Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in Tripoli

Washington / Morocco Board News--    Algeria's steadfast support to the Gaddafi regime in its fight against the CNT rebels has come home to roost. The Libyan Rebels, now in control of Tripoli, have come for a visit. Rebel elements have stormed Algeria's embassy on the night of August 21 - 22, trashed it and carted away various items, including several vehicles.

Algeria's Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman declared on Monday that its Embassy in Tripoli has been subjected to a "series of violations."
There is no indication on the fate of the embassy staff. But, according to reports in Algeria’s press, the staff fled towards the United Nations mission in Tripoli.

Mourad Medelci, Algeria's Foreign Minister Affairs, sent an urgent correspondence to the UN Secretary General to "draw attention to violations on the Algerian diplomatic compound and asked the UN to take the necessary measures in order to ensure the protection of diplomats and the mission premises and its property in accordance with international law, "

The Libya's CNT rebels have issued, in the past months, several reports that details Algeria's active support of Qaddafi's forces, including military air transport flights to Libyan Government held military bases, Algeria mercenaries captured in Ajdabia by Libyan rebels, reports for Algeria's facilitation of transport and transit of Western Sahara and Sub-Saharan mercenaries to Libya, the head of Algeria's governing party declaring in Tripoli that Algeria supports Gaddafi and opposes NATO intervention, the Libyan embassy in Tripoli arranging for purchase and export of over 500 truck to Libya, and the capture of  Libyan government military trucks that were traced to Algeria's arsenal by The French Defense Ministry.


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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorcelli 2011-08-22 12:39
Morocco confirms recognition of Libyan Transitional Council and that's a good thing, I would have hoped that they would have done it when the whole world considered a qaddafi have become a wanted man by Hague.
Nevertheless Fassi fihri is going to Benghazi tomorrow and for sure there will be discussion about the polisario killing Libyans few months ago, I hope that the CNT to pay the Algeria back becomes the first country in the world that would say that the Sahara is Moroccan. As for Algeria, they sided with the losing side, bad for them good for us.
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in Tripoliriffi 2011-08-22 14:12
the best is yet to come i mean for morocco concerning algeria she is like a sandwich ready to be eaten from the east by a free democratic libya and from the west morocco thats what we call isolation.long and lonesome nights are waiting for tewfik gang.
Gabe Perierra
0 #3 Everything you just said is wrong, well amostGabe Perierra 2011-08-22 14:33
Algeria and Morocco had the exact same position concerning the recognition of the CNT, the recognition came at the same time from both countries. I disagree with the statement that Algeria was supporting Gaddafi during the revolution, they just didn't have a position and didn't want to get involved in, what it considers to be, an internal affair. It's easy to point the finder of blame at Algeria for not standing with the Rebels but many other countries had the same position. Having said that, the Western Sahara issue is not up to the CNT to resolve and if you do your homework, you will find out that if the ruling CNT is a member of the UN, then they will not be able to recognize anything.
0 #4 poor worldDan 2011-08-22 18:29
The Libyan rebels don't consider that this whole revolution is only a bloodshed for nothing.
They are going the same way as Iraq.
The Western world is considering to install a puppet regime by force of bribe and money.
Main reason for Western involvment in this "revolution" is oil and gas.

People think that the way their state is functioning is caused by the regime, but in fact it is the contrary: the people in the streets and the lower and middle level officials are responsible for the quality of their state.

