Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protesters

Ms. Zineb Elghzaoui, left
Public Fast Breaking Protest during Ramadan in Morocco
Moroccan authorities reported that a group of Moroccan protesters will be brought to justice for "incitement to break the fast in public" during Ramadan.
The group of protesters, that included a “journal Hebodomadaire” reporter Ms. Zineb Elghzaoui, had attempted to organize Sunday afternoon a rally in Mohammedia (a city near Casablanca) to “publically break their Ramadan fast” to protest against a "law punishing the non-observance of fasting during Ramadan in Morocco".
Washington-- Break the rules of fasting is "haram" (forbidden) for Muslims in Morocco and can be punished by a sentence of one to six months in prison and fines of almost 100 euros, according to Article 222 of the Moroccan Penal Code.
To protest against "this interference in private life," the Movement for defense of individual liberties (MALI) launched an appeal through Facebook to symbolically break the fast before sunset and protest the Law.
The meet up was at the train station of Mohammedia, a few miles from Casablanca. 70 people indicated their intention to attend but only a dozen made it through a cordon of security personnel. "We have called a lot of people because we were surprised by the heavy police presence that we encountered" said Ms. Zineb Elghzaoui, journalist and a founder of MALI along with Ibtissam Lachgar , a psychologist.

More than a hundred officers, including riot and mounted police and military personnel had besieged the station and its environs .

"We had to show our backpacks and when they saw we had food, they [police] forced us to return to Casablanca on the next train," explained Lachgar.

The security forces were also keeping back local youth groups who were attempting to confront the Ramadan-fast-breaking-protesters. With the presence of a large contingent of European Reporters, a violent confrontation would confirm prejudices about the propensity for violence of Muslim conservatives.
The following day headlines such as “100 policemen against 10 sandwiches in Morocco” were splashed across Spain and elsewhere in Europe.

"Our aim was to show that we are Moroccans, but that we do not fast, and that we have a right to exist," said Ms. Elghzaoui. “And although the Moroccan Constitution guarantees freedom of worship, each year there are arrests’ for public fast breaking, she added.
A government security spokesperson denied that any arrests were made this year for public eating during the month of Ramadan.

Ms. Elghzaoui spoke about the case of a citizen who was attacked and denounced in the city of Fez and handed to the police by civilian vigilantes last year for drinking in the street. He was free hours later, after his family showed he was a diabetic.
Only children, the elderly, the sick, pregnant, lactating or menstruating women are exempt.

The Official Moroccan Council of Ulema (theologians) denounced the protesters stunt and described them as "agitators".

According to supporters of the Movement for defense of individual liberties (MALI) , the Moroccan police has launched a campaign of arrests on Tuesday and Wednesday among the founders of the movement (MALI) that included the arrest of reporters  Mr. Abdel Aziz el Yakoubi and Mr. Abdul Rahim mouqtafi, followed by the arrest of journalist Ms. Zineb Elghzaoui Wednesday morning at her house.

The group has recently revealed that members of the "Mali" had been subjected to death threats via e-mails.
The group said in a published statement that the government has adopted a "policy of pandering to Islamic extremists by issuing a condemnation of the journalist Zainab lghzaoui" and that it is "a veiled incitement to the mob of Islamists and conservatives and a direct threat to the life of the reporter."

It is the first time on record that a group has protested against the Ramadan Law in Morocco.
The group has used facebook as a rallying tool to organize the protest, which tipped off the police of their plans in advance.
Moroccans have one of the highest internet use rate in Africa and have recently made use youTube and other social media tools for various social actions.

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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protestersnabilino 2009-09-17 06:01
While I don't mind if some speritually empty loser wants to eat and drink during RAMADAN, they must have a conscious mind of their surroundings.
Eating and drinking 1. In a group 2. In a public place 3. Pre-planned is obvious they don't have the slightest feeling or tolerance for the rest of Moroccans.

