Protest at Algerian Embassy: Where is Western Sahara Dissident Sidi Mouloud?

Washington / Morocco Board News Service -     – The sidewalk in front of the Algerian Embassy in Washington, DC was the host to a gathering of human rights leaders, religious leaders, and concerned citizens who gathered to ask the question, “Where is Sidi Mouloud?”
  Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud – the Nelson Mandela of the Sahara – is the 42-yer-old former security chief of the Polisario Front, a guerilla organization with close ties to Al-Qeada in the Maghreb and funded and armed by the Algerian Government. Algerian authorities and Polisario forces illegally and unjustly detained Mr. Sidi Mouloud on 21 September for speaking in favor of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan as a final resolution for the 35-year conflict in the Western Sahara.

The Polisario claims that they released Mr. Sidi Mouloud on 6 October, but no one has seen or heard from him since his supposed release, raising serious concerns for his safety and security and that of his family.
Reverend Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council and Evangelical Church Alliance prayed, “We ask God to protect the life of this innocent man, so that he may return to his wife and children, especially his newborn baby girl, whose eyes he has not yet seen.  May he and those imprisoned in the camps in Algeria know the taste of true freedom.”
“I witnessed first-hand the results of the atrocities committed by the Polisario with the blessings of Algeria when I met with people who finally escaped the camps in Algeria,” commented Sarah Channing Grieboski, Founder and President of Free My Family NOW!. “The world – and especially Sidi Mouloud’s family – deserves a straight answer from the Algerian Government when we ask, ‘Where is Sidi Mouloud?’”
“I can only fear for the worst,” worried Kathryn Cameron Porter, Founder and President of the Leadership Council for Human Rights and organizer of tonight’s vigil. “The last Polisario figure to come out in favor of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan, Mahfound Ali Beiba, died under suspicious circumstances not long after his announcement. Sidi Mouloud was detained on Algerian soil by Algerian operatives in cooperation with a group funded and aided and armed by Algeria; Algeria is culpable and responsible for the safety and security of Sidi Mouloud and we want to know from them, ‘Where is Sidi Mouloud?’”

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man en blanc
0 #1 THE WORST P.R. CAMPAIGN EVER!man en blanc 2010-10-08 10:06
The Nelson Mandela Of The Sahara? Can't we hire an above average P.R. firm?

We all know that our dear neighbor, Algeria is up to no good. They have been at it since the mid-sixties. And sadly the back and forth dirty politics (Oxymoron Alert!) between Morocco and the so-called kinship next door is laughingly absurd!

I remember a widely-circulat ed cartoon from the early seventies, it showed all the Arab leaders in a group photo, front-side: they were all hugging each other in a blissful harmony. The backside view showed each and everyone of them with a dagger, a pistol, a poison vial, a grenade...etc

That IS what we Arabs do! I mean : What our misnamed leaders do. They knife each other to impede any progress!! No Arab country should ever gain an inch without giving two back. Do you Remember the famous quote : We have met the enemy, and it is US? It's so true in our culture! We don't need Israel, America or Europe to screw us up! We are doing a fine job of it. Shukran!

Anyway, after 35 years of a ridiculous stalemate in the stupid Sahara, Morocco got some press with a minor, very minor league Joutia dial derb Al Ghalef P.R. firm!

Mazel Tov!
-1 #2 Ghandi Vs Mandella. Who's the last man stading?Morcelli 2010-10-10 02:51
If they have the guts to call Aminato the African Gandhi then Morocco can also call Mr. salma the sahrawi Mandela. It's all games. Algeria wants play games, we'll play games. Morocco times and again asked Bouteflika to sit down and have a straight discussion and he refused, he rather play games, well let's play.
If you google Mandela and you get Mr. Selma instead, that's good PR.
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest at Algerian Embassy: Where is Western Sahara Dissident Sidi Mouloud? DZ 2010-10-10 03:27
Mazel tov :-) that says it all :-)
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Protest at Algerian Embassy: Where is Western Sahara Dissident Sidi Mouloud? Taha 2010-10-11 07:26
actually after the khanezato khairar thing, this is a good comeback by the moroccans, the algerian and spanish made a huge fuss out of the saharan ghandi (please notice my sarcasm :S ) who didn't eat for 42 days and yet looked as healthy as any normal person he eats well can be and also was seen going to the bathroom during her stay in the hospital all the time ( according to spanish ledia) Morocco returned the slap to Algeria and Spain. the kidnap of Sidi Muloud showed the whole world the real ugly face of Algeria and how hypocrite the spanish are, not only their media but their government as well when their FM was asked about the Sidi Muloud kidnape and all he could do is saying 'no comment', it seems like a cat ate his tongue :/
I'm assuming Algeria killed Sidi Muloud the day they declaired his release.

Anyways, well done Morocco, I wish Morocco starts funding and supporting the separatists in Qbail as well. According to the same algerian kinda logic, Qbaili people need their independence/fr eedom as well.

p.s. my hatered is for the algerian government, I have nothing against lgerians as they are as helpless as the Moroccan citizens
Luali brigade
0 #5 POOR NELSON MANDELA, HE DONT DESERVE THIS...Luali brigade 2010-10-20 21:31
Nice SCIENCE-FICTION article, I think you should write some novel. Morocco = Israel.
Freedom for Western Sahara.

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