Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasies

imane eddbali
The whole fuss follows the decision by the Indonesian government to make it even harder for Saudi Arabia agencies to recruit Indonesian maids after the reports of maids abused by their employers. The move followed the murder of an Indonesian maid by her male employer and the torture of another one by her female employer.

One of the most publicized stories is that of the murder last year of a servant by Prince Saud Abdelaziz bin Nasser al Saud, grandson of the current King of KSA. There have also been reports of abuse of many other maids from Indonesia and other Asian nations, as well as suicide attempts.


Facing a threatening shortage of maids in this wealthy country, KSA work agencies consider now recruiting women from countries that impose less restrictive conditions, among them Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Morocco.

Why then do those Saudi women oppose only maids coming from Morocco? I need to put things into their context. Over a million Asian maids work in KSA. The non-Arab manpower has gained success in GCC countries as a UN report mentions:

First of all, Asians were less expensive to employ, easier to lay-off, and believed to be more efficient, obedient, and manageable.

Secondly, they were used to leaving their families at home, whereas Arab immigrants usually brought their families to the Gulf with the hope of settling there permanently. This possibility was not acceptable to the GCC authorities.

Thirdly, in the post-1973 oil-boom, the demand for foreign workers in the GCC states outstripped the Arab countries’ ability to supply them. In contrast, Asian governments became often involved in the recruitment and placement of their workers, facilitating their smooth flow to the Gulf. Efficient recruitment agencies in Asia were able to provide a constant supply of manpower, fully satisfying the needs of the Gulf employers. [...]

Finally, many Asians were Muslims too, so the religiously-sensitive Gulf Arabs felt more comfortable having such people around.

All this among other reasons participated in turning Asian manpower to a cheap source of workers reserved to hard and thankless jobs. Hence, those workers get a lower social status than the local population and are literally seen as inferior. How can you then be surprised to hear such news of mistreating, abuse and torture? How do you want a Filipino maid to represent a threat when it’s not even question to consider her as a potential wife?

Now put a Moroccan – a fellow Arab – in the place. Of course it changes everything; there is no dominant/dominated balance of power anymore. And this is in my opinion the reason why the Moroccan maid – and more widely, the Arab maid – is unwanted in Saudi houses.

On Ahl El Sharaf

A couple of weeks ago, I had a little argument with a Syrian friend of mine over a video of Kawthar Al Bashrawi who was quite strongly bashing male colleagues from the Gulf for being that disdainful towards North African people. She was telling them that they should learn dignity and virtue from Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian women.

Basically, that friend of mine was saying that in terms of “sharaf” (virtue), the Moroccans had no lesson to give to anyone, especially not to the “Khalijiyat” (Gulf women) who, as everybody knows, are the example of virtue across the Muslim world. Oh yeah, no alcohol in KSA, no bikinis, no boyfriend/girlfriend, no night clubs nor bars, no prostitution, no homosexuality. And the arguments to continue flooding: you in Morocco have easy access to alcohol, to night clubs, prostitution is something common and sometimes even encouraged (Duh?!), etc.

So the fact that Allah’s house – El Kaaba El Shareefa – is in Mecca makes all the Saudis “Ahl El Sharaf”? I don’t even need to comment on this point, I think you can easily understand how stupid it sounds. As if virtue spread throughout the Kingdom and stopped at the borders.

I inquired about alcohol in the Arab world because I found it quite gross that you could find it ONLY in Morocco. So I asked a bunch of friends, and guess what? Apart from a couple of states like Al Sharjah, KSA and Kuwait (however you have night clubs and bars serving alcohol in this last country) that explicitly forbid alcohol, ALL the other countries provide free access to alcohol, whether in night clubs, restaurants, liquor stores, or cabarets; Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Palestine, Dubai and Qatar.

When your economy relies mostly on tourism – as in Morocco-, you can’t be surprised to find alcohol among other detestable things. Does that mean all Moroccans are drunkards? Just as in any Muslim society, drinking alcohol is considered as blameworthy by most of Moroccans. On the same logic, does the fact that prostitution exists in Morocco prevents it from existing in other countries? Does that mean all Moroccan women are whores? In Arab News’ article, a Saudi woman opposing the recruitment of Moroccan maids states:

Moroccan women are known for being pliant and willing to adjust to varying situations, and this posed a threat to a working wife who is not at home most of the day.

So basically, that means that Moroccan women are whores? Usually, such statement goes along with the “sorcery” argument, but I will discuss that later in this post. There is a fact that those Saudi women should be aware of; more and more Saudi men marry Syrian, Egyptian and Moroccan women because they are not satisfied “at home”. Why not see this as a – hypocritical, I admit – way of showing an insane society their unhappiness? Why blame on the maid the fact that you don’t know how to satisfy your husband? Why blame on the maid the fact that your husband is not faithful?

