Leadership Council for Human Rights calls for release of Western Sahara Official

Alexandria, VA – The Leadership Council for Human Rights this morning called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to seek the release of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, the 42 year old police inspector of the Polisario.
Sidi Mouloud was arrested yesterday by Algerian and Polisario authorities after speaking out in favor of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan for the Western Sahara.
“Not only is Sidi Mouloud’s arrest illegal – all he did was speak his mind; I don’t remember freedom of speech having been removed from the list of fundamental rights– it raises concerns for his overall safety,” stated Kathryn Cameron Porter, Founder and President of the Leadership Council for Human Rights. “The last senior figure to come out in support of the Autonomy Plan, Mahfoud Ali Beiba, had a sudden and unexpected heart attack immediately after his announcement.”
Before his illegal detention, Mr. Sidi Mouloud was barred access by Algerian and Polisario authorities from his wife and children, including his newborn baby girl whom he has not yet seen.
“Sidi Mouloud, like Nelson Mandela before him, is being held illegally for his beliefs and for his exercising his fundamental rights,” continued Ms. Porter.  “We call on the ICRC to investigate his health and safety and that of his family and to seek his release from his Algerian and Polisario captors.”

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