Ms. Aïcha Ech Channa Winner of the Opus Prize

Washington, November 05, 2009- Congratulations to Ms. Aïcha Ech Channa on winning the Opus Prize, worth 1 Million Dollars. At a time when supreme materialism and pure selfishness are kings, Ms. Ech Channa personality is a fresh breeze in a self-centered world. The president of “Association Solidarité Féminine” was honored by the Opus Prize Foundation for her work on behalf of single mothers and destitute women.
If lately, so much has been written about the work, challenges and successes of Ms. Ech Channa, her activities started more than thirty years ago. What makes Aisha so different than other human and civil rights activists in Morocco are her unassuming demeanor and humble attitude, two personality treads are so much lacking in the Moroccan society now days. In the shadows of a conservative society with an abundance of taboos, Ech Channa has been courageously pursuing her vision of a world where women of all walks of life are treated with respect and dignity.
Aïcha Ech Channa’s itenarary in the world of social justice is unique in an Islamic country. Taking up the cause of “single mothers” is no easy task in a society where having kids out of wedlock is a stigma that stays with unmarried mothers for the rest of their lives. Aïcha fought against all these ill-conceived clichés in a quite but decisive manner, changing attitudes and winning hearts in the process.

Like other social “progressive” leaders, Aïcha had her detractors who prefer to sweep delicate social issues under the carpet rather than admit, address and resolve society’s communal ailments. Her soft diplomacy won her powerful allies and poplar support all across social and income classes in Morocco.

Ech Channa, indeed, embodies the core principals of the Opus Prize Foundation. She illustrates the values of “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Transformational Leadership Teaching One to Fish” by teaching poor and disadvantaged women how to rely on themselves, helping them open small businesses or teaching them trades to secure jobs.  Aïcha epitomized the value of “Service to Others Unsung Heroes” by standing by women that have been shunned by a hypocritically cruel society.  And most certainly, Aïcha Ech Channa exemplifies how once person can make a difference in alleviating the suffering of groups of marginalized segments of a society and giving the “Human Person a Dignity”. Let’s hope more Moroccans would appreciate Aïcha’s work and its significance.

Today is an uplifting day for Muslim and Moroccan women and a proud moment for the Moroccan American community. Thank you Aïcha, good luck and may Allah (S) assist you and protect you.

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ras l7anout
0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Ms. Aïcha Ech Channa Winner of the Opus Prizeras l7anout 2009-11-05 10:43
Morocco does nothing to encourage such great people. Sad state of affairs. Congrats to this great Moroccan woman.
concerned citizen
0 #2 leave that money aloneconcerned citizen 2009-11-06 11:39
i hope they won't steal her money or tax it-
Fouzia ALAMI
0 #3 Félicitations Mme CHENNAFouzia ALAMI 2009-11-09 21:15
Vous êtes une grande dame ; vous méritez ce Prix OPUS PRIZE. Vous honorez la femme marocaine. BRAVO !
Fouzia ALAMI
0 #4 Félicitations !!!Berlinoise 2009-11-10 01:34
Mes félicitations !!! J'ai LU " Miséria " avec mon cours de francais il y a trois ans. Les élèves étaient très émues, voire bouleversées en lisant votre livre.
Continuez et ne perdez jamais courage !
0 #5 je vous adoreNADIA DRIYEF 2009-11-10 19:57
je vous souhaite un très bon courage .
asmaa el harrak hajri
0 #6 filicitaionasmaa el harrak hajri 2009-11-16 18:45
Félicitation Madame pour ce prix opus prize!!
j'ai vu une émission à la tété. vous étes formidable. vous honorez toutes les femmes du monde.
Si sa majesté vous a recu un jour, c'est parce que vous militez pour les autres.
Bravo pour ton esprit militant!
imane  abou de casa
0 #7 congratulationn imane abou de casa 2009-11-18 04:57
Me i really was happy to heard the news i saw u in tv really i'm proud to morocan and have such personality in this great land
i'm proud of youuuuu;;;,,

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