 #23 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocLA QUALITE, CA SE PAYE 2010-06-03 08:09
you want security, safety, convinience and would like to support your own country then YOU FLY RAM. Everything else are just details not worth sharing. Flying with RAM out of JFK, DC, Orlando direct to Morocco is PRICELESS
fadwa massat????
0 #22 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocfadwa massat???? 2010-06-03 08:03
This article is full of nonsense and it is because of this that RAM gets a dirty image which is not reality. I fly RAM very frequently and the fact that tickets are expensive has nothing to do with kids, RME's,... I could explain how an airline company decide on its fares but most of the readers would not understand. If not happy with ram, just do not fly ram... ram does not care about your business if you do not care about it. Logical, right? You can go via Europe and fly other airlines and BON VOYAGE from RAM
A petition again, NO-NON-LA
0 #21 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocA petition again, NO-NON-LA 2010-06-03 07:46
the reason ram does not care is because some genius decided to post a petition addressed to the king about ram. It was the most ridiculous idea ever... and here is the results from RAM. I know there are a lot of Moroccan American geniuses and would not miss an opportunity to pretend to help the Moroccan community in the US when in reality they are only hurting them and trying to get their name out there. If you do not understand what i mean, look at the last petition that was sent to the king and look at what has RAM done since that petition... People need to realize that petitions and complaining for no reasons does not help anyone. RAM does not care about complainers .
Merry Chase
0 #20 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocMerry Chase 2010-06-03 07:43
I used to fly RAM for the last 15 years. The prices have slowely risen and the service has largely deteriorated in the last 4 years. I especially noticed it this last month. I had to change airlines due to the volcanic ash. I ended up flying Air France. Not only did I hav the best service.. I had a clean airline and my flight was much more comfortable. We have options out there folks. There are cheaper airlines with better service. By planning in is not necessary to take RAM. The flight from JFK to Casa is ridiculous. My friend just came in on Iberia for 700. that is what RAM used to be. We are free to make choices and free to complain. Make a different choice and let your choices speak for themselves. Maybe than Royal Air Moroc will make a difference.
Truth Hurts
0 #19 This is America and not EuropeTruth Hurts 2010-06-03 06:55
What do you think? Like any other airlines, Royal Air Maroc are in the business to make money especially during the summer and special holidays. What about traveling in Winter or fall, and if you have a larger family split into two groups some of you travel in the summer and the rest later on. Royal Air Maroc belongs to whoever pays for the seat not to the MRE.
Ali A.
0 #18 ...Ali A. 2010-06-03 05:41
After reading all previous comments, I decided to put my own for you to ponder. As an Moroccan / American, I do feel that prices are quite high, but no one is forcing us to use la RAM. It's still a free world, thank God. RAM are keeping their prices high, because they know that each summer flight will be sold out regardless. It's not just Moroccans that fly la RAM, there are also Malians, Nigerians, Senegalese, and many other citizens of different countries in Africa, whose governement doesnt have an airline flying directly to the US.
Another point is that one company cannot just decide one day: Ok, we gonna fly Casa-NY starting next month. You need to know that a permission from the US authorities is a great must. Gates and airplanes spaces are limited, and also expensive to lease. Whe a plane touches down at JFK for example, its airling pays for those few hours while it's sitting there, and that's IF there is availabality.
There are a few other factors that I will not discuss here, but you get the point
0 #17 We need to do something about it.AdamFL 2010-06-03 03:43
We understand that it's the high season but still, we are Moroccans not tourists! If the Moroccan Sky was open to the U.S airlines, I'm sure we can get there more often and much cheaper. They are taken advantage of us and we need to get united and do something about it, instead of crying and ending up paying those fares anyway.
Where's the Mohamed 5 Association and all the good stuff about Moroccans Abroad? Why we don't sign a petition to the king? maybe he will feel bad for us? or at least get our voice heard. If not there's always other alternatives, despite the trouble I start flying to France or England then to CMN why? Because i have a family and i'm not going to work my life to pay for plane tickets, it is really ridiculous to think we are in the states don't have a sense of pricing?
Samir Hadiri
+1 #16 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocSamir Hadiri 2010-06-03 03:35
Wow, I read all your comments.Some of you think they know it all.You are the one that get hit in the pocket not RAM.You all need to boycott this airline, and I promise you the prices will be slashed in half.
If you are all flying with the competitors,Ram w'd be begging you to fly ,thus introducing specials and incentives.Have a heart and be with Fadwa,I am sure RAM reads your comments, and may be they are the one who whould find a solution to these sky rockets prices.Whose $ss are you kissining????
-1 #15 $1314 from JFK to CASA not 2KMorcelli 2010-06-03 01:48
Price in not $2000 as she claims, it's 1300 from JFK during high season, after the summer, it's 50% off, For kids it's a lot cheaper
Help you country and book with LaRAM and please behave and don't try to make the crew as your maid. Those are people too and they have feeling too. Wait until you get to your destination and then you can ask to be spoiled.
PLEASE PLEASE, if you have kids, keep them strapped to the seat, it's an airplane for god sake, not a playground. I have never been in a plane where children are running and running the show. Show some respect for the other passengers. Show respect to deserve respect. Have a safe trip!

