Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to Casablanca

Washington / Morocco Board News Service - More fear than harm this Thursday at the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, where a plane of the Royal Air Morocco (RAM) was able to land safely, despite a failure in the landing gear.
Smoke was seen emanating from the landing gear of the Royal Air Maroc Boeing 767-300, registration CN-RNS performing flight AT-201 from New York to Casablanca, which was then able to land, this Thursday morning, at the international airport of Casablanca, MAP reported.
The airline company later reported that the smoke was caused by excess lubing material since the aircraft had recently been inspected. the airline also stated that "at no time this occurrence has established a threat to the safety of the equipment and plane.", a great relief for the 232 passengers who were able to disembark in a normal manner.
  Recently, there have bee a spat of airlines crashes from third world countries, the Libyan crash and the crash in India. Royal Air Maroc is currently going through a troublesome period due to several sources, the economic recession, the chronic bad labor relations and a reputation of poor customer relations. But compared to many other airlines, particularly in Africa, It has had a good record in safety.

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0 #1 aloha from hawaiinafii 2010-05-27 13:20
well done ram, i hope we're gonna have a safe trip like we did last time me and my girl friend from tokyo to hawaii to casablanca, mahallo and aloha from hawaii
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to Casablancaamalfo 2010-05-28 07:24
"Royal Air Maroc is currently going through a troublesome period due to several sources, the economic recession, the chronic bad labor relations and a reputation of poor customer relations"

Stop spreading nonsense about RAM. What i quoted above is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard about an airline company!!!!! I would like to ask the writer how is it that RAM has a good safety record but at the same time the stupid comments. We are proud of RAM and will only fly RAM as long as it exists. If you post an article about RAM, make sure it is founded with some facts and this article is what we call a "fait divers". There is not one day without having a plane with technical problems... Having said that the airline safety recors is not affected by such things. RAM expanded its routes from the US to Morocco and we are very thankful for that.
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to Casablancamaghribi 2010-05-28 07:32
Below is the way MAP relayed what happened. Why is the writer of this article had to add his 2 cents... It must be another genious who is very proud of its Moroccan origins.

""Atterrissage normal à Casablanca d'un avion après détection de traces de fumée au niveau d'un train d'atterrissage
Casablanca-27/05/10- Des traces de fumée ont été détectées au niveau d'un des trains d'atterrissage d'un avion reliant New York à Casablanca (AT 201), qui a atterri dans des conditions normales jeudi à 07h06 GMT à l'aéroport international Mohammed V.

Ces traces, provenant d'un excès de graisse à la sortie du dernier entretien réglementaire, ne constituent à aucun moment une source de perturbation de l'appareil, un Boeing 767, et son nettoyage a été effectué selon les procédures en vigueur, indique jeudi un communiqué de la Royal Air Maroc (RAM).

Le débarquement des passagers, au nombre de 232, s'est déroulé selon le dispositif habituel, précise la compagnie.""
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to Casablancasalamati 2010-05-28 07:36
Thank god the landing was safe and everyone made it without any problems. I applaud RAM for all they do especially the way they treat their passengers. As far as safety measures, RAM compares to any other airlines in the world as they are all subject to the same safety standards. Saying that this comapny has a good safety record versus another one is not appropriate and pretty ignorant
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to CasablancaUssef 2010-05-28 08:56
"A failure in the landing gear" ? How did it land then?

"Royal Air Maroc is currently going through a troublesome period" Where did you get that from? It's the first I hear such thing, even after the volcanic ash there was no hint of trouble in the media. Do you know something we don't?
0 #6 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to CasablancaIlhamramflyer 2010-05-28 22:43
There was no failure, the passengers were not scared as the title states, RAM safety records is as comparable to any other airlines not only African airlines, the fact that other airlines had some crashes is irelevant to this, crashes do not happen in third world countries only, RAM is not going through any trouble, RAM does not have a reputation of bad customer service and RAM is not going through an economic recession nor Morocco. How can someone write such things about RAM???? And how can this website allow for such "cheap anti RAM propaganda"?
Moroccan Patriot
0 #7 RAM is the worst airline on the face of the PlanetMoroccan Patriot 2010-05-30 08:57
I have flown all over the world. I have flown out of some of the scariest airports on some of the scariest flights you could ever imagine and I can say without hesitation that RAM is the absolute worst airline on the face of the earth. It takes a lot to make someone prefer to fly an overbooked Air Egypt flight or a dirty Air Senegal flight to RAM. RAM is able to supply this special kind of disguist because they combine alcoholic/drug addicted pilots with Stewards/Stewar desses who are beyond rude and inept with a ground staff that are simple petty theives and an administration that is run by one family that adds new meaning to the words nepotism, graft and corruption.

