I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug Addict

Today I woke up with a BBC Tweet that says “Arab Drama continue to depict a negative image of Moroccan women during Ramadan series”. I am not surprised by this attitude as I have been facing it since I started travelling in the Middle East many years ago, but this time I decided to do a small test. I took my phone and call randomly 10 different Arab friends from different countries to ask one simple question:

Friend N˚1 Egypt: “You know in Alexandria we love Hash and everyone knows that the Moroccan Hash is the best. I always dream to go to Morocco to try it firsthand, and off course you have very very beautiful liberal girls (very liberal in Egypt mean Prostitute)”

Friend N˚2 Jordan: “You are very famous with the Couscous, the belly dancers, and you have a king like us but you kiss his hand!”

Friend N˚3 Syria: “Morocco is known for Magic craft, they say you have the best sheikhs ever who can solve anything. You have nice jewelry and lots of problems with the poor people of the Western Sahara”
Friend N˚4 Saudi Arabia: “You should educate your girls, they are all, I am sorry to say that, acting against God and against Islam and many of them are prostitutes. But I am fun of your traditional cloths and of your skills in Magic. How do you do that? Do you get any special education on Magic Craft?”

Friend N˚5 Palestine: “You sent us many Jews and frankly speaking and don’t take it personally, you are a country which support Zionism and you stand against the right of people to determine their fate in Western Sahara”

And it went on and on and on…

Nothing surprising about the reactions I received especially that I chose people who don’t know me very well and who ignore that I can get very irritated about the image of my country when it comes to exaggerated stereotypes. The truth is that I tried to stay very diplomatic all this years while explaining how much Morocco is an amazing country and that what they talk about are cultural aspects  of the Moroccan identity blablablabla. Today I decide not to be diplomatic anymore and to respond to what they accuse us of:

I am a Prostitute

From my boyfriend who thinks I am constantly cheating on him, to all the taxi drivers who sexually harass me when they know I am Moroccan, to the police men in Jordan airport who refused that I enter the country because Morrocan females under 34 are considered public danger, to the men who come at night nock on my hotel door during civil society events hoping that I will open with a red underwear and invite them to come in. I say wake up and see the reality!

Moroccan women are more honorable than many oriental manipulative little girls who practice superficial sex, anal sex to preserve their virginity and bay a Chinese spear virginity in case they lose it, and still they will act like virgin Mary “Achraf mini Echaraf Mafiich”. At least we are honest, we assume our bodies. If we choose to be virgin until marriage it is a free choice and if we choose to lose it we don’t find ourselves a corrupted gynecologist to sew it. We don’t hide behind tiny veils and wear the “Spanish” hijjab with a mini skirt, tight leggings and 5 kilos of makeup. When we choose to wear the veil it is in general by conviction and decent, and when we choose to show our golden bodies we show them proudly as a master piece.

Many people who make all this fuzz about Moroccan prostitutes, never met a Moroccan girl before in their lives and when they do they die out of frustration to date her of marry her. I toured very well in the Arab region to say that every country have its prostitutes and some countries even have neighborhoods full of prostitutes mostly local ones, not to mention the famous 5 km Al Haram Street with all the beautiful belly dancing shops.

I don’t want to be vulgar or to hurt anyone. I know that most Arab women in all Arab country are very brave, proud, beautiful, respectful mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. As I personally met many Moroccan prostitutes in the planes to Gulf countries seeking for jobs. So this is just warning to think about the stereotypes you have about us, and after all there are 17 million Moroccan women in the world, do you know them all?

I am a Witch

Not mentioning that no one in my family or direct friends in Morocco believe even in Magic Craft. I just want to say that most probably the people I meet in the Arab world know much more about the subject than my whole town. I have been asked many times by colleagues, friends and even by my hair dresser to bring them strange staff that I don’t know even how to pronounce!

During my whole international career, I heard rumors about me that I made a special spell on my boss to get promoted, that I wear a special magical square to attract men, and that I read a special prayer to make people obey me! The reality is that I have been bleeding without reason for two years, have been unlucky in love, and jumping from one job to another without reason… so if I know the way to cure all this I would have done it longue time ago, and even if I know it I will not because of my faith in God and in the fact that certain boundaries should not be crossed in metaphysics.

We do have schools to teach Magic Craft supported by the state like “Sidi Zouin”, we do have saints that are known to control humans and djins like “Bouya Omar”, we are still a land where miraculous healings happen and where people are very superstitious. Yet, this is nothing but the traces of the paganistic believes and Jewish mysticism before Islam. Magical symbols are living with us in our carpets, jewelry and furniture like in any important civilization. As the Egyptians are proud of their pyramids and hieroglyphs (which are magical by the way), we as well we try to keep some of our heritage alive.

I am a Drug Addict

No one can deny that Moroccan Hash is the best from the US to the Nederland and from Alexandria to Istanbul, nor that we are a mass producing country of this strong hallucinogen, but this doesn’t mean that we consume it with our mothers’ milk since birth, and that it is available everywhere on the closest Carrefour supermarket.

What people ignore is that we are far more open minded about consuming alcohol than about consuming Hash, except from in some town in the north where the Chira Plant that produces Hashish is more or an ancestral agriculture like any other.

My grandfather is 67 years old and he used to work in the police and he told me that he never saw hash in his life until 1976 when they arrested some drug dealers. At the same time in secondary school I saw myself some of my classmates eating a chocolate mixed with Hash called “Lma3joun”, but this doesn’t make it socially accepted or a normal product to use in everyday’s life.