Maybe I should also remind those who claim to be “Ahl El Sharaf” that they are the first investors and consumers of sex tourism along with Westerners, whether in Morocco or in other countries where poverty drives people to enslave themselves for basic needs? Maybe I should remind “Ahl El Sharaf” that the Gulf countries have the highest rates of homosexuality in the Arab world? Maybe I should remind “Ahl El Sharaf” that they have installed in Casablanca night clubs “For Khaleejis Only” such as the Black House, where fellow citizens can come and have fun with Moroccan women when in town? Maybe I should remind that before being chased by the civil war, “Ahl El Sharaf” were doing in Lebanon what they now do in Morocco? Maybe I should also remind “Ahl El Sharaf” all the times Moroccan women have been promised a job as hairdresser, maid, receptionist, to finally end up deprived from their passports and thrown in some Gulf whorehouse, along with Iraqi women who have become cheap meat since the war, Egyptian, Lebanese women and others of “less virtuous” nationalities? How virtuous is it to throw the stone on people whose misery you take advantage of?

Usually, those who have such stereotypes in mind don’t know that Morocco has a very rich history and a priceless Islamic heritage. Spend some time there, and forget the night clubs that you seem to see everywhere in Morocco. You will not find an empty mosque, all imams competing in “tajweed” (Quran recitation), and hijab is part of the Moroccan landscape. But that would break all the stereotypes, wouldn’t it?

On sorcery

As I mentioned above, the other big joke of this story is the fact that Moroccan women are supposedly masters in black magic. Yeah, truth is we pass from mother to daughter the art of casting spells with camel urine and couscous grains while swaying our perfect bodies in a Satanic choreography.

Wow, I can do that?!

Seriously, I don’t like discussing this subject because it’s prone to a lot of fantasy and imagination, fed by more or less questionable tales and legends. Superstitions are common in the Arab countries, not only in Morocco, and they are usually remains of cultures anterior to Islam. You can’t help it, it’s part of your cultural heritage. And don’t be blind; the Quran and Sunnah mention black magic, but at no moment it was said “Blame the Moroccans for it!”; it exists in your country too. 

Now let’s have a closer look at this statement from Arab News’ article on the use of black magic by Moroccan women in Saudi homes:

“It is a ridiculous fear that is without base,” said marriage counselor and psychoanalyst Hany Al-Ghamdi, pointing out that if a man has no respect for his family, nothing will stop him from having an affair and that any concerns about nationality are invalid.  It is a misconception, Al-Ghamdi points out, to stereotype in this way based on nationality.

“If there is to be a reasonable analysis, we should ask why Moroccan women know how to attract and keep their men,” said Al-Ghamdi, suggesting that Saudi women who feel threatened should take a closer look at themselves.

There is no black magic in a relationship between a man and woman. But there is the magic of love, caring and tolerance,” said Al-Ghamdi, adding that some women do not know how to understand their men and show tolerance toward them.

Tolerance, according to Al-Ghamdi, means being able to overcome problems and disputes and show love and femininity. [...]

Teaching love, Al-Ghamdi believes, is one way to reduce Saudi women’s fear of being threatened by other women.

“Aisha, the wife of Prophet (peace be upon him), was the first to open a ‘school for women.’ She was teaching women about even the most intimate details of their lives with their husbands. We need more of this teaching, instead of the rigid curriculum we are teaching girls in schools,” said Al-Ghamdi, stressing that even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “there is no alternative for love but to marry.”

Do I need to say more on this? If it takes to send Moroccan maids to make the Saudi women who are insecure feel in competition for a betterment of their society, their marriages, their lives, then let it be.

I am a woman just like any other woman. I am not excessively beautiful, I don’t send magic sparks when I blink, men don’t follow me in the street with their mouths open. I probably just take charge of my femininity and know how to give in order to take.

