Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africa

naji2Ms. Aminatou Haidar, a Western Sahara separatist, who was accompanied by two Spanish reporters, was denied entry to Morocco for failure to properly fill its immigration forms, on November 13th.
Ms. Haidar listed “Sahrawi” as her nationality and “Western Sahara” as her country of origin even though she was traveling with a Moroccan passport. In fact, she rejected her citizenship voluntarily.
Mrs. Aminatou Haider has signed in the presence of her family members and of her own free will official documents renouncing her Moroccan nationality and citizenship. She has violated the law and claimed a nationality that is not recognized by both the U.N. and Morocco.
No surprise, then, as to why she was not allowed to enter the country.

Mrs. Aminatou Haider, who holds a Spanish residency permit, departed Morocco and returned to the Canary Islands, Spain, where she has refused Spain’s refugee status offer and went on a hunger strike.

Ms. Aminatou Haidar, who claims to be a human rights activist, is actually working closely with the Western Sahara Separatist group, Polisario, and their backer, Algeria’s Military Regime. In Fact, She is currently working closely with Algeria’s Ambassador in Washington, Mr. Abdallah Baali , who is coordinating and funding her “human rights” lobbying activities in the US.

The goal of Ms. Aminatou Haidar, the Polisario and the Military regime in Algiers is the same. They want to neutralize Morocco’s Autonomy plan, a plan, that is considered by most major powers to be the basis for resolving the Sahara issue in a peaceful manner.
Algeria’s current lobbying through proxies such as Ms. Aminatou Haidar and others aims to keep the status Quo in the Sahara by advancing the referendum and independence as the only option.
In the minds of Algeria’s strategists, keeping Morocco mired in the current situation costs it substantial resources and mitigates any resistance that morocco would pose to Algeria’s ambition to become a regional power in North Africa. Algeria’s long-term objective is to secure access to the Atlantic ocean through a client “state” such as a "Sahrawi Republic" in the disputed region.
Algeria and polisario’s plan for an independent state in southern morocco is a non-starter.

A state in southern morocco constitutes an existential threat to both Morocco and its leadership. Most independent analysts dismiss such an option because it would destabilize the entire North African Region, hasten a military conflict between the two protagonists, empower a new generation of terrorist groups and unleash an unprecedented wave of refugees on European southern shores.

Ms. Aminatou Haida’s supporters, such as The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Right’s Kerry Kennedy are either naïve, narrow focused or in agreement with Algeria’s grand strategy for North Africa.

Last November, the US secretary of State Hilary Clinton attended a forum on the future of the Middle East & North Africa, in Marrakech, Morocco where she reaffirmed the US longstanding policy that supports the autonomy plan for the Saharan provinces under Moroccan sovereignty as the only realistic solution to end the 34 years old conflict.
The Algerian press sharply criticized secretary Clinton’s statements in a wave of misogynistic criticism and the Western Sahara separatist group, Polisario, has accused US secretary of State Hilary Clinton of ... misstating the US policy on the Sahara conflict.

In 2006, Morocco has offered an autonomy plan for Western Sahara as a solution to end the conflict and provide a future for thousands of refugees, now, living in desperate conditions in Algeria’s desert camps.

In addition, Morocco has initiated major reforms to build sustainable economical development to counter poverty and violence, it has implemented a new family code that was hailed by most women rights groups worldwide as unique in the Muslim World, it has established the committee of equity and reconciliation to investigate and settle past cases of human rights violations.
The Moroccan autonomy plan was backed by a majority in the US congress and praised by many European countries and was considered by the UN as a basis for a peaceful solution.

Ms. Aminatou Haidar, who is hailed by her supporter as a human rights defender, is actively working with Algeria and the polisario to torpedo the current UN peace negotiations with Morocco. She is financed by Algeria’s billion dollars oil bonanza that is currently being mismanaged by the Algeria’s generals while Algerian citizens are mired in countless underdevelopment problems.
Ms Aminatou Haidar is in fact working hard to keep the Sahrawi refugees, who are stranded in the Algerian desert camps, for another twenty five years in the same conditions, while she and her fellow polisario cohorts, jet around the world and enjoy luxury VIP treatment.

Given the current political situation between Morocco, Algeria and the polisario, Mrs. Aminatou Haider's behavor is an unacceptable provocation.


Adil Naji is a board Member of the Moroccan American Coalition, a Nationwide Network that is dedicated to the advancement of Moroccan Americans.



