Western Sahara: Spain's Media Bias

 Washington / Morocco Board News--The coverage by the Spanish press of the kidnapping of three aid workers, including two Spanish citizens, in Algeria confirms the anti-Morocco sentiment and biases harbored by large segments of the Spanish press against the Moroccan people.  Unlike the front-page stories portraying Morocco as an aggressor and a bully published whenever there is trouble in the Western Sahara, the news of the abduction of Spaniards by the Polisario has received little coverage in major news outlet in Spain. El-Mundo, which once extensively and on its front page reported on a Spanish pro-Polisario activist hiding in Morocco, published little about a terror attack targeting Spanish citizens.

In the few stories printed in El-Mundo about this abduction in Algeria, the Right wing daily uses official civilian titles of the self-proclaimed Saharan Republic instead of their “military title” within the Polisario. In an attempt to offend and insult Morocco, El-Mundo deliberately treats the So-called Saharan Republic as an internationally recognized entity.  El-Mundo, with other Spanish extreme right groups and communist and Marxist organizations, is the only “major European” news outlet that adopts such editorial line.

The recent terrorist act perpetrated by rogue members of the Polisario guerilla with the aid of  a branch of Al Qaeda shows negligence and collapse by a separatist movement that is supported by a segment of the Spanish society and by major Spanish media outlets. In spite of its Marxist background, recent indications of an Al Qaeda connection among its members and the lack of freedoms in the Sahrawi refugee camps, the Western Saharan Polisario movement enjoy a non-negligible margin of support among Spaniard for its quest to form an independent state in Southern Morocco.

The Spanish press is always delighted to publish with enthusiasm and satisfaction news of social and political trouble in Morocco Saharan provinces, albeit without verifications and journalistic investigations. Major Spanish newspapers and magazines including El-Pais, ABC, El-Mundo and La Razon have published false, falsified and “racist” article defaming Morocco and Moroccans. Be it fake pictures of Sahrawi babies “slaughtered” by Moroccan police or unsubstantiated political demonstrations in Saharan cities under Morocco’s control, Spanish media has shown a level of unprofessionalism, biases and political opportunism unseen anywhere else in Europe.

The right wing newspaper El-Mundo is by the far the loudest mouthpiece for the anti-Morocco crusade. The inflammatory language used in reporting on the Saharan conflict including uncorroborated stories published in the front page of this neo-Franco daily is disturbing in a country that considers itself “European” and “advanced”. The right wing El-Mundo does not mind sleeping with the Marxists of the Frente Polisario for the sake of vilifying Morocco.

The Spanish press prejudiced coverage of Morocco and the Western Sahara conflict continues to raise eyebrows as once again demonstrated by a lack of an investigative angle to the story of the recent kidnapping in Algeria. El-Mundo and El-Pais continue to shy away from investigating Al Qaeda presence in the Tindouf camps, allegations of misappropriation of Humanitarian aid- mostly Spanish- by the leaders of the Polisario and the lack of press freedom in the refugee camps. For now, the Spanish press coverage of Morocco will remain average and marginal in the eyes of the international press.

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Moroccan Patriot
0 #1 Morocco is the Turkey of AfricaMoroccan Patriot 2011-10-29 07:24
Europe and the United States will never recognize the Western Sahara as a part of Morocco, until Morocco becomes the kind of place people are not trying at all costs to escape.

If you ask any high school student what they want to do upon graduation, I guarantee that most will tell you, they want to leave Morocco. This is not the answer you get from most French students, or most American students, despite both countries having their fair share of issues and problems.

Moroccans do not feel like they can get a fair deal in Morocco. This is true. Moroccans are treated as second class citizens in their own country! If you are Moroccan you cannot legally drink alcohol. If you are European or American, you can. If you are Moroccan, you cannot legally share a hotel room with your girlfriend. If you are European or American you can. If you are Moroccan, you cannot legally bring in and send out foreign currency whenever you want, you cannot purchase anything you want from outside the country and have it brought in, if you are White, you can.

In Morocco, you have apartheid Laws that treat the indigenous peoples as second class citizens to white people.

Do you want to know when Morocco will have the Western Sahara recognized by the Colonial powers? The same day Turkey is admitted to the European Union - a cold day in Hell.

Until Moroccans get real leadership that allows Moroccans to feel a sense of pride, and not automatically assume everything foreign is better, Morocco will continue to be nothing more than a country run by puppets for Europe and the West.
mehdi 12
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media Biasmehdi 12 2011-10-29 07:43
one has to differentiate between sovereignty and government's issues. maltreating people is different from having sovereignty on a land. (actually the Sahrawis are the most spoiled people in Morocco) The Sahara is Moroccan for one reason...if Algerian was not agressive towards Morocco, do you think that Polisario would have existed? a fair question to ask!
0 #3 Jesus!Bensussane 2011-10-29 08:22
Spain's economic boat is sinking slowly. As for Western-Sahara it will always remain Moroccan as long as it is pure Amazigh land.
0 #4 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media BiasMorcelli 2011-10-29 12:13
Mr. Hassan,
It's not the press it's the fact on the ground and that fact is the majority if not all Spaniards side with the Polisario for reasons that are only known to Spaniards.
El mundo, ABC, ..etc will never go against the will of the Spanish people and the reason is very simple. It's called business. Spanish media is not there to make friends and report the news, they are there to make money and get power, and in order to do that, they have to report more on what is appealing to Spaniards and less on what is not.
Take Fox news for example, they will never say something good about Obama, for instance, They are making the intervention of the US in Libya as a bad thing, the killing of Bin laden and throwing him in the sea but keeping the pictures classified as bad thing, the US leaving Iraq by the end of the year a bad thing, in order to appeal to the conservatives, they will never report the news as it should be reported.
It's the nature of the business, Politics and the media are dirty businesses that go hand in hand. They have to do what they have to do to stay alive.
Reporting on the missing Spanish is perhaps the right thing to do but it is not good for business, the only way that you will see El mundo and others reporting day in and day out on the kidnapped spanish is when you see their kidnappers sending a tape of their capture to El jazeerah to be broadcast all over the world, only then, that would be good for business because the matter will be more appealing to all Spanish people.

