Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes Public

Moocco Board News-- The demise of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has further alienated the Military backed regime of Algeria’s President Bouteflika. Aside from the very public media war fought between Algiers and Libya's National Transitional Council CNT, Algeria's government is embarking on a campaign against the Gulf sheikhdom of Qatar and its Pan-Arab news channel Al-Jazeera.  In response, the Qatari government decided to stop issuing visas to Algerian nationals.

Not long ago, the Algerian media was showering Qatar and Al-Jazeera with praise and commendation for its "coverage" of the Western Sahara conflict.  The Qatari Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani last visit to Algeria was hailed as the “inauguration” of a new Algiers-Doha axis against Morocco and its Saudi ally in the Maghreb region. However, the Libyan revolution came to change things for the Algerian Military. While the Qatari supported the popular revolution against dictator Gaddafi, the Algerian government decided to support the Gaddafi regime attracting the fury of the Libyan rebels and their allies.

If observers expected to see an Algerian media campaign against Libya's CNT, the anti-Qatar smear by pro-government media outlets came as a surprise. In an article published by the Algerian Website algerie360 accused the QIA (Qatar Investment Authority- Qatar’s sovereign fund) of damaging the Algerian economy by waging a discreet "campaign of buying strategic assets in Algeria”. In addition, the Algerian press accused the Qatar of undermining the Algerian gas industry by deflating prices.

The Algerian press have accused the Qatari Soccer Federations of paying sports agents to “secretly” follow young Algerian soccer players living in Europe in order to offer them Qatari citizenship as Qatar prepares to host the Soccer World Cup in 2022.

However, it is on the Libyan crisis that the pro-military Algerian media proped up its accusations against Qatar and Al-Jazeera. In several editorials, the Algerian press accused Qatar of “funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to fund and fuel the CNT and its various branches including the army of Al Qaeda.” By accusing Qatar of funding the most lethal terrorist organization through the CNT, the Algerians are in fact saying that the United States, England, Italy and France are supporting Al Qaeda. The western countries and Qatar have not  answerd such outlandish accusations signaling that the Algerian position on Libya is irrelevant and inconsequential as a CNT military spokesman put it.

The Qatar based Aljazeera news channel did not escape the wrath of the pro-military press in Algeria. Some in the Algerian media have accused Al-Jazeera of biased coverage in their reporting on the on going violence in their country. The Aljazeera has been accused of being too sympathetic toward the Algerian Islamists.  

As the Arab League and most of the European Union countries move to recognize the CNT government, Algeria, along with Venezuela, Iran and Cuba are undertaking a campaign criticizing Libya's CNT as a western Puppet.


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0 #1 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicAlgerian 2011-08-27 06:04
So what?? Are we going to be bared from entering heaven??
I like the following part of your article " Algeria’s “arrogant” and condescending attitude toward the new bosses in Tripoli will effectively reduce the political status of Algeria to insignificance. "
You do know that nothing can be accomplish in the Maghreb and the sahel region without Algeria's help, its called GEOGRAPHY.
With all due respect, but Algerian is not part of the BENI OUI OUI, and we will recognize the New Gov. of Libya when an apology and security guarantees are presented..
As for Algeria being isolated, thé following is a déclaration of thé US représentative in Algeria "Nous reconnaissons le respect par l'Algérie du Droit international et des résolutions du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies (…), l'Algérie a approuvé et appliqué ces résolutions », a‑t‑il assuré" "Nous respectons beaucoup le rôle de l'Algérie dans cette crise et nous savons que l'Algérie est dans une position très difficile car la Libye est un pays voisin »"
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicMorcelli 2011-08-27 06:10
Let me start by saying that the emir of Qatar is a visionary, he knew from the start that he needed to side with the winners and the united states in particular, many of the decision he took turned out to be fruitful. Of course oil helps when it falls in the right hands, Algeria with their are rioting for bread and sugar and their butchers selling donkey meat. " "

The Algerian government does not speak for the will of the majority of Algerians at least the educated ones. There is no way that this government will survive after the Arab spring, Algerians will eventually rise up as their sisters and brothers in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt did before them. The generals end is near, I just hope that it will happen peacefully.
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicAlgerian 2011-08-27 06:25

what's up with you and the donkey meat? I know that you are trying your best to insult Algerians and i have no problem with that,
but at least try to do it with a little bit of class. Echourok is a " un torchon", i can sit here a write a lot of embarrassing things about Morocco, but i rather debate facts and not lower my self to such levels.
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicReader 2011-08-27 06:41
The Rebels should not be recognized until they show they can govern! They are mainly criminals who have joined with Qatari mercenaries and NATO! If care is not taken the country will become worse than Somalia.
man en blanc
0 #5 Algeria gambled and lost. Seventies-style .man en blanc 2011-08-27 12:17
In the seventies, Arab leaders knew of only one way to deal with popular uprisings : kill as many of their own citizens as possible and the rest will cower away from making problems for the regime.
I vividly remember Hassan II appearing on TV after the Casablanca riots, and promising to "kill 500 or 5000 if needed to keep the peace"