To the authorities I say "Ha Bojor Alikom"
To the bunch of Secular wannabes I say "Poo on you!!!"
yes to boycut
0 #2 that not freedomyes to boycut 2009-09-17 07:33
good for the moroccan police good job ,because freedom is not to do what ever you wish this backwards people think that freedom , it like here in the us if some one want to get naked in public he or she will be taken to jail so again i salute the moroccan police.
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protestersfratino 2009-09-17 10:42
I am amazed at the nerve of a few fellow Moroccans and Moroccan-Americ ans who reside in this country, and yet demand the clamping down in Morocco on basic freedoms guaranteed by the UNDH, of which both the US and Morocco are members. I have even seen intimidating comments that blatantly incite to hatred, and contain extreme verbal abuses. I urge the site managers to promptly report inciting comments and all IP addresses associated with them to the FBI. At a minimum, those comments should be removed from here as per the forum's policy.
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersMarjane 2009-09-17 13:43
Hey guys, there are non-Muslims in Morocco and even atheists. The Moroccan law talks about freedom of faith for every individual. But who decides that an individual is Muslim or not? No indication in legal papers says that a Moroccan is indeed Muslim. It's up to every one to decide for themselves.
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersTangier 2009-09-17 16:48
For Gods sake wats dis world coming to?? if dis woman doesnt wanna fast she can go to her house and eat.but it doesnt make sense 95% of da population is fasting and a group trying to mess up dat great nd lovely atmosphere of ramadan. dis is not tunisia where dey think dey r too modern towards islam but dey r absolutely wrong. for Gods sake.its only 1month out of 12months. why not fast nd if u cant then just stay home and eat or go to a non-muslim country nd eat durin da day anywhere. trust me, im from Tangier and i dnt think anybody would hav the gutts to eat a sandwich around midday on public. Ramadan Mobarak
Moroccan Patriot
0 #6 You Can disagree with act and support Action.Moroccan Patriot 2009-09-17 22:39
I am completely oppossed to the idea of people NOT fasting During Ramadan. I think it is a duty for ALL MUSLIMS to Fast During Ramadan..... HOWEVER, Those who CHOOSE not to Fast, should not be arressted or accosted.

IF MOROCCO Wants to show that it has any democratic ideals, and allows individuals to express themselves, (so long as they don't hurt others) then they should allow people to break fast during Ramadan. The reality is that Morocco, for the most part, does not support Democratic ideals, and most definitively is not a place where individuals have any right to express themselves.

If the point of the Ramadan protest was to show how Authoritarian and Repressive the Govt. is.... well, I think you guys are stating the obvious, If the point was to show that there is NO RESPECT for the Rule of Law in Morocco, because Morocco does not claim to be ruled by Islamic law, and even Islamic law carries no penalties for eating during Ramadan... then you have again stated the obvious...

I do implore those who choose to not Fast, that your protests, although understandable, will hurt you in the eyes of public opinion, and I will not even comment on how it will hurt you in the after life as my belief is that Islam is something that is between God and the individual and it is not my place to speak of your punishment by God in the hereafter.
Meghribi to the bone
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersMeghribi to the bone 2009-09-18 00:14
Hats off to the protesters and I salute you for your courageous and defiant position against these "Mutamaslimin" and hypocrites willing to clamp down on personal freedoms to please a handful of Bearded fanatic scum. Morocco always prides itself in being a nation of tolerance and religious maturity yet could not tolerate a few people staging a protest in favor of free will to observe Ramadan or not. How pathetic and how Childish is this?. I was surprised by the self-righteousn ess and indifference in the comments of my fellow nationals above as to their immaturity and disregard of a basic human freedom - freedom of expression.
we all know that lots of people in Morocco do not fast but they do not eat in public in fear of retributions, and this has crated a nation of social hypocrisy and double standards, Anyway
I salute my Fellow Moroccans for Having the GUTS to stand against this Fascist act and use their god given right to speak up against this tyranny.
Najib mahfoud
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersNajib mahfoud 2009-09-18 00:41
The problem is here is that the laws are so ambiguous. There should be a law stating that non believers should respect those who believe during the month of Ramadan. In this case, if someone breaks the law, he/she should be incarcerated and fined. it is very simple. let's hope the judicial reforms proposed by M6 will address this issue.
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersDjamel 2009-09-18 01:05
In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Martin Niemöller
0 #10 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersSalah 2009-09-18 02:08
Their failed attempt was designed to undermine the Moroccan constitution as a Muslim country and in that sense it was a political positionning , but again failed to understand
that Allah is the best planner. Al-Fasikoun are attacking our religion and they are also planning to attack the arabic language so that our children will not understand the difference between what's right and what is wrong . Mali not to thank Allah that he has saved me from their disgraceful behaviour.
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersMonkeys 2009-09-18 02:49
Frankly, these hooligans staged this whole scene for attention, period. If they don't want to fast, don't fast, no one is withholding food from them or keeping an eye on them in their own private quarters. But for them to come out trying to make a ridiculous point, such as this, is ludacris, especially during Ramadan. It is a month where practicing Muslims spend time reflecting and cleansing their minds, bodies, and souls. They should not have to be distracted by kafirins with a distorted political agenda. If they themselves are not religious, they live in a Muslim country and have to respect the majority of the population. Inchallah they will get what is coming to them and will greatly regret those sandwiches. :-)
plain and simple
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protestersplain and simple 2009-09-18 03:08
in a country with over half the population being illiterate,it is hard to give people any freedoms at all!!trying to do such a thing is inciting public disorder and should be punished by imprisonment..m orocco is a muslim country..out of respect for other shouldn't do such a thing..some moroccans are just too much to handle ..i hate that?!!
Cest Moi
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersCest Moi 2009-09-18 04:30
I remember once I must have been about 12 years old walking by a bakery and a European women walked out from the bakery with a hot freshly baked baguete and took a bite from it at the same time we made eye contact. The lady felt really bad and apologized even if I did not say anything.
The moral of the story, is if a European woman can be sensitive to the feelings of Moroccans who are fasting so should be these Moroccans. They were born and grew up in Morocco and they know how strongly the majority of Moroccans feel about fasting in the month of Ramadan.
It is a question or respect for others, which sadly in Morocco we lost it a long time ago.
0 #14 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protesterssofie 2009-09-18 05:45
Fasting is a personal choice, the government should not have the authotiry to enforce it because it is a personal matter.It seems outragious that such a law exists because it restricts personal freedom and give rise to extremism.
Even though Morocco is a muslim country, nobody has the right to impose their opinions on others. The civil group MALI is a revolutionary group that has the audacity to speak up for civil liberties and should have the right do it in a peaceful and civilized manner.
It's sad to see that in such a day and age,Morocco still has so much to learn. Repressing people just because they have different believes and ideas does not succeed in deterring them, history had proven that many times.