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Ali Amranni
0 #1 vey informatifAli Amranni 2009-11-26 09:39
Ageria should join Morocco in creating a peaceful environment in the region and focuss on improving their citizens life. One has the resouces , the other has the will to change things .They would be great partners.
bladi Hora
0 #2 Mrs. haider is a traitorsbladi Hora 2009-11-26 09:43
Thank you Morocco Board,
Mrs. Haider hold a moroccan passport and close relationship with the Polasario. if this happen during teh cold war between the Soviet union and the US, it would be considered a treason and would be sentence in a milatary court.
maghrabi Ameriqui
0 #3 moroccan american citizensmaghrabi Ameriqui 2009-11-26 09:59
Moroccan Americans should get their acts together and start lobbying their congressmen and senators to put an end to this unfunny play. The Sahara is Moroccan and no Moroccan would tolerate or question the legitimacy of our territorial integrity. Look at the Algerians they have more than 2 million sq km and before their independence they had less than 600,000 sq km. you got the motif why Algeria is supporting the Polisario.
Sahraoui in america
0 #4 Is there OilSahraoui in america 2009-11-26 10:03
Please tell us if ther is Oil in the southern province of Morocco, I am willing to go back and claim my parents land and inheritance. People are suffering in the camps and what the Algerian and Polisario are doing; sharing the aids of the refuges and enjoying their vacations in the Caribbean.
0 #5 referendumreferendum 2009-11-26 10:16
referendum is a right for the sahrawis in morocco.
The king is right
0 #6 Either Moroccan or a traitorThe king is right 2009-11-26 10:35
There is no place in morocco for non moroccan. you are either Moroccan or a traitor. there is no in etween .
Moroccan but free in America
0 #7 Freedom should be priorityMoroccan but free in America 2009-11-26 10:39
The Sahraouis are asking for referendum becz there is no freedom in Morocco.
0 #8 Sahra case is matter of existance not bordersTaib 2009-11-26 10:45
I heard the king of Morocco said in his November 6 speech that the Case of the Sahara is case of existence not borders. I totally agree with him and I support the voices of autonomy because it is fair to both parties. Moroccans and Morocco cannot sell or give away their land. Who is willing to sell it? Is a traitor and does not deserve and eat from its fruits not alone to live in it.
a nation of lobbyists
0 #9 where are you the moroccans americans a nation of lobbyists 2009-11-26 10:53
Who is better than you the Moroccan Americans to help move the political process forward and find a suitable solution to the conflict of morocco and the polisario. You are silent, dead, or irrelevant. only few of you that are visible the rest is in a comma but unfortunately you hear everything like the case of the patient showed in CNN news a month ago
Abbas El Ouahrani
0 #10 Algeria Abbas El Ouahrani 2009-11-26 10:59
The author went beyond the ethics of criticism and proposed a fiction on the plan of Algeria in North Africa. He should reconsider his statements to be fair and just to all parties. We support Polisario because they need a home and the Sahara belongs to them. It was never Moroccan land and it won’t be one
Poud to be Moroccoan from laayoune
0 #11 Never to come back to Morocco without Visa Poud to be Moroccoan from laayoune 2009-11-26 11:13
If Mrs. haider renouncing her Moroccan nationality and citizenship, then she should bare the consequences. What would have happen if a Moroccan American renounced his or her citizenship in the US, UK and Europe. They would be deported with an immigration officer to other country. Morocco did right in denying her entry to Morocco
Ahmed ben Zekri
0 #12 let's start a dialogueAhmed ben Zekri 2009-11-26 11:43
Let’s start a dialogue Why Mrs. Haider brought two reporters with her to Morocco if she was not planning for a showdown. Was the Moroccan authority right in denying her entrance and should she be allowed to come back to morocco? Should she be allowed to get the Moroccan citizenship? Should she be exiled? Any thoughts.
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaTMK 2009-11-26 11:48
Mr. Adil Naji has done a good job in explaining how Ms Haidar can stir up the Western media about her being a "victim", while at the same time declaring her outrage at being refused entry into a nation she has just renounced. Obviously, this was her intention when she returned to Morocco, and to that extent, she succeeded. However, I do not feel that she did much other than to create attention for herself and cause Morocco a little embarrassment. She did not advance the cause of the Sahrawi people, or of peace. The truth is that the "Sahara issue" will only be resolved at the negotiating table, and not through a media circus.
wafae From London
0 #14 Morocco should proceed with its on going political process at the UN.wafae From London 2009-11-26 11:56
You have the support of the Americans, the Europeans , the Moroccans , what else do you need. Mrs. Haider is irrelevant in this equation and soon the world will know who she is. Morocco should move on with the autonomy plan while constructively build a trust with the Polisario. Algeria should back off
amal Ouzzani
0 #15 Military actionamal Ouzzani 2009-11-26 12:09
Both morocco and Algeria are buying military airplanes. Are we getting into war soon? are the Algerian generals intimidating Morocco. Algeria needs a young leader who will value life and future unlike these old generals with the back flash of the independence war. No more blood is need to be wasited in North Africa. The independence of both nations claimed hundreds of thousands and suffocate the natural resources of at least Morocco
0 #16 Algeria should remmber moroccan support to their indepnce Amir 2009-11-26 12:19
Algeria should remember When Morocco supported the Algerian independence movement of the Emir Abd al-Qadir, it was a time when both countries working for the common goods. What happened after that? Mr. naji would you be kind enough tyo elaborate on the history of the conflict.
General Batata
0 #17 Hungry for more land , get potatosGeneral Batata 2009-11-26 12:28
On the map the Algerian land looks like a long and wide dress while morocco it covering its head. Is Algeria seriously thinking of acquiring more land? or is it the hallucination of old generals who are in control of the army and the import of all goods including tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots . With the land Algeria has, they should not be importing food. Look at Morocco and ask them how they did it.
Karima BK
0 #18 For how long Morocco will continue continue to compromiseKarima BK 2009-11-26 13:12
Morocco has been extending both hands to build a future for the Sahrawi. What the Polisaro and Algeria has been doing? Acquiring more weapons and state of the art airplanes. We as Moroccans Americans S should not tolerate such bully act of Algeria and demand the US government to intervene to find a solution. We have our votes in our hands and our congress people and senators on our side. What left is delivering our message to the decision makers clear and loud? We do not want to see another 34 years of camps in Tindouf. Enough is enough. Let’s all unite our voices and get this done. Eid Mubarak. KBK
Zaki A
0 #19 No deal with Algerai No solution for the Sahara issueZaki A 2009-11-26 13:20
The only way to resolve the issue of Polisario is to reach a mutual agreement with Algeria . Giving the current leadership and the control of FLN over the military, Algeria needs a new and blood to negotiate with Morocco. Until then we shall wait if the US is refusing to engage in the political process
Mohammed R
0 #20 a victim in the eyes of media a snick in the eyes of SahraouisMohammed R 2009-11-26 13:41
Mrs. Aminato Haider has used the sympathy of the American Media and NGO to her as women freedom fighter to gain influence and attention. She is considered with some NGO’s in America as another Martin Luther King figure in Africa calling for better conditions of human right in southern region of Morocco, but now the truth has come out to hunt her and her supporters.
Ahmed ben Zekri
0 #21 let's start a dialogueAhmed ben Zekri 2009-11-26 20:31
I agree that Morocco should work on brining Algeria to the negotiating table, what if Algeria is not willing to negotiate and continue to use the Sahrawi referendum as the only fair solution? In The case of Mrs. Haider is truly an agitated and provocative maneuver with the focus to shift attention as Mrs. Naji well lay out the facts and the motives. I hope the conflict will be resolves but without a new blood as Zaki put it, it will be hard to imagine peace in the region.
Tan Tan
0 #22 EID MabrookTan Tan 2009-11-26 20:40
Eid mabroouk to all the Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf. Time is coming soon for your freedom brother and sister. Once the camps are open, all of the refugees would be returning home to Morocco. SABRAN AHLA YASSER , INNA ALLAH MAAKOM. NOt Polisaraio NOT Algerian are capable to secure for you a future. Your land in Morocco, your future is there.
0 #23 Help the Sahrawi A.K.L 2009-11-26 20:52
You Moroccans aren’t asked to speak on behalf of the Sahrawi. You are far from understanding the issue of the Sahara. It is about the people who are demanding their land from an occupier. The author is creating a fiction and using the victims as perpetrator. This is propaganda. That’s all if you need to help Sahrawi, then rally in their support in the stress of Rabat, Casablanca, and LAAYOUNE, and the entire southern province. Action works better than words
Money is power
0 #24 A.Rafik Money is power 2009-11-26 21:10
RFK is a well respected nonprofit organization in the US. If Mrs. Aminatou Haider is closely working with them, then how did she did it. And who supported her to work with them. The Answer is Obvious, the Algerian money machine is spending left and right to embarrass morocco in the US using thier poppets( POLISARIO ). Aminatoo’s meeting with the Algerian Ambassador and her provocative play with the Moroccan authorities, in addition to her hunger strike is a well planed show. Moroccans should play the same game and get in touch with RFK and convience them to change their views toward morocco. At the end look at the records of morocco in human rights and compare them with Polisario and even Algeria. Who is better?
0 #25 NO LIESMORCELI 2009-11-26 23:01
You sound like Maghreb Arab Press. I am very fervent defender of the Moroccan Sahara but when I hear or see comments like yours, it proves to me that people like you do not do our cause any favor whatsoever.

You said"Mrs. Aminatou Haider, who holds a Spanish residency permit, departed Morocco and returned to the Canary Islands"

Why can't you be honest and say that She was thrown out of Morocco. She did NOT depart, She was placed in a placed and kicked out.