Qaddaffi, in his now infamous threat, vowed to do the same. Remember Zanga by Zanga? The Algerian generals, still solidly planted in the seventies, believed him! Completely oblivious to the tidal wave sweeping away Arab dictators!
Don't they have calendars in Algiers?
0 #6 Algeria's impotent foreign policyborsa 2011-08-27 13:40
All this just points to the fact that Algerian politics and diplomacy is defunct and totally out of step with 21st century thinking. The Algerian Mafia regime really need to get with the times instead of dilly dallying with the likes of Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe, and Hugo Chavez and other loony lefties. Those Algerians still attempting to defend the inexcusable stance their regime has taken with regards to what's happening in Libya are looking very silly right now which only serves to isolate Algeria from the international scene and this is exactly what the Mafia Generals who run Algeria want so they can create new "enemies" to solidify their grip on power. It's a simple but tried and tested strategy which the Mafia Generals have successfully used to portray Morocco as the enemy thus deflecting attention away from their atrocious management of their countries finances.
moroccan patriot
0 #7 Algeria is 100% right on this and they are finally on the right side of historymoroccan patriot 2011-08-27 14:07
I am NOT a fan of Algeria on most issues... but I am incredibly impressed by the integrity, honor and pride that Algeria has shown with regards to how the US, Europe and Qatar are nothing more than state sponsors of terrorism.

I hope that Khaddafi understands that he has only one play at this point, he needs to decapitate the leaders of the terrorist NTC on the ground. He needs to take out Jalil, his Deputy and as many of the the Al Quada (Israeli, US & European terrorists) inside Libya as possible, and he needs to capture these accomplishments on tape and disseminate them on social media, as CNN, Al Jazeera and every other form of MSM is controlled by the Zionist entity.

It is really pathetic that Morocco, Tunisia and the Arab league have recognized the NTC as the representatives of Libya... the good news is that China, Russia, Brazil, a number of latin American and African nations have NOT.

The Libyan Government needs to take out the figure heads in charge of the NTC, this is their only chance of regaining control of the country.
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicMorcelli 2011-08-28 06:01
Algeria is in the wrong side of history, when all set is done, Algeria will find itself the only Arab country with Bashar Al Assad (who is killing his own people on a daily basis) supporting the dictator Qaddafi. Algeria is doing no favor to the the Algerian people. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and hopefully Morocco will embrace democracy and Algeria will find itself becoming the North Korea of north Africa.
Algeria claims to be neutral when it comes to Libya but getting involved in Morocco's affairs for 37 years now.
The brits and the Germans who sometimes side with Algeria whenever they have some legacy weapons to sell to the Algerians, are now seeing that Algeria is not making their mission easy in libya.
moroccan patriot
+1 #9 Algeria choosing not to be a collaboratormoroccan patriot 2011-08-28 12:07
Algeria, Syria and Sudan still have some of their national pride and the people of those nations know that their governments are not collaborating with the Colonial powers, Apartheid Israel and Al Queda in Europe and Al Queada in the United States.

Europe, Apartheid Israel and the United States are raping Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, and now they want to rape Syria, and the cowards who run the Moroccan and Tunisian government are rolling out the red carpet to the people that want to colonize our North African brothers and rape our Muslim sisters.

Anyone with an IQ size bigger than their shoe and any common sense would know that the script the Main stream media is peddling with regards to Libya, Iraq or the world in general is based on lies and misinformation. The Media is controlled by Zionists, and when you support the colonization of Libya and Syria, you are falling victim to Zionist propoganda... the same nonsense that says that 19 Arabs led by some guy in a cave attacked the WTC... the reality... read, as it says in the Koran, educate yourself.
-1 #10 Algerian Government's Poor JudgementAmmari 2011-08-28 13:47
The military-manage d Algerian government, under the leaderless Boutaflika, has again shown a very poor judgement in being the lone wolf in not recognizing the wishes of the newly liberated Libyan people. Instead of morally supporting the free Libyan people and applaud their freedom they are openly siding with the the crazy and tyrant Gaddafi and his criminal regime.