I am Zionist

Yes we used to be a Jewish kingdom under Al Kahina until the arrival of Islam, Yes we had an important Ashkenazi and Sephardim Jews, Yes 20% of Israel’s Jews are Moroccans, but what does that really mean? All Arab countries had a Jewish community, people who were born and grow up in that country and didn’t knew any other until they chose to leave or were kicked out like dirty pigs. And just for your information out of 30 millions of the Moroccan population there is only 10.000 Moroccan Jews left. And we are very proud of our compatriots from the Jewish confession like other Arab countries are proud of their Christian compatriots (which we don’t have by the way).

A big confusion between being Jewish and being Zionist exist in the mind of Arabs with a sparkle of conspiration theory. Even if Moroccan Jews who choose to stay in Morocco are all against Zionism and many of them in official meetings declare supporting the Palestinian cause.

What is even more choking about this is the fact that we are labeled of a betrayal we didn’t even participate in! We don’t even have diplomatic relations with Israel, not like many Arab states who have Embassies and military and diplomatic representation. Most of the people in Egypt for example ignore that the fruits they are eating this Ramadan is made in Israel and the flowers they are offering on Valentine’s day are made in Israel.

I know we are geographically very far (it takes me halve ½ hour to go to Spain and 5 hours to come to Cairo), we are also emotionally far as I care more about the elections in France than I care about the successor of Hosni Mubarak, but still we have common history, common language. We watch your series during Iftar and you eat our couscous with sugar during Suhur. So why don’t we concentrate on the common and confess that we both were wrong. You didn’t make an effort to understand our culture, and we were too busy to impress the west that we forgot our Arab soul.


King James
0 #58 RE: I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictKing James 2014-03-31 15:36
Well lots of Jews involved in prostitution here in Morocco.....

I find it all rather unpleasant actually and it makes me ashamed.

I guess I'm not modern enough.

BTW The hash in Egypt comes from the Lebanon not Morocco.
sarah 893498648761346
0 #57 from morccosarah 893498648761346 2014-01-16 17:46
i really like everything u said i comlytly understand how it is
0 #56 ITS TRUEFIERTY 2013-08-27 13:16
Its true even your poor it doesnt mean you will become a prostitute , how you will feed yourself and your family with the money you earned by making haram where istyour conscience where is your fierty where is iman better to die of hunger than to sell your body shame really disguting for a muslim woman to sell her body just for khuz and luxurious life.
0 #55 MsMilz 2013-06-05 04:00
I must add one thing
I cannot wait to visit Morocco
I have heard it has the best food, souqs and hospitality I will find anywhere, along with an honesty lacked in most countries!
0 #54 MsMilz 2013-06-05 03:52
Quoting tihad:
There is a simple answer to this. Those who follow Islam correctly are the descent type, and that is the majority of Moroccans. And the ones who are far from Islam and act like lost western souls with a Muslim name are the lost sheep of Morocco and they are a small minority.

I am a Westerner and the only thing that I cant get to grips with is how many of you preach how bad the West is compared to Islamic countries yet hundreds of thousands visit and study and love the West? Hypocrisy is really the worst attribute and especially when Saudi is supposed to be the most religious country but has the most depraved sexual undertones. Take people as individuals and not as one mass. We all have our views and our own morality to contend with and I just hate all the lies held within the ME.
The ME is sex mad~full stop
Education is needed about all aspects of life, love, marriage and intimacy because the views of women and the justifications of men here suck!
0 #53 MsMilz 2013-06-05 03:42
I find this article really interesting
It's given me lots to think about
0 #52 MRFRIEND 2013-01-29 22:58
you wash you dirty linen in public, making whats generally unknown to be known, soon rumors will become facts because they are repeated widely. And I think if somebody criticizes you before you take it personally, examine whether it is the truth, if it is, see what you can do about it, if you cant do anything about IT or if it is untrue ignore it, life goes on
+1 #51 Are you sure you are teacher....Ana 2012-11-09 06:18
Quoting I am a Moroccan Lady and I am proud:
Thanks for this article, I'm myself MOROCCAN LADY, and I live in Europe, I have a nice job as a teacher. I've never felt this harassment you've mentioned in your article. All my friends are Moroccans or Europeans, so I don't have any Arab friends females, because most of them in my opinion they still live in 17th century, they are all covered from top to toe, with 11 wild children, most of them celebrate their 18th birthdays in Jail, so frankly, I'm not interested to have such stupid ignorant friends around me or my children. Ignore the troll, and don't feed it, because the more you defend yourself, the more these stupid extremist, islamist will attack and harass you. Ignore them and live your life. We Moroccan Women, are the best! Believe me these Arab women in other countries, they are virgin at the front but they give their ass to donkeys to Fxxx them. At least, we Moroccan Women are free and we assume our bodies and our choice. Watch this, in 50 years, these Arab women will wake up and speak up for their freedom. So, you see, we are almost 50 years ahead of them or even more.... Take good care. I love you sister.