MALI s protest is bold and couragious, I'm glad to see that there are young people that are standing up for their right to be different and I prey for their safety.
0 #15 Ash khassek al 7efian ? - Khasni Ketchup !Forward 2009-09-18 07:06
It could be that the woman organizing this circus just want to make a name for herself...Oh yes, Islam has always been the topic of choice for those who want to sell their cartoons or fiction novels. Maybe she dreams of becoming a guest on TV shows...or write a book and make money out it in the west...or even better find away to get an exit to a place where there is no Ramadan...But I suspect her case is weak, because being flamboyant against Islam has become a boring subject.

As far as I am concerned, she can even sit facing the mosque and eat her own boots, I just find her "cause" unsubstantial for the development of the country. Why wouldn't she create an organization to defend the dignity of the zombie children sniffing glue throughout Morocco, or people selling their blood in front of emergency hospitals. Those are the real that need to be addressed.

This is like a woman who is buried in mud to the neck, and all what she worries about is her manicure.

Awdii..The damn french frogs mutilated the Moroccan ID and perceptions.
0 #16 God Bless Morocco and Islam yassir1 2009-09-18 14:52
as we know there are many islamophopics within us "Moroccans" and many of them want to convert Morocco to a Non Muslim western state where adultery, pornography, nudity, lesbianism,homo sexuality and all kinds of sins are permitted in public. guess what?! it will never happend not unless its on the dead bodies of the 40 millions Muslim Moroccans that live in it. as we know now that we with spread of the internet the enemies of Morocco and especially the anti Islam mongers are using this tool day and night to decompose the very fundamentals of the Moroccan nation.lets not forget that there are Zionists, atheists,non Muslims that encourage the split of Moroccans to create chaos. i also noticed that these enemies they are targeting the so called underpowered groups in Morocco like the "amazigh" brainwash them that Islam and Muslims are their real enemies. when in fact all muslims are brothers regadless of origin or ethnic background. they are using race and religion to make moroccan hate each others.i say to these people islam is much bigger and much stronger than what u think. and if you want to eat during ramadan you should all start looking for another country where these low actions are permitted in broad daylight... Morocco is a Muslim conservative state and will always be until god decides to end this world. if you think we are taking our religion and dignity lightly. think again. disrespecting 40 million Muslims in broad daylight wont get you anything but prison time and some manner lessons until you get it or move out of the country!.when gays lesbians atheists and zionists become majority in Morocco then u can have your daily practices in public until then if i was you i would consider immigrating somewhere else.
nour lamkhenter
0 #17 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protestersnour lamkhenter 2009-09-18 15:00
Just wondering how would you make Morocco a better place by not fasting or fasting??????
you are just making unnecessary brouhaha.
Go ahead do not fast who is stopping you???
One more thing you guys were lucky the police was there for you , otherwise only God knows what would have happened to you. I am sorry ,instead of making a point you insulted the Moroccan People and made many enemies.For God sake even non Muslim tourists respect the Moroccan religion and traditions while in Morocco.
0 #18 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protestersflowerofmorocco 2009-09-18 16:36
I have never heard that there is a law for non-fasting during ramadan. If there is one, then why there isn't one for wearing min skirts and tight clothes out in public. those are against islam too.
the police should not interfere in this matter. fast or not fast is between god and the individual.