The Algerian government's foreign affairs style is backward and outdated. Boutaflika's military-suppor ted government has demanded from the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) to first fight Al-Qaida in the Islamic in Al-Maghreb (AQIM), then the recognition of the TNC will follow. Last time I checked, the military-contro lled Algerian government has been and is still fighting without any success AQIM in the whole country of Algeria. The main reason that the military-backed Algerian government is opposed to recognize the Libyan TNC is due to its fear from opening-up a big of worms - called "Democracy". Boutaflika, who is clearly a puppet of his Algerian military Generals, will not dare to piss off his masters (Generals) to recognize the Libyan TNC.

I have a few questions for the military-operat ed Algerian government and are as follows:
- How do you explain the arrest of hundreds Polisario mercenary thugs involved in fighting for Gaddafi's criminal regime against the Libyan rebels?
- Who brought these Polisario mercenary thugs to Libya?
- How many millions of USD/EURO the Algerian generals were paid by Gaddafi to transport and drop off the Polisario mercenary thugs in Libya?
- Why is the military-manage d Algerian government always a roadblock to North African countries' economic progress and long-term stability?
0 #11 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes Publicbbc 2011-08-28 13:56
we now know why they offered this dowayla of qatar to organize the world cup ; i am sure there was bargain ;
Ayoub Kably
0 #12 selfemployedAyoub Kably 2011-08-29 05:02
your Muslim sisters are being raped by your own Muslim brothers from the middle east.
wake up and smell the roses so can you can stop blaming all your problems on the west or the Jews. if you can't beat them. use your brain and join them.
If you are defending a half man half animal like Kaddafi. you should join your polizario brothers to fight for Libya.
it is very ironic to hear a lot of brothers and sisters hatred of the west. yet they will jump at the first opportunity they get to go to the west.
enough said.
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicMorcelli 2011-08-29 05:40
Qaddafi killed, raped, and burned his own people, you know what? let's blame Israel wuhuuuu!!!. While we are there, let's blame America, Obama,Condoleez za Rice, and Michael Jackson, Hummm how about if we blame 9/11 on the CIA and say holocaust never happened. No wonder the Israelis call the Arabs Stu&@&id and the western world love the Israelis and the Jews in general.
moroccan patriot
0 #14 I was born and grew up in the United Statesmoroccan patriot 2011-08-29 15:32
As someone who was born and grew up in the United States, and only recently, around 10 years ago, decided to leave the US, I can tell all of you that Apartheid Israel and the CIA were in fact responsible for 911.

I can also tell you that there was never ANY, "holocaust" - unless you are referring to the 20 Million Russians murdered by Stalin or the millions of Germans murdered in the aftermath of WW II. The Holocaust, as it is presented - the 6 million person lie, NEVER happened.

As for Libya, it is simple : Libya had no debt. Libya has lots of Oil... therefore Israeli terrorists and the colonial powers got together and decided to steal Libya's wealth and oil and create an artificial entity aka "NTC" to be the make believe rebels on the ground.

None of the heavy lifting in Libya has been done by "rebels" - the goal in Libya is simple... Lie, Lie and Lie some more... the Main stream press, which is controlled by the zionist entity, has controlled to narrative... I am not a fan of Khaddafi as a person, I have never met the man.... but in terms of what he has accomplished for the Libyan people... clearly he is heads and shoulders better than any of the animals that lead any of the other North African & Middle eastern countries... with the exception of Nassrallah in Lebanon (a man of integrity). The rulers of ALL of the other North African countries are scum who cannot make the boasts about improved infrastructure that Libya can make (reduction in infant mortality, increase in GDP per capita, Unemployment insurance, Education stipends, etc...) - What will the NTC provide? They can't even provide water or electricity.

As for rushing to the West at the first opportunity... you must be kidding me, Living in North Africa is much more comfortable, and I work 1/10th the amount I used to and make the same amount of money which goes 20 times as far... I am debt free... why in the world would I want to go live like a roach in Europe or in fear in the of bodily harm from some drug crazed maniac holding me up at gunpoint in the US.