l do assume you are teacher. You, as a worker in education's syste, l found you use very inappropriate languge.
Kareem Ely
0 #50 StereotypesKareem Ely 2012-09-25 20:18
i went to Jordan two years ago, i had more sex with jordanese girls that with french girls
+1 #49 be politemoaz 2012-08-06 07:05
My Dear,
I know what you want to say, but you could have delivered your message in a better manaer without attacking the rest of the arab women. I have been to your country, I am not into picking prostitutes, but to say the truth in morroco there are a lot of prostitutes, I live in the gulf, and if you compare the number of arab prostitutes the morocans are the maroroty, so stop defending yourself and admit the truth, its not a matter of open minded or closed minided, in general morroco have a lot more hooers my dear
I am a Moroccan Lady and I am proud
0 #48 Moroccan Ladies are the best!I am a Moroccan Lady and I am proud 2012-07-27 03:40
Thanks for this article, I'm myself MOROCCAN LADY, and I live in Europe, I have a nice job as a teacher. I've never felt this harassment you've mentioned in your article. All my friends are Moroccans or Europeans, so I don't have any Arab friends females, because most of them in my opinion they still live in 17th century, they are all covered from top to toe, with 11 wild children, most of them celebrate their 18th birthdays in Jail, so frankly, I'm not interested to have such stupid ignorant friends around me or my children. Ignore the troll, and don't feed it, because the more you defend yourself, the more these stupid extremist, islamist will attack and harass you. Ignore them and live your life. We Moroccan Women, are the best! Believe me these Arab women in other countries, they are virgin at the front but they give their ass to donkeys to Fxxx them. At least, we Moroccan Women are free and we assume our bodies and our choice. Watch this, in 50 years, these Arab women will wake up and speak up for their freedom. So, you see, we are almost 50 years ahead of them or even more.... Take good care. I love you sister.
0 #47 Dogs bark and the caravan passes..LallahomMoroccanGirl 2012-04-08 06:18
Im proud of u Sarah Zaaimi.. U remind me of myself.. i have friends from all over the world...and had suffered from some prejudices but mostly jalousy driven.. I worked in Dubai for a bit over a year but left mostly bcoz i couldnt tolerate the attitude. For those of u who asked how the dads allow u to work there? I can only tell of my dads opinion as when i went there he knows im educated, young but wise and with a hell of a stroooong character;-);-) a British passport in my pocket as the wankers only respect their supperior whites, and him ready to come and get me any time like he said Lol! Plus i had landed a contract with a huge company employing 7000 people... So no dodgy business.. Oh and i speak three fluent languages... Im tall and noticably have the veeeery special Moroccan charm.. I got tired brushing people off... Got asked for marriage and refused coz their accent makes me gag!

Still single and my career got messed up then back on track... Mostly i swear .. Like u... May be just from the other Arab women i met devil eyes'
Hamdullah for everything that comes.

Khalijiyat or other? Come see them summer time in central London! I dont even wana go down that route! Like we say let that camel asleep!

If i wasnt Moroccan i would have prayed to be! Peace..x
0 #46 ease down a bitramo 2012-02-20 03:25
you know I'm part Moroccan myself and no need to say that our dear arab world no the whole world now is based on bias and preconceived notions the difference is because of the political correctness we don't say it
arabs or not you will face idiots
so just cool down be Morrocan and be proud :-) I know I am
Amine Maksi
0 #45 Im touchedAmine Maksi 2012-02-15 05:50
hi my name is amine and ive experienced all of these stuff u said and all of it is true and i swear to god that made me i cried when i read this article ive seen girls in morocco with children and they look beautiful from he inside and outside they find themselves stuck with no jobs and the only job is getting into drugs and prostitution im a 17 years old educated in morocco and usa ive been to morocco many times and ive seen all of it happen in front of my eyes. KSA peaple take advantage of moroccan girls because theyre rich why not we take advantage of them instead of them taking advantage of us . i know that most of the moroccans are poor but staying clean is the biggest ROad to success i bet you anything that if you girls stay out of trouble and find the right guy youll be successful . morocco forever if you guys wanna talk to me im online everyday in facebook ( whoever wrote this article MAy i speak with you please. :sad:
Hisham Soliman
0 #44 Head Of Production, Infinity TV, DubaiHisham Soliman 2012-02-10 22:37
I would just like to say that anyone who categorises people in stereotypes is plain ignorant. I am Egyptian and I do not judge a whole nationality, nor do I judge a single person unless I know them very well. And some of the best and dearest colleagues I ever had, male ore female, were Moroccan.
+1 #43 Sad but true - moroccans are the worst beingshemed 2011-12-12 06:35
Sorry, but as a moroccan women. i admit we are worse then animals, our parents never taught us or educate us with the value of life. So, we turned out to be there shinning examples.
We show how family orientated we are. Yet, when we leave our village homes to goto the city for study. we seem to learn quite a few tricks; how to lie to our parents of our sexual activities. And in return our parents not giving a damn about how her daughter is doing. They seem to dump us into a big city full of wolves? I blame our parents! Full stop!
0 #42 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug Addicthindsali 2011-11-05 21:54
like so much your article and morocco will be proud to have someone like you thanks
0 #41 Morocco...ide love to retire thereHussain 2011-09-17 01:15
I have met many many Moroccan women 1000+, not one of them I can call a prostitute. I salute you for your article, but unfortunately and this saddens me that stereotypes will always be there, and this article will not bring sanity to ppl who blv in stereotypes!... to change this image there must be a concentrated effort from the media to do that.