$1,314 USD
per person

Leave Wed, Jun 23
Royal Air Maroc 201

Royal Air Maroc

Depart: 8:01pm
Arrive: 8:25am

New York, NY (JFK)
Casablanca, Morocco (CMN)


* 8hr 24min
* | Boeing 767

This is an overnight flight.

Thu, Jul 22
Royal Air Maroc 202

Royal Air Maroc

Depart: 4:00pm
Arrive: 7:15pm

Casablanca, Morocco (CMN)
New York, NY (JFK)


* 7hr 15min
* | Boeing 767
0 #14 Painfull...butKC 2010-06-03 00:19
As painfull as this might sounds --and I should know; if you can't afford the airline ticket, don't buy it, period! Buying it and complaining about it is not going to serve any purpose. Simply put, if you can't afford to drink Coca Cola, don't buy it, then complain it's too expensive!

Sorry, but there are a series of issues with la RAM. Consistently offering service from the US to Morocco is not.

And for those who pretend being loyal and patriotic to Morocco, consider flying la RAM one small contribution you can make to help Morocco's economy grow by using a local/national airline. Opening the door to other airlines not not be the best option...
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocMN 2010-06-03 00:03
I gladly make a stop in France and spend few days before continuing on with Air France from Paris to Casablanca. It is a always a pleasant experience. As far as I and the rest of my family are concerned la RAM DOES NOT EXIST.
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocUssef 2010-06-02 22:58
"the Moroccans left behind in US - Canada"!
You poor things! LEFT BEHIND? who are you kidding? Who left whom behind tell me again?
0 #11 oh grow up!Ussef 2010-06-02 22:52
Take a NY-Paris or NY-London then switch for a low cost for any destination in Morocco.
If US-Morocco route had any profit in it you'd see companies lining to exploit it. The thing is, it's expensive, they might even be losing money on it, and if RAM was less influenced by prestige and politics, it would have been probably cut by now.

Seriously, we are not Algeria, we can't subsidy a public company indefinitely, and I can't blame RAM for trying to make profit. If the can't they should cut the losses and redeploy elsewhere. And for Moroccan-Americ ans, sorry, that's the price, if you want cheaper, you sacrifice some time and comfort... Only logical right?
0 #10 Fedwa should try economics 101Kamil 2010-06-02 19:53
one slight addition to what has been said on RAM pricing, which really contradicts Fadwa's points :

If current prices were such a rip-off, ANY company could start operating the line at prices that would be lower than RAM's and higher than what an operator has to charge in order to be profitable...

Morocco is in no position to prevent this to happen, if the move was so economically rational! The pricing is indeed pretty frightening, but I think it unfortunately reflects what is the market price of a direct route that no one wants to operate.

Let's hope that the soon-to-come Washington flight will be a bit more affordable

0 #9 aloha from hawaiinafii 2010-06-02 15:23
it cost us 5 g"s to travel from tokyo to hawaii to casa me and my girlfriend, and i think that was fair, be advise try and book your ticket at least 7 months in advance, ps , try flying during week days like wed, thurs, and fri, don't try the weekend it's too expensive, and to tell you the truth, ram is a lot cleaner than any other european airlines,i fly from hawaii to japan at least twice a year i tell you what, air japan is the best in the world , period. arigarito,assaa , mahallo
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocSlawi 2010-06-02 12:40
Lamenting about the excessive fares practiced by RAM is not gonna help. RAM has the monopoly between NY and Casablanca and she's taking a full advantage of the situation. Benhima and the cohorts surrounding him do not give a damn for the kids who want to visit their grand parents or their country of origin.

There are many ways to visit Morocco. You can go through Madrid, Amsterdam,Frank furt, Brussels, Lisbon...etc... I know it could be painful to go through these places with sometimes an overnight stay especially when you have childrens. However by doing so you save lot of money and you get a better service for the money you're spending because you're dealing with professionals who value your business.

