Libya: Gaddafi Increasing Reliance on Mercenaries

Washington, Morocco Board News---  The defections of Libyan soldiers and politicians have multiplied since the popular uprising against the Gaddafi clan, leaving the thousands of foreign mercenaries as the last bulwark against the fall of the regime.

To quell the insurgency and protect his last strongholds and fortresses that are still not under the control of insurgents, Colonel Gaddafi has been making increasing use of mercenaries recruited from the ranks of the nomads Tuareg from Niger, Mali and Algeria that have lived since the '80s in the South Libyan towns of  Sebha and Oubari.

However, since they are poorly trained in handling weapons, Colonel Gaddafi spoke directly to Muhammad Abdelaziz, leader of the Western Sahara Separatist Group, the Polisario Front. Mr. Abdelaziz who owes a big debt to Gaddafi for helping him, financially and logistically, since the mid-70s by providing equipment for an entire army, could deny such an appeal for help.

According to sources in Tindouf, Algeria, over two hundred well trained Western Sahara Separatists fighters that are trained in the techniques of guerrilla warfare, have been selected and armed with Kalashnikovs, grenades and rocket launchers, and sent on their way on board 4X4 at the end of last week, heading for Libya. The mercenaries have taken the path leading to the Libyan border town of Atchane Al, where they had to be escorted by the Libyan military to Tripoli, passing by the city of Sabha.


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Pentagon Joe
0 #1 Mr GaddafiPentagon Joe 2011-03-03 01:47
We must save him no matter what ! We can't let those Lybians kill him ! Gaddafi belongs to US, he can't die from anything else than an American bullet in the head or airstrike up the ass :-)

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