sadly we Arabs fight ourselves, degrade ourselves, spread rumors and conspire against each other rather than focusing on more important things we share for the sake of our over all evolution.
0 #40 Moroccan woman are the best Holger 2011-05-27 20:11
Beleive me moroccan woman are the best woman i ve ever met
0 #39 Go girl, power to you..Toutou 2011-05-17 13:07
It is your opinion and you are totally entitled to it..i would say stick to it..they say, al kat min ma taoussalch alahma, kaygoul raha khanza..we have a lot to learn and gain from state of love than from hatred. Peace.
One girl to another...
0 #38 ...From Australia.One girl to another... 2011-04-20 10:26
I came across your article by accident, after trying to look up "Movies with drug addicted prostitutes". Ironically enough, this was the second displayed page on google. I read the entire feed, and halfway through I realise I knew nothing about other countries. I had no idea that Moroccan poeple and women is particular were being scrutinised by thier neighbouring countiries, and tat the culture of Moroccan people is critised for something that not every person is responisble for.
I had heard that people in other countries had labelled Australians as "Racists", and I felt a huge resent towards the statement because I had never considered (and still dont) my self a racist.
It's sad to see that 'Liberal' now means 'I want to have sex with you now'. I think every woman in every country from every background should feel liberal (as in free), to make thier own decisions and not be labelled by people that are only out to judge others, but haven't yet looked at themselves in the mirror.
0 #37 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictAS 2011-03-21 12:56
i am lebanese and christian my xbf lives in the uae since 2 weeks he left me for a morrocan girl at first i was racist and then when i knew that we all are womens we all have feelings its not about a country or about what we heard cz not all people are the same there is gd and bad every where but we should remove racism from our heads and embrace different culture and from that article i have seen that women are tortured by arab man it really sucks when people sees u on the outside and never understands u i think giving a chance to get to know to a new culture would never hurt
0 #36 thank youMoroccan 2011-01-25 03:06
thank you very much, i like your interesting realestic article, i am living in UAE my first year was a real shock for what i faced from Arabs exclusively, there is no need to talk about it because you said every think, thank you again
said kourb
0 #35 Whom have i to blame.?said kourb 2010-09-12 13:16
all Morrocan know how our country got very high degree of prostitution,im not surprised about what i saw in tv or what says some arabes people about us, because i know that is true if you see only what happen in Morroco you will discover how it is so easy to get sexe relationship(so rry for this word)with an Morrocan girl, but whom have we to blame ?the poverty?the parents who can't control their daughters?the country who doesn't provide opportunities of working?thoses arabe people who exploite them?im really so nervous in talking about that why all the bad things are integreted in our country?where is our dignity because of it all our grandparents struglled to get it.because there is nt more information to say because it is reality lived, i just wanna say to ALLa morocans girls that we are always near to you we will always defend you , but please never give your boddy only fora few dirhams please we got very bad reputation, that's only what i can say.thanks everyboddy
0 #34 Proud of youAlex 2010-09-10 10:47
Very interesting article .Who cares how the other worlds look at us. We know who were are.
0 #33 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictIsim 2010-09-06 20:21
First, thanks dear for the interesting article. With all my respect to your views,
i think that we give so much importance to the topic though it doesn't worth it. It's not our problem if people interpret Moroccan culture this way. If they just take the initiative to watch moroccan movies or series they might get a small idea of how women, familly and society are respected. I'm very familliar with the egyptian culture though i have never visited Egypt; but this was through reading, watching documentaries and series and i really respect it as i respect all cultures of the world. You know why? because i don't have the right to judge. All over the globe, there is good and bad, sweet and tasty..

jaded guy
0 #32 thanx Morcellijaded guy 2010-09-06 12:08
I am tired of Moroccan girls trying to blame everyone else except for themselves. It's your mess, now start cleaning.
0 #31 What is this article about anyways?Nada 2010-09-03 16:37
I completely agree with this awful view that some may have of Moroccan women. I work with a number of Moroccans in the human rights field, and they are incredible people. Yet the writer only uses that same ignorance in the entire article. I mean how does the five friends speak for their entire countries first of all? And please spare the drama on the Western Sahara. You claim they are Moroccan, but at the end of the day, they are and will be always treated as second class citizens. Plus, perhaps if you did a bit of reading on international law, then you have read the ICJ Opinion on Western Sahara. It is entirely within their rights to seek independence, and well deserved that they fight for a means to have an identity which isn't shunned. I mean look at the way some treat the Amazigh when they reiterate their heritage in any way possible. And what is this about "Moroccan women are more honorable than many oriental manipulative little girls who practice superficial sex, anal sex to preserve their virginity and bay a Chinese spear virginity in case they lose it, and still they will act like virgin Mary “Achraf mini Echaraf Mafiich”." That is just an awful statement. You must have done a comprehesive study on these "orientals." You sound more to me like an Orientalist than a Moroccan, to 'generalize' myself. Sharaf is a big thing that many women in the Arab world hold dear. Women have a right to do what they choose, but please don't find a means to justify your social life by bashing the entire Near East. What right do you have to judge a women who wears the so-called "Spanish" hijab anyways? Please, do me a favor, and don't attempt to show your body as a masterpiece, because there are men, even in the Arab World, which you have apparently grown to despise, who care less about the body, and the person that lies beneath, even with the "Spanish" hijab.
0 #30 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictRahul 2010-09-02 03:48
Miss i had ready ur artical. Its very interesting. I dont want to blame morocco girls or there family , i must say its your goverment who had to take the serious step. They should provide the job and secutity to the citizens. But its very sad tht all the politician are courrept.
Its better crying and blaming someone else. You organize and make a stand. I had heard a lot of bad world for female in your county. I really feel bad.
But think from other point of view. If there is no money then how they will survive. This is wht ur govt have to thnik.
But i can say hope for the best.

