Paypal Launches in Morocco

PayPal service launches in Morocco through E-Commerce Council, its partner in the MENA region.
"Online Buyers and sellers can make and receive payments through e-mail, quickly and in a secure manner", said Khachani Ismail, CEO of E-Commerce Council. "This product aims to liaise consumers and businesses, key accounts and TPE. It offers a Moroccan merchant payment solution fast, flexible, integrated and secure way to expand their Internet activities without sharing the credit card information or sensitive data" he said.

"There are over 500,000 sites worldwide offering this form of payment, which should allow commercial sites to have a Moroccan international exposure through this service that is available in 190 countries", he added.

This service is a new driver of economic development and will be a source of foreign exchange earnings generated by the use of its services by more than 230 million consumers, particularly in the tourism sector.

"Morocco is one of the key markets of the MENA region, evidenced by the development of e-commerce, government support plans, the Internet penetration rate is highest in Africa ( 33 pc) and the number of Moroccans with Internet access has increased by over 80 pc in 2006", he said.

"This service will participate, in collaboration with Moroccan banks, to the growth of e-commerce and help optimize the use of the credit card for online payments, which will improve the level of national banking" said Khachani.

A Moroccan consumers may, from the first half of 2012, open an account and use, through a Moroccan bank account, PayPal services, which has generated a volume of $ 92 billion in 2010.

Paypal was Founded in 1998 in California and is a subsidiary of eBay since 2002, it has offices in 20 countries. E-Commerce Council, a partner of PayPal, offers services to sites to facilitate financial transactions.

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man en blanc
+1 #1 Pay and pay and pay, Pal!man en blanc 2011-10-12 04:07
Hopefully they'll make it work.
I have one of those Banque populaire ATM cards with the visa logo. I was assured that I can use it to pay for goods in Morocco, just like cash.
I was shopping at Marjan in Casablanca, and when I presented the card, they said : No Go! And when I pressed for an answer, they informed me that Banque Populaire had not pay them in years!
I just bursted out laughing. You can't make this stuff up!
Yet Another Moroccan
+2 #2 DittoYet Another Moroccan 2011-10-12 12:49
Last time I was in Marjan, I asked about using my Visa (issued in the US), they told me I could use it but I needed to show them my passport. I thought the hell with it, and I paid with cash. I didn't however have any problem getting cash from ATM machine in Morocco.
0 #3 Painpalmbt 2011-10-12 15:02
Is it really going to work, I mean pay by Paypal? Can I send money to my pal in other country via Paypal? Can I? Can I? I can not send via Western Union at the moment to anyone outside Morocco, but I mean really can I pay via Paypal to my amis in France? Would my pal in palace want to see money leave the country via Paypal? Cam my taxi driver pay for his goods bought online via Paypal? Or is it going to be a pain to pay your pal outside the country like it is with Western Union or via banks?
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Paypal Launches in MoroccoUssef 2011-10-12 18:04
let's hope this works fine.

@man en blanc: That's not it, they do that deliberately to push people to use their own card and accept only costumers affiliated with their sister bank Attijari which of course is always conveniently located in-house in case frustrated with your bank you wanted to switch.
Moroccan Patriot
+1 #5 E-Commerce will either open up Morocco or prove that change will never comeMoroccan Patriot 2011-10-12 22:03
The idea of E-commerce in Morocco would change the economic face of the country. It would for the first time allow people to purchase what they wanted over the internet, and have it shipped to them. This sounds very basic, but in Morocco this would do wonders to dramatically improve the economy.

Here is my concern: I have great doubts that Morocco would allow Moroccans to purchase anything they wanted online from other countries and have it sent into the country unmolested.For example, If I want to purchase used 100 refurbished cell phones online, or memory cards, and I ordered them through ebay or walmart, would the Moroccan govt. allow me to receive my shipment? Up until now, the answer has been NO. In fact, when I have packages sent to me that just have paper inside of them, they are opened up and then sent to me. I had some T-shirts sent for a charity event (around 30) and I had to spend the entire day at the Douane in Casablanca proving that they were not for resale!

