Morocco: Referendum Results

Rabat - The total number of people who voted in favor of the draft Constitution on Friday amounted to 9,653,492, that is 98,50%, according to the provisional results of the referendum held on Friday, the Interior Minister said on Saturday.
The number of people who voted "No" amounted to 146,718 (1.5%), Taieb cherqaoui told the press.
9,881,922 people out of 13,451,404 registered on the electoral lists participated in the vote, with a turnout of 73.46%.

According to the provisional results, the number of spoil ballot papers stood at 81,712, while valid votes amounted to 9,800,210.

    The turnout recorded at the level of regions is as follows:

- Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaïr region: 72.39%.

- Great Casablanca region: 57.17%.

- Souss-Massa-Draa region: 74.51%.

- Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate region: 81.10%.

- Tadla-Azilal region: 79.85%.

- Fez-Boulemane region: 76.31%.

- Guelmim-Smara region: 86.76%.

- El Gharb-Chrarda-B'ni Hssen region: 74.26%.

- Laayoune-Boujdour-Sakia Al Hamra region: 84.05%.

- Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz region: 80.88%.

- Meknes-Tafilalet region: 74.60%.

- Oued Eddahab-Lagouira region: 92.19%.

- The Eastern region: 63.99%.

- Doukkala-Abda region: 80.06%.

- Chaouia-Ouerdigha region: 77.67%.

- Tangier-Tetuan region: 71.50%.
    These figures, the minister went on, show that the referendum was a new opportunity for the inhabitants of the southern provinces to renew their attachment to their homeland and to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, as well as their full support for the major reforms initiated by HM King Mohammed VI.
 He noted that these results, which remain provisional until the Constitutional Council announces the final results according to the election Code, do not include those of the Moroccan community abroad.


Source: MAP

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Moroccan Patriot
0 #1 Numbers lie too.Moroccan Patriot 2011-07-03 01:39
I have a toll bridge to sell in Rabat to anyone that actually believes the numbers provided by the ministry of interior.
couscous king
0 #2 no worries,i found the solutioncouscous king 2011-07-03 06:04
take all these numbers and cut them by a third , THEN YOU GET THE RIGHT RESULTS,sell crazy some where else , we all stuck up here.
0 #3 Let's do some simple mathjrh1 2011-07-04 04:07
According to the Minister of the Interior, the participation rate was about 72.65%. This implies about 27% did not participate. Young people under 35 overwhelmingly boycotted the referendum, they represent only 30% of registered voters, according to the minister of interior.

Population of voting age: 21,500,0OO
Number of registered voters: 13 million people (Interior Minister)
At this stage: 8.5 million Moroccans did not participate.
Based on the 13 million registered voters list, the minister said 9.2 millions voters took part.
At this level, there are 3.8 million registered voters who did not participate in the vote. Therefore, about 12 million Moroccans did not vote.

"Note that the army, gendarmerie, police, navy, auxiliary forces ... participated in this vote, nearly 2.5 million people. These forces do not usually participate in elections." In other words, without these forces, the number of voters would have been about 6 million.

The 72% participation does not withstand analysis, for the formula is flawed.
9,200,000 / 21,500,000 = 42.8%

And if we deduct the MRE, the percentage would drop a few points.

So statistically, effective participation in this referendum is about 42%.

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