Rahul mahaja
0 #29 Yes we can!RedDogzRule 2010-09-01 19:39
It look like all the Arab are still in deep sleep, hush hush go back to sleep... Our Moroccan culture is far better than a retarded middle east culture. These Arabs are nothing more than serial murderers they’re a bunch of retarded fagots of entire cultures and humanity. fighting each other’s oppression of minorities and and and …that’s what keeps Arabs busy. This what they have been doing throughout the entire history. Those whom it does not destroy, it enslaves and impoverishes these Arabs must be destroyed. but they sure know how to handle their women, We Moroccan could learn a lot from these guys. KILL THE WHALES !
0 #28 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictTruthSeeker 2010-09-01 07:38
Agree with Morcelli 's comment dated 9-1-10
0 #27 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMorcelli 2010-09-01 04:09
Here is what I think about the Saudi and the Moroccan prostitute.

A Saudi rents a villa in Ain Diab, Hires the guard and the chauffeur. He turns the chauffeur and the guard into pimps by showering them with 200 dirhams bills. Basically easy money for both.
The chauffeur or the guard introduce the girl, I said a girl because she is not yet a professional prostitute, the girl buys the car and the nice clothes and the gold of course, her friend wants the same car or better, pays a visit to the Saudi and the other saudis, she gets the car, and put a down payment on an apartment to start with, first the mom sees the goodies coming in and ask herself why not? isn't everyone doing this? and how are we going to live? at least someone is doing something. she convinces her husband to go along with the flow and he does. He has no choice, no job and he sees all these new items flooding the apartment and the little children in the house are finally able to buy books for school and have 3 meals a day. Now the Saudis owns not only the prostitute but her entire family.
My question to my brothers and sisters here, Do you blame, the chauffeur, the Saudi, or the prostitute or simply blame the government for not offering opportunities to women to be equal to the "macho no more" man?

It is not one or the other, it is mixture of several circumstances that pushes a Moroccan girl to do what she does. Poverty, greed, social pressure, family pressure, ignorance and lack of education and so on but at the same time many many many Moroccan women, the real women who are successful mother, sisters, daughters, bosses, because they refused to be a victim or a statistic. Those women are usually the one who had a very strong upbringing. Their parents objective in life is to see their children succeed even if the resources were scarce.
Those are the we called wlad nas because because they came from a generation of men and women who will never ever give up their dignity and their honor.
I simply do not beleive that Poverty should be a reason to become a prostitute or a pimp. They are many other ways to make a living. One of them is may WORK. Some would say, well no one is hiring and the system is bad, you have to have connections, I say that's a BS. Tu cherches tu trouves. If you have A CM2 education and want to be a surgeon then of course you will not find a job. If you have CM2, then look for CM2 job and try to move up that latter from there. Didn't we all start in lower positions than from where we are now?
I know that some would say, it is too simplistic to say "find a job", I say to those, isn't better to find an honorable no matter how low are the wages, than become a prostitute? I am sure that even the prostitute will agree with me.

God bless you all.
Aziz El Alami
0 #26 ...Aziz El Alami 2010-09-01 01:38
Morcelli – Don’t sell yourself short, it is ok to be inconsistent every now and then. George Bernard Shaw once said: “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. So- please keep on expressing yourself, even if you have to apologize later. MoroccanGurl seemed to have addressed her questions to you… I am sure you are more than capable of getting back to her and I look forward to your response – especially if you touch on the combination of greed and poverty as the main force behind prostitution.
0 #25 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMorcelli 2010-09-01 00:24
Don't blame the Saudis, Blame poverty, the hookers, and the pimps.

When you get caught driving while intoxicated, the police does not arrest the Vodka that you inhaled, they arrest you.

When you blame the Saudis, it's like saying, My mouth was open and there was this vodka bottle roaming around and out of the blue it attacked me and got me drunk.

Think of it this way, your family needed money but you do not see your sister meeting Ahl saud at the airport. People should take responsibility for their actions.
+1 #24 my 5 centssimohamedNY 2010-08-31 23:03
MoroccanGurl - i tried not to respond to your comment, but with your most recent comment, i just couldn't resist. First, you sound like you are trying to find excuses for prostitution. We all know that it is the oldest profession and some choose to be part of it; others are forced into it! This is a given! Now, let's go back to the issue of Moroccan women who are NOT FORCED to prostitution and CHOOSE to hop a plane and end up in a sugar daddy's house somewhere in Emirares, Egypt or Syria. We all know it (and i have seen with my own eyes) that uneducated or jobless younger woman going to the middle east are there for a reason; and please don't tell me they are there for months because they have a conference or a job contract! We all know that middle easterners are not the biggest promoters of WOMEN ADVANCEMENT ISSUES! In some countries, they don't even allow them to drive! Furthermore, who is this "OPEN MINDED" Moroccan father who allows his daughter to go to the middle east for months and years at a time without even bothering to ask what she will be doing there and whether she will be safe or not. You know where i am heading with my latest argument. Some families just don't give a damn what their daughters do as long as they send that Western Union transfer! So let's Call a Spade a Spade! I am a big defender of Moroccan women (and women in general) because it is what i believe in and what i do for a living, but please let's be honest with ourselves (at least) and try to do something about lack of morals and beautiful values that shielded our society for centuries!

