Baby on Board; A birth on Royal Air Maroc

Washington, , Thu Oct 29, 2008
 on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocRoyal Air Maroc (RAM) flight number AT200, Oct 26, 2008, left Casablanca, Morocco with 230 passengers and arrived at New York’s JFK airport with 231 passengers.  Non, Houdini was not on board but a pregnant woman was.  
Everything seemed to be normal and was going as planed until the woman decided to go into labor... making this flight anything but routine.  The flight's captain contemplated requesting the flight to be redirected to the nearest airport in order to provide the pregnant woman with the medical care she could need as soon as possible.  Having already given birth on the sky, given that her condition and that of her baby's were normal and stable, and that the flight crew along with a passenger nurse, were providing needed assistance, the captain decided to continue on to the initial final destination.
Upon arrival and immediately after touch down, an ambulance that was awaiting the new born baby and the mother took them and rushed them to Jamaica Hospital in Queens.  Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said that the mother gave birth to her new baby just after 3 pm.
The nationality of the new born is unclear at the moment.  Identifying it will require undoubtedly involvement of few lawyers.  US, Moroccan, and international laws will have to be examined to sort this matter out.  Precedence could prove very useful.  

 Washington, , Fri Oct 17

 on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air Maroc

According to a government document, Morocco intends to privatize Royal Air Maroc (RAM), the nation’s flag carrier, and its two subsidiaries Atlas Blue and Atlas Hospitality Morocco, along with eight other state-owned companies.
"This legislative measure underlines the continuation of the privatization process in view of the gradual opening up of the economy via total or part sale to private investors of state firms," Reuters reported based on a document it received.

This announcement was attached as a draft entitled "Highlights of the draft law authorizing the transfer of state enterprises to the private sector" accompanying the government’s 2009 draft budget law.

It was disclosed in the same statement that highway company ADM, real estate firm al Omrane, transport and logistics company SNTL, leisure and transport company Supratours, audiovisual company Soread, engineering company LPEE, and maritime consulting firm CID make up the other seven businesses.
The same statement further disclosed that the privatization plan could be executed through a full sell-off, a gradual sale of stakes directly to investors, or through the sale of floating shares on the Casablanca bourse.
It also pointed out that "these companies would benefit from their privatization because the goal of the sell-off is to perpetuate their existence and mid-and-long term development" and that "the privatization of these enterprises would be an opportunity for them to be more free to develop business on equal footing with their competitors in the private sector," according to the text.

This is considered by experts as potentially the biggest privatization move in Morocco since the 1990s when large state assets like the firm Maroc Telecom, now controlled by the French group Entertainment Vivendi, was privatized.

Considered one of the most profitable airlines in North Africa, RAM intends to acquire 29 more new Boeing jets at a cost of two billion dollars thereby its fleet to 43 jets between 2007 and 2013.

Keen to increase vacationers in Morocco from 7.4 last year to 10 million by 2010, the government is encouraging air transport expansion including low-cost flights such as Ryanair and easyJet by signing an Open Skies agreement with the European Union in 2006.

According to the same draft, the government did not disclose a privatization schedule because the companies to be privatized are profitable and financially sound.  The latter characteristic was among the primary reasons for the announced sell-off.

Morocco's main business daily L'Economiste quoted on Wednesday An unnamed government source was quoted as stating to the Moroccan business daily L’Economiste on Wednesday that privatization will be completed "within one year, at the earliest".

The proposed sell-off of RAM particularly does not come as a surprise given the unfavorable reputation it has with some of its Moroccan contingent travelers especially those living abroad.  The news of this move may come to them as a tune since RAM has been subject to much criticism about its customer service. 
Historically, privatization has been a favorable undertaking for the most part.  The only element necessary to guarantee efficient RAM operation is competition.  The government seems to be addressing that thus the future looks bright for RAM and its customers.

16 September 2008
Sharjah-based low cost carrier Air Arabia’s launch of a hub in Morocco with a dedicated fleet of A320s is “very imminent”, according to the airline’s chief executive officer.


“We don’t have a firm date yet, but it is likely to be at the end of this year or early 2009,” Adel Ali said on Sunday.Air Arabia announced, at the end of last year, that it would establish a hub in Morocco’s capital Rabat, providing a platform to reach Europe, Africa and those parts of the Middle East beyond it’s reach in Sharjah. Air Arabia operates 15 Airbus A320 with 49 on order.

Ali said four were being delivered per year but it was likely to place an order for more A320s for the Morocco hub, which will require it’s own fleet and aircraft.

He said Air Arabia would also look at leasing planes to fill any gap or delays of delivery.“We’ll need more aircraft for Morocco and we’ll stick with the A320s as we’re happy with them.” “It’s always a good option to have a mix of leasing or purchasing.”