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-2 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasiesDoujda 2011-10-26 04:26
low minded people, in life style and behavior are all over the world, but the dangerous thing about them is when they have MONEY, they spread FASSAD like a plague. well done dear Imane Eddbali.
-3 #2 A Morrocoan in the Arabian Gulf..this is the truth. Zuhooor 2011-12-30 19:23
My dear argument is clear and realistic. I am a Morrocoan and I am totally against stereotypes and prejudices but there are worrying facts in the Arab Gulf countries. I am a doctor and work here in private clinic and many of my patients express their surprise when they know that I am morrocoan...our reputation here is sadly very bad. I dont blame the our morrocoan sisters who have created this image for us. Whether we like to hear and accept it or not...this is the truth...Morroco an women are breaking homes in the Arab Gulf States. Yes, they use very dirty magic to capture men. I have heard stories from my morrocoan friends and seen Gulf men divorcing their wives, throwing their children with grand ma and grand pa and selling their houses or lands just for the sake of the Morroccon woman. No, this is not clean and pure love or some special art or touch that the morrocoan women have. I am sorry, but this is the sad truth that haunts all respectable and hard working morrocan women. A wise man will marry a second wife and secure a good life for his first wife and children and will not sell off his properties to buy a house for his second wife in her home country. In addition to this, majority of these morrocoan women were X-prostitutes or night club dancers. After sharing these facts, why blame the Gulf woman for being against Morrocoan women who enter their countries. They are a threat. We should work against this group of women and not defend them and blame others.....
Married to moroccan
+6 #3 RE: Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasiesMarried to moroccan 2012-08-14 00:20
I think persian gulf arabs are dirty they play muslims just in their own countrybut when abroad they forget all about islam. If they really care they have the money to help morocco to come out of poverty and the prostitution problem but they dont want. The want to keep it like their "fun house"
Married to moroccan
+1 #4 MunafiqeenMarried to moroccan 2012-08-14 00:22
The persian gulf arabs are hypocrites just muslims in their own countries
+7 #5 Tocomment number 3Karisma 2012-09-12 11:43
to comment number 3: what a shame... are you really a doctor?? how can you be educated man and believe in magic?? to be short, I am MOROCCAN WOMAN. I live in Abu Dhabi, Emirates, I am journalist in a big newspaper. I know douzens of Moroccan good ladies in Emirates, housewives, wives of my colleagues, Marketing managers, dentists, mourshidat diniyat ( more than 20 Moroccan women preach in Abu Dhabi Mosques and schools) I know air hostesses, interior designers, students ( the best student in teh Petrolium institut this year is Moroocan, Sarah Bakhti) I know two Moroccan ladies who are lawyers her, and two others who work in copyrights in a legal firm, I know two painting artists, managers of sales in banks, 6 Moroccan ladies working in Oracle Dubai....I got to know one lady in the driving school, she is Moroccan and she teaches Emiratis ladies how to drive cars....and many many Moroccan ladies journalists and TV presenters. Shame on you. If you go to nice places, mosques and visit nice families you will find nice Moroccan ladies in the Gulf, but if you go to bars and nightclubs, you will find the bad kind of Moroccan ladies. Your opinion about us - your sisters, my brother- depends on were you GOOOOO. What a shame. ach khalliti lelberrani maygoul. Thanks Moroccanboard
+1 #6 cheated wifepelusa 2012-11-13 09:19
my husband left me for a moroccan maid, first he cheated with one moroccan, who drinks and gambling and ask men for money for sex, then he went to her friend, who has a history of prostitution but now, she is almost a virgin and she demands money and gifts from him and he gives to her, she goes to his bussines every day because she wants everybody know she is the new "women" big whore she is, drink more alcohol then him and smokes a lot, so don't tell me their good women, another friend of theirs tried to do the same to a friend of my husband, but he realices on time and kick her out, and this women lives in mahopac and carmel ny, and one is a waitress and the other is a maid for a sick old men, and bring her men to have sex on his house no respect at all and she has a son who lives there also. so if i offended somebody but my experience with moroccan women is all are big whores
+3 #7 My husband cheated with a morrocan whoreHumaira 2012-11-17 10:17
I am a British educated Pakistani women married to a British Pakistani man we have a 3yr old child but recently my husband told me his in love with a morrocan women who's a whore and has a 5yr old girl also if I would give him the permission to engage a relationship with her but however he would like to me to stay with him too as he loves me n trust me more. I very much refused and give him a Altimatum to either chose me or her he was very distressed coz he explained he had never felt like this before no women has ever made him feel so screwed up n he felt sucidle coz he loves me but he loves her too and don't know what to do otherwise he will kill himself. He needed my help but eventually he was ok coz I told him to chose me or her. So he chose me. I've heard morrocan women do black magic could that be a effect n this women didnt want nothing apparantly jus a marridge no money or visa but worked as a whore for a living
Iman Author
+4 #8 RE: Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasiesIman Author 2012-12-15 06:41
To comment #1 by Doujda:
Thanks dear.
To comment #2 by Zuhoor:
I am married to an Iraqi, living in Qatar. Do you think I got him through black magic? Do you think I got him by crashing his relationship with another? Do you think I am after his money? Do you think ALL the Moroccans in the Gulf are like you describe? And that WE are the minority? Unfortunately, what is being talked about is the noisy and messy minority. And you help that by spreading the very same stereotypes that screws up our reputation. A friend asked once in a very well known Qatari restaurant where first class prostitutes usually come with their rich clients "Tell me, most of the prostitutes here are Moroccan right?". The owner told him "No actually, most here are Gulf women, Qataris, Emiratis, even Saudis, some Moroccans and also Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi women". So basically; all nationalities are represented.
And for your information, as Karisma said, you fail to acknowledge all the Moroccan women who contribute in building the economy of the Gulf states through their honorable jobs and studies. I am a future doctor too, and the Qataris literally praised me to come and work with them.
To comments #3 and #4 by Married to a Moroccan:
Yeah basically. However, I won't say ALL Gulf men are like that, it would be doing exactly the same mistake that is made regarding the Moroccan women.
To comment #5 by Karisma:
Thumbs up to that.
To comment #6 by Cheated wife:
I'm very sorry to hear that, maybe aslan you didn't marry the right person if he is the kind of man who has that kind of people around him and is ok with it. If he was a correct Muslim loving his wife and wanting to protect his home, how come he failed that easily in their "trap"? Please. Grow up and look at what's wrong with your marriage instead of throwing the blame on ALL Moroccans. If I were like you, after my first visit to a Qatari mall, I'd say that ALL Qatari girls are whores who come to malls only to chase men and get one who'd accept to sleep with her.
It's not too late yet. You can still divorce and pray to find the rightful man. Allah ysa3dek.
To comment #7 by Humaira:
I have tons of stories like that. Involving all the possible nationalities you could think of. Do you think that us Moroccan women are not spared by this tragedy? As I said above, maybe you should question the rightfulness of your husband. If he is a righteous Muslim as you seem to suggest, how could he think of suicide? Or is it the devil essence of Moroccan women that made it possible? Please. It would have been the exact same had the woman been Ethiopian, Italian, Russian, Bengali or Lebanese.
0 #9 RE: Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasies974 2012-12-22 09:07
Nice work well done
-3 #10 RE: Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasies974 2012-12-27 03:33
Hello , its me again
I am researching about moroccan women after a relationship I have from my holiday in maroc. Your article I saved and read I liked it , good work but one question, do Moroccan women have to be christian to marry me ? I wish to marry with a muslem woman who Is my very nice girlfriend from holiday but I am not muslim , please kindly explain me procedure. again , nice work , bravo ! I wait for your answer