Rachid Daoudi
0 #26 Non sense Rachid Daoudi 2009-11-27 00:44
The fact is Mrs. Hayseed provoc the situation. Has she fill her document correct , nothing of this would happen. The truth is she was already planning for chaos . If you were to enter the US with American passport and claim to have your citizenship to be Cuba and then denounce it. Guess where your will you be now?
Hamid .M
0 #27 Yes truthHamid .M 2009-11-27 01:13
I see why you ( Morecli) won't accept the facts as is . She intentially put herself in this situation to gain petty of the media. You will always call an objectif critics to be peopoganda simply because you live and breath propaganda . If the article sounds like MAP then you sounds Like a Polisario . How about that. Look at the facts and do you homework. That all I can say.
0 #28 Aminatou was wrongGuest 2009-11-27 07:52
Aminatou planned for this mess,the presence of spanish reporters with her prove that she was behind this situation. Morocco had the right to send her back where she came from. Now, it is up to her crew (spanish haters of morocco, algeria, polisario...) to find an exit for her. Morocco should not issued for her a new passport since she had denied her moroccan citizenship.
what Lies A Si  MORCELI
0 #29 Do you know of the LAw of Morocco or International law governing entry to countries???? what Lies A Si MORCELI 2009-11-27 08:12
Your comment does not make any sense. Morocco has THE right to admit or deny entry to any person if it can prove that person is not complying with the law. The law is clear. Should Morocco build a hotel for Mrs. Haider in the airport to protest inside the international territories, or probably the government should have made a plane available for her request. What will happen if she was an American citizen returning from Cuba and renounced her citizenship at the entry port of Miami? She would have been Jailed pending investigation , at least morocco deported her. When you make a comment, it should be rational not based on personnel emotion.
El Arbi
0 #30 moroccan and Algerians are brothers El Arbi 2009-11-27 08:38
I am Moroccan and my great grandparents are Algerians. Let’s be clear Moroccans and Algerians are the closest people in North Africa. We have the same dialogues, same cultures , same religion and we even look the same. Our ancestors are probably the same. We should not let problems of borders get into us; rather we should be proud of our identity and convince our governments to find a mutual respected plan to resolve this long conflict. Moroccans soccer fans have supported Algeria against Egypt and will be following up close and supporting our Algerian team in the world cup and the African cup. What this will tell you about our relationship. Governments change but identity remains for ever.
0 #31 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaMorceli 2009-11-27 21:12
My problem is that the author said "DEPARTED Morocco and returned to the Canary Island"
This haidar person did NOT depart, she was DEPORTED. I do not like when people use MAP and LE matin lingo to prove their point.

Why can't you say that she was REMOVED AND SENT BACK TO CANARY ISLANDS?

I actually one of those who think that this should have have happened years ago. This woman does not consider herself Moroccan but want to use a Moroccan passport.
Algeria should provide her with one. I just hope that Morocco does not succumb to Spain's pressure and return her back to Layoon to bash Morocco and Moroccans.

As you can see I just want you people to use a proper and true language, When you said departed, that means that she departed with her own will, and we all know that was not the case.
Morocco should never resort to tricks and ruses to prove to the world that we are not relinquishing an inch of the sahara. Morocco should be firm and confident that our cause is sacred and no aminatou, polisariato, or algeriato will deviate our will to solve the sahara peacefully and under the UN auspice.
Bel hassan
0 #32 whay she was deported or departed ?Bel hassan 2009-11-28 07:10
Mrs. Haider got what she deserves. if she call for human rights , first she should observe and respect the law.
If this happened in another country no one will raise this issue. Whether she was deported and departed, she provoked the situation and the author stated the facts.
I agree he should have used the word deported, BUT the point is that the moment she renounced her Moroccan citizenship, she no longer permitted into morocco, then her departed was based on her decisions :
1.Not to acknowledge Morocco as her country
2.Renouncing her citizenship
0 #33 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africa3amouch 2009-11-28 07:14
simple to understand that Aminatou is not moroccan, she is a Sahraoui and wants her land to be free and independent
Bladi Hora
0 #34 still discuiing Mrs. haider, we should be debating the solution to the main causeBladi Hora 2009-11-28 07:15
We still are debating this issue? We should be taking about the rights of refugees in Tindouf and what Morocco, Algeria should do to solve the current MESS. Moroccans are not willing to give Algeria 1 sq ft of our land, in return Algeria is still using the Polisario as a front to hide their political agenda in the region. A Country that has everything to be the leader in the region is still depending on other countries to import food.
Adnan .S
0 #35 I was a supporter of Mrs. Haider Adnan .S 2009-11-28 07:32
If Aminatou is not Moroccan, she should never applied for Moroccan passport. Aminatou is following the wind of Algeria and Polisario. Her agenda is to come out as freedom fighter human right activist. She should spend her energy in finding solution to people in Tindouf, rather than provoking the Moroccans. That won’t help her too long. Mather fact, it is now used against her.
I First sympathized with the case of Ms. Haider and her cause, but then I start looking at the facts presented in Mr.adil Naji ;s opinion and find her to be very deceiving the public opinion on her true agenda.
She should come out and said, I am a polisario, that would be better for her and her case, however, she used morocco to deliver her message to the Sahrawi and start the opposition in southern Morocco. When she was faced with the US position toward the sahara issue, she crafted a plan with Algeria and polisario to distract her supporters and the Media to score point.
Nice play but it did not work.
The US policy is still for the Autonomy. I am very disappointed in Mrs. Haider. You were a hero now you are an agent
Alla M
0 #36 Thanks to be to god for being MoroccanAlla M 2009-11-28 07:49
Shame on any Moroccan who will consider compromising the identity and the integrity of our land . Yes we may have problems with the government one way or another, but when it comes to our identity and dignity, we all should be united. We are strong as long as we are united. Let’s be clear and honest what united us is a kingdom and land. If we had to choose otherwise, we would be living in a civil war. Alhamdolilah alla al magreb dianna. Allah , Al Watan, Al Malik
Rawi H
0 #37 What have the algerian done in the CampsRawi H 2009-11-28 07:52
What Algeria is doing is to drag the Polisario deeper and deeper in the mud and provoak morocco from time to time with actions similar to Aminatou haider. Did Algeria find suitable places and build houses and the refugees, or they still live in tent and deprived from the dignity to have an identity. Why the Algerian have done in the camps or the refugees. Could anyone answer my questions?
0 #38 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africa3amri 2009-11-28 11:55
To let you know Sahraouis people never requested the moroccan passport it was forced to them to accept it thinking they will have an autonomie as exemple of Perto Rico for USA but what a big difference Puerto Ricans they have the chance to have USA as democratic country as far as morocco there is no democracy, and it wants to force the Sahraouis to be moroccans...sor ry
0 #39 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaMoroccan 2009-11-29 00:42
Mr. Naji,

Do your views reflect those of the Moroccan American Coalition? I do not think so. So, please next time, make sure you mention that those are your views and of other members of MAC. Thanks.
0 #40 play it hardMister1979 2009-11-29 02:24
The solution is very simpel. Morocco is too kind for Algerian regime, Morocco should play the same game as Algeria does. Morocco should support autonomy for Kabylie.

That will shock Algeria, because the have a lot of problems with Kabylie who want more freedom, autonomy etc. In 2001 the Algerian regimes killed 200 people in Kabylie en wounded 6000 people.