The airline has already signed a management agreement of Morocco’s leading private carrier Regional Air Lines, as part of its hub plans. While Ali recognised that high oil prices had put pressure on airlines worldwide, he said Middle East airlines had benefited from the economic boom that came with high oil prices.

Despite a “challenging year” for the airline with fuel prices and the economic downturn, Ali said the carrier expected “reasonably good profits” and it’s expansion plans and aircraft orders were on track.

“While oil does put pressure on us, Air Arabia has a strong balance sheet,” Ali said.“Middle Eastern economies are good and people are still traveling in this region.”He denied concern regarding the competition posed by low cost carrier FlyDubai.

“One more airline will bring more business. There are already ten – they’ll be eleven. They have to work hard as well.” Air Arabia established Nepal as its second hub in January with majority-owned Nepalese unit

However, services ceased due to a change of government and there is no date set for the services to resume.

“The challenge was a change of administration. We weren’t sure of the new policies. We just want to make sure it’s all addressed before we go back in there,” added Ali.

 RAM blames its pilots for the “exceptional” delays

The delays were attributed to the unavailability of striking pilots.
RAM says, its pilots, who are battling the management, are the cause of repeated and extended delays that RAM passengers are not about to forget.
July and August, the peak of air traffic, have been marred by disturbances due to pilots refusal to fly, a movement initiated by the Moroccan Association of Airline Pilots (AMPL).

To cope with the situation, the airline said that it has leased two aircraft with crews and was able to ensured all scheduled flights during the 2008 summer season.
On average, RAM has provided about 160 flights per day to various destinations on its networks.
The company said that it has also increased its staff at the airport Mohammed V, particularly its customer service staff has increased by 20% in July and 27% in August.
However, in August, the number of passengers carried fell by 1% over the same period of 2007, which was a historical record. It stood at 582,138 passengers, a figure which makes August 2008 the second month of record monthly traffic for the company.

From November 2007 through August 2008, RAM has transported 4.4 million passengers, a figure up 7% over the same period last year.



Overbooking and lost luggage

A dozen passengers on the Montreal - Casablanca  flight lost all their luggage last Saturday. That was not the only headache awaiting RAM Passengers recently. There is now, the almost daily, hours long delays, overbookings, bad service, added  to the general disorganization awaiting them at Mohamed V Airport.   


Passengers set Royal Air Maroc Plane on fire to protest delays

Five passengers on board a Boeing 757 aircraft, on a Royal Air Maroc flight between Paris, Charles De-Gaule Airport and Moroccan city of Oujda, set a fire inside the airplane as violent protest unfolded because of delays of more than six hours, according to Moroccan Daily, Al Massae.
Tension where such that five passengers set fire inside the airplane and violently mishandle the plane crew who did no offer any information to the passengers about the extended delay.
The pilot had to make an emergency landing at Barcelona airport, where the offending five passengers where held by the police as investigation of the incident proceeded.

Big fright at RAM Plane 

According to a bulletin printed Wednesday, July 16th, at Morocco daily L'Economiste,a Royal Air Maroc flight between Agadir & Casablanca, the plane made a brutal change of course that caused a big fright among the passengers.


 According to a bulletin printed Wednesday July 16th at Moroccan daily L'Economiste, a Royal Air Maroc flight between Agadir & Casablanca, the plane made a brutal change of course that caused a big fright among the passengers.
During the plane descent towards the Casablanca Mohamed V Airport, suddenly, the pilot changed course and pointed the plane towards the sky in a sudden maneuver to gain quick altitude.
the frightened passengers thought that the pilot has just missed hitting something and that their life was in danger.

The plane later made a second attempt and landed safely.

As usual, and in line with Royal Air Maroc's notorious "customer service", the pilot did not bother to offer any explication to his passengers and remained silent during the rest of the flight.
When exiting the passengers complained to the crew about the lack of explication. Some passengers suggested that they might take their complaints elsewhere, "Go ahead, write about it ! " was the disdainful answer from the pilot!

This makes one wonder about the internal labor relations at Royal Air Maroc and its incidence on company operations safety.


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0 #1 Big Fright at Royal Air Maroc PlaneAdamfla1 2008-07-19 10:53
I told you Moroccans, fly with other companies that value your business and your lives. Why is it so hard for some of us to break this attachment to this company that treats us like simple parasites. I have stopped using RAM, i now go through Germany with US airways, i save at least $400 and that is more than enough to rent a car too. But most of all, i am treated by Lbarani better than i am treated by oulad bladi
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocAmine 2008-07-19 11:00
This is sheer lunacy. This is he exact reason why I refrain from flying RAM.