I lived the dream, and Alhamdoullah, am not motivated by the need for money to validate myself. Honor cannot be bought back once sold, and integrity is priceless... for those of you who do not see the hands of Apartheid Israel and the zionist entity, you are probably the same people who do not fast ramadan and are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or infidelity... in other words, you are weak. Turn to Islam and regain your dignity... educate yourself and you may one day once again know honor at least for your children.
-1 #15 moroccan patriotALGERIAN PATRIOT. 2011-08-30 00:51
listen bro,you call your self moroccan patriot,you are a polizario terrorist,

why don t you get a life,stop killing and opressing the algerian people,

live the libyan people alone,you bouteflika regim,generals mafia had comited the worse genocide ever in the arab history,....,yo ur time is coming,soon you ll be hiding in a cave,and the west bombing you and smoking you out,.....,happe nd to saddam,ben ali,mubarek and now gaddafi, ...,so get ready,and stretch your ego,..............
time is up.
-1 #16 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicMorcelli 2011-08-30 05:49
Algerian Brothers and Sisters,
Watch this video from a Moroccan who was held in Tindouf; your homeland and tell me if you still support Qaddafi and your generals.

" "
0 #17 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicAlgerian 2011-08-30 07:08
Dear Morcelli,

these were POW taken by Polisario and they were few thousands, the same POW's that for many years the Moroccan Gov. DID NOT RECOGNIZE their existence, because the official language was that Moroccan soldiers don't surrender, so please spare us the BS.
moroccan patriot
0 #18 Terrorism is a Zionist created termmoroccan patriot 2011-08-30 07:09
Those of you who throw around the word terrorist with such abandon need to understand its true meaning. Talk to the innocent women and children being murdered by Drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan about the true meaning of terrorism.

All Terrorism is state sponsored. Terror is the bastard child of life with injustice and hopelessness.

There will be a civil war in Libya for the next few years, this is a fait accompli - the NTC will go down in history as the collaborators who opened the door to the Zionist entity in Libya. I am not a fan of Khaddafi, but he at least treated his citizens better than ANY other North African or Middle eastern leader.

The fight for Libya, despite what the Zionist controlled media is telling you, has just begun.
man en blanc
0 #19 crazy talk or acute paranoia?man en blanc 2011-08-30 07:47
I can imagine the rituals of some people: checking under their bed for Mossad monsters, and searching for CIA boogeymen in their bedroom closets before going to sleep.
What a way to live!
The West might have a checkered history when dealing with the Arab/Muslim world, but no one can deny that the West also did lot of good in the area. Let's face it : without the U.S. and NATO, Khaddafi would have erased Benghazi from the map. People and all!
And let's not forget that Slobovan Milosevic would have purged the Balkans of Muslims without the heroics of Bill Clinton.
Two weeks ago, a quarter of million Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest their economic situation. No violence nor arrests ensued.
In most Arab/Muslim countries, if TEN people demonstrated, 2 would be dead, 2 would be in coma, 3 would disappear in prison and the remaining three would walk, since they are on the payroll of the regime.
Ah, Reality! there is no substitute for it!
0 #20 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicMorcelli 2011-08-30 08:14
Dear Algerian,
I see the scenario happening Libya getting duplicated in Algeria. The generals will be chased away and given asylum in Nigeria,South Africa, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela and supporters of this regime like yourself will be left to the brave Algerian people to face justice Algerian Style.
Run run run and never look back before it's too late.
0 #21 yafares30@hotmail.commarwane 2011-08-31 07:06
no alienation, Algeria just took the right decision to host Kadhafi's family and even Kadhafi. as a sovereign state it can decide with whom to be an ally. I am Moroccan and I am proud of Algeria's decision against the Bernard Henry Levy's, Sarkozi and NATO's attack. The african union does not support the NATO invasion in libya and does not recongnize the TNC. So algeria as well. there are many killers ruling and they should be presented to the court much before Kadhafi and if Kadhafi dies he will die as a hero. What does he did wrong? he is lasting too long in rule yes but he was the only one to say that the security council and the UN chart are not fair. is that not true?
0 #22 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicAlgerian 2011-09-01 00:29
Dear Morcelli,

With all due respect, i think you lack the "intellectual creativity" to think beyond your stereotypes, and your continued reference to the Algerian generals shows your level of sophistication.
Most of the generals you keep referring to are either dead or retired( with no political power), because unlike Morocco( LT.General Beslimane and Benani....etc} our military generals retire at certain age.

