Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank Wolf

Four Moroccan American Citizens and MoroccoBoard TV, applying grassroots activism 101. Drove one hour away to attend the debate between their local Pro-Polisario congressman Frank Wolf (R)

, from Virginia's 10thCongressional District, and his democratic challenger Judy Feder.The event was covered by a variety of media outlets, including BBC News, and attended by about five dozen people,including members of the  Moroccan community part of the approximately 5,000 Moroccans who live in the 10th District.


The Moroccan American group has had a short discussion with congressman Wolf and his Democratic challenger Ms. Judy Feder.


Mr. Benjelloun, a long time resident of the 10th district who is  active in local republican circles gave a letter to congressman Wolf explaining the size of the local Moroccan American community in the district and the issues it cares about.

At the door a pair of democratic activists ambushed the congressman and peppered him with questions. Congressman wolf refused to answer and left in a hurry.



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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank Wolfhmimarmad 2008-10-28 16:50
Good Job guys, Give him hell.
Hassan, as always, we appreciate your patriotism.

Here is the video:

Good Day!
no name
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank Wolfno name 2008-10-29 06:01
This video is used by some members of the Moroccan-Americ an community who pretend to be representing “approximately 5,000 Moroccans” living in the 10th District.

The video does not show that the four Moroccan-Americ an citizens asked questions. What the video, however, reveals is that those people sat idle while a person was grilling Rep. Frank Wolf on different issues, including health care.

Through the so-called “grassroots activism 101”, a group or a person seeks to promote their cause and ask questions. they failed to do so when the opportunity arose.
belkhir M.
0 #3 no Gutsbelkhir M. 2008-10-29 08:43
In all communities there are active people, those who go out there , travel, contact people, write, and generally contribute positively to society and in the process enrich themselves through their experience and their contacts with people.
And then there are those, like the person who posted the comment above, that sit on their butt, in their room, hide behind a computer screen, and criticize, they do not even have the guts, the spine, to identify themselves when commenting.
In short, some people are plain jealous. They are unable to do anything, but they feel bad when they see others do.

\"May god heal them from their sickness\"
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank WolfHmimarmad 2008-10-29 10:34
The purpose of the video is to show that the 4 did show up at the debate if nothing else. Taking time to do just that, is already a plus. As we can see from the video, the 2 other Judy Feder staffers did not get any answer from the congressman, and I do not see how the 4 Moroccans would have gotten any answer. Note that I called them Moroccan because they are Moroccan first. The cause is already promoted to " serious and credible". I really do not see how the US one day would call it anything less than " serious Credible". The US would look ridiculous and dishonest if they try to belittle the Moroccan offer for autonomy after promoting it. Perhaps Bush was bad for the economy, bad for Iraq but I would say that he was excellent for Morocco. Even Bill Clinton who walked in the late king funerals did not have the gutt to promote our sacred just cause.

Good Day!
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank WolfGuest 2008-10-29 15:12
I totally agree with Mr. Belkhir's comments. As a young Moroccan American community in the US, we should all work together and, not point fingers at each other. Hiding behind a computer screen and writing negative comments like these will never help our community to move forward. Let’s thank these guys instead and share their vision for what they think is good for us as Morocco American and for our beloved country.
0 #6 il ne faut pas harasserFouad ABIDA 2008-10-30 07:25
la liberté d'expression est une icone de la démocratie, il ne faut pas harssuler il faut s'avoir poser les questions ....

Conseiller économique
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank WolfGuest 2008-11-04 01:25
the video did not talk at ALL about what the title says...nothing was said about polisario...que stions were asked by the american guy about health care and NO question by any moroccan I heard just laughing which was annoying by the way..C;mon guys be serious please...
u lack freedom to get my name
0 #8 Sale Goatu lack freedom to get my name 2008-11-09 04:52
that's true, the title of this article and the video are not matching.

and what's that mess? they were unable to talk to the congressman!
were they scared from him or what?

the last seconds is a disaster! they were speaking Arabic and the guy they called congressman is not a the congressman!