If Morocco begins to supporte autonomy for Kabylie, Algeria will direct stop their support for the Polisario.
Mohamed B.
0 #41 It is clearMohamed B. 2009-11-29 03:03
Article is clearly Mr. naji's, who happens to be member of MAC.
where do you see that he is talking about other people's opinions?
0 #42 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africahamdi 2009-11-29 03:10
You are wrong Mr, kabilie region is Amazighen region same as Riff region so the Riffanis need their autonomie as well or even their freedom, than we talk about the Kabilie and the whole North Africa should give the power to the real people of the regions as Amazighen as far as Sahraouis people it is a completly different story, they need their independence period, they were never moroccans
Hicham S Min washington DC
0 #43 What happen to this confusionHicham S Min washington DC 2009-11-29 03:25
The Author who happened to be member of MAC (Moroccan American Coalition) presented facts about the incident of Mrs. Haider and his own views and analysis of the situation. Why you should introduce MAC to the game. MAC has its own body and they should clarify their situation in regards to Aminatou Haider . At this point I do not see other opinion than Mr. Naji. BTY the issue at hand is not the author or even his own views. The main issue is that violation has been committed in the name if human rights. This is the truth.
El Hadi
0 #44 moroccans with blod and indentity El Hadi 2009-11-29 03:28
From My reading to the comments and the article, it is clearly that the Moroccan community in the state at least is very interested in this critical subject and the more debate you have the better we get to see ourself for who we are. Moroccans
Taher From tangier
0 #45 What independence will do for Sahrawa?Taher From tangier 2009-11-29 04:13
Let’s hypnotically entertain the idea of independence. Sahrawi will always be dependent on Algeria in its economic, political and Military power. As if they will leave a 2 bedroom apartment and live in a efficiency in a building of 200 apartments, with only 1effecinecy. Do you belive that economic prosperity and political freedom is viable with the Polisari, a military front. if Algeria could not offer the economic prosperity to its own people how they could offer it to others. That is why the UN, the US and the world see the Autonomy as the only fair and appropriate solution to the conflict of the Sahara.

It is good to chant and support ideologies, but the truth is ideologies are only good when supported with strong foundations such as freedom, equality and determined people to observe the justice.

Morocco is much better choice for Sahrawi than any other opportunistic government
N Fadel
0 #46 Haider soon to have Spanish citizenship!N Fadel 2009-11-29 10:11
Mrs. Haider is till enjoying her play with hunger strike thought she may get herself die . She was not allowed into Spain without accepting a refugee status. Mrs. Haider is seriously in need of help. The fact she does not care of even her own health is a Lear indication on her poor judgement. After 14 days of Hunger strike, mrs. Haider is either would prefer to die Aa a hero or she is is simply confused and missquided and in both cases she needs a serious help. Hope she will get the Spanish citzenship that was just offered to her today.
0 #47 Moroccan landAbbas 2009-11-29 10:35
Sahara has been Moroccan and will remain Moroccan.
0 #48 Say no to outside pressureMorceli 2009-11-29 23:23
The truth is that this woman did more for "her sahara" than the Moroccan government as a whole for our Sahara.
She has very smart people working for " her cause". She just refused the Spanish citizenship because she simply does not want to end the publicity that the Polisario are getting. I REALLY hope that Morocco will not succumb to any outside pressure as we are accustomed to. For a change Morocco needs to show that it will not budge.
M6 said it, we will not allow any traitor to use the Moroccan passport, in other words the limited Moroccan democracy to bash us.
We simply cannot let Algeria win this battle by using this woman by proxy. If we let up, that would be an insult and a travesty to the Moroccan people who gave up so much for 35 years. Our taxes are subsidizing for people in the Sahara to live basically for free while the rich are not paying their dues.

Folks, I am very sure and hope that i am wrong that Morocco will succumb to the outside pressure. We are used to it. The Moroccan government will again tarnish our dignity.
Moroccan Government need to learn ONE thing from Algeria. NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.

Fir example
Algeria will NOT sign any traite d'amitie' with France UNLESS they apologize for the killing that inflicted on the million plus Algerian people.
Algeria will NOT stop supporting the polisario.
Algeria will NOT open any border with Morocco

PLEASE M6, Do not not let up and never ever give up.
0 #49 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africachoumicha 2009-12-01 00:20
Regardless of your barking style Western Sahara is a Sahraoui land for Sahraouis people only whether you like it or not
0 #50 Shame on some Algerians!!FAIR MAN 2009-12-01 04:51
First, let me just say that there is no difference between Moroccans and Algerians as people.
The difference is in the politicians, and many of them don’t even know how to use politics!
We don’t hear the Moroccans attacking Algerians, what we hear is the opposite! Morocco, as a neighbor, extended its hands to Algeria to stay brothers but those upper Algerians don’t want that. Algerians need to learn from Morocco how to be nice to neighbors and live in peace. Those upper Algerians must stop sucking the people’s wealth in Algeria and in the Tindouf!! Algeria, as a government must respect the Imazighen as Algerian nationals and give their human right to exist and live free before backing a stranger woman like that Aminato!!
Algeria has no right to hassle Morocco knowing that Sahara has always been and will stay Moroccan. Algeria must wake up, get rid of those old & rusted generals plans as they never worked and will never work!!!!!
Aminato is just a lost, desperate, selfish, multi face, and brain washed person and doesn’t deserve all this talk about her!
Moroccan and Algerians, as people, neighbors and brothers, Keep your love to each other going and don’t fall for the government’s games!!!
0 #51 Traitors are Not allowedEducator 2009-12-01 04:57

Morocco did the right thing -- there is no place for traitors in Morocco.

BTW, don't give credence to the irrelevant by calling them by their name.