Oh! by the way, i don't believe in double standards - if that what you meant earlier!
0 #23 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictHicham_M 2010-08-31 19:56

Just a correction, Dihya, or the Kahina a name that the Arabs prefer, is actually from the Aures Mountains in west Algeria by the Tunisian border not from Morocco. Again the Arabs like to call her "Al-Kahina" (a witch in Arabic)... she maybe the first North African lady that got that name from the Arabs.

Second correction, North African/Spanish Jews are all classified as Sephardim. Ashkinazi are Jews from Europe. Hence we never had significant Ashkinazi jews in Morocco.

On a personal note, I could care less what the perverted "zero foug rass" think about us. I wish the Morocco impose a Visa on all of them. Making sure they come to Morocco with their families if they want to visit or have legitimate business reasons to visit Morocco.

Cheers! Hicham
0 #22 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMorcelli 2010-08-31 14:28
Mr. Aziz El Alami, for some obscure reason(s), you just make sens not like me who is inconsistent at best:-)
Keep up those valuable interventions.
Could you also respond to those who think that we should not denounce Moroccan prostitution even though i just read that in Amsterdam, you can no longer go window shopping for hookers. It will be banned.
Truth will set you free
0 #21 Morocco should break relations with Saudi Arabia and EgyptTruth will set you free 2010-08-31 13:06
If Morocco had real leadership, it would not stand by and watch Saudi Arabia dishonor the women of Morocco. The Moroccan king needs do the right thing.
Aziz El Alami
0 #20 You are also delusional, naïve and downright disgusting – and I love you for that.Aziz El Alami 2010-08-31 09:09
Delusional for thinking that your rant would persuade your Arab friends to change their perception of Morocco. It won’t. Most of the things they accused us of are true - to a certain extent of course. That being said, I think it is wrong to generalize and claim that All Egyptians are this, All Jordanians are that or All Moroccans are…

Naïve for getting upset over something you have no control over. I live by a simple philosophy that there is no justified reason for resentment. In life, there are basically two things: things you can control and things you cannot control. The things you can control should not upset you since you can control them. Things you cannot control should not upset either for you cannot control them. See? Everything is solved. Try it – it might do you some good.

Disgusting for your vulgar choice of words describing women. Whatever happened to “swab” and “hshouma”?

I don’t want your boyfriend to come after me so I will refrain from commenting on the “I love you for that” part.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.
0 #19 It's the truthMoroccan. 2010-08-31 07:00
Hi all,
I'm a Moroccan and I'm living in this country and i know it well.So , let me tell you that people accusing our women of prostitution , or our youth of drugs and crime is not a case to defend .It's a hard fact that nobody can deny.Prostituti on has become rife in this so called Muslim country and what's worst is that some liberals like the writer of this article chose to call prostitution and corruption a choice .The nobel Moroccans are really suffering the shame some ...brought to them.So, the Arab series , have not yet revealed all, that was a very tiny tip of the iceberg.The solution is to find a way to cleanse the country from those who nogociate and improvise about real values and ethics this country should abide by.We can't put all Moroccans in the same absket but ,unfortunately, the majority need RE_Education .
0 #18 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug Addictriffi 2010-08-31 05:07
Spike Miranda lo diseste bien sin complejo.For the arab in middle east any woman who speaks her mind or is independant are labeled as prostitutes.I will tell you a short story ,in my back days in california I party with a few saudis and kuwati girls who were staying at the hotel where me an my moroccan buddy were working while we were students ,they had all of them hijab and cover from head to toes ,but at night time at room service evrything goes,it will make playboy bunny mansion look like kindy garden,who knows may be I did a saudi princess.
0 #17 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMorcelli 2010-08-31 04:46
Dear MoroccanGurl,
Are you sure that you read my comment? Read it again.

I said that Readers should not react in hateful way towards other Arabs because we are Arabs like it or not, just because there is anal sex, superficial sex, hash, maajoun, and used spear Chinese virginity. Please take time to read the entire post before reacting soon after reading couple of sentences.
That's all.
0 #16 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMoroccanGurl 2010-08-31 03:13
To Morcelli and others who denounce Moroccan prostitution and invite others to have a discussion about it, please answer the following questions:
1) What aspect that drives this phenomenon appears to you to be particularily Moroccan? In other words: After denouncing it, what's so Moroccan about prostitution what kind of explanation would you give to why you'd think a Moroccan would choose to be a prostitute more than others.
2) What offends you in prostitution anyways? Yes we need to protect women who are forced one way or another into prostitution... But why how is a one's decision affecting others?
3) If we agree that prostitution is a negative phenomenon, how come we attack and criticize the prostitutes and not their clients. Are those payers ever forced to accept prostitute services? definitely not...Then why is this seen a mostly a problem from the side of the prostitutes (mainly Moroccan women) and not one from the side of the clients (which include Khaliji AND Moroccan men)?
0 #15 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMorcelli. 2010-08-31 01:30
I think you people need to staghfar lah l3adim wa qoulou a3oudo bilahi mina ashaytani arrajim.
Where are you going with this hate? The Arabs are not what the author is leading you to believe. I mean com'on, have some sens of dignity. Arabs are good people, generous, good hearted, but happen to be led by ruthless dictators.