The only thing that will bring Benhima and his cohorts to the reason is to boycott la RAM. My self I stopped using RAM long time ago. I travel to Morocco more less and only if I have to. Most of the time I spend my vacation with my family in the U.S, Canada or the Caribbean where I get the best value for the money I spend.

0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocMorcelli 2010-06-02 10:06
This is one of those nonsensical article that you come across every once in a while.

Who is forcing these "poor, alienated, disadvantaged" Moroccans to use the services of the LA RAM to go the see the king and listen to the national anthem?
0 #6 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocmamoutou 2010-06-02 09:49
the contest fadwa
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Marocthe contest fadwa 2010-06-02 09:38
RAM is a Moroccan company that we should all be proud of. Ticket prices are expensive which is understandble because of the high peak season. To me this journalist is far off from reality by using kids when discussing an airline company. Pretty shameful article and she is the one who should be punished for using kids in the wrong contest. She is making it sound like RAM is rising its prices so that kids can not go visit their homeland which is far away from being true. RAM is a business that is trying to survive, excell and provide transportation. RAM is up for the job and this has been proven all along for over 50 years.
0 #4 The real issueUnamable 2010-06-02 09:14
Since Morocco signed the Open Skies treaty with the EU, RAM has been facing fierce competition from low cost European airlines which, by virtue of the treaty, fly free of cost to Morocco. Since then, the likes of Easyjet and Ryanair have been offering incredible rates from major European cities mostly under 300 euros in high season and much lower rates in off-season. By signing the treaty, Moroccan officials didn't foresee the consequences or the likelihood of those low-cost airlines entering the Moroccan market, but they were simply thinking of the revenue that they would get from tourists flying to Morocco. The plan is to reach 10 million tourists by 2010. Morocco may well reach that ideal target, but at the expense of alienating Moroccans living in the USA. Since there is no competition and RAM has monopoly on NEW YORK-Casabalanc a, Montreal-Casabl anca routes, they are making us pay for the losses they are incuring daily from European flights bound to Morocco. In a way, we, in North America, when we fly RAM, we are helping balance RAM's budget sheet so the company doesn't go under water. This problem caused British Airways to cancel its route to Casablanca from Heathrow, because Ryanair benefitted from the treaty and drove British Airways from flying to Morocco. RAM's management knows pretty well the situation and they will continue their segregationit policy toward Moroccans living in North America. Our only hope is if one or two other companies start flying from the USA to Morocco, which is very unlikely in the near future. We will continue to pay hefty prices. The whole situation is quite shameful. You pay less to fly to Egypt, Turkey, Jordan than to Morocco, which is much closer. Is anyone out there in Morocco listening to us? Another solution is to boycott RAM for one year to oblige it to rethink its policies and to lower its rates by finding other sources of revenue.
+1 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air Maroctoctoc 2010-06-02 08:27
flew ram, fly ram and will always fly ram. RAM is a great company and the expensive summer fares are warranted especially for the US to Morocco routes. Having a monopoly for routes that are only opened to serve the Moroccan comunity in the US has some consequences so please stop braging. If you find that RAM is expensive, try air france, iberia... let me know what you find. dimadima hemra ou dima dima la ram WAHACH ALMALIK
Pathetic article
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Anger at Royal Air MarocPathetic article 2010-06-02 08:16
" Oh God! may you punish them for what they are doing to us and to our children !!" Another genious blaming RAM and even asking GOD to punich them???? Ahoudou bilah. RAM is an airline company just like any other airline company. The relationship between RAM prices and a kid's vacation is non existing. The articles that i have read so far about RAM on this website are the most ridiculous ever. Let me guess what the next article will be about: a petition against RAM for not allowing kids to go back home.
Elhajjam Mohamed
0 #1 God Bless Fedwa Elhajjam Mohamed 2010-06-02 07:57
It maybe just one voice among this 500 thousand Moroccans here in US and Canada. I am proud of you as an American . Morocco is only one alternative for vacation . They are certainly other places to visit . I feel sorry for my kids because I can not afford to take them to their So called father & mother land . As they grow up they will know nothing about Morocco . Sorry to hear the money spend at Mawazines and other festivals to promote the core issues of Morocco . While the Moroccans left behind in US - Canada . Sorry to see the kids of Average Moroccans American growing up and blaming their fathers for not taking them to Marrakech. fathers or Mothers could not afford the trip .

this Airline never gave a dam and never will .

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