The other question is what kind of limits will Paypal place on Moroccans who want to open accounts? Will the banks actually be able to open the accounts? What kind of outrageous fees will they charge?

If Paypal is allowed to work in Morocco, will it work the way Western Union does? Where you are only allowed to send money INTO Morocco and are prohibited from sending money out of Morocco? If so, then the service is kind of useless...

The devil of course is in the details. I am always optimistic but experience has shown me that expecting the worst is not a bad policy when Government and economics mix. I am not saying this just about the Moroccan Govt, although they are especially good at sapping optimism from even the most enthusiastic capitalists; most governments hurt capitalism.

I guess we will see in 2012. I cancelled my Paypal account a long time ago, as VISA offers much better protection and I like peace of mind.
man en blanc
0 #6 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Paypal Launches in Moroccoman en blanc 2011-10-13 01:39
Makes sense Ussef, I guess it is superfluous to add that both Marjan and Attijari are owned by the same entity. Still, the sleaze factor is quite nauseating.
Moroccan Patriot : well articulated response. Although I find it amusing that you advocate small government while living in Morocco where everything is government.
E. Elena Hall
+1 #7 Haven La Chance Desert hotel, OwnerE. Elena Hall 2011-10-14 03:51
I use Paypal a lot with clients for Moroccan tours and hotel deposits in Spain and USA and find it quite useful. There is no problem having a bank account in Morocco where funds can be transferred. The 4% processing fee (or less)is an exyra burden but probabaly less than Western Unjuin 0 which I do not use. I welcome this venture into Morocco for Paypal.
Simohamed chalh
0 #8 PromisingSimohamed chalh 2011-11-02 12:39
I use paypal frequently to pay for my ebay purchases, it is a great and safe way to pay, and I hope I one day will be able to send money through paypal to lwalida through my sister's account. it is a great way to transfer money to a friend here inside the US, but I wonder how is it going to work in Morocco with the current bureaucracy in our home country.
+1 #9 Response to Moroccan PatriotTraveler 2012-02-26 09:14
Moroccan Patriot wrote : "If Paypal is allowed to work in Morocco, will it work the way Western Union does? Where you are only allowed to send money INTO Morocco and are prohibited from sending money out of Morocco? If so, then the service is kind of useless..."

Let's say you are in Morocco and I am in the USA. I send $100 to your Moroccan Paypal account. Now, you can send let's say $50 for example to any other Paypal user in the world without any restriction, since it is only a transaction between two Paypal users.

Anyway, try it and see if it works.
Moroccan Patriot
+1 #10 Actually, it does not workMoroccan Patriot 2012-02-27 05:17
I recently attended the NAPEO conference in Marrakesh and was eventually, after a lot of head aches, my payment was finally processed. The only reason my pay pal payment was processed is because I have a US address available and I have US credit cards. The vast majority of the people attending the NAPEO conference were not able to use Paypal to process their payment and instead, ultimately had to pay cash once they actually arrived.

What does this mean? It means that you cannot use paypal to pay with Moroccan Money. Unlike several other currencies which are ultimately accepted (Brazilian, Turkish) The Moroccan Dirham is NOT accepted. This means the Moroccan economy is not going to prosper the way the Brazilian and Turkish economy have prospered as a result of deregulation.

I understand the fear... the fear is that if people were allowed to use Moroccan money abroad, then all of the Moroccan money would leave the country, this is a valid concern, but I think simple safeguards that are reasonable could be put in place.

I really enjoy the posting process, as several of my other idea's including a point system for Moroccan drivers permits and Toll roads, as well as the benefits that are inherent in MP's NOT getting/using public housing & cars, are ones that I believe have moved Morocco in the right direction.

My new recommendation? Open up Morocco's economy. Let Moroccans compete and participate in the Global economy. You may be surprised to see how much life in Morocco improves, when the individual Moroccan has increased protections under the law and at the same time is given the opportunity to share in the economic pie.
+1 #11 You are missing the whole point.Traveler 2012-02-27 11:09
Moroccan Patriot wrote : "It means that you cannot use paypal to pay with Moroccan Money"

Answer: Yes, you are absolutely correct, unless you are using an international credit/debit card issued outside Morocco (France, Spain, Italy, Canada or USA for example).