for example: in Morocco we see a lot of corruption among police, community officials, customs etc. and those are made of the common people. You're not going to change that mishap if you change Hassan II for Mohammed VI. It's the people themselves who build a country, it's not the king or president.
0 #5 Recycling news and using them to fit the prejudiceLahseen 2011-08-22 20:32
The analysis and the above comment is at best naive, I am afraid. Do you really believe that the strategic games and rapports across the region, with the geopolitics as a background, to be that simplistic and linear? Do you believe any unsubstantiated tabloid "news" that suits one's ideology and hatred-filled view? We have to stop this covert (and overt) Algeria hating and be more friendly, impartial and authentic as Moroccans if we are to really build a solid and lasting Maghreb Union. I doubt that Bouteflika/the Algerian Generals and our King/Makhzen are that naive. This is called "real politiks" and we don't always get to understand even the apparently most irrational or ill-judged maneuvres; what you see is not what you always think it is; appearances can be very deceptive (e.g. didn't the NTC say 48 hours ago that Saif Al Islam was dead? I rest my case). Decisions and events have a context and trying to read them without understanding the internal and external context is simply naive and ill judged. Only time will tell: expect internal Libyan politic to be very messy whilst having "normal" diplomatic relations with its AMU. Politicians are virtually all the same and it is always ordinary people who suffer. Good journalism is not the one that agrees with my view but the one that explains to me in details its view without "clichés" or "idées reçues" and with much thoroughness and objectivity. I am afraid that your post doesn't, instead it just recycles easy amateurish "bits and bobs".
0 #6 Algeria's minions exposedborsa 2011-08-22 22:01
Algeria is looking increasingly isolated in the Maghreb and their minions the polisario will be under increased scrutiny and criticism as their support to Gaddafi's regime is further exposed in due course. There have been reports that the Moroccan government have had good relations with the Libyan rebels since the very beginning of the revolution but for strategic and political reasons such relations had to be kept secret which explains why Morocco was "late" in officially recognising the CNT as the legitimate Libyan rulers.
0 #7 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliAlgerian 2011-08-22 23:33
As if we were scared of you or the gang of Benghazi:-) As a matter of fact, I would love for our Gov. to close the Libyan borders as well.
Again, we do not need Morocco or Libya, case and point, Moroccan Gov. begging day and night for the reopening of the borders.
Algeria is the largest country in Africa( bigger than Morocco and Libya combined), so try to put that in prospective, a country that has Sovereignty over every inch of its territory, can you say the same about Morocco??...... i guess not.

Funny, how MB is reporting on this shameful event as if it was some kind of good news.
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorocelli 2011-08-23 08:34
Anyone who asks to stop Algeria hating does not know a cr&*^ap about what's going on.
Morocco is not the hater, Morocco is and has been under attack by the butchers of North Africa for 37 years, Morocco did not make the polisario, has not host them, and never finance them, the butchers did, they are starving their own people to finance the war against Morocco, Morocco has not rioted for sugar and bread 6 months ago, the Algrian people did. The 160 generals controlling the Algerian people are running the country without any care or concern about the Algerian people. They tried for 37 years to take over the Moroccan Sahara by proxy and never succeeded and will never succeed. Morocco is in the Sahara and in the Sahara it will stay.
Who the hater? M6 has been asking to turn the page for 12 years now, what happened? they attack Morocco even more, accusing Morocco of pleasing the "evil west"
I can't wait to hear the meeting between Fassi Fihri and the CNT.
0 #9 Sweet Revengembt 2011-08-23 13:16
Ah the revenge is sweet, we have witnessed the fall of Saddam Husain and how his statue was kicked at, we have seen Gaddafi's head albeit not in the flesh being stood on. It is a solitary lesson that the tyrants and those stuck to their golden chairs will one day be subjected to guillotine figuratively.

