Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATO

Washington / Morocco Board News---Allegations of Algeria’s continues support of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi have surfaced again. This time, however, the assertion of Algeria’s active role in defending the Libyan dictator came with indisputable evidence in the form of a 15 minutes speech by a high-ranking member of Algeria ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) party.


Mr. saddek Bouguettaya, a member of the central committee of the FLN and the president of the Commission on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and community abroad of the Algerian National Assembly (Algeria’s Parliament), traveled to Libya on May 8 to attend a meeting of Libyan tribes supporting Gaddafi. During his presentation to the pro-Gaddafi gathering, Mr. Bouguettaya voiced the FLN’s unconditional support to the Libyan leader and blasted the NATO operations in Libya.


During his appearance, the Algerian parliamentary leader called Gaddafi’s effort to stay in power heroic and criticized the West “bombing of civilian population”. Using Algeria’s war of independence as a background, Mr. Bouguettaya stated his confidence that the Libyan people will defeat France, as did the Algerian revolutionary forces back in 1962. The FLN leader evoked images of Paul Bramer, the U.S. Administrator to Iraq during the American invasion, controlling Baghdad to criticize foreign forces intervention in Libya. Mr. Bouguettaya’s analogy may not please the Americans who remain uncertain of Algeria’s presumed neutrality in the Libyan conflict.

Since Algerian officials have not commented on Mr. Bouguettaya visit to Tripoli, observers are construing the FLN leader’s speech as Algeria’s official position in the Libyan conflict.

This is not the first time a high-ranking Algerian official makes pro-Gaddafi declarations. Abdelaziz Belkhadem, secretary general of the FLN and Personal Representative of Algeria’s President Bouteflika, called the Libyan insurgent “agents of foreign powers who receive orders from the West.” In addition, Daho Ould Kablia, Algeria’s Interior Minister, stated in a recent interview that future relations with Libya would be strained in case the rebels take over power in Tripoli.  

During his fiery speech, Mr. saddek Bouguettaya accused the NATO forces and the Libyan revolutionary  units of crimes against civilians, but did not mention Gaddafis’s forces attacks on hospitals, homes and unarmed citizens. The Algerian independent press did not appreciate Mr. Bouguettaya references to the “martyrs of the Algerian revolution” when comparing them to Gaddafi’s supporters. In a blazing editorial, that was censored by his own newspaper , Kamel DAOUD of the daily “Quotidien d’Oran” asks “why did not the “Envoy” (referring to Bouguettaya)  mention in his  speech Iman Obeidi (who was allegedly raped by Gaddafi’s forces) and  the thousands of Libyans killed fighting for  freedom and the  right to control their lives?

Mr. Daoud writes in the same column, “It was painful not to be able to tell this man [Mr. Bouguettaya] that if our martyrs were alive, they would be in Benghazi and with the rebels and not under the tent of the man who offered you [Mr. Bouguettaya]  a meal! Algerians are forbidden to say they can speak for their country here in their own country and then “The powers to be” send an apparatchik recycled from the Boumediene era, to speak on behalf of the dead and the living. Not so! Not in my name.”



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0 #1 JKJK 2011-05-11 13:50
Do you twits ever have anything positive to say about Algeria - your neighbours and relatives?
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATOMorcelli 2011-05-11 13:55
Algerians are somewhat quick to adapt, first they want as usual play the tough card and that they are are not about to hand Sarkozy to a carte blanche to bomb the dictator but quickly realized that they are alone and they are on the wrong side on history and quickly rushed Medelci to Washington to explain their initial support for Qaddafi.