0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocMuneerah 2008-07-19 11:03
thanks for the update. I never fly air maroc anymore, such a waste of money and time. If anyone needs help, I can refer them to airlines and they can save literally thousands off tickets to Morocco when flying out of New York JFK and other locations.

Fe Aman Allah,

0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocHoucine 2008-07-19 11:04
I have stopped flying la RAM for a long time now because their service sucks! All Moroccans should until they change their way of doing business.

0 #5 RAMSady 2008-07-21 02:04
I agree with you. It is outrageous that we as "expatriates" get subjected to the highest prices out there for such a poor customer service. It certainly leaves a bad taste and makes you wonder. Any tips on cheaper airlines to Morocco are welcome (from Chicago).

0 #6 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocHamza 2008-07-21 12:19
Another incident that proves the lack of professional in this so called la RAM. I just flow this weekend back to the US with Northwest, through Holland, but I had to take la RAM from Casa to Amsterdam, the trip was late for about 3 hours and 30 munities, after an hour of waiting with no information they told us that the plane has some technical issues. Few of us that had connection flights in Amsterdam went to the CS desk and asked them to try to find us alternative flights to the US since we are going to miss our flights in Amsterdam. You know the rest of the story, they never bother to find anything once we got to Amsterdam, no one was there to assist us we had to go and find different flight. To make long story short, we stayed in Amsterdam 24 hours before continuing our trip. The funny thing is that we found out that the plane did not have any technical issues, the problem was that la RAM pilot was late to get to the airport for about 3 hours, go figure….la RAM Jamais.
0 #7 Two stories with RAM in RamadanASK 2008-07-28 09:47
I gave up on using RAM service many years ago. I had to travel from London to Casablanca using RAM coming back to Casa was ok but leaving Casa was another story . First I missed my flight since RAM had rescheduled it another time for departure. I approached the head of the flight and I explained to him that I missed my flight and I had to be at the university the following day. He unshamefully told me to buy another ticket. I had to use Air France and got to London.

The Second story happened to me with RAM and this time in our sacred month. I came to visit my family and I had to travel to the Middle East on business on the first of Ramadan. At 11.30 am, we were told that the plane will be delayed for one hour or two due to a technical failure. All the passengers looked each other and rremained quiet and calm and everyone tried to observe his actions and deeds because it was Ramadan. Strangely enough, a man came( wearing RAM uniform ) supposedly was acting like a Mufti la RAM had invited all the passengers to have lunch because they are traveling ( LAhwla WA Quwata ELa Bi Allah). I clearly stated that we are not on board yet how dare you invite people to eat Ramadan and you told us that the plane had a technical failure and it's 2.30pm and people had lunch in Ramadan. Later on we were told to leave the airport as the flight had been cancelled and I went completely insane. I refused to leave the airpot unless I spoke to the head of the airport. Suprinsingly they called the police instead of some RAM responsible. I explained that I was passenger before and now I am a trouble maker. People didn't dare to speak for their rights and people didn't read what's written on their tickets. The RAM broke one of the clause of the contract of the international flying regulations. Consequently they had to put up all the passengers in a decent hotel plus feed them and aploogize to them. This is how the RAM should treat their Moroccan citizen especially those who contribute to the econmy of the country and bring hard currency to the Moroccan Central Bank. My family and would love to use the Moroccan Air Lines but we disappointed twice.
0 #8 lost our luggagemoroccob 2008-08-02 07:35
My family and I flew RAM this current summer; we will never fly them again. Their customer service is the worst we have ever seen. We lost our luggage the entire trip we made to Morocco and when we called their customer service line, we were ignored and mistreated.

0 #9 give upachelhi 2008-08-08 05:56
As a businessman living in the US, i gave up on RAM a long time ago, once i asked to change a misspelling in one of my tickets, the manager "ahssra" told me that he was going to do me a favor, the manager, a tall light skin Moroccan, he thinks that he owns JFK of course. i told him that it is his job and that he should do it, he was not helpful because i spoke English to him. whats wrong with speaking english/?