RAM has NO redeeming qualities. If we talk about RAMs corporate structure, they are run by one family. I do not have a problem with family run businesses, except when they are losing money and govt. tax dollars have to be thrown in to keep them afloat. This brings to mind another question.... HOW DO YOU LOSE MONEY WHEN YOU HAVE A MONOPOLY?!?? It takes a special kind of incompetence to charge more than the competition, have a monopoly on direct flights and still manage to be in the red! How do they do it? Simple, they have one family running the whole show. A family that clearly could not manage a coffee shop much less a multi billion dollar business.

Like with all truly poorly run corporations, the bad corporate policies find their way down to the poor work ethic exhibited by all RAM employees... From the Pilots who feel that they should not have to compete for the jobs nor fear termination for being rude to passengers or drinking alcohol (in a muslim country) before flights, to the stewardesses who will not even deign to interrupt their gossip sessions to get someone a glass of water.

I would rather swim the Atlantic than Fly RAM. I would rather walk to Egypt than fly with RAM. RAM should be left to go out of business. Competition needs to be allowed to put RAM and everyone that is associated with it on the unemployment rolls.
Freddy B
0 #8 MREFreddy B 2010-05-30 22:52
I am proud of being a Moroccan, proud of the RAM in general. However, RAM needs to be listening to its customers, the positive and negative comments, and work to improve itself. I agree with one of the writers that said " Customer service is very bad" I have been flying the route of New york Casablanca for over 25 years, it seems that the rudness of most of the staff travel with us as well. Not to forget the ground staff before and after we get to Morocco. Basic rules of customer service, SMILE it is the only thing that is free and it does not take skills to exercise. Remember, you are representing a whole entire Country. One of the greatest Countries in the world, please act like it. Gain you client even if you fale to help them, let them walk away with a feeling that you tried to help them at least and make them remember you, leave them with a positive image that they would want to use you in the future. Act like there is always a customer watching you and you have to be at your best behavier with a big smile in your face ready to help them.
For the administration: If you invest on your staff, they will invest on you.
Try to help the MRE (I do not mean, Meals Ready to Eat) by lowering the prices of flying with RAM or offering incentives to MRE and their families to come to Morocco more often. Be different then the rest of the airlines for change. Remember, once a Moroccan is always a Moroccan. We all live and die by Morocco.
May God Protect and Bless the King of Morocco, long live's the King and the 'ALAOUIT FAMILY. ALLAH, AL WATANE, AL MALIKE.
0 #9 ROYAL Air MAROC!HM 2010-05-31 02:32
To "moroccan patriot": I would like to comment on your gratuitous lack of knowledge concerning the Moroccan airlines, your country, the airline industry as a whole however at this time I will refrain in the name of proper decorum. In closing, I would like to say that after reading your comment titled: "RAM is the worst airline on the face of the Planet", I did have the incessant urge to vomit.

P.S: keep your comments coming, the masses and the ignorants love them.

0 #10 Casablanca airportParag 2010-05-31 19:08
The air crash recently in Mangalore, India was a terrifying one. It will a lasting image in the minds of people.
Casablanca airport (
Fair game
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to CasablancaFair game 2010-06-01 09:46
Salam all,

i am very thankful that RAM fly to the US and it has been expanding its routes from the US to Morocco. The moroccan comunity in the US has been waiting for a long time for direct flights from the US other than the conventional JFK connection. I have been flying RAM for about 16 years and usually fly back home about 3 times a year. Hamdoulilah, i am a very satistfied loyal RAM passenger which help me get referals when flying from Orlando. I am sure there have been instances where the customer servcie was bad but similar things have had happened with major other airlines that i have used in several occasions. RAM is far from being the worst airline of the planet and it is also far from being the best airline in the planet. RAM is a good airline which does care about the RME and this is being demonstrated with the new routes that RAM has been piloting for the past few months. Question is, would RAM make the new routes permanent and available to all? Let's wait and see. Until then, when it comes to going back home, i am only flying with RAM.
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to Casablancasabounelhejra 2010-06-02 04:53
RAM does not mess around when it comes to the safety of its passengers. For those of you who are complaining about RAM services, its prices, its staff,... safety and security are pricelss. Dima dima la RAM
Moroccan patriot
0 #13 Only the Brave speak the truth - Ignorance is blissMoroccan patriot 2010-06-02 07:11

