Easton: Paint Town Moroccan

Chris Polk
Easton resident Leslie Westbrook’s dream came true this weekend when a little piece of Morocco came to Easton.
“A year ago, I traveled to Morocco,” Westbrook said. “I fell in love with the culture, the people, the food, the music.”


Captivated with the idea of bringing Moroccan flair to Easton, Westbrook rallied the creative staff at the Academy Art Museum to produce a two-day fundraiser for the academy that came to be called “Paint the Town Moroccan!”

“Welcome to a historic event for our small, but mighty town of Easton,” Westbrook told a crowd gathered on Harrison Street Saturday afternoon to welcome the former U.S. Ambassador of Moroccan Ed Gabriel and Moroccan Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal.

{youtube}RS_Z60joyzQ{/youtube}The weekend began Friday evening with a free lecture by former Ambassador Gabriel, who was instrumental in helping the group bring members of the Moroccan-American community of Washington, D.C., and the Moroccan ambassador to town.

On Saturday afternoon, Harrison Street became the scene of a “Marrakesh Souk” or Moroccan Market, with tents full of vendors selling colorful Moroccan dresses, sparkling ornate silver and piles of vivid, handmade wool rugs. Moroccan-American women served up trays of exotic cookies and breads. As desert music drifted through the air, a bellydancer shimmied her way through the crowd.

Gabriel made the introductions as the “Marrakesh Souk,” or Moroccan Market, was opened officially by Moroccan Ambassador  Bouhlal, who spoke of friendship between the two nations.

“Compatriots that are building bridges between two countries — I salute you all,” Bouhal said.
Easton Mayor Robert Willey presented the Ambassador Bouhal with the key to Town of Easton. “A constant reminder of your visit,” Willey said.

Saturday night, patrons of “Paint the Town Moroccan!” were to be treated to the charismatic Moroccan musician Ali Amir and his band, Sounds of Morocco.

While noshing on hors d’oeuvres, they were to peruse the Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Academy Art Museum before being treated to a sumptuous Moroccan meal in the dining tent on Harrison Street, prepared by Gourmet on the Bay.

Proceeds from the event supports the Academy Art Museum’s mission to enhance cultural life on the Eastern Shore through art and art programs. The museum’s ArtReach and Art to Go programs reach underserved populations on the Mid-Shore.

 Article previously published by The Star Democrat


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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Easton: Paint Town Moroccan Morcelli 2012-05-07 03:19
Nice. Anything that brings what good about Morocco is a plus. Lately we have been accustomed to only hear bad things. The former US ambassador of Morocco has done for Morocco more than any Moroccan diplomat had set out to do. He is a big defended of the Moroccan Sahara and he never misses an apportunity to place Morocco in the forefront. He's probabalt getting paid for his services but I think it's worth it.
Ann Willoughby
0 #2 Paint the TownAnn Willoughby 2012-05-08 20:53
What an exciting event. Wish I had been there.
0 #3 USA BRIDGE MOROCCOFasla 2012-07-08 01:37
[Paint the town Moroccan] is a great idea,i hope one Street in each, American City should be Painted Moroccan, if only in the summer months for a weekend.

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