0 #11 RE: Moroccan women: the perpetual fantasiesHarlow 2012-12-28 15:57
If you marry her in Morocco she can not convert to Christianity but you need to convert to Islam.
0 #12 Moroccan and Immaturitymark 2013-04-30 00:57
Moroccan women, UGGGH!!! moroccan men and women are very dishonest and immature. The problem is a high rate of illiteracy in Morocco. A good majority of Moroccans lack education. Moroccan women are treated like children and suffer from arrested development. Ever been in a relationship with a woman that is 30 but acts like she is 14? that is how Moroccan women behave. They are not very attractive and emotionally and psychologically they behave like children. When it comes to getting involved with a Moroccan I recommend PASS.
+1 #13 Moroccon women not good for Marriage : Dont respect guys familyFarhan 2013-12-02 20:59

I am Ali, living in England got married to a very educated and well settled girl from morocco. I am of Pakistani origin and my wife literally hates my family and even though she has a rich background she loves money. I have sensed that living with a moroccon wife is the most difficult thing in world. To all muslims brothers / pakistani guys living abroad or in pakistan, guys i have one serious advise for you all. Please never ever marry a moroccon women she will ruin your family culture and you will regret like i do. I have everything in this life except i cant share the comfort with my parents. Pakistani girls are more beautiful both by there attitude, behaviours and beauty wise , yes thats true beauty wise . moroccon will show little bit of her upper body and little legs and we stupid guys think moroccon girls are very beautiful. our own girls if they start doing these things they aremuch more beautiful .. so plz this is my sincere advice "NEVER EVER MARRY MOROCCON GIRL"
0 #14 MaidsGia 2013-12-26 15:44
Since when are Moroccan Amazighen "Arabs?"
truther teller
0 #15 truthtruther teller 2014-01-06 20:09
The majority of the world knows or is becoming aware of the evil that is saudi's the are absolute filth, their bigoted treatment of others, their pride and attitude is disgusting and the kings in charge are devils that are in bed with america and israel

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