I am in absolute shock when I read, "the staff is rude sometimes, but they are a good airline". Airline workers have very basic jobs. The job of the stewardess is to bring you your food, water, earsets, and smile while doing so. It is not rocket science. If you can maintain a smile, be polite to passengers and hand people trays then you are considered a good steward/steward ess. The Stewards/Stewar desses that work for RAM are incapable of doing these very basic things. I completely understand why.

In order to get their jobs, "waitresses on a plane", they had to give large bribes to the Benani clan or one of the other criminal - mafia like families that control RAM. They spent months in a school to learn how to be a, "waitress" and are very dissapointed by the low pay and realization that they have spent thousands in bribes to become a, "waitress".

The pilots are bad because they have drug and alcohol problems. These problems generally result because of their illicit affairs with the, "waitresses". The Pilots are also very poorly trained and tend to have emotional issues.

The ground staff are petty thieves. If you ever forget anything onboard a RAM flight, you can absolutely count on the cleaning staff to steal it. They learn from their bosses. The Benanni clan that runs the airline brings shame to Morocco.

Moroccan airlines need competition. Please remember how Maroc telecom was a criminal entreprise (still is), well, now that Wana and Meditel are in the mix, they are not able to steal as much from the Moroccan public. Competition is good. Competition makes people work hard. Moroccans need to stop depending on govt. for employment and they need to stop looking for handouts.

The key to success in Morocco, or anywhere else for that matter is picking yourself up by your own bootstraps and working hard. Morocco needs more Entrepreneurs. The best thing that govt. can do for Moroccans is get out of the way. All Monopolies in Morocco need to be dissolved. Patriots speak the truth, good, bad or Ugly.... Munafiks, well, they are the ones who spit at you in the face and tell you it is raining.
Tennessee USA Mom
0 #14 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Scare on a Royal Air Maroc Flight from NY to CasablancaTennessee USA Mom 2010-06-04 10:33
I have only flown RAM once -- roundtrip from JFK to Casablanca. Everyone we encounered associated with RAM was polite and helpful. Flight and service were very good. I am concerned about the increased expense because I would like to go back to Morocco -- I loved every day we were there! Also, what are the new routes?
Ismail Meknassi
0 #15 Moroccan AmericanIsmail Meknassi 2010-06-09 05:24
I have flown Royal Air Maroc several times. I would like to stress that the service, though not as great as Air France or Luftansa, is Not basd at all. The staff are most of the time helpful and accomodationg.
The only issue I have with RAM is the lack of a direct flight from/to Washington, Dc, where a large Moroccan community resides. I think it will be a great idea to have a Dulles-Casablan ca route. It would make our life a lot easier...
Meanwhile, everybody can improve as far as the quality and competitiveness of service are concerned. It will make RAM a more attractive airline to both Moroccans and Tourists visiting our beautiful country! Peace!
Thank you for having a civil debate!
0 #16 To Moroccan Patriot.Merouane 2010-06-14 02:10

I can understand a couple of your points, but not all.

I agree with you that in Morocco, There is a sense that everyone wants a handout from the Gov, an easy dollar is better than something you have to work for. Most people would prefer a gov position because it's stable and you don't have to work.

However, I think many Moroccans have great entrepreneurial spirits. A lot of people want to do rather than wait, but the environment in Morocco is not favorable to the free spirit of Capitalism, someone might have a great idea, but the people in power will take advantage.

Regarding La RAM, It's not the worst airlines in the world, and the Pilots are some of the best int the world. I don't think people are paying a lot of money to become a stewardess, that Job might not pay well, but it's a job.

La Ram is one the most successful airline companies in Africa, and we should be Proud.


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