I can't wait for the ALL muslims head of state who have failed to listen to their people to be finished in a most shameful and hateful way and to be humiliated out of the office. Who next, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, or Syria?
0 #10 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in Tripoliriffi 2011-08-23 14:27
algerian your territory in the south is controlled by aqmi unless you are listening
to radio alger downtow .furthere more i suggest if you ever want to
go camping in the forest of the kabyle with your family i suggest to take a humve
with machine gun mounted in.and you are telling that to this respected forum.this is not
downtown annaba
Abdelhafid Missouri
0 #11 A New Era of Algerian IsolationAbdelhafid Missouri 2011-08-23 14:30
No sovereign country envies Algeria at the present time. It is now surrounded by several armies of ideas. To the south there is al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, to the West there is the enemy it has hated for ages and for no convincing reason Morocco, to the East there is Tunisia, which is now controlled by the very rebels who put out Ben Ali against its will, and to the South-East there is now the NTC, the National Transitional Council,which it fought by supplying Gadhafi's brigades with weapons and mercenaries. Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya are now in the lead to put North-Africa on the right track.
0 #12 go along with the programNATION OF RATS 2011-08-23 15:26
first of all these are arm thugs planted by the cia , the m16 and the zionnist mossad to create havoc and chaos on the libyan poeple and their future, by robbing them blind of their whealth and natural ressources this the new strategy the west and the usa had been seeking for a long time to go after the wealth of the muslim and the arab world in particular with the help of the puppet and despot arab and muslim govts, it's crystal clear you can see it from morocco to saudia arabia,BUT DON'T WORRY SOON THESE ZIONNISTS SLAVES AND ARM THUGS WILL BE KILLING EACH OTHER IN THE STREETS OF LIBYA FOR THE WEALTH AND THE FUTURE OF THE LIBYAN POEPLE THAT WAS SOLD TO THE ZIONNISTS AND THEIR HOUSE SERVANTS FOR FREE IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM'S ILLUSION AND HOAX.
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorcelli 2011-08-23 20:54
Your borders thing is pretty outdated, you need to come up with something new, you are fooling no one by yourself, If MB is so bad why do you keep coming back over and over again? It doesn't make sense right?
Good Luck to you, and I hope the best for our Algerian sisters and brothers.
0 #14 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorcelli 2011-08-23 21:49
btw, Algeria that prides itself on "defending" the Sahraouis, how come it did not pride
itself on defending the Libyan people when the dictator was rolling his tanks toward Benghazi to decimate his own people?
The generals true colors have been shown yet again. The Libyan people may forgive but for sure will never forget for as long as Boutef and the Generals are on the helms.
But then again, it makes sens a dictator will always look after a dictator.
The Libyan rebels are heading toward Sirte, pray for them to bring the dictator's head.
Give credit to M6 who was among the firsts who sent high level delegation when the rebels were making baby steps.
As you can see, Morocco did not forget that the dictators was a big supporter of the Polisario, Algeria gambled on his staying in power, they lost, we won just like the 4-0 in Marrakesh :D
0 #15 Don't forget about AFRICOMDavidDaoud 2011-08-23 22:56
The United States Department of Defense had been trying for years to find a home for AFRICOM on the African continent, but until now every African leader has refused to have a large American base on its soil. Presently located in Stuttgart, Germany, it will soon have a home in Libya! Only recently, (it was supposed to have ended on June 18th,2011) AFRICOM conducted very large military exercises in conjunction with Moroccan forces at Cap Draa near Tan-Tan...see African Lion 2011. (2000 American, 900 Moroccan)The agenda of the United States government, using the military force of AFRICOM, is to gain influence over African governments, replacing those who do not cooperate fully, with the ultimate aim of obtaining access to natural resources, including oil and minerals, for large American corporations. A little research will reveal that this is true.
0 #16 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliAlgerian 2011-08-24 01:06

I just like to Set You Straight. a bunch of unchecked facts. Polisario helping Khadafi, Algerian mercenaries in libya and Algerian trucks confirmed by French sources.
Not a single one of these allegations was was proven , just more of the same gold old propaganda:-)
A si Morceli, the border question was to show you that we really do not care about not having relations with Libya or Morocco and as i have said it in many occasions i would love for the borders to be sealed for ever, and as i pointed out, your Gov. is the one begging day and night for the reopening of the borders.
Funny how in one hand our Moroccan"brothe r" have nothing good to say about Algeria and on the other hand, they keep defending their Gov. Humiliating attempts to re-open the border, try to have some shame and dignity for once. As for the Rats of Benghazi, they can hate us all they want, but when push comes to shove, they better stay out of our sight, our ...else.
man en blanc
0 #17 When there is en blanc 2011-08-24 12:31
The fact remains, that just bout every news organization when speculating about Khaddafi's ultimate destination, it is ALWAYS : Chad, Uganda, Zimbabwe...and good old ALGERIA. Says a lot about your morals, or the lackthereof.
I doubt that the entire world media is waging a propaganda campaign against a such insignificant country like Algeria.
So, you can no longer deny that your junta has a soft spot for a monster who is universally despised.
Shame on you.
0 #18 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorcelli 2011-08-24 12:58
I have news for you brother, Morocco's asking for the borders to be open is a gimmick and as smart Algerian as I expect you to be, you know very well that the Moroccan gov asking for the borders to be open is just to place the generals on the spot and to make them look bad, Morocco knows in advance that Algeria has no business opening any borders. Something else, I actually agree with you, we should not open the borders, we have our problems, you have yours such as frequent and daily terrorists attacks in Algeria, the time is not ripe to even think abut opening the borders. there we agree.
I think Morocco should have no business dealing with your 160 generals who are ruling Algeria and suffocating your sisters and brothers.
When the Algerians were killing each other, Morocco with its limited resources run away with the ball and now the Generals are playing catch up.
Here are some examples for you that Algeria tried or is trying to mimic Morocco's footsteps, truth and reconciliation, moudawana, treaty with Europe, treaty with the US freer press, constitution. The Libyan rebels burn your embassy and the only emassy they burned and your generals are now holding talks with them and in the next few days , they will have no choice but to recognize the CNT as Morocco has already done.
Every Algerian I read knows and recognize these facts and you seem to live in denial brother.
Lastly this is not in defense of Morocco, these are just facts that most Algerians would agree with but the generals.
The border thing as I said is simply outdated, here is a tip for you brother, you want to go after Morocco, try our flawed judicial system, bribery, etc but then again you have the same problem if not worse.