Good day all
0 #52 let's just be unitedkamelo 2009-12-01 11:44
please brothers and sister shame on us talking about lands, political issues, war, morocco, Algeria and polisario wallah israel is watching us closely and they might have been involve in this conflit, let's just say israel is like a devil that wants to see a muslim/arab's blood, ok i understand we have an issue algerian and moroccan goverments dont want to compromise to resolve the sahara's file, ut we as people wether algerian or moroccan dont have to put some heat under the oil and we dont let that happen becaus we are brothers in islam
salam alaykoum
0 #53 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaUSgreenjeans 2009-12-01 14:43
Simple. I have 2 things to say to my ALGERIANS Brothers and Sisters:
1/ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/ Ask BenBella and Company what Morocco did for your independence.I wish Mohamed V was still here to testify.1/ Yes, we went without celebrating Aid Aladha and gave he value of the ship for Algeria.2/ Our Women gave their jewerly to assist with the independence. 3/ yes our Moroccans joined the fight and died fighting. 4/ Yes we smuggled arms to you under crates of tomatoes and potatoes to equip your moujahidine, 5/ The first Algerian Air Force was equipped by Morocco buying the Migs and helicopters from Russia as a gift for your independence. YES. we did things for our FAMILY. The old saying goes this way: ' NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED". YES, we are punished for our good deeds toward our Algerian Family.Hind sight is 20/20, we should have not raised a finger and have the FRENCH as our neighbor today. Vive l'Algerie FRANCAISE. PS. I am an Old man and lived through your crap, so get off this moroccan web unless you have something nice to say, otherwise I still claim my rights to my MOROCCAN Property all the way to ORAN ( WEEHRAN to you).HassanII made a big mistake while meeting " Chouari Bouwadnine"( Houari) in Ethiopia and gave away my land to you INGRATES.
Brothers and Sisters of Algeria, please. do read HISTORY to get educated on what Morocco has DONE and SUFFERED for you to get your Independence from France and thn clam up. Emough already.
Farid Naciri
0 #54 People have no problem with each others. Politicians and Generals are the problem.Farid Naciri 2009-12-01 20:12
First congratulations to our Algerian brothers for their qualification at the World Cup. Makes me very happy. Moroccans were very proud of the Algerian team and in Paris Moroccans joined the party with joy.
Moroccans and Algerians have no problem with each others. It's just politics. And politics can be very funny :
1/Hypocrisy :
a/ if Algerian Generals really cared so much about "human rights" and the right for the nomads of the Sahara that lived, or always crossed up and down their desert, than why don't they start giving the southern part of Algeria to their own desert inhabitants ? Would make them look more credible. Oh ! of course, plenty of petrol there, protected by heavy military basis. Not the place where "human rights" is a priority ...
b/ if Algerian Generals really cared so much about "human rights" and "human development" than each Algerian would be rich and well educated by now. Algeria is a rich country with poor people.
c/ Algerian Generals use the "Sahraoui Right for Freedom" cause so as to divert the attention from their own internal problems. A very typical strategy but Algerians aren't fool, neither the rest of the world.
d/ Algerian Generals have wonderful bank accounts full of petrodollars, but their greed is insatiable so they start eying neighboring regions. They care so little about their own people that one can wonder how much they really care about the Sahraouis.
e/ isn't it clear that if some forces in Spain are supporting the Polisario it is just so as to weaken Morocco and gain political leverage on it so as to get, in exchange of a neutral position, some economical advantages ? What did the Spanish do for the Sahraouis when they were occupying their land ? Did they treat them with love ?
Reality :
b/ even if one considers that nomads from the desert should get there own land, shouldn't it be the same in the Algerian, Libyan, Egyptian desert ? Truth is, no one ever really cared about the nomads, and the ones south of Morocco are much better off being part of Morocco because they are brothers and have historically always lived, married and interacted with Moroccans. There are many Sahraouis that live since ages all over Morocco. Moroccans from the South, the Center and the North have always married.
c/ if the Moroccan Sahara were to be independent, a tiny country of 300.000 inhabitants would have no chance to defend itself against foreign interferences. It would surely become a chaotic place, ideal for arms,drugs and human traffickers, easily corruptible, and all their resources would be stolen in a minute by foreign forces, whether governments or multinationals.
d/ as such it would be an existential threat to Morocco and a security threat to the world. Aren't they enough of failed states in the world ?
e/ historical, genetical, artistic, cultural and emotional ties between Moroccans from the North, the Center or the South are a reality.
Stupidity of the Africans :
a/ Europeans have colonized the area for a long time. Now to keep control on the area they keep on dividing them. And Algerian politicians and generals are the first to fall into that trap. Shouldn't we be more focused on the economical and human development of the area ? Shouldn't we play our own game ? The economies of the area are perfectly complementary. We are loosing 2 to 3% GDP growth because of this non-sense. Who are the Algerian Generals working for ? Europe or Africa ? One thing is sure, their bank accounts are in Switzerland, and they are doing very very good.
The truth is those above mentioned points are becoming increasingly clear in the eye of the world's public opinion. So why not change strategy and all work together for a brighter future ?
The world has real problems : climatic changes, proliferation of world mass destruction devices, terrorism ...
Peace to all, let's think of our children's first.
Farid Naciri
0 #55 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaAbouBakr 2009-12-02 00:21
Anything with you all is Algeria, you wrong as moroccan and I can swear on it, Western Sahara is Sahraoui not moroccan,also I am wandering why is it that our government is reaching to Algeria, and always claiming please open the borders, they do not want to so stop crying
0 #56 The Sahara is Moroccan.KC 2009-12-02 00:31
Agree or disagree, the Sahara belongs to Morocco even if it takes another 34 more yrs!
Those who claim it isn't, simply shouldn't call themselves MOROCCANS, PERIOD!!!
moroccan/Algerien from Oujda
0 #57 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africamoroccan/Algerien from Oujda 2009-12-02 01:11
Here is the history of Algeria independence and tell me where do you see morocco involve, but it remind you of what morocco is doing to the poor Sahraouis people !!!

The Algerian War, also known as the Algerian War of Independence or in French: Guerre d'Algérie, was a conflict between France and Algerian independence movements from 1954 to 1962, which led to Algeria gaining its independence from France. An important decolonization war, it was a complex conflict characterized by guerrilla warfare, maquis fighting, terrorism against civilians, use of torture on both sides and counter-terrori sm operations by the French Army. Effectively started by members of the National Liberation Front (FLN) on 1 November 1954 during the Toussaint Rouge ("Red All Saints' Day"), the conflict shook the French Fourth Republic's (1946–58) foundations and led to its collapse.

The war was a complex multi-faceted conflict which involved a large number of rival movements which fought against each other at different moments: On the independence side the FLN fought viciously against the Algerian National Movement (MNA) in Algeria and in the Café Wars on the French mainland; on the pro-French side, the French Army split during two attempted coups, while the right-wing Organisation de l'armée secrète (OAS) fought against both the FLN and the French government.

Under directives from Guy Mollet's SFIO government, the French Army initiated a campaign of "pacification" of what was considered at the time to be fully part of France. This "public order operation" quickly grew to a full-scale war. Algerians, who had at first largely favored a peaceful resolution, turned increasingly toward the goal of independence, supported by worldwide opinion fueled by anti-colonialis t ideas. Meanwhile, the French divided themselves on the issues of "French Algeria" (l'Algérie Française): whether to keep the status quo, negotiate a status intermediate between independence and complete integration in the French Republic, or allow complete independence. The French army finally obtained a military victory in the war, but the situation had changed and Algerian independence could no longer be forestalled.

Because of the instability of the French parliament, the French Fourth Republic was dissolved with Charles de Gaulle's return to power during the May 1958 crisis and his subsequent founding of the Fifth Republic and the establishment of a new Constitution constructed by himself and his Gaullist followers. De Gaulle's return to power was supposed to ensure Algeria's continued occupation and integration with the French Community, which had replaced the French Union and brought together France's colonies. However, de Gaulle progressively shifted in favor of Algerian independence, purportedly seeing it as inevitable. De Gaulle organized a vote for the Algerian people. The Algerians chose independence and France engaged in negotiations with the FLN, leading to the March 1962 Evian Accords which resulted in the independence of Algeria. After the failed April 1961 Algiers putsch organized by Generals hostile to the negotiations headed by Michel Debré's Gaullist government, the OAS (Organisation de l'armée secrète), which grouped various opponents of Algerian independence, initiated a campaign of bombings as well as peaceful strikes and demonstrations in Algeria in order to block the implementation of the Evian Accords and the exile of the pieds-noirs (Algerians of European origin). Ahmed Ben Bella, who had been arrested in 1956 along with other FLN leaders, became the first President of Algeria. To this day, the war has provided an important strategy frame for counter-insurge ncy thinkers, while the use of torture by the French Army has provoked a moral and political debate on the legitimacy and effectiveness of such methods. This debate is far from being settled as torture was used by both sides.