those individuals should do whatever they want,but not in public and should be sensitive to other fellow moroccans who are braving the hot weather during this wonderful month.

I live here in usa,and during that time of the month when i cannot fast. i do not eat out in public,especial ly in area where muslims gather or work( such as schools and food courts).
0 #19 chemsiKrimo 2009-09-18 17:16
Morocco has a constitution and this constitution should be respected. If you want to eat in public during Ramadan, first you need to change the constitution otherwise the police will make respect the law. As simple as that.
0 #20 Strange...this is a wake up call to Moroccan governmentRush 2009-09-18 21:47
I'm sure thee europeans are taking a notice of this but not the issue of hijab in Europe where a Muslim women is not allowed to cover her head if she wishes to. The bottom line here is these Europeans influence are affecting the way of life in Morocco and the government needs to wake up. All these missionaries (christian and none christian) need to be kicked out of Morocco. They are creating serious problem in Morocco and I know that Morocco knows this is a problem but instead they try to please and appease EU. Stop...Stop...S top these ridiculous politics, it is causing us destruction to our culture. Call on Moroccan government to kick these missionaries out of Morocco and problem i solved...
Islam is not accepted in Europe whey should Christianity be accepted in Morocco and why Morocco is quiet about this. Does this government work?
Cheers to MALI!
0 #21 Free Moslem :)Cheers to MALI! 2009-09-18 22:42
Many Moroccans abroad and in Morocco complain about the lack of democracy, tolerance and religious freedom towards them. Unfortunately when it comes to the other side they don't get it. They assume that THEY are the only ones who understand EVERYTHING about religion and leave no room for a healthy and democratic debate about any question that might be raised by the other side (moslem or non moslem.) We can't live in a frozen time and ignore most, if not all, the social, political and scientific progress that have been made throughout centuries because any type of questioning or change is distabilizing. That only shows insecurities about own faith. Time has come for all of us to examine ourselves and deal with our contradictions if we want to built a true democratic country that embraces ALL of its citizens and their views and gives the means to ALL to live in peace, harmony, and MUTAL respect. Dictatorships (political or religious) are a thing of the past and those still functioning now don't have a long time to go because there is no force anymore that can stop universal education and true democracy. So let us stop attacking people who don't have the same interpretation of the coran as us, or the same beliefs. Pushing them back to their homes to let us live in the Myth of a 95%-of-the-popu lation-is-mosle m, is not a serious solution. Freedom of religion, respect and tolerance go TWO ways and they are practiced peacefully in several muslim countries besides Tunisia. All we have to do is open up our mind and educate ourselves. True faith doesn't come with a stick, prison or threats and those who use these types of terror only demonstrate a level of intolerance that will only take us back to religious totalitarianism . True faith comes with LOVE, COMPASSION, and PEACE. We urgently need to stop the physical and verbal abuse and attacks (by the police or by religious extremists) if we want other people to respect us in return. Let us believe what we want and let others do the same and finally LET ALLAH BE THE ULTIMATE JUDGE OF ALL OF US.
Mabrouk Al 3id wa essalamou 3ala al jami3!
Michelle Dandane
0 #22 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersMichelle Dandane 2009-09-18 22:46
I respect all of your personal opinions on fasting. I understand that you like the environment in Morocco when everyone is fasting and it's easier on everyone when it's that way. But who said it was supposed to be easy? Isn't part of the discipline of Ramadan seeing other people eat? If any of you have fasted in America you should realize how insignificant a few non-observing Muslims eating in public is. You should feel like a stronger Muslim when you see other people eat and can resist the temptation, not like a weaker nation. The fact is that the government of Morocco agreed to sign the International Declaration of Human Rights which respects the freedom of religion. Being able to eat publicly during a fast is a very basic freedom of religion. It is not inflicting pain on anyone. If you want to support a country that restricts basic human rights, you should demand that Morrocco appeal it's signature on the UDHR. Under international law these protesters have done nothing wrong - actually, under Moroccan law they have done nothing wrong, because they were arrested before they even broke the fast. They weren't going to break the fast at the train stop that they were harassed and arbitrarily arrested at, they were going to go to a secluded area in the woods. The protesters were trying to be respectful. They deserve some respect in return. The comments about the protesters are absolutely disgusting.
0 #23 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersMarjane 2009-09-19 00:09
I wonder if anyone could tell me what the word "Ramadan" literally means and why that name was given to a month. Can you tell me in what season Ramadan used to be? Because as you may know, though I doubt it, that the calendar in the beginning of Islam was static and wasn't solely lunar? Now, next question: Did fasting exist before Islam (a pagan rite) or did it first appear with Islam? If yes, when? I guess that before talking about anything, we should first agree on the basic facts. Any talk without those basics in mind is just a waste of time and can even be dangerous.
0 #24 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protesterswss 2009-09-19 01:08
I can't agree any more, why Moroccan women goes to Morocco in Ramadan and decide to eat in public, out of respect and wants people to side with her.

