Morocco: Raising Israel Flag Leads To Jail

Washington  / Morocco Board News--  A 42 year old man raised the Israeli flag over his house, in the northern city of Nador, morocco, to attract the attention of local authorities about unsanitary conditions in which his family lives without electricity or drinking water. He was arrested by the local police.
The protester who is a father to three young children, was placed in jail and indicted for "sacrilegious" charges by the local district Attorney.


Moroccan Flair to Style and Comfort-conscious

Alison Lake
Washma Bensaid, a showroom on the “Rue des Consuls” in Rabat, Morocco’s capital city, has produced handicraft garments for three generations. Over the years, the company has established a solid reputation with its many custom designs for Moroccan families, tourists from around the world.


Morocco: Chastity Day And Being Out Of Touch

I. Warraq
The call by a prominent Moroccan preacher to mark a national Chastity Day has stirred controversy in Morocco with some advocating the promotion of chastity, others regarding the initiative as an insult to Moroccans and others saying that the call is a dangerous warning of how out of touch with young people some of the older generation are. Ibn Warraq reports from Casablanca


FP: Morocco's resilient protest movement

Adria Lawrence
On February 20, 2011, Moroccan youth activists, inspired by protesters in Tunisia and Egypt, staged major demonstrations for democratic reform and "freedom and dignity for all Moroccans." Avoiding the indecision and dramatic scenes of repression seen in other Arab capitals, Morocco's King Mohammed VI responded rapidly with a televised address that acknowledged the protesters' grievances and promised major constitutional reforms, including a stronger parliament, free and fair elections, and the protection of human rights.


Morocco: Street Fare, unpolished But Overpowering

Serhua Toh
While it is unusual to find more than a cursory description of the fine street food of the Fez Medina, Serhua has done such a wonderful job - you can almost taste the food! What is amazing about Serhua's blog is that as a 23 year old student she has managed to trave the world doing what she likes most... as she says "It just dawned on me one day that this is what I would love to do.


Morocco: My Makhzen and Me

Arturo Garcia
Bouhmouch, a student majoring in both Television, Film and New Media and International Security and Conflict Resolution, returned to his home in Morocco last summer where he collected footage for his project. Bouhmouch’s film, he says,  "chronicles the movement and the tactics used against it by the regime".


Morocco: Maroc Telecom Blocks Skype

Maroc Telecom Blocks VoIP in Morocco

Washington  / Morocco Board News-  The Moroccan telephone operator, Maroc Telecom, has blocked  access to several sites that provide free VoIP telephone service to its users.
The ban has affected the Skype service that is used by most Moroccans to call their friends, relatives and customers overseas.


Illegal Immigrant from morocco Arrested for Bomb Plot

An illegal immigrant  man from morocco was arrested “in the area” of the U.S. Capitol. He was suspected of planning a suicide attack on the complex had been under FBI surveillance before Friday's botched attempt.
“At no time was the public or congressional community in any danger,” read a statement from the Capitol Police, which said that the Capitol force was “intimately involved” in the investigation.


Morocco: Speech at Protest Leads to 3 Years Sentence

A morocco court sentenced a protester last  Monday to a term of three years in jail. Abdessamad Hidour, an activist with the Feb 20th youth protest movement was convicted for "attacking the sacred values ​​of the nation". The activist had appeared on a video posted on Youtube accusing the king of dictatorship and corruption. The qualifiers used, during his speech, in front of street protesters, were offensive and derogatory to the person of the king.