Still, the butchers of North Africa are not fast enough, they are stuck in the cold war era, I did however see some opening to Morocco lately, i hope that they soon realize that time is not on their side.
Morocco has been invited to join GCC (Cooperative Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) but still remain committed to restart the Maghreb Arab Union, hopefully this will pressure the butchers to start thinking that it is in their benefit to join Morocco, otherwise, they will end up alone with Qaddafi and his sons who have a target on their ass.
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATOCasaoui 2011-05-11 19:55
Algeria is exposed as a supporter of dictators and a trouble maker in North Africa.
Morocco 101
0 #4 @JKMorocco 101 2011-05-11 22:31
This article makes a clear distinction between the FLN/Boutef?DRS and the average Algerian. Nothing agianst the Algerian people victims of the Algerian military bloody rule since 62-
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATOJRM 2011-05-11 23:56
How is it that Ghadafi won a humanitarian award in February and became worse than Hitler in the same month? Don't believe anything you read in the news, the rebels are al Qaeda backed as they have stated themselves. How many Libyans actually support these rebels? The East and West in Libya have never gotten along, trouble for the rebels, the west contains 85% of the population. There is no plan for the country once the current government falls, the rebels have no effective leadership and fight amongst themselves constantly, this is the complete destruction of a country by NATO and the UN, the new puppet masters.
TAKE A VOTE in Libya, see if they do or do not want Ghadafi, STOP dictating to the Libyan people with bombs.
tony z
0 #6 obama's father is an african, right?tony z 2011-05-12 03:13
i don't understand why obama wants to use force against his own kind. there is a saying " a fox mourns the death of a rabbit". when fellow africans die in explosions of american bombs, one is suppose to shudder. it beats me.
0 #7 JK... Blame your Army before anyone else..Obori 2011-05-12 04:49
JK... Comments are against the Algerian government that created the Polisario in Moroccan Western Sahara. As long long as your country is supporting these rebels, Moroccans of the world are all united to show the ugly face of Algeria every time they could. Some of these Moroccans don't even like the Moroccan government and lot of them may never go back to settle there but all agree for the territorial integrity of Morocco.
Polisario is helped by Algeria, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Libya... You can see the kind of nations Algeria is siding with. Blame your officials before any one else..
My respect again to the poor Algerians that were and still are suffering from the bad decisions of their politicians.
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATOilfdinar 2011-05-12 08:08
maybe you should put up the video of Mr. Bouguettaya. he did not say anything pro Ghaddaffi.
he just said that the Libyans were brothers and that they should not be fighting each other(because they are both muslims and arabs and ...) and that they should and could reach a political agreement between the two factions
0 #9 kamayamark@gmail.comHebo 2011-05-12 17:18
Can you answer me???? What is the difference btwn the Libyan people in Tripoli and those in the east? we can see all the stolen money from Libyan assets abroad is channeled to one side of the country, am confused by the way the western dictators are playing this game, People in Tripoli demand a share of what your country has worked for in a long time, Why is it that only USA, Britain and France are the only ones channeling the funds to one part of the country? You think Libyan government has no assets in Africa but why are they all silent, think about that very closely, please western dictators stop imposing regimes on African people like that, let’s go for a VOTE and Libyans choose thr leader, Y is it that the rebels are scared of that and you white men, we need to VOTE NOT TO BOOM that democracy.
0 #10 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATOURSULA RICHES 2011-05-12 19:49
How I hate the warring of UK, my country . God save us from our bloodthirsty vultures in NATO. How I wish Blair would be convicted at the ICC. I am a woman and this rape stuff by this woman could so easily be a set up. To go in fromt of all these journalists, when she could have complained to Gaddafi and been compensated. How much was she paid and who paid her? The rapes of the African women at the rebels hands do not matter to these rascists who steal from Libya. We are raping the country of Libya.
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria: Ruling Party Supports Gaddafi & Blasts NATOSB 2011-05-29 17:24
Does it ever to a country that allegedly wrong political decisions have been taken by politicians? Being able to make the distinction between poilticians and their tendency to use cirsumstances to their advantage and the long-lasting strategically placed national interests is vital in avoiding no so desired verbal skermishes among people responding to the news. It never ceases to amaze me the level of irratinal thinking that underlies the responses of so many of us when issues of a political nature arise that concerns Morocco and Algeria in particular; glad to say though that such self-incriminat ing reaction is found to be very minimal in this plateau.
Amal Jazairi
0 #12 MrsAmal Jazairi 2011-09-11 20:22
As an Algerian I am ashamed that these massmurders are allowed to soil our land! they cam to join they friends (algerian government) fellow criminals? May they all rot in hell.
Thanks Nato, thanks Cameron...thank s courageous Lybian freedom fighters for ridding the world of such vile monster "gadaffi and his vermin offsprings" they should be handed over to court to face the consequences of their horrible crimes and loothing...
May they be curse, may all thieves, criminals, murders and rapists be cursed!!! Amen
Amal Jazairi
0 #13 MrsAmal Jazairi 2011-09-11 20:25
There is a lot of good in Algerian and about Algerians. It is just that for now we are burdened with a mafia that rules, looth and destroys our country. Soon we too will be free to rebuild our homeland, to construct a successful country with good institutions, with justice with descent life for all.Where we can be free to practice our faith, despite the devils & demons that tries to prevent us, Satan tried to destry Adam from day one, so what's new?

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