That is wrong, you don't have to fast but at least respect the rest of the population. People who are addicted and in Ramadan they do fast. This story shouldn't be published to begin with. This is disrespectful to the Moroccan community and to all the Moroccan who believe in islam.
0 #25 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersCasawi 2009-09-19 01:43
Where are "civil liberties" when in most states in the US drinking on the street is illegal. Where are "civil liberties" when many states and cities still enforce the "blue laws" (ban on sale of alcohol on sundays)??

I do not fast (I am no longer a believer) but I oppose these groups (mostly issued from the Moroccan aristocracy who has the population by its neck) who are not promoting "individual liberties" or challenging the system but rather they are rubbing it in the face of the poor Moroccan cha3b.

The authorities should do their best to protect these groups (as misguided as they might be) from mobs but they should also arrest them for breaking the law.

So what if few Spanish newspaper report the issue? Let them report.

Morocco is a sovereign nation and Moroccans should not apologize for these laws that have a clear support among the population. It is democracy at work.

Ireland only legalized divorce after 3 referendums in 1991.
0 #26 hihayouni 2009-09-19 23:05
The non-fasters are wrong, they misculculated their deeds. Yet, we must be too hard on them. Speak to them and try to convince them that what they've done is opposite to the general Moroccan and religious premises.
There are people who behaved worse that them and noone ever reacted so harshly to them.
Reprimanding is easy, tolerating is hard. Let's be wise.
0 #27 The Law says:ossama 2009-09-19 23:27
المادة (222) في مجموعة القانون الجنائي تنص على أن كل من عرف باعتناقه الدين الإسلامي وجاهر بالإفطار في رمضان في مكان عمومي دون عذر شرعي، يُعاقب بالحبس من شهر إلى ستة أشهر ودفع غرامة، لكنها تعفي الأقليات المغربية من غير المسلمين، مثل اليهود والأجانب غير المسلمين من الحظر بالمجاهرة بالإفطار أثناء رمضان
salim aa
0 #28 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protesterssalim aa 2009-09-20 15:34
i think morocco a had became a land of siba ,this siba is different than the one of 150 years ago,todays siba is created by moroccans who imports large quentity of foriegn idiologies to morocco like secularism ,zionesm,athies m,christianity, communism,etc.. . , many question sould be asked? is morocco a moslim country ? is morocco a sovereign nation ? doese morocco have laws and constitution ? why doese he allowed these foriegn agents to operate freely unlike many other countries? this is an example of 20th and 21th century siba in morocco,
0 #29 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersZaki 2009-09-20 23:49
Ramadan is a month of hypocrisy. If people want to eat they should, if eating establishments are willing to serve them. And why not/

This idea that is a Muslim observance is a requirement is nonsense. Why not then have a theocracy and run over all the civil laws and institute the charia laws. I considered myself a Muslim (culturally) but I have never fasted. I remember fasting when I was 15- 16, out of fear and inability of procure food, when I got myself a room of my own (because my older brother went to study at the university of Rabat) then I was able to take food there and eat it. I have not fasted since then (ever). Of course sometimes I wake up late and a have only a drink of water or something...