Ayoub Kably
0 #19 selfemployedAyoub Kably 2011-08-25 04:33
Diplomacy is the best bureaucracy. as far as a non fictional borders are dose not serve anyone any good purpose. might as well plant land mines all along the frontiers. Algerians will be Algerians and Moroccans will be Moroccans and to each his own. we never had a choice of our place of birth or race ......! but one thing for sure is we as human being have to recognize our mistakes and learn from them and maybe reconcile or at least respect each other. we should also cherish our differences and taste each others culture in order to widen our north African menu.
Life is short and change is in the air so lets seize this opportunity and build some positive vibes. The vibes that will help us sing the same tune. Tunes of love and freedom.
0 #20 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliAlgerian 2011-08-25 06:48

So your Gov. is just bluffing right??? so who are we supposed to look bad for?? France, The US?? You do know that you are not making any sense right? So Morocco is trying to make Algeria look bad for the European masterS? last time i checked Algerian and Morocco are two sovereign nations, and if we do not feel the need to open them, guess what they will stay closed, neither the US or Europe can pressure us to keep them open, because last time i check we do not get financial or economical help from them.
The US and Europe don't care about the Borders, its a Moroccan problem because as you must know, even though you try to deny it, Morocco needs Algeria but Algeria does not need Morocco.
I do understand that its an EGO thing for you and that deep inside of you, while sitting behind the safety of your computer somewhere in California you are thinking that Morocco does not need Algeria or Algerian.....etc.
Guess WHAT? You Gov. Thinks other ways, and the Eastern part of your country is suffering as a result of the closure, so it might be had pill to swallow, but you have to face the reality of things my friends.
The thing i do not understand is that most people in this blog have nothing good to say about Algeria, MB will only post negative news about Algeria, on the other hand, you guys are trying to make it look as the reopening of the border is on our interest or that you guys don't mean it, Yes, my friend you guys do mean it, and that goes Fehri to your king.
So try to have some shame and try to ask your Gov to stop BEGGING my friend
0 #21 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorcelli 2011-08-25 09:07
Dear Algerian,
I will repeat once and for all, the borders thing does not fly anymore, you need to come up with something new, something real, something factual.
I will repeat as well that Algeria should keep their borders closed, and we both agree on that, we do not need your terrorists. Keep your terrorists, let Boutef bless them with another amnesty, and set them free to kill your sisters and brothers in fake police stops.
Algeria is too violent for us, we are peaceful, we might argue with each other once in a while, we might critique each other but we will never kill each other as they do in your homeland. All you have to do is read El watan, chorouq, Expression, liberte', Nouvelle republique, even al hadaf and you will see for yourself, Everything i mentioned above is from your own news papers, your own people.
As for Morocco asking for the borders to open knowing the Algerian will not, that's called politics brother and politics is a dirty game. You think Algeria does not need Europe or the US, your are wrong brother, when Renauld decided to open a factory in Morocco, Algeria went nuts, and when Morocco signed the free trade agreement with the US, Algeria could not understand, 95% of Algeria's economy is based on hydrocarbures and they are trying very hard to diversify with no one wanting to invest in a country that is infested with terrorists. When Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait tried to invest in your country, the Algerians generals erected all obstacles that led the middle eastern investors to run away and never look back.
You are Algerian and you should know all this, don't live in denial brother. These are facts, You mentioned people in the East of Morocco need Algeria, the borders were closed in 1994, 17 years ago, Oujda is still there and people are still there and no one in rioting for bread and sugar as the Algerians do.
We demonstrate for better justice and more freedom, not for bread. If you want bread, we'll send you bread and will add sugar brother, you just have to ask, We are Morocco, we are very well know for our hospitality, hospitality and generosity is our hydrocarbure.