But once again you are missing the whole point dear Moroccan Patriot. I am NOT talking about using your Moroccan bank account to send money via Paypal to another country, I merely suggested that it could be possible to receive hard currency into your Moroccan Paypal account (for example 100 euros from a friend in Paris) and THEN you would be able to send 50 euros (for example) to any Paypal user in the world, regardless of his/her geographical location, got it now ?
Talk to you later.
Moroccan Patriot
+8 #12 I think I might not understand what you are trying to say?Moroccan Patriot 2012-02-28 08:32

From my perspective, Paypal, in Morocco, is absolutely useless. The only way Paypal would be of any use for me and 50 million other Moroccans living in Morocco, is if we were able to use Moroccan Dirham to make use of the internet to purchase items and in that same vein, we were able to sell our goods on the internet, ship them to other countries and have the currency of those other countries transferred into Dirham.

For people like me with Visa, Paypal, E-bay, Amazon, Amex and Discover accounts, making financial transactions outside of Morocco is very easy. I am interested in two things, how to make use of the Dirham I have, and how Moroccans living in Morocco can make use of the dirhams they have in a way that connects them with the world economy.

Unfortunately, those in power, those who control all of the really worthwhile monopolies in Morocco have affected a virtual economic embargo against the people of Morocco, relegating them to prisoners of the rich and powerful.

Why should I not be able to order a laptop computer from the US or Europe and have it shipped to me here in Morocco? For that matter, why should I not be able to sell olive oil manufactured in Morocco and ship it to NYC, without going through the psychotic process currently required to create a corporation, get a register commerce, get it legalized at the Zoo they call the muqadimah, give it to one guy to stamp who gives it to another guy to sign, who then returns it to you to tell you that now you can go request permission to import/export specific items..... only to be told that you have to wait for this guy to come back from lunch and that they close promptly at 4!

In Morocco, creating a company is a full time job. Paying CNSS through the banks is another full time job... you spend so much time on useless paperwork that you have no real time left to actually do the work that is needed to make your company profitable! Employing anyone in Morocco is for the suicidal, as employees have so many rights, that they want to get employed only so that they can either go on strike or not be fired for ANYTHING - inspector de travaille is another word for criminal - AGHRR!!! Frustrating is not even the tip of the iceberg.
0 #13 Help please .. or commentsDreambusker 2013-08-23 07:36
I am trying to help a Moroccan friend expand his guiding business. For this we are creating a new website. The hosting of this website is done outside Morocco. He has been unable to set up a bank account inside Morocco with an internationally usable card enabling him to set up direct debits or standing orders to pay for the hosting, so I was thinking of a Paypal account.

Reading Moroccan Patriot's comments, and those of Traveler, make me wonder whether this would be viable or not. He would also like to be able to receive deposit payments from clients booking his tours from all of Europe, the USA, Brazil, etc.

Can someone advise if this would be a viable alternative? Can standing orders be set up on Paypal accounts? Help please!
Foudeil salim
0 #14 salimFoudeil salim 2013-09-30 07:04
Bonjour, j'aimerais avoir un compte paypal ici au Maroc.
AWT Maroc
0 #15 Paypal accountAWT Maroc 2013-10-01 16:59
Hi sir
How to proceed payPal account as we are an E-commerce company and many clients ask for our paypal account but nothing done till today .
Our local bank charge us a lot what is the procedure to be follow

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0 #17 Ecommerce with EbayLara 2015-01-12 19:01
Greetings everyone!
I live in Morocco and want to start a C2C(customer to customer) ecommerce business, however I waswondering if platforms such as ebay would allow me to sell and ship from Morocco to foreign countries ? Does the introduction of Paypal in Morocco means that ebay can be used as a platform to conduct business and receive money since the former is a subsidiary of the latter?

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