The Algerian war was a founding event in modern Algerian history. It left long-standing scars in both French and Algerian society, and still affects some segments of society in both countries to this day.[citation needed] After the 1997 legislative elections, won by the Socialist Party (PS), the National Assembly officially acknowledged in June 1999, 37 years after its end, that a "war" had taken place;[2] while the Paris massacre of 1961 was recognized by the French state only in October 2001; on the other hand the Oran massacre of 1962 by the FLN has not been recognized yet by the Algerian state. Relations between France and Algeria are still deeply marked by this conflict and its aftermath.

Moroccan Patriot
0 #58 Eid Mubarek Said to everyoneMoroccan Patriot 2009-12-02 03:06
Talk. Talk. Nothing will change. Can't we all just get along? :-)
0 #59 Why is this such a difficult topic?JJ 2009-12-02 04:16
I don't agree with Aminatou Haidar's actions, but seriously, why is it so hard for Moroccans to have a genuine conversation about this without looking like a state mouthpiece and spouting needless propaganda?
0 #60 rememberMoroccan4Ever 2009-12-02 05:08
That Algerian chick since she is not Moroccan and that entity she says she belongs to does not exist, can starve to death for all I care. I only care about Moroccans and my country Morocco. VIVE LE MAROC !
0 #61 our country, our landOusama 2009-12-02 07:50
sahara is maghribia and will stay maghribia. we will do whatever it takes
La Rose De Sable
0 #62 Be careful don’t play with the fire…. La Rose De Sable 2009-12-02 09:45
Dear All,
As Algerian / Moroccan & American
It’s very sad to see all the arguments, the Western Sahara should be left along (they wanted to be) they are neither Moroccans nor Algerians.
Both governments trying to protect their own interests.
If will be a war between both countries (Incha-Allah NEVER …!!!)
Who’s going to pay the price!!!????
Obviously!!! Poor & middle class people from both sides….
Wake up Moroccan board or lobbyists learn a lesson from Iraqi people including the Kurds & the Afghani’s too … you know what I am talking about!!!
In the other hand the United States will never get involved (they don’t need to)
As soon as they are getting (oil/ petrol) from Algeria
Lets we as people Algerians & Moroccans make the changes with out getting
The third party involved and work together for the Sahrawi’s freedom.

0 #63 very very conflictomar 2009-12-02 13:54
Ask your self this question, al the problems of the world get resolved except 2. palestine and 1. moroccan sahara.

Believe me these 2 conflicts or problems causing suffering and misery to the poor people will never end, period.

Why, i dont know!! and another very important point if at any event Algeria/polisario
try to hold arms against morocco, we are immune by being part of NATO.

I dont think as Moroccan I have any hate against the people of Algeria or the opposite, however
I sometime ask my self this question, who elect people to government, if not to municipalities, political parties,
is the people so my question is, why do we seperate between Algerian people being nice people and the algeriangovernm ent
harming Morocco!! maybe the Algerian ciizens have nothing to say at any political level and everthing is chosen from top to bottom!!

who knows, but seriously this has been draging for a long time and we need peace, who care about land, please. now days France control
morocco without being in Morocco. so let be it!!


A North African
0 #64 It clear A North African 2009-12-02 18:25
It impossible for An Arabic republic Sahraoui to exist in south of Morocco. why exactly south of Morocco, why not south of Algeria. I think there is Saharaoui people lived there before who merit to be independent . A people who are real sahraoui culturally and even historically are Touareg. I will not say that there is relationship between the crown and the saharaoui people to claim for the sahara, things are more than that. The people who claim now that the sahara are their land are Bedouins who lived before trough the vast sahara from Algeria to libia, they don’t have right to state republic in North Africa with flag not suitable to North Afica, if they want that, they have to look in the Middle east for their Republic. Morocco have to change their policy toward those people if they want to live as Moroccan Citizen they are welcome, if not they have to take their tents and look for another land. As free a citizen from GUELMIM, we will fight to the end for the sahara as a Moroccan, whatsoever the government are in the North.
a polisario state will be equal to a somali situation with pirates and unrest leading to al qaeda attacking all from the South and pirates all the way to Europe... history showed that before makhzen led our country , Assiba had Pirates ravaging all the way to Europe. Let s not repeat history ... and brothers and sisters from all North africa let s unite and fight poverty, unemployment and misery(azlate) A sahara integrated federally to Morrocco is a strong region
Viva Marruecos
0 #66 Algerian Sahara belongs to the sahraoui peopleViva Marruecos 2009-12-03 02:29
The Polisario should set a country in the Algerian desert .it will have Tindouf as a capital . If they want to visit Layoune ,they will need a passeport and of course avisa for the first 10 years untill we know who enters our borders.
0 #67 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaMORCELI 2009-12-03 06:36
Just like i predicted in my previous posting, there you have it



"Spain has formally asked Morocco to grant a new passport to a Western Sahara activist on a hunger strike at a Spanish airport in a bid to help her return home, a senior foreign ministry official said Thursday.

The request was made in a formal letter sent to the Moroccan embassy in Spain on Tuesday, Agustin Santos said at the airport of the Canary Island of Lanzarote where Aminatou Haidar's hunger strike went into its 18th day.
Moroccan from south east Asia
0 #68 let's unitedMoroccan from south east Asia 2009-12-03 08:39
The reason why the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are invading the world with their products is the furious competition among them to use their resources efficiently and effectively, yet we in North Africa still looking for struggle. The issue of Sahra is very simple, Morocco give the autonomy to Southern region under Moroccan Sovereignty, anything else is provocation of war and terrorism in the south. Let’s Morocco must start focusing on competing with Spain and Portugal . No one can deny that Moroccans are smart, hardworking and very ambitions. Why we have to immigrate to other countries, where we can help our own get in the front. As to Algeria, as long as the generals are running the show, nothing will change, despite the excessive oil reserve and the billions of dollars going every year to the hands of Algerian generals instead of the Algerian population.
La Rose De Sable
0 #69 A great & honest history is the keyLa Rose De Sable 2009-12-03 09:41
I don’t know why you kept saying the Western Sahara belong to Morocco!!!???
Please go read their history but not any history … to give you some tips!!!! Read the history of Mauritania too cause they are very linked.

P.S. if any country would claim the Western Sahara would be Mauritania and again
They (W.S.) can be independent and it’s their right.

Best Regards.

