Corriere Della Sera: Western Sahara Mercenaries in Libya

Rome - The influential daily Italian newspaper "Corriere Della Sera" has reported last Tuesday that "Mercenaries from the Western Sahara Separatists Polisario Group have been recruited by the Libyan regime."

"The regime of Colonel Qaddafi has kept, in the town of Sabha ( south of Libya), a reserve of men and material in a base where the new African recruits from  the Polisario guerrillas are arriving" "Corriere Della Sera published an article under the title "the three circles of fire for the defense of the Colonel. "


"His soldiers of fortune" are paid $30 a day, " is reports in the article by the newspaper's correspondent in Washington Guido Olimpio and Libyan opposition member Farid Adly.

Former  Libyan minister, Errishi Ali had announced in February that "the western Sahara Separatists Polisario mercenaries were among those that have infiltrated Libya to spread terror and counter the Libyan revolution".

"The spokesman of the national transitional council in Libya, the former justice minister, Mustapha Abdeljalil Boudjaj, announced that "among the mercenaries who have infiltrated Libya are Malians, Nigerians, Ethiopians and mercenaries from the Polisario " he said.

He had said that he is "deeply disappointed and saddened by the hypocrisy of the Western Sahara Separatist Polisario group mercenaries who are taking part in such a vicious and destructive enterprise, while they claim to be freedom fighters"


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man en blanc
0 #1 A DICTATOR IS WHAT A DICTATOR DOES! A MOROCCAN : NEVER AN ARAB!man en blanc 2011-03-30 10:56
Don't we have some heavy-duty issues in Morocco that we have to deal with?
Like Yesterday?
Of course the K-Fi will call up anyone willing to machine-gun his own people into oblivion. Polisario. Algerians. Chadians. Al-Qadians. whatever. It is what it is. The Arab dictators playbook has one paragraph. And ONE only : Kill them all!
And make sure you slither in some P.R. slogans: Crusade, Christians, Jews,"foreign conspiracy", America. AGAIN!

Take that Islam!

Like in America, it is very easy being Muslim these days! We can't catch a damn break for the love of God!

Is anyone surprised that Algeria is involved? A below-the-radar JUNTA of the sleaziest, scuzziest, murderous gang this side of Oujda! Would anybody be shocked if they realized that Bouteflika's oppressed country is the new North-Korea of the Maghreb?
As we speak, the garbage at the the so-called Algerian presidential Palace are busy doing what they mastered doing since 1975! Hinder. Sabotage. Muzzle any Algerian would dare to exercise his or hers right to breathe!
Bouteflika will tell you when to breathe! OK? And if you are not happy about it, there is always TINDOUF! The new gateway to Tripoli!

So I walked down the street in Algiers.....

0 #2 nalagibbia 2011-04-02 10:02
mercenaris are nothing but hit/men at the service of charltan dictators who try to cling to power forever. Most of theese dictators wind up hanging upsidedown or burning
or beeing thrown away by force. The turmoil in Egipt, Tunisia and Libia has caused so much problem and misery to people that head nothing to do the present uprising and the lies or mr. Gheddafy and company Lampedusa, Malta, Sicily etc. are few place to outline.

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