Anyways now i fly united from DC to Paris and then to casablanca.
vive le maroc .
Youssef Akouchi
0 #10 EntrepreneurYoussef Akouchi 2008-08-29 17:45
Recently I flew with the RAM from Newyork city to Casablanca as I was boarding the plane I was asked by the flight attendant if they could take my carry on bag from me and place with the rest of the laguage since the plane was full and they were runing out of space. Stupid me I didn't see a problem since I was going to get a claim check for it. So I nicely handed off my bag containing a few watchs and my laptop witch I had just bought by the way to the flight attendant. We arrived at the Casablanca airport the next day arround 8 am. After collecting my bags and going thru customs who didn't check any of my bags (we all know why), I was greated by my family and went home. When I got home and after sleeping for a few hours after a long trip, I decided to open my bags and give everyone whatever ghift I had for them. As soon as I got to the carry on bag I realised that not only the watchs are missing from their boxes but also my brand new laptop was gone. It took a few minutes to settle in, and then I looked for the charger witch was placed in the outside zipper pocket in suit case and i found only half of it since it was detached to two pieces. Subsequently I decided to go back to the airport to make a complaint, but I was hasseled from one person to an other. Not one person wanted the responsibility of filling a claim for me. IT WAS VERY OBVIOUS THAT THE WHOLE PERSONEL OF THE AIRPORT ARE THIEVES FROM BATTOM TO TOP. The next day I went to the branch and spoke with the branch director who told me that the airline is not responsible for any damage that might occure to electronic goods placed inside the bags. I tried to explain to her that the case is not damage to goods but stolen goods, but she kept on repeating the same phrase for me. All I have to say is SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. If this would have happened in a foreign country I would have gotten justice, but not in my own COUNTRY MOROCCO. The same think happen to 4 of my friends during their summer vacations. Someone has to put a stop to this. SHAME ON YOU,SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU...........
0 #11 Criminalsmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:26
if the story is true, these criminals should be sentenced to 25 years in jail and should be an example set to whoever attempts to endanger the lives of other passengers. un peu de civisme s'il vous plait!

nourdin G.
0 #12 rien ne m\'étonnemoroccob 2008-09-01 06:27
c'est déjà peu qu'ils ne se sont pas fait explosés, rien ne m'étonne plus au maroc ni des marocains!!!!!

Zouzou Nabil
0 #13 bad servicemoroccob 2008-09-01 06:30
RAM Stole my Money in 2004, i paid more than $120 worth of Luggage and guess what? they did not give me any receipt and wait ! when i got to Casa, i looked for my Stuff, it delayed for 5 days, and I am from Tiznit... I stayed at the hotel downtown for that long, RAm Staff told me that they will reimburse my Expenses (Hotel+Food), How much they gave me at the end ? FOUR HUNDRED DIRHAMES... for the whole Period... When i complained.. they said you can file a complaint and WAIT !\nI will NEVER take RAM even for FREE !

0 #14 Never againmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:31
I flew RAM this summer. They lost 2 of my carry-ons for the entire period I was in Morocco with my wife and my children. They rerouted my luggage to India. I am back in the US now, and my folks in Morocco just called me stating that the 2 pieces were received except that they contained almost nothing of what was in them. When I was in Morocco, RAM staff at their call center were rude and extremely impolite. As a matter of fact, they were wild animals with no conscience. We were all dragged on for weeks and weeks. Now, I am planning to email their tops: and hhamdi@royalair maroc. They need to all be fired for the nasty work they are doing. Never to fly RAM for me and my family. Never again.

Jamal Alaoui
0 #15 I second the BOYCOTT idea!moroccob 2008-09-01 06:34
I had so many terrible experiences with them and everybody I know did some way or another! \r\without even including this violent incident, I say lets stand with all those that have been mistreated and ignored by RAM and BOYCOTT it!. When it starts to hurt in their bank account that's when they will start to change their poor customer service. I know that a lot of our fellow Moroccan passengers trash the airplane and leave a dumpster behind but that\\\'s another issue. For now, and from now on it\\\'s Air France for me!

0 #16 Solutionmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:36
The king's job is not managing the country's airline. That's a job that anyone with a moderate business education and experience can do successfully. However, as an organization, the RAM has a long history of mismanagement and corruption. I don't think a meeting or two will resolve its problems. However, the King should fire Mr. Benhima and his cronies, and hire another administrator with some leadership skills and dignity. Until then, I will continue boycotting the Royal Air Maroc and I hope everyone here does the same. Soon or later, our boycott will bring the change . . .