0 #22 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliMorcelli 2011-08-26 09:02
Dear Algerian,
Here is another reason and just like i stated in my previous posts that the time is not ripe to open your borders. Algeria is a terrorist state that we should avoid at all cost"
15 morts et 35 blessés, dont huit dans un état jugé très grave, tel est le bilan obtenu auprès de sources hospitalières et sécuritaires à Tipaza, du double attentat kamikaze contre l'académie inter armes de cherchell, vendcredi en début de soirée.

Sorry for your loss.
0 #23 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliAlgerian 2011-08-26 21:25
Glad to hear that sad news from Algeria make you happy and that Algeria is a terrorist state.
The thing I want you to understand is that you opinion is irrelevant, its an ego thing, as I have said it in previous posts,
Sitting behind the safety if your PC you think that MOrocco is the center if the universe.....etc
Unfortunately, you do not represent your country, We
, as Algerian are just sick and tired of your own GOV, begging day and night come on people have some dignity at least.
What part of NO don't you guys get.
Again MOrceli we are not talking about your self and we know what you think
As for the terrorist attacks, Algerians are strong and we will survive this, but didn't you had a terrorist Attack not long ago?
Again, we are only asking to be left alone, and NO we do not want to reopen the border.
So please leave us alone once and for all.
0 #24 AlgeriaHicham_M 2011-08-27 02:43
@Mr. Algerian,

Please don't take this discussion to another level and say "Moroccans are happy that Algeria is being attacked by terrorists". Most Moroccans respect and love the Algerian people (but hate your government). The reason is "your government" does not cease to destabilize our country. Creating, supporting and hosting the Polisario is definitely a card that the Algerian government has been playing since 1976. Algerian government is always claiming that they are supporting people's choice and freedom. Yet when Tunisians and the Libyans revolted, your government chose to stand against the will of people and stand with the Tyrants. so my question is: What's the REAL reason for supporting the Polisario? Unfortunately, your government is a failure and has been isolating your country since its creation and by not even recognizing the new Libyan government is further doing so. I hope Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Mauritania go ahead and re-establish the Maghreb Union (with or without Algeria)... since apparently your Government is better off to be by themselves.

0 #25 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliAlgerian 2011-08-27 04:42
Dear Mr Hisham,

As i have said in my previous post, the W.Sahara is a UN. Issue and will only be resolved through the US. Algeria never attacked Morocco but can you say the same about Morocco. You guys attacked us in 1963 back when we did not even have a regular army, thinking you can grab Bechar and Tinduf.

As for the Maghreb Union without Algeria, its just not geographically feasible without Algeria.
As Algerians we have nothing but respect and love toward our Moroccan brothers, but History, politics and sometimes geography are the source of our problems, and unless all the issues are resolved we will always have that love and hate relationship.

0 #26 Please enough with the rhetoric!Hicham_M 2011-08-27 06:04
Dear Mr. Algerian,

We can sit here and talk about the past all we want and it is not going to change anything. Our previous King, Mohammed V, did commit a mistake that costed Morocco billions of $$; by not negotiating directly with the French Government the return of Tindouf and Bechar. Instead he decided to wait for the Algeria to be independent. I'm pretty sure you know that both Tindouf and Bechar were Moroccan provinces and they both had Moroccan representatives of the King up until 1952. The year when both Tindouf and Colomb-Bechar were annexed as other departments of French Algeria.

Now that said, you can keep repeating your government's stance on Polisario all you want but the whole world knows that if Algeria stop supporting (without saying directing) the Polisario, this entity will cease to exist. Again, the Polisario is a card that Algeria is playing to keep Morocco from achieving stability (and that's why we, Moroccans, hate your government!). Again Morocco is the only country in North Africa that has to prove that the Sahara belongs to him... and we did since the Hague already said that they existed historical links of "Al-Baiaa" between Saharan tribes and Kings of Morocco prior the Spanish rule over the area.

Now think about this, how would you feel if Morocco hosted few Kabyles, armed them, and brainwashed them to be independent from Algeria? ... and when you ask us our reasoning, we say "it's an internal issue between Algeria and this Kabyle entity".

Again, your country chose isolation, instead of sitting down with Morocco, and now Libya, to discuss issues that hinder stability (economical and political) in the area.