Rose de sable
proud to be Moroccan
0 #70 What this illusion and non sensenproud to be Moroccan 2009-12-03 15:24
You (La Rose De Sable ) who call us to check the history, last time I checked Morocco was the only empire in North Africa since 9th century and the Muratanian Sahra was part of Morocco. What are you talking about? The Sahra is Moroccan including Muratania, but for now stop calling western Sahara is for Polisario because it is a myth.
Allah Al watan al malik
0 #71 Our Moroccan Sahara Allah Al watan al malik 2009-12-03 15:35
The Moroccan Sahara has been historically part of Morocco since the establishment f the Kindom of Morocco. All the dynasties ruled morocco came from the south and Muratanian land use to be part of Morocco until the late king Mohammed V sought to give it to the Muratania. Before it was no Muratania or polisario, these are the creation of colonization and decolonization and nationalization
0 #72 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaUSgreenjeans 2009-12-03 15:43
Well, in the Words of the "GIPPER"= REAGAN to you new comers to this land who said and I quote" Here I go again". IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE. I read here some who profess to know the History of North Africa, yet they know deedly squat. Your schooling in History has failed you folks, so shut up and go back to your books or Wikipedia or whatever historical source you are confortable with.My advice: go back about 8000 years back, then trace History of North Africa to the Arrival of Idriss 1st or : Adakhil" and the propagation of Islam. However, by the same token, don't forget to read baout Rome and Volubilis( BC 94= The black Prince) and what mauritius was all about.Once, you have read and assimilated History, then I wish for you to write your understanding of what Morocco was and what it is today. Hint, Morocco Souhtern most border: THE NIGER RIVER. OK, Geniouses, get to it, and let see how much History we all know. I promise to SEND WHOMEVER up come with the right answer a $ 100 reward. Dinner is on me. Details of the reward will be worked out via my e.mail . Good luck!
0 #73 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaUSgreenjeans 2009-12-03 15:52
Info for the Moroccan American Community: WE ALL SHALL START TO WRITE TO LEAHY WHO HAS PUBLISHED A CONGRESSIONAL LETTER ASKING MOROCCO TO GIVE HAIDER HER PAPERS BACK. I have sent my e.mail to his office. We all need to do so with a copy to SENATOR MENENDEZ. please do so. It would take 2 minutes to compose your objections to the Senator so he can correct his thinking and empty his pockets from the money he is receiving from the Algerian Lobby.please, Compatriots do it. Lets be like the AIPAC ( American Isreli Political Committee Lobby). Let's defend our home country= much at stake here.
0 #74 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaZhera 2009-12-03 18:35
لمملكة المغربية قيادة وشعبا لن ترضخ لأي ضغط كيفما كان نوعه
و المساومات الرخيصة لأميناتو حيدر تخدم فقط المخططات المغرضة لمن يقفون ورائها .
و أعداء الوحدة الترابية والقضية الوطنية للمملكة المغربية وصفهم الحقيقي * مرتزقة وخونه.
ورسالة الشعب المغربي هي التوحد خلف قائد المملكة المغربية و مواجهة أعداء الوحدة الترابية متمسكين بمغربية الصحراء التي لا جدال حولها
0 #75 The Sahara is Moroccan.Mister1979 2009-12-03 20:25
The Sahara has always been Moroccan since the Almoravides empire. The tribes in the Sahara accepted the sultans and paid tax. In the fifites Mohammed V went to the Sahara and said the the Sahara belonges to Morocco and the tribes accepted that.


After the fall of the Almoravid empire in 1147 the new Moroccan empires (Almohads, Merinids and Wattasids) retained sovereignty over the western part of the Sahara but the effectiveness of it depended largely on the sultan that ruled. It was only with the coming to power of the Saadi Dynasty that the sovereignty of Morocco over the western part of the Sahara became complete again: The Portuguese colonisers were expelled from Cape Bojador and from Cap Blanc and the borders of Morocco were moved up to the Senegal River in the south-west and to the Niger River in the south-east (see: Battle of Tondibi in 1591). The following (and current) Moroccan dynasty, the Alaouite Dynasty which came to power in 1659, appears to have continued to exercise some degree of sovereignty over the modern western Sahara, although the slow collapse of central authority through the 19th century, which ended in European colonial rule, no doubt attenuated that.
0 #76 AlgeriaMister1979 2009-12-03 20:33
The Sahara problem can be solved if Algeria changes its politic. But I don't think that will happen. Algeria has rejected the autonomy project of Morocco and Morocco has invited them many times to find solution, but the were not interested.

Politic is dirty game. You have to play it hard to win. Algeria's worst nightmare is that Morocco will interfere in the Kabylie issue. In the sixites their were riots in Kabylie and Kabylie said that Morocco was supporting them, in 2001 Bouteflika said that the riots in Kabylie were created by foreign powers.

Morocco should speak about the human rights abusse in Kabylie, that they support their rights and freedom.
That will shock Algeria junta regmie and they will change their politic about the Sahara.
0 #77 Morocco play it hardMister1979 2009-12-03 20:38
South Africa supports Polisario, but in their own country their are people who want to create an independent state (Orange Free Town, Cap republic) etc.
Why doesn't Morocco support this people?

Angola supports Polisario, but in their own country their are people who want to be independent.
Why doesn't Morocco support this people?

Algeria has problems with Kabylie who want autonomy? Why doesn't Morocco support this people?

Morocco is too kind for this countries, they should play the same game as they do.
0 #78 HaiderMister1979 2009-12-03 20:58
Haider is born in Tata south east Moroccan, her uncle is pasha of Laayoune, her father served in the Moroccan army...
Her grandfather and mother have always been Moroccan

She is a traitor.......
Reday to fight for my country
0 #79 Either Honorable life or Die in fighting for a legitamate cause Reday to fight for my country 2009-12-03 20:59
The Moroccan Government has to make a bold statement toward Algeria. Either mind its own business or bear the consequences of their intolerable behavior to inflect harm on the kingdom. Enough is enough. They are initiating a FITNA and even all the Algerian brother and sisters know the orgine of the problems, OLD GENERALS ARE STILL IN POWER AND IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO RETIRED OR….
Moroccan Algerian family
0 #80 Moroccan married to an Algeria so my kids are bothMoroccan Algerian family 2009-12-03 21:15
Algeria is seeking a war with morocco and it will have it sooner or later. You can only take back with force what has been taking during the colonization with Force. Algeria is seeking a war with Morocco to unit its people from a long civil war, but what Morocco should play hard ball and start supporting Kabylie
Eid Moubarak
0 #81 In response to La Rose De SableEid Moubarak 2009-12-03 21:41
In response to "La Rose De Sable" who included Mauritania and said that the sahara should be part of Mauritania and advised the author to go and read its history, how about if you go and read about the history of Morocco and see if Mauritania existed before or not. See the old map of Morocco during the Youssef Ibn Tachafine era and let us know what you think.
0 #82 Play it hardMister1979 2009-12-04 03:36
Algeria once supported the independence of the Canary Island and created the MPAIAC for the liberation of the Island, the headquarter was in Algiers and the leader lived also in Algeria. The FLN said that Canaray Islands were the last colony of Africa, but begin eighties the stopped their support.
Because Spain and the EU put a lot of pressure on Algeria, Algeria then went to support the Polisario.

Morocco should do the same and put pressure on Algeria. Morocco should ask Algeria to stop their support for an independent Sahara and if the don't Morocco will support autonomy for Kabylie and invite their leaders. The Moroccan ministers should say this hard in the media.
0 #83 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africa3adil 2009-12-04 03:41
The Western Sahara is Saharoui for Sahraouis people regless of your nonesense
Morocco Dima Dima
0 #84 Al HaakMorocco Dima Dima 2009-12-04 13:58
Algerian generals should mind their own busineses and focuss more on increasing their bank accounts in Geneva, as to the Moroccan government and the Sahrawi, their are one nation and they will solve their issues wether with polisario as their representative or new generation who will give priority to its own people not THEIR WALLA to the FNL.
0 #85 SaharaMister1979 2009-12-04 22:22
3adil , go do your homework. The Sahara is AMAZIGH and belongs to the Sanhaja Imazighen who have always lived their.
Saharaouis claim to come from Yemen.