Morocco’s New Geopolitics: A Wider Atlantic Perspective

Ian Lesser, Geoffrey Kemp, Emiliano Alessandri

Recent events underscore the reality that stability in Morocco’s neighborhood cannot be taken for granted. The implications of protracted instability in Morocco’s near abroad — the Maghreb and West Africa — would be substantial, adding to the opportunity costs of poor integration in the region, and strengthening the logic of an Atlantic vision. While continuing to pursue Maghreb integration, Morocco will also explore larger geometries in its international policy and economic development.


politicians and Activists on the Amazigh issue

Morocco:  Views of group of politicians and Activists about the Amazigh issue


Morocco: Interview with Reporter Rhazoui Zineb

Rhazoui Zineb, a Moroccan reporter, a founder of MALI and a member of feb-20 youth Movement protest group, gave an interview during  a conference in Barcelona organized by the European Foundation for Mediterranean (IEMED) and the Foundation Berthelsmann. She was critical of the current system of governance in Morocco.
She spoke (in french) on Morocco's system of government, on the latest elections that brought the Islamists of the PJD to government and on the prospects of democracy in the country.She currently resides in Slovenia following her difficulties with Moroccan authorities.


Morocco's Amazigh and Israel

The Berber flag represents the pre-Islamic indigenous peoples of North Africa west of the Nile Valley. In pre-Islamic times, there were Christian, Jewish, and polytheist Berbers. Most present-day Berbers are Muslims.

Bruce Maddy-Weitzman
In recent years, small groups of Moroccan Berber activists, particularly younger people, have challenged the enforced silence regarding Israel, expressing an interest in both the state of Israel and Jewish history, including the Holocaust. They even linked this interest to the alleged historic connections between Jews and Berbers in ancient times, including the initial resistance to Arab conquerors by the Kahina, a supposedly Jewish-Berber queen, and the multilayered, more recent relations existing until the mass departure of Jews for Israel in the 1950s and 1960s from Berber villages and towns. 


Western Sahara: Autonomy And Resolution

Aziz EL Gouzouli
“Profound local autonomy to Sahara issue at full recognition of Morocco’s territorial integrity is the only realistic solution to the three-decade long conflict and humanitarian crisis in Tindouf camps”, described a letter sent in 2007 by 173 members of the US Congress urging the former president George W. Bush to embrace this promising Moroccan initiative.


Morocco: Green growth under the desert sun

Jonathan Walters
In the 1930s, in the Great Depression, international oil companies were drawn to the newly-formed state of Saudi Arabia, where oil had been discovered.  At first, companies were reluctant to go to a faraway desert kingdom, with little infrastructure, no modern institutions, and few people with technical education.  But the resource looked rich, so importing equipment and engineers, the companies took the plunge.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Saudi Arabia, and much of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), became the preeminent global supplier of oil.


Western Sahara Separatists Connections with AQIM Alarms African State of MALI

It seems that there will be a before-and-after October 2011 in the relations between Mali and the Western Sahara Separatists Polisario Front. The Malian government is increasingly annoyed by the intrusions of the Polisario in its territory and the involvement of its militia in the kidnapping of several Europeans over the past two months.


Western Sahara: Document Details Repression in Camps

a Western Sahara Separatist polisario Front confidential document revealed the difficulties polisario is facing within its own camps located in SouthWestern Algeria.

The document revealed the difficulty polisario is facing within the camps following demonstrations of the refugees to oust Polisario president-for-life Mohamed Abdelaziz. The document that was circulated by the polisario’s  “defense ministry”, headed  by Muhammad Wali Oekaki, gave instructions to all those responsible to supervise the elections to coerce participants to vote for Mohammed Abdelaziz, to intimidate, and to use all means available to crush his opponents in order to keep the same ruling leadership that has been in power for over 35 years.


Western Sahara Separatists killed man & abduct three others in Mali

Armed men from the Western Sahara Separatists Polisario Front killed a man and  abducted three others in northern Mali, local officials said Thursday.
A Malian security official told AFP that the man was killed “in a vendetta on Malian territory by Polisario forces,” identifying the victim as Mohamed Yeyia Ould Hamed, aka ‘Double Head’.
The official said Polisario was claiming to exercise its right of pursuit to catch gunmen linked to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). But the official argued the killing was in fact the result of a vendetta between rival smugglers.


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