i can go and go about that subject but i am going to post a small part of a wikileakes report.....
"Credible reports indicate that Lt Gen Benanni is using his
position as the Commander of the Southern Sector to skim
money from military contracts and influence business
decisions. A widely believed rumor has it that he owns large
parts of the fisheries in Western Sahara. Benanni, like many
senior military officers, has a lavish family home that was
likely built with money gleaned from bribes. Leadership
positions in regional sectors are a significant source of
extralegal income for military leaders. There are even
reports of students at Morocco's military academy paying
money to increase their class standings in order to obtain
positions in lucrative military postings. Command in the
southern sector, i.e., Western Sahara, given the predominance
of military activity there, is considered to be the most
lucrative of the sectors in this regard. Because command in
the southern sector is also considered critical to high level
advancement in the FAR, positions there are highly sought
after. Consequently, positions in this sector are often
jealously "guarded" by a number of influential families in
the military."
I am not saying that the Algerian Military establishment is corruption free, i am just saying dear Morecelli, If your house is made of glass don't throw stones on others.
0 #23 ...benruchd 2011-09-01 01:31
@marwane; (1) Qaddafi was never elected; (2) Qaddafi is unquestionably senile; (3) Qaddafi has murdered his opponents and massacred people recently! But he's still your hero?!

This mentality of yours is not Moroccan but rather the Algerian generals' mentality.

Moroccans and Tunisians must be cut from the same cloth, our soils have frail recollections of what blood is, and our people have developed frontal lobes with all their ethical and moral faculties not wanting. If only Algeria was more like us she would blind all with the brilliance that her properly applied resources could reap. Algeria, will you choose life or will it be death?
0 #24 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicAlgerian 2011-09-01 01:48

So according to you Moroccans and Tunisians have an intellectual or a mentality superiority Vis a vis THE Algerians:-)
That's good to know, i am not going to lower myself to that level of discussion, even though i can really hurt your feelings if i want to.
-1 #25 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicMorcelli 2011-09-01 04:34
Dear Algerian,
the difference between you and I is I do have any problem criticizing our elite including General Beslimane and Benanni. I think they are crooks and i think that they should be held accountable for stealing Morocco money. You and Algerians like you on the other hand defend the indefensible, You sided with Qaddafi, Ahmadinajed, Castro, Chavez, Bouteflika, bashar...etc.

I am sure that the majority of our Moroccan and Algerian readers concur with me. You want me to go after other Algerians? I will not do that because I have the utmost respect for the Algerian people but I have ZERO respect for Algerians like you.
Anyone who sides with the killers get no respect from me or from anyone else.

Why do you want me to go after other algerians when the only parasites are the 160 generals that are looting Algeria?
Algerian people are not the ones erecting obstacles for Morocco, they are not the ones who are against Morocco's territorial integrity, agents like you are!
+1 #26 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Algeria Qatar Row Over Libya Goes PublicAlgerian 2011-09-01 05:34

Did i hurt your feeling??
I see that you are out of arguments to support your point of view so you are resorting to personal attacks.
Again, unfortunately, its hard to debate someone, who's only arguments is Algerian generals and donkey meat, as you must have noticed i always use specific facts and stats to support my point of views.
I have no problem debating you and proving you wrong again..... and again, i just enjoy mopping the floor with your so called "arguments"
Case in point, you said "you on the other hand defend the indefensible, You sided with Qaddafi, Ahmadinajed, Castro, Chavez, Bouteflika, bashar...etc. when have i ever defended any of them???? please quote me to prove me wrong.
You said "I am sure that the majority of our Moroccan and Algerian readers concur with me."
Dear friend, last time i checked we were not part of a popularity contest .
You said"Why do you want me to go after other algerians when the only parasites are the 160 generals that are looting Algeria?
That's what i am talking about, where did you get that figure from?? in one of my previous posts i did tell you that most of these generals are either dead or retired and that goes for Nezar, Amari, and Betchin or dead like twfik
At the risk of repeating my self, please try to use specific facts, data, figures or stats to support your point of view or an accusation, instead of slogans and empty accusations, Having said that i do not deny the fact that corruption is a real problem in the Algerian Gov. just like it is all over Morocco and as shown by wikileakes.
Finally, i am not going to try to insult you or say that i have no respect for you and as a matter of fact i have a great deal of respect for you because you are trying very hard but unfortunately your intellect in not keeping up with you.

0 #27 I respect all Algerians except people like "Algerian", who represent sinister mastersBaniMoor 2011-09-12 22:57
Be careful, don't correspond with the troll called "ALGERIA", I have read too many of his comments and because of that, his diseaese was able to spread to me: Now I suffer believing that Algeria is a thriving representative democracy, but when I was healthy I knew it as a morose military dictatorship, oh how things change so diametrically. Also, when credible videos surface, showing Algerians, knives in hand, rioting for Sugar and cooking Oil, the disease intervenes to snap my eyelids shut.


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