You people are getting your frustration out because someone said the Arabs are bad. I personally have better Arab friends than my Moroccan compadres.

You guys are placing ALLLLLLLLL Arabs in the same basket without any discrimination whatsoever. I am assuming and hoping that you are smarter than that.

I am going to say this and you will hate even more. There was time when Moroccan girls were selling their bodies and souls to the Saudis and that is well known through out the country, I am hoping that it is now a thing of the past because I have not been following the current events in Casablanca neighbourhoods, instead of sweeping it under the rugs, you should face it, talk about it, and move on.

In my decades here, I had the opportunity to meet many many Arabs who are good people. decent, hard working, proud, and who care about the oumma al arabiya more than us Moroccans.

With your non sensical outburst just because the author stimulates your hate hormones, you are showing some backwardness and loss of self control and I am sorry to say that.

If all Arabs are bad then all Muslims are terrorists. You are doing exactly what the red necks and the ignorant are doing to you.

SimohamedNY, you are a good man and I agree with you 1000 %.
0 #14 morocco fucks the arabsmoroentuculo 2010-08-31 00:11
Throw all the 7wala (sheep) out of morocco and only allow the few commercial flights if possible. Otherwise cut diplomatic ties and out of the stupid league.
I mean, these people has nothing really nothing positive to give to Morocco and they never did anything for us.
Throw the shit out! Now!
0 #13 M.I.Socean9000 2010-08-30 23:27
MIS: Moroccan Identity Syndrome ... That is it !
moro yankee
0 #12 like any society ,east or westmoro yankee 2010-08-30 15:02
this is been going on since the old days, and to depict a muslim moroccan woman with an image like this is pretty ..., you know it's ramadan right now , i'm gonna be nice ,the perverted me had been the flushing point of all the agony , the discores and the humuliation , the muslim world suffer from today .and yet they don't recognise it or talk about it until it pops up on the news media, and that's what give the muslims around the world ,i'm talking about the arabs from the persian golf , you know camel, you know.... it's so sad , because that's where our islamic history strated from, and our prophet , prays be upon him came from, and to see these ignorance and savage acts from poeple over there, is absolutely preposterous,be side morocco is thousands of miles away from the me, i know it's not immune to these insults and attacks from those guys over there, i got stories on lebanese, syrian , and jordanian chicks, i can make a comic book on them very easy.stop bashing morocco and the muslim moroccan women in general, my grand mother is moroccan.
man en blanc
0 #11 Who cares?man en blanc 2010-08-30 13:57
I am strongly nationalistic when it comes to Morocco. I never gave a damn about the farce of the "Arab Unity" or the mirage of the "Al Umma", I have never felt any connection to any Arab State other than Morocco. I did once though!

The very fact that I lived in the Middle-East crushed any illusion I had about the harmony of coherence. Furthermore, to constantly blame Israel, or the Zionists for the mess in the Arab world is nauseatingly pathetic. The Arabs don't need anyone to nurture failure to a spectacular level.

I told you about the Imam I had the misfortune to listen to. He foamed at the mouth cursing Israel, America, etc.. Sick! I know for a fact the idiot never journeyed more then 30 kilometers away from Casablanca. But he is an expert in the complicated world of Geo-politics! And yet he is programmed, and is, dangerously programming the worshipers to hate!

That's what the Middle-East gave us! Did I mention that the mosque was financed by Saudis??
Ali 20012
0 #10 AviationAli 20012 2010-08-30 10:09
As we say in Morocco, the camel doesn't see its hump.
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictUssef 2010-08-30 08:42
It's nice to get the frustration out sometimes, and I'm more and more of the opinion that you should blow up offended and not give a millimetre ground any more. I don't think we will change how they feel about us and the stupid ideas they have, but I'll be damned if I suffer anything like that said to me any more. The "Ashraf min e sharaf" attitude is definitely the way to go. and let them fry in their venom as we say ^^

Ps to the writer: spell check please, I know I know, but it bothers me sorry ! ^^
Spike Miranda
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictSpike Miranda 2010-08-30 07:01
La gente habla ,,,mucho blabla pero n s preocupen senores y senoras ,,los marroquies somo una nacion muy special ,,s los arabes nuestros nos estan dando por el culo estos dias afamando a nuestras queridas mujeres ,,,s los zerosobrecabeza s estan encantados hablando mal de nuestras madres ,hijas e hermanas,,,e en q mes senores ?? en el mes sagrado del ramadan,,,vaya hermandad,,,,mi ra q yo flipo loa cristioanos ,los judios ,hindus,,,,,nad ie nos ha tocado en nuestro orgullo como los han hecho estos sacamierdas???m e intento contentar mis nervios pero no puedo con la rabie q llevo dentro cuando veo q los golpes vienes de los cercanos,,,no es q creo lo q digan por mas q algo de verdad hay,,,,pero lo hay por todos lados en Riad, en dubai, en teheran, e por todos lados,,,,lo q me duele a mi son 2 cosas.
1. se lo q son las mujeres marroquies ,soportando tanta presione ejerciendo tanto esfuerzo para llegar a fin de mes _esto se nota mucho en Ramadan_.y por ello veo q mi vecina da d comer a una familia de 7 y lo lleva de puta madre desde 15 anos no merece lo q han dicho estos ............ya no me salen las palabras.
2.Las bonitas moras q cojen el avion e vuelan por alli para venderse el chocho tan baratisimo....p or favor os lo pido quedense a casa....porque nunca s sabe como vamos a reaccionar con vosotras....os queremos un monton pero s si toca mi nacion , mi rey e mi orgullo estare dispuesto a cualquier cosa para detener la deterioracion de la imagen de mi queridisimas mujeres las moritas.....os quiero mis bonitas moritas ....sois las mejores del planeta fiel de ser de de marruecos e vivan sus mujeres encantadadoras. ....emmmmmmmm.. ...mah Besos
Moroccan Patriot
0 #7 Divide and ConquerMoroccan Patriot 2010-08-30 06:30
The zionists have succeaded in absolutely demolishing the Islamic Ummah. The dogs who run Saudi Arabia and the cowards who run Morocco are united in one thing only, they are both too busy licking the boots of the zionists to care about the arab populations they are supposed to be leading.