The Sahara is Moroccan and will always stay this way if you like it or not. It is holy land for us Imazighen.
0 #86 Morocco has always claimed the SaharaMister1979 2009-12-04 22:24

After independence, the Rif-based Moroccan Liberation Army branched out into the Saharan Liberation Army (SLA) as it redirected its focus to the still-occupied southern zone. They reached Layoun and Dakhla (Villa Cisneros), but as happened with Abdelkrim al-Khattabi in the Rif, they were repelled by a combined French-Spanish military operation code-named Ouragan.

Mohammed V in the Sahara:
0 #87 checkMister1979 2009-12-04 22:27
In 1958, the Moroccan King Mohammed V in an address at El Ghizlan called for a renewal of the "everlasting allegiance" that Saharan tribes had pledged to Moulay Hassan I and promised that Morocco would mobilise itself to see the Western Sahara brought under Moroccan rule.

Check VIDEO:
0 #88 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africacasaoui 2009-12-04 23:20
A LITTLE BACKGROUND, and please do not repeat as jungle parrots whatver your king says:

Western Sahara used to be a Spanish colony called Spanish Sahara. Under U.N. pressure to decolonize, Spain agreed to withdraw from Spanish Sahara but not before it organized a referendum to allow the inhabitants to vote on their own, decolonized, future. But even before Spain withdrew, Morocco had appeared before the World Court in The Hague and claimed sovereignty over Spanish Sahara. The World Court rejected Morocco’s position and in its opinion made two very important points: First, that Morocco had no claim to sovereignty over Spanish, now Western, Sahara, and secondly, that the referendum organized by Spain should go forward. The day after that decision was announced, Morocco invaded Western Sahara in what was called “the Green March.” Morocco has occupied Western Sahara ever since, leading to what has become the longest, most protracted conflict in the history of the United Nations.
0 #89 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africa3adil2 2009-12-05 00:36
To Mister1979 In that case Imazighen are not arabs nor moroccans, in this case the whole N.Africa should give the power to Iamzighen then we can conclude WesterSahara as Imazighen as well, and Arabs should return to their origin where they come from.
0 #90 please don’t sum up history to the Spanish colonial era .AMAZIGH FROM AIT BA3MRANE: 2009-12-05 01:30
We are not repeat what the government or king says. Things are more than that, we are following what the history and our ancestors said before the Spanish or the Algeria or anybody from the world. We can not live under “ arab republic sahraoui” we are Moroccan and our tribe exist here before spain or before Alouite dynasty in the south from Agadir to vast sahara.
0 #91 Business OwnerMustapha.B 2009-12-06 21:14
but this woman commends no respect. she has renounced her Moroccan citizenship by choice. Let's stop wasting resources on her and forget she ever existed.
The hell with her and who ever backs her up.
0 #92 Well DoneMustapha.B 2009-12-06 21:27
You make me very grateful and privileged to be a Moroccan. May God bless you Sir.
Long live our beautiful Morocco. May God continue to bless Morocco and keep it safe from all enemies, domestic and foreign.
-1 #93 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North AfricaJamal23 2009-12-07 01:22
Aminatou Haider is a courageous woman with dignity and she is not moroccan and she wants to go back to her Native land Western Sahara that will be free sooner or later regardless of your stupidity...
0 #94 Moroccan evil.Breica 2009-12-07 04:07
Ms. Haidar listed “Sahrawi” as her nationality and “Western Sahara” as her country of origin even though she was traveling with a Moroccan passport. In fact, she rejected her citizenship voluntarily.
She is CORRECT on both counts!!
K haroun
0 #95 Moroccan citezenship not for saleK haroun 2009-12-07 11:58
Now let it be clear to everyone who may think that moroccans can not put the heat on the international opnion ti s ee the truth for what it is. Morocco has it's people that will support and protect even inch of it's land. We do not need ms haider, simpley because she does not deserve to carry our nationality. God bless Morocco and all the Moroccans everywhere.
I so glad that moroccans united their voices on this case. Just look how many articles has been written and the comments on morocco board and you will feel what it means to be Moroccan.
0 #96 pobrelover@hotmail.comMister1979 2009-12-07 19:47
Let this be claer the Sahara will always stay Moroccan. Haider is a traitor, She took part of a Moroccan political reconciliation program and received money from the government for her years in prison.
And now she turns against Morocco.

El Pais newspaper said that Algeria and the Polisario want to create a diplomatic row between Morocco and Spain and that is why they use Haider. It was all been set up..
0 #97 pobrelover@hotmail.comMister1979 2009-12-07 19:57
Algerian goverment sees Morocco as weak. For example They are very afraid for Kadhaffi because they think that he will support seperatists in Algeria like the Touraq or Kabylie people. Kadhaffi has supported for years Touraq people in Mali, Niger and Tjaad and wants to create 'The Grand Sahara ', including south-Algeria.
The Algerian media and politic are afraid to make him angry...

Morocco should play the game like Kadhaffi does, by supporting Kabylie or Toeraq people in Algeria.
That is Algeria worst nightmare. Trust me if Morocco does that, Algeria will stop their support for Polisario.
0 #98 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria's Grand Plan in North Africa3alimi 2009-12-08 00:52
Mister1979 better stop your none sense, Sahraouis were forced to have the moroccan passport, the only one they use it is for the freedom of their land is to travel Internationaly to seek help as did Mrs Haider Aminaou so she is forced and have no choice till she gets her freedom and her own Sahraoui passport inchallah soon.
majid berkani
0 #99 gadaffi will never support anything that isn't arabicmajid berkani 2009-12-12 23:52
mister1979, you don't have a clue about gadaffis opinion regarding amazigh people, he simply deneis that there exist such people. morocco will never support the kabyle people and there struggle for independence, because morocco got its own imazhighen people in rif, agadir and atlas. so guess what happens when morocco support the kabyle in algeria. we in the rif dont regard ourself as moroccans, we dont even speak arabic, our culture is diffrent from yours in arrab. we are riffians and we have nothing in common with you arabs.
First, I am sorry for the long delay … I have not checked this very interesting blog for a while due to business trip.

This response to Mrs. or Mr. Y or X, I DO KNOW that Mauritania did not exist, even Algeria or Morocco please check the history out when the Moroccan royal family came to north Africa and placed by whom!!!? And where they came from!!!?

Please go back to Numidia during al-Kahina and her sons, Masinissa & Youghourta,
And read the history after their empire failed.
0 #101 This response is to the Moroccan Algerian family…LA ROSE DE SABLE 2009-12-19 05:29
Algerian government will never declares the war against Morocco, because they WILL NOT have any back up (people who honor this war) Algerian people are aware that we are one Muslim people … they might have word war (as what happened lately with Egypt) but never the other war …
Anyways !!! this is a governments conflict (Algerian& Moroccan) and not people conflict.

Best wishes

Algerian Moroccan Desert Rose


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