0 #17 A few misconceptionsmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:37
The guys that set up the fire aboard the aircraft have committed a criminal offense; there is no question about it. Could you imagine if the same guys set up the same fire aboard a European or American company??? These guys will be paraded in handcuffs and with hoods over their heads for weeks on TV. The solution here is very simple: if you don\\\'t like the service of a carrier or any other company for that matter, you look for better service somewhere else. You boycott the company and you move on. What is it that makes some of us Moroccans think that we are above the law??? And who really benefited from this fire? Even better, what if that fire had consumed the whole plane and all aboard were killed??\r\nI fly for a living, and delays are pretty common as somebody else mentioned, of course some companies have better records than others. The same can be said about service, Singapore and Emirates are the leaders right now in customer service, and everybody else is just trying to catch up. I haven\\\'t flown RAM in over 10 years, but I still would rather fly them than go through Paris or London, I guess I\\\'m just tired of the European connection. My family lives in Agadir, and a connection in Europe would probably eat up an extra 5 hours of my time. I guess different people have different priorities and expectations. Some people value getting to their destinations on time more, others value service, but for now, most people choose their tickets based on the cheapest price. And that is the main reason why RAM will continue business as usual, because when most people buy their tickets, the first criterion they look at is the price.

0 #18 surprised??moroccob 2008-09-01 06:39
Nothing works in Morocco, so why are you surprise that RAM is awfull. Why are you surprised? few people tried to burn down an aircraft, we are a civilized nation. We fight everywhere, bus, street, hammam....

0 #19 Acte condamnablemoroccob 2008-09-01 06:41
Acte condamnable severemment.

Abdelaziz Housni
0 #20 lack of leadershipmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:42
My family and I flew RAM this summer. I won\\\'t even attempt to describe the experience, it was so awful!Suffice it to say, there's a clear lack of leadership at the top. Someone needs to RAM something up Benhima's ass. This "airline" would soon be bankrupt were it not for the monopoly protection it enjoys.But this may soon change as many on this board have expressed the same vow my family and I have made to never again be subjected to this type of abuse...

Mohamed Alami
0 #21 We have choices/good choicesmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:45
Someone said that The King and Mr Benhima should meet and find a solution!What the hell! It's like saying when Delta airliners is having problems George Bush needs to meet with the Delta CEO and find a solution. Even though that RAM is owned by the King this is not the right approach. It just makes RAM look like it's state run, when in fact it's not. The issue here goes far beyond ownership. It's an issue of cultural dysfunction that lies deep in our history. RAM doesn't feel like it owes its customers of years any positive improvements. They still assume that these passengers are nothing more than "nobodies", just worthless human beings that don't deserve or know any better. They are oblivious to the fact that these Moroccan nobodies are now citizens and residents of much developed countries and are aware of what a minimum customer service is all about, and they expect more than just the minimum. Due to the nature of my work i have been on hundreds if not thousands of flights to more than 45 countries in every continent. But by far what i see in RAM is something very exceptional. It\\\'s not the lack of service or delays that bothers me. Last week i was stuck in Ohare Chicago for 8 hours due to weather and now as i write this from a Hotel i am literally waiting on a flight bound for Bahrain that is delayed for 2 days..Yes that's days not hours. What bothers me in the Moroccan crew is the lack of respect and the personal agenda that everyone carries around to the customer. They feel like they don\\\'t owe you a thing. They vent their frustration of being underpaid on the customer. I made a commitment years ago to stop dealing with RAM and i am sticking to it. As a matter of fact i find their prices higher than the competition so i just book through European/US airlines anyway. The problem is that "we" as Moroccans we talk a lot of talk but we don't walk the walk. We keep trashing RAM on these forums and complaining about their service and the next flight we book is right with them. From this podium i call on all the Moroccans to Boycott RAM and chose to fly with someone else. Trust me we have choices. And these choices might just be better.Good luck

Hammadi Benbrahimi
0 #22 Unacceptablemoroccob 2008-09-01 06:47
hat\\\'s just unfortunate, what these people did is crazy, they were putting their lives and others at risk. I don\\\'t know how some people think. However, LA RAM service is just unacceptable, I was one of their victims this past July, where although they were weather delays in NY, and the entire airport was a mess, and because of that more than 20 if us didn't make it on time, while LA RAM was still on board and couldn’t go anywhere for 3 hours, they just refused to take us in, they were about 7 kids in that group, and they suggested to us to wait until the next day flight. I personally had to reroute through Paris, and of course I missed my flight there as well because of the weather, so a trip that could have taken 14 hours, took me 37hours. I wonder where does the carelessness attitude come from, and when will their culture become a customer friendly.
0 #23 RAM is a joke!moroccob 2008-09-01 06:48
Royal Air Maroc is a joke! In the summer of 2000, My family and I had a frightening experience with it. Ever since, I decided to avoid RAM at any price. I wouldn't take RAM even for free.

0 #24 shame or Shammoroccob 2008-09-01 06:50
First of all, setting up the plane on fire is crime period.Now, the Why-Where-How is totally a different topic. RAM is notorious for being so careless and do have have that get lost attitude. they fail to realize that the passengers paid thousands dollars for a seat yet they get the poorest service in the whole airline industry.When the Moroccan Gov. will get involved and hire qualified staff from top to bottom w/o being related to anyone but upon merit only!!! RAM want to make money only w/o investing in the same service that generate this money what an ignorant approach.WAKE UP PEOPLE THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU.