can't they find somebody courageous to do what they went for?
this is like traveling along away to watch a game of football.
0 #9 art of actionfares 2008-11-13 10:50
Sorry guys but I do not see any "positive" action or any petition in this video. I do not know any of you guys. may be you act with good intention, do not take it personal. this is a nation's destiny and i believe being rather positive and constructive if i criticize the method. acting can be negative if the way and time of action is not well chosen.
why do not you ask him why he supports polisario for exemple?
how he can help solving this old and stupid issue?
see you in the next video!
0 #10 RASDmourad 2008-11-25 17:01
simple is that The Sahara Occidental is not Moroccan.....le t the Sahraoui have their freedom....they do not trust you nor do they like you.....they fought so hard for their land.....and if you like your country and your king then stay there do not leave you enchanted heaven of morocco.....
jalal nali
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank Wolfjalal nali 2008-11-28 03:18
this is simply a shame, we can see how some American politicians want to be famous by using the suffering of Moroccans retained in southern Algeria(tindouf ) by a pro al-qaeda group called Polisario, I know this strategy in politics, (getting famous by supporting anti USA interests)
Abderrahmane Sakkaki
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan Americans petition Pro Polisario Congressman Frank WolfAbderrahmane Sakkaki 2009-03-18 03:50
what is puzzling me is when Sahara was under Spanish colony, the Sahrouis/Algeri a never dare to say anything..why now???I am a strong advocate for people's freedom, but Algeria is behind this plot because of fear Morocco would be a strong competitor in oil production..I am sure the struggle about Western Sahara goes beyond the land because of untapped fields of oil and probably gas..Those greedy Algerians in power (especially the ugly looking Aziz Boutafliqua), who keep everything for themselves and starve their own people, have no business in the Western Sahara..Everyon e knows that but the situation is highly politicized..I think we should try hard to bring those Sahrouis and welcome them back home, where they belong..There was no Western Sahara Republic before, why now???

Western Sahara is Moroccan


0 #13 this is an idiology and doctrine halim 2009-04-10 16:12
be sure that the support of Algeria to the sahrawi people is not a matter of piece of land or what you said as natural resources. This is a completely wrong analysis and a false perspective to approach the issue of this conflict. so, tell me please, why Algeria supported ANC of Mandela? and why South Africa post apartheid is supporting Polisario today? in the other hand, the sahrawi are not Moroccan, by history, geography, sociology, language, archaeology, anthropology,.. and all social, how can Moroccan demagogy and populism can convince the international community about his arrogant thesis..???
Ali Najab
0 #14 Algeria and the Western Sahara Conflit.Ali Najab 2009-06-03 15:10
My Name is Ali Najab, I am a ex-Moroccan Fighter Pilot who spent 25 years in Tindouf in Algeria as a prisoner of War.
Question: Is Algeria directly involved in Sahara Conflict or not? The answer is YES indeed!!!!!Othe rwise Algeria and those who support its policy should answer these Questions:
1-Why did Boumedienne send his 4 battalions to the Sahara in November 1975even before the Moroccan troops got there.The whole world knows that 106 Algerian soldiers were taken prisoner of war in Amgala in the middle of the Western Sahara in January 1976.
2-The Moroccan prisoners were always questioned by Algerian Officer. It was the case of myself: as soon as I arrived in Tindouf 4 Algerian Officers took me to the Algerian Head Quarters in Tindouf where I spent 55 days being many times tortured.
3-The Moroccan prisoner were held in Algeria.So Algeria was the main responsible for the torture and inhuman treatments We went through during a quarter of century:
-We were forced to do hard works.
-they made us to live in Holes without shilters under the summer hot sun and the very cold winter without any blankets.
-We were forced to give our own blood to the enemy hospitals.
-We were denied adequate food or medical care.
- we were forced to read propaganda in their radio against our country.Any time we refused we were tortured and put in cells for months.Some of us died in their cells.
-At any escape attempt Algerian helicopters were to search for us and when we were re-captured we were automatically tortured and put in cells until death.
- Any time they present us to the Press if our answers did not please either the Algerians or the polisario we were severely punished( torture and cell)
We have buried ourselves 46 of our fellow countrymen who mostly died under torture.
We have mentioned to the International Red Cross (ICRC) when they visited us in 1994 (3 years after the sease-fire) that about 56 articles of the Geneva third Convention were violated by both Algeria and polisario.
If Algeria pretends that She is not taking part in the Conflict why the algerian second desk had taken 476 moroccan prisoners to the north of Algeria ( Blida, boufarik, Boughar) near Algiers. 150 of them were exchanged against 106 algerian prisoners the rest was sent back to the polisario in 1994.
Why Moroccan prisoners were held 13 years after the ceasefire which is a violation of the Geneva Convention which stipulate that prisoners of war must be released immediately after the ceasefire.
According to the article number 1 of the UN convention about torture,there was not a day in which Moroccan POWs were not tortured.
Finally, I'll tell this to Messieurs Halim and Mourad who probably are Algerians:
In 1884 when Spain started colonizing the south of Morocco, was the Sahara( which was not called Western Sahara by the way!)terra nillus? the answer is of course NO.
So at that time which country was a Power or State in the region capable of governing these populations?
Was it Algeria? Algeria did not exist at that time. Was it Mauritania? It did not exist at time. Was it Mali? Mali did not exist at that time. The Only Country which was organized as a State was MOROCCO. It's enough for today!

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