0 #27 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliAlgerian 2011-08-27 06:39
Dear Hicham,

its called the International Court of Justice, and let's see what it did say about the matter:

"UN General Assembly Resolution 3292[2] requested that the International Court give an advisory opinion on the following questions:
:I. Was Western Sahara (Río de Oro and Sakiet El Hamra) at the time of colonization by Spain a territory belonging to no one (terra nullius)?
And, should the majority opinion be "no", the following would be addressed:
:II. What were the legal ties between this territory and the Kingdom of Morocco and the Mauritanian entity?
In the meantime, Morocco and Mauritania jointly agreed to not contest the issue of partition or sovereignty. On January 16, 1975, Spain officially announced the suspension of the referendum plan, pending the opinion of the court. From May 12 through to May 19, a small investigative team made of citizens from Cuba, Iran, and Côte d'Ivoire was sent into the region to assess public support for independence. They also performed inquiries in Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, and Spain.
In the summer, the questions were submitted by King Hassan II and Spain. Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, and Spain were all given permission to present evidence at the hearings (the Polisario was locked out as only internationally recognized states have a right to speak - Algeria largely represented the Sahrawis). Twenty-seven sessions were held in June and July before the Court called the proceedings final.
The arguments presented by Morocco and Mauritania were essentially similar: that either one had a sovereign right over the territory. In the case of Morocco, the kingdom of Morocco claimed the allegiance of a variety of tribes in surrounding territory. The modern Moroccan monarchy is derived from this kingdom[citatio n needed]. In the case of Mauritania, there was no clearly defined state that existed at the time. Instead, Mauritania argued that a similar entity existed which they called "bilad Chinguetti". Spain argued against Moroccan sovereignty, citing the relationship that Spanish explorers and colonizers had established with the sultan, none of which ever recognized his authority over the region. Algeria also defended the position that the Sahrawis were a distinct people[citation needed], and not under the subjection of Morocco or Mauritania.
The Opinion

On October 15, a UN visiting mission sent by the General Assembly to tour the region and investigate the political situation published its findings, showing that the Sahrawi population were "overwhelmingly " in favor of independence from both Spain and Morocco/Maurita nia. These findings were submitted to the Court, who published their opinion the next day.
For the former question, the Court decided by a vote of 13 to three that the court could make a decision on the matter, and unanimously voted that at the time of colonization (defined as November 28, 1884), the territory was not terra nullius (that is, the territory, did belong to someone).
For the latter question, the Court decided by a vote of 14 to two that it would decide. It was of the opinion, by 14 votes to two, that there were legal ties of allegiance between this territory and the Kingdom of Morocco. Furthermore, it was of opinion, by 15 votes to one, that there were legal ties between this territory and the "Mauritanian entity". However, the Court defined the nature of these legal ties in the penultimate paragraph of its opinion, and declared that neither legal tie implied sovereignty or rightful ownership over the territory. These legal ties also did not apply to "self-determina tion through the free and genuine expression of the will of the peoples of the Territory."(ICJ Reports (1975) p. 68, para. 162)

You see dear friend try to use facts to support your point of view instead of "la langue de bois"

As for sitting with Morocco over the W. Sahara, last time i checked it was a US issue and Morocco is already sitting with the POLISARIO.
0 #28 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Libya: Rebels Trash Algeria's Embassy in TripoliHicham_M 2011-08-28 06:45
Dear Algerian,

Moroccans know exactly what the Hague said. You have to understand how the Moroccan union worked in the past to understand the importance of this ruling. The Kingdom of Morocco was considered a confederacy constituted by provinces that had a semi autonomy... actually some cartographers used to call the Kingdom of Morocco "Etats du Roi du Maroc" or "The States of the King of Morocco". These states were Souss, Sahara, Fes, Marrakech, Tafilalt, and Touat. Tribes of these states used to give allegiance to the King of either Fes or Marrakech. Now the islamic method of Baiaa (the said "legal ties") may not seem strong enough for a western court such as the Hague to imply sovereignty but it is for us. Otherwise, Morocco never had sovereignty over Fes, Marrakech, Souss, Tafilalt nor Touat provinces. Another point is, if the land was not "Terra Nullis" and there was no political entity in the Sahara prior to the Spanish colonialism who did the area belonged to? especially if they were Legal ties of "Al Baiaa" between Morocco and this region. This my friend is more proof that Algeria can provide if sovereignty over the algerian Sahara was ever in question.

As I said you can claim that the issue is between Morocco and Polisario all you want. The fact is if Algeria stops supporting (and directing) the Polisario financially and politically, this entity will cease to exist. Note that Algeria is the only "Islamic" country that hosts a "Western Sahara" embassy in there country. You cannot direct an organization from far and claim that the problem is between the Polisario and Morocco.... Please don't insult our intelligence!


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