S. C
0 #25 is it delays or service?moroccob 2008-09-01 06:52
While I don't fly RAM for their poor customer service, I think most of the people above never flew more than once a year. If they did, they would know that delays is a problem everywhere:\n\n 1- On delays: most airlines suffer delays. I just came back from California (I live on the East Coast) and here is what happened:My flight was delayed by 1.5 hours on the way to California. Almost missed my connection.On the second leg of the flight, it turned out that the crew did not have any food for us to buy. We did not have any dinner.On the way back, the flight was delayed by one hour and once we boarded, we were told that they did not have any headphones. You can watch movies without sound!This was Delta Airlines.RAM pilots get annoyed because most of us Moroccans would not understand that delays are often outside of their control.Flight planning is strictly regulated and no airline in the WORLD would take off unless the destination airport and country grants it access to its airspace. Airlines don\\\'t just take off whenever they feel like.\n\n2- The other accusation that I often read leveled against RAM is that RAM does not maintain its planes well, technically speaking. RAM has actually an excellent record in that regard and has been ranked by IATA (International Air Transport Association) as one of the safest airlines. Few US based airlines (Value Jet, Alaska Airlines) have a poor record in maintenance which recently led to an Alaska Airline crash.Again here, RAM pilots and technical staff find themselves annoyed with Moroccans who have no clue of what they are talking about.\n\n3- RAM does have a poor customer service. This is very true and this is what we should be complaining about. For this reason alone, we should boycott this airline.And yes RAM staff can get annoyed when we refuse to talk to them in 3arbiya. Some of us think speaking exclusively in English equals being more civilized. English is just another mean of communication.

0 #26 boycottmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:54
I call for a boycott on RAM, they do not deserve another dime invested in them. I stopped using them a long time ago against my will. We all understand at times service goes under for one reason or another, but our friends in charge of RAM just simply don't get it, truly sad!!!. For how long can you piss off your customers before they quite on you? maybe you are full at all times but it is certainly backward business. I would rather support our national product but only if it responds the right way as well.

0 #27 no justificationmoroccob 2008-09-01 06:55
Whilst most criticisms about Royal Air Maroc are accurate...ther e is absolutely no justification for starting a fire mid-air. What did they hope to achieve? These people should be charged with attempted manslaughter or even attempted murder or treated like hijackers. Can anyone anywhere justify starting a fire in an aircraft? In this day and age? What also bugs me is the manner in which the article is written - the writer gives the impression that the actions carried out by the 5 idiots was justified due to poor customer service and delays....if so we can start burning retails stores, taxis, whatever else...Criticis m should be fair - Moroccans are not the only ones suffering from delays and poor customer service? Has anyone ever flown British Airways?

0 #28 they do not caremoroccob 2008-09-01 06:57
By the way who is the president of the RAM, his name tells me he is one of the elite that rule Morocco and could careless about the employees or the customers and this is nothing new, this has been happening for many many years and people with no other choices and I haven't traveled with them for over 15 years. they are not the only Moroccan company that could give it damn about the Moroccan customers, a long list but I would like to mention Maroc Telecom as another huge one!

Si Mohammed
0 #29 Stay coo and Safemoroccob 2008-09-01 06:59
In a such circumstances. #1 Priority is the Safety of All.As passenger: it is important to stay cool, use a stress management to stay safe and healthy FIRST, regardless of the reason or time delay-Saving lives FIRST priority.Crew/s : Pilots and Attendants must be reasonable and have a positive attitude towards their customers/passe ngers and communicate in an appropriate way with their passengers, improve their approach to human being specially because they are in command and on board, they must undersdand parents, specially if they are accompanied with children. Any frustration of Crews /Union and or negative relationship between both must not victimize the passengers because of choosing flying WITH YOU. Passengers; be safe and stay cool first. Any discomfort caused by your service provider can be resolved and several ways: choose the smart and safe one. Enjoy your summer time.