I really take the religion as an individual matter...I know that people are against this. I can tell you that one day in 1982 I was able to eat lunch with some Americans at the Balima restaurant during Ramadan, I passed for a Lebanese Christian.. The servers did not ask me for an identity it was the best meal I have had that month... because of low turn out.. the cook must have taken care of preparing the food with extra culinary expertise....

Now I am in the US... and I try to avoid visiting Morocco during this holy hypocritical month...

I think they should change the allow anyone who want to eat to do so without harm or derision....All ah gharoufen Rahim...
0 #30 What were they thinking!!Moroccan 2009-09-22 02:38
Ash khasek a al-ariane, khaseni khatem a moulay......
As if Moroccans has everything such as equal access to helath care, education, jobs, housing.....etc . The only thing left was to be able to eat in public during Ramadan!!!
Not only that those 10 were outnumbered by police but also outnumbered by "journalists" coming to cover this "theatrical" nonsense. They are lucky that Police came not to stop them from eating in public but to protect them from what others Moroccans would have done to them. What the police should do to those morons is to send them a bill for the cost of mobilising that many cops to come to protect them.
Now they are complaining that they are recieving threats. Go get a private security company to get you body guards and cough up the money to pay for it.
0 #31 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break ProtestersZaki 2009-09-22 23:09
I cannot believe that the simple thing of eating can be misconstrued as evil and against the law... Fasting is ok and even if it is a requirement for the religion of islam it should be an individual personal experience and not made out to be the rule of all people to follow or else you will suffer.

Devout muslims are quick to turn their moralizing heads in order to punish anyone who does not follow the law.... it's eating ... it is not pissing on public walls which many do, leaving a stench of urine that make people disguisted....i t is not verbally harassing women in public as many do... it is not stealing or lying as many do more in Ramadhan... it is not kissing in public or eloping in public..... it is eating...eating .. drinking water.... one of the basic necessacity YET this is an outrage... Devout muslim should fast for themselves and leave the others alone in their daily lives instead of imposing their ideas on others....
Mohammad Ibn Mohammad
0 #32 A call not for life but for deathMohammad Ibn Mohammad 2009-09-23 04:23
Apparently Rushdy Salman generated a lot of little clowns even within so-called Muslim countries !!!
What is outrageously funny is the aberration of national journalists who forget to repport the perpetual flagrante delicto and the government Dayoutisme towards the spread of pedophilia and all kinds of spirits production trivialization in addition to nationwide distribution and consumption with the full blessing of the believers commander.
Mohammad Ibn Mohammad
0 #33 Blindness without dustMohammad Ibn Mohammad 2009-09-23 04:25
Apparen tly Rushdy Salman generated a lot of little clowns even within so-called Muslim countries !!!
What is outrageously funny is the aberration of national journalists who forget to repport the perpetual flagrante delicto and the government Dayoutisme towards the spread of pedophilia and all kinds of spirits production trivialization in addition to nationwide distribution and consumption with the full blessing of the believers commander.
0 #34 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protesters morocain 2009-12-11 08:55
look peo... those people are not against the government they are against our culture our religion the government is doing it's job to protect our constitution period
0 #35 MISSENNACIRI 2010-08-16 01:57
0 #36 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Death Threats and Arrests for Facebook Ramadan Fast Break Protesterswise 2010-08-26 10:32
It is so sad to see so many intolerant Moroccans. A Moroccan who doesn't want to fast should not have to and should not have to hide. I'm tired of hearing that Morocco is a muslim country. There is no such thing as a muslim country. Religion is very personal. A little bit of respect for others who are different can go a long way.
0 #37 fastingkhalid2010 2010-08-26 20:57
When I see elder people fasting, there is a light on their faces. They are filled with glee and beauty... This is all I have to say. Thanks
khalid 2010
0 #38 Ramadankhalid 2010 2010-08-28 02:55
when I think about the quality of Moroccan people, it is so pathetic... 75 % are illiterate, the rest is partly literate. I wonder what the future of the country will look like. We give importance to fasting and not fasting while we forget about the rest, like corruption, wickedness, bureaucracy and the list is long.
It is so pathetic to live in such a country.
Change will never happen because the people I meet everyday aren't what I really wish to see. It is disgusting.
Finally, I say this... every morning I feel sad because I know I will have to deal with simpletons.

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