Eventually the dogs who currently run all of the countries of the arab world will fall. They will burn in hell with the rest of Kufars. The Arab world will know the true bliss of Democracy and Islam in its purest form. AN Islam without Clergy or superstition or ignorance, an Islam where each muslim has a direct relationship with God, and protects the honour and integrity of the Ummah through senseless acts of kindness and random acts of mercy.

Allah, Peace and Justice.
0 #6 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMorcelli 2010-08-30 06:25
Hold on !Hold on! Hold on now! Are you folks starting a war against your Arab brothers I mean sisters? Is this something a la mode now? wow wow wow. This article really woke me up. Anal sex, back up virginity membrane from China, superficial sex, Hash and maajoun, 2 kilos of make up, bouya omar. Poor me , I only know moulay yacoub where they bath withhot water I think. This is more that I have bargained for. My goodness! Where was I?
I guess I am still from the old school so I better go namshi natkimash. Sorry no comments this time. I have to go breath.
-1 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug Addicttihad 2010-08-30 05:35
There is a simple answer to this. Those who follow Islam correctly are the descent type, and that is the majority of Moroccans. And the ones who are far from Islam and act like lost western souls with a Muslim name are the lost sheep of Morocco and they are a small minority.
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E I am a Prostitute, a Witch and a Drug AddictMoroccanGurl 2010-08-30 05:11
Something tells me SimoNY would have absolutely no problem with some Moroccan males' graphic expressions where calling friends by genitalia name for example is a term of endearment. I find it also hard to understand such sensitive spirit especially knowing that some words used in American slang would have been pretty offensive if they weren't so commonly used. Some cultures are more expressive than others and some people are more expressive than others. Let's not find execuses to target Moroccan women and insult the writer personally. There's nothing wrong with what she said.
0 #3 how about some civility?!SimohamedNY 2010-08-30 03:48
wa la la Zaami! Your article sounds like it is condoning the type of behavior that Moroccan women are accused of in the middle east. What is all this about "my boyfriend who thinks I am constantly cheating on him" and " little girls who practice superficial sex, anal sex to preserve their virginity and bay a Chinese spear virginity in case they lose it, and still they will act like virgin Mary"! What vulgarity and what low taste this is!! It really makes me more horrified at the attitude of Moroccan women embarrassed to say that woman is Moroccan!! You sound like an educated woman with a career and a good command of English, so how about suggesting more persuasive arguments and using a more respectful style and tone! Why do you have to sound so vulgar?!
To respond to your argument, I have defended Moroccan women in the 12 years I have spent in this country, arguing that we have very bright, smart and more importantly decent and lady type of women. But honestly, I am sick and tired of seeing those Moroccan women who pretend not to care about anything and displaying shameful behavior such as one time I heard one stating loudly in a store ", w bikhir!!!". I was shocked and horrified! Why is it that many Moroccan women ) both aboard and in morocco tend to give to label themselves as "open minded and liberal" while every time I ask them what liberal means to them, 90% never gave me the right definition!!
Come on! Please! Moroccan women have always proved that they can be both educated, smart and progressive, but also to be respectful and avoid all things that may stain their dignity as bnat nass (however you want to define BNAT NASS)! One day we may all have a daughter, what kind of messages are women like you giving to them? Just a question!

Ramadan Karim!
man en blanc
+2 #2 the kettle and pot en blanc 2010-08-30 02:43
What do we say in Morocco? A camel doesn't see its own hump. Just the humps of other camels.
I traveled throughout the Middle-East. I LIVED in Saudi Arabia, the debauchery I saw there would make ancient Rome look like a nun's convention! Jordan? Positively the Stone Age! And I can go on and on...
God blessed Morocco by locating it far away from the perverted ME.
0 #1 Lalla Sarahnabilinou 2010-08-30 02:33
Your article is interesting...I think Arabs as a whole have an issues list that can run down from Tanger to Laguira, but we do too!
Can we treat a root cause and will fix all these problems? If you ask me, I would say EDUCATION. The numbers speak for themselves when you lookup Morocco on the international reports.
Personally, I don't give a rat's A** about what some Arabs think. I think we can improve ourselves and ignore the haters.
After all, we shouldn't generalize. Some think bad of us, and some good!
Your conclusion may not be correct if you ask me. The Arab soul is still very strong in Morocco... with an African spice :-) Peace

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