Dede Ouazana
0 #30 Poor Customer Servicemoroccob 2008-09-01 07:01
The issue is really not that hard to understand. RAM does not train their employees to be customer service oriented. If they do, they would have expanded long time ago and dominated in their domain. Moroccans do pay and are Very demanding. They have to rights to know whey they have to wait. I frequently travel with my company and I get delayed 60% or more, but I always get and explanation on why we were delayed.i bet you, if the passengers only had someone talk and explain to them the nature of the problem and that RAM is working to resolve it, nothing of this would have happened. The passengers need to be patient and the airline needs to own up to their problems and communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Khalid Babakhyi
0 #31 Lh\'RAMmoroccob 2008-09-01 07:03
I had given up on traveling with la h'RAM about eight years ago due to several horrible flight experiences with them. I switch my carrier to Air France and I didn't encounter even one problem in the 8 year span. This past year I decided to give la RAM another so called college try, and boy did they fail me miserably. They knew the flight was canceled until the next day, but they kept us at the airport from 7AM to 2PM (no food and drinks). When they finally told us that we would be spending the night in Casa, it was done in the most none courteous was possible. Not even once did I hear an apology, which irritated me and all of the passengers. What happened next completely blew my mind. They gathered two buses, and boarded all the passengers to transport them to the hotels. With us in that flight were American Tourists, they took the bus that had that group of tourists (approximately 20 people) to the better of the two hotels. This is the hotel that was on the beach front. The proceeded to take the others to the Hotel Washington, which if you've never seen it before is the equivalent of a roach motel here in the US. This is the best example I can find on how self-hating Moroccan treat their fellow brethren. I'm done with this airline and when never fly la RAM, even if I have to make 3 connections with another airline.

0 #32 Hmmmoroccob 2008-09-01 07:05
Why these incidents are not mentioned in the Moroccan news? An incident involving Air safety will make headline news anywhere in the world. Oh i know why! the people that report the news are the same people that own the Airlines.. It makes sense. You really have to be a sellout to fly with RAM. Help bankrupt this company by flying with other Airlines..Maybe they'll get a wake up call and start caring about the people that made them Billions of dollars over the years and not one improvement has been made by them. Always the same attitude from the crew and the same rudness of the ticket agents. I know that Morocco knows nothing about customer service in a whole, but in this day and age of electronic and fast communications. People are schooled about what the rest of the world is doing and where Morocco stands. People! rise up and demand what's yours. I feel sorry for those being taken into custody, they shouldn't have started a fire Midair but they definitely should' ve started it in the runway and repeat this step at every flight. And the outcome will be no more Fucked up RAM.

Aziz Benkiran
0 #33 missed the pointcasasawi2 2008-09-02 04:45
you focused on the lateness of the aircraft which was not the problem and you failed miserably!!! everyone is talking about the customer service abd how it can enhanced staff/passenger s relationship and the poor service RAM is providing for us!!! Please if you want to solve a problem i suggest you to be part of the solution not the problem!! Thank you and with all due respect
0 #34 RAM no moreMoha 2008-09-03 03:07
RAM airplanes are now becoming nasty playgrounds. Parents unleash their children and go to sleep. Not even in air Gabon (sorry sounds racist) we do not encounter such a disaster. No more RAM for me ever.
0 #35 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocRahim 2008-09-12 03:07
I fully agree with Moha. RAM airplanes have become child play-grounds and a dump-ground for the passengers' trash. My family and I flew RAM this summer, and it was truly an insult to many of us, civilized passengers. The rest, especially mothers with kids, did not care. Before we boarded the plane in JFK, we were delayed by 2 hours. Also, the airplance we flew was not RAM, it was some plane which they borrowed from another carrier. I was still not impressed since it was an old plane and the whole crew was made of men and not a single female attendant. I believe that RAM's president ought to undergo some judicial proceedings and own up to his lax and irresponsible behavior. ENOUgh is ENOUGH. We are disgusted many times over. Other nations' airlines are their pride and joy and our RAM is a disgust and a loser. Here we are commenting very negatively about their conduct and yet none of RAM takes the initiative to fix anything or even respond. Where is RAM's president?????
Allal Ait-Youssi
0 #36 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocAllal Ait-Youssi 2008-09-20 05:24
I live in the US and I don't travel back that often, but I've heard horror stories from other Moroccans who traveled with RAM.

the planes are old and in a bad shape, some even with duct-tape inside...
the personnel is not very courteous..
the flights are always delayed...
and let's not forget the Azores debacle...

RAM is a legacy from an era where people didn't know any better and the company was able to do whatever it pleases. Right now they have to undergo a radical change and adapt to the new ways of doing business. I personally prefer to connect to London or Amsterdam, rather than take the direct from JFK to CAS.
0 #37 captain DAHBI WAS FLIGHT RISKHASSAN 2008-09-21 22:01
I Took Air Morocco from Paris to Casablanca.Flig ht attendant made safety announcments and Air Morocco is a non smoking Airlines.Wrong Captain Dahbi and
Flight attendant were smoking in first class cabin along with other Ram employees .When I confronted him on the issue, he stated that it's for my safety.I sent onion letter to RAM CEO.I'm still waiting for answer.
0 #38 Royal Air Marocmajid 2008-10-03 17:37
RAM is the worst airline transport in the world. they don't have good air plane, no good people, no good service.
i have bad experince with this company and when i called customer service my problem didn't get resolved.
i lost my luggage, my cloths, my gifts and all i had in my suitcase. i contact luggage lost service and nothing was done.
i would never take RAM.
Ann Mazurski
0 #39 Lost LuggageAnn Mazurski 2008-10-24 23:28
Two weeks ago I took a tour and went from KLM to Royal Air Morocco. My luggage never arrived. I went on a tour with Globus and my tour guide as well as my daughters in the States tried in vain to locate my luggage. I had to shop for clothes in a grocery store and I had two outfits along with the clothes I flew in for two weeks. When we returned to Casablanca we visited the Air Morocco office and were told my luggage was in Amsterdam. I asked to have it put on my flight home - never got it. My attempts at help with KLM led me now where. KLM sent my luggage late and Air Morocco lost it (I gather) because no one wants to help. Every answer is file a claim on line. This is the worst experience I have ever had and I fly several times a month for business as well as two to three times a year for vacation. I would never fly KLM or Air Morocco again - nor do I think I will ever see my luggage again. I think the airlines wants to make it so difficult for you that you file your claim with your household insurance!
Loyal Flyer
0 #41 Bashing RAMLoyal Flyer 2009-05-26 22:55
We Moroccans always have one bad habit which is we love to bash our own no matter what. I work for a company that provides aircrafts to RAM and just to let all the bashers know Ram has one of the youngest fleet in the industry. You would not know that because the one time you fly per year you want to be treated like a king for the two dollars you tried to pay through all the internet and the 2000 kilos you want to take to morocco because you think you have the right. But when you fly with the other airlines you can't say a word and everything is nice and dandy.
0 #42 Boycott RAMSmilingdata 2009-08-30 05:50
The list of RAM's misbehavior and lack of professionalism is too long to expose.

-Unpredictable schedule
-High prices
-Snobby Staff in bad mood
-Lack of safety

Just recently a RAM casserole coming from Casablanca landed in Italy, carrying the laguage of a VIP person rather than the passenger's laguage.

RAM should be boycotted !

Loyal flyer,you haven't flown with professional airliners with
customer's service skills.
You are defending a company run by a Mafia.

Screw yourself.

0 #43 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air MarocMoroccan 2009-09-11 07:06
Please don't boycott flying with RAM. I am a future employee for them in a key area and have heard all of your complaints (which I agree with). My main goal as a Moroccan is to serve my beloved country. I figured the best way to do this is to make changes at RAM and slowly climb the corporate ladder in order to be able to best serve you. I promise to work tiressly to make changes their and make your flying experience enjoyable. In the meantime, I urge you to be patient, support as much as you can, and wish me luck to be able to best serve you.

Thanks in advance
0 #44 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air Maroc-Observer- 2009-09-16 09:17
Several speculations came out of that event, and here are some few:

-The pilot has seen a UFO parked on runaway RN-66, and had to avoid it.
-He saw his mother in law waiting for him at the airport.
-He bought his flying license from e-Bay.
-An air hostess was flying the plane.
-The control tower informed him that he passed Casablanca already.
0 #45 Crosswind LandingForward 2009-09-16 09:50
Jokes aside...
Aborting the landing in a brutal way is not very uncommon. It is caused by what is known as cross wind: wind turbulence on the ground which can destabilize the aircraft. To avoid a crash landing, the pilot is forced to lift up the nose of the airplane as quick as possible.

The videos below demonstrate that clearly.

Having said that, the pilot is not supposed to show arrogance, nor reject the passengers reaction.
0 #46 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Baby on Board; Woman gives birth during flight on Royal Air Marocghandi 2010-01-01 05:41
folks i dont know what the farce is all about but i have only flown ram once in my life and that was 1989 .then i forgot all about them, com e on folks move on dont waste your breath.
Si Karim
+1 #47 From Bad to WorseSi Karim 2010-07-06 04:18
Salaam All,
What amazes me is that this has been going on for a long time now and nothing has been done to address it. If anything, customer services, delays, lost luggage... are becoming worse by the day. Do they not listen or are they simply ignoring our complaints?
All I can say is that thank God for other airlines. I'd rather add a couple of hours to my trip and avoid the delays, bad services, lost luggage and the high prices.
ikhlass adam barka
+1 #48 ram sucksikhlass adam barka 2010-09-07 01:35
first time and last time fying with that airplane, the service sucks.they lost my luggages and until now no news of it. personnally i won't advise you royal air maroc

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