I of course agree with you and thank you for not mentioning Israel in your post because you make more sense when you don't.
Your post is absolutely right on the money!!!!!
0 #5 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media Biasborsa 2011-10-29 18:19
Spain's media crusade against Morocco will continue for a number of reasons. Spain want's to continue to portray Morocco as the traditional old Moorish enemy to deflect attention away from the fact they still occupy Moroccan land in Ceuta/Mellila. The spanish government and the press realize that if the polisario question is put to bed once and for all the next topic of discussion will focus on these two plots of land which is why the Spanish political elite whether they be left or right leaning have made an unofficial agreement to never support Morocco with regards to the Moroccan Sahara.

This explains some of the outrageous articles by Spanish polisario sympathizers who claim these abductions were carried out by Moroccan intelligence. However, this should in a bazaar way be seen in a positive light in Morocco as it just goes to show how desperate the Spanish media have become in their attempt to defend the indefensible.
mister Blond
0 #6 loosersmister Blond 2011-10-29 18:44
spaniards are going back to France and germany to clean dirt and begg for money,so it´ s no "europe" any more,we can only enjoy that their boat is sinking;-)
El Younsi Mohamed
0 #7 Morocco StupidEl Younsi Mohamed 2011-10-29 23:14
If spanish media (El Mundo, El Pais, La Razon etc.)are attacking Morocco, and insulting the moroccan peiple eveyday, or the majority of the days of the week, that is because Morocco (government, political parties, and media,are stupid, and havve no intelligence what so ever. You don't have to take my word of it, all you can do, compare line stories of the media in both countries. Further more, the above mentioned newspapers in particular are working closely with the algerian media to ccordinate their efforts against us, while our media and our government are playing Mr. kind, or rather Mr. Stupid and Igonarant.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #8 Bosra - the will of the people is the real questionMoroccan Patriot 2011-10-29 23:24
If you were to poll people living in Sebta and Mellilia and ask them if they would rather be Spanish or Moroccan citizens, I think we all know that 99% of them would say that they would rather be Spanish citizens. No matter how poorly Moroccans are treated in Spain, no matter how bad Spain's economy becomes, the people of these cities would rather be Spanish. Now here is the really sad part, if you polled the people of Tetuan and Tangiers and a number of other 100% Moroccan cities, strong majorities of the people living in those cities would also rather be Spanish citizens than Moroccan citizens.

Why is that? Because the Moroccan leadership is a mess, and there is such a deep sense of self loathing among the population of Morocco, that they would rather experience humiliation and degradation in Europe and come back with some Euro to elevate their status in Morocco - than face the arbitrary injustice and complete lack of organization that they face on a daily basis in Morocco.

Morocco has improved dramatically I would like to add. The roads are a million times better than they were just 5 years ago. Projects in Morocco, like Bougreg and the tram are very impressive. What keeps on holding Morocco back is the Government and the Legal system.

There is no working legal system in Morocco. The civil justice system is a joke and the criminal justice system has never worked (thank god for that!). Moroccans need to understand that Government will NEVER solve their problems. Moroccans need to learn to take responsibility for their own futures. Moroccans need to recognize the rule of law, demand that ALL Moroccans be treated equally, and stop accepting the idea of a society with different social classes. White people are not inherently smarter, more beautiful or more attractive than olive skinned Moroccans. White is NOT better.

The world will never respect Moroccans until Moroccans respect themselves.
0 #9 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media BiasMorcelli 2011-10-30 01:26
Again, there is nothing for me left to say. You said it all and I agree with you 1001%.
I am telling you Monsieur, as soon as as you dropped the Israel thing, you make a lot more sense to me. We know what Israel does to keep the upper hand on the US, it's has been as such for more than 60 years. Now let's keep talking about what Moroccan Elite do to enslave Moroccan Subjects. You know well I am not the one who tag them subjects.
Let's say, you are jobless and you leave in 2 room apartment with 8 members of your families who are also in a bad shape, why would you vote to be Moroccan? Why would you vote to be the slave of Moroccan elites? I would not.
Those people preferring to belong to Europe are the consequences of years of depletion of Moroccans resources by the elites such as those surrounding M6; the king of the subjects.
0 #10 Morocco will gain respect when prosperous and democraticIberkak 2011-10-30 01:37
Morocco should just ignore the Spanish media and work on getting its political system and the lives of Moroccans better. Spaniards were fleeing their country just thirty years ago now millions of immigrants want to live in Spain. Part of it economic, political and also the fact that Spain joined EU. Now that the EU's future is not too certain, things may work better for Morocco as Spain wouldn't be as protected.
Yes, the majority of Moroccans want to leave the country but the same is for all African and other poor nations including the oil rich ones like Algeria. I and most of the Moroccans of the world wouldn't have left Morocco if life was better.

Sahrawis don't have to be Moroccans if they don't want to, but Western Sahara region is an integral part of Morocco and that is my final note.
0 #11 Pour l'amour de dieu .... Arretez cette auto-flagelatio n haras 2011-10-30 05:06
I don't get it, why do people like to beat on their own when faced with real problems, why do they like to jump to another subject, when the one at hands is no easy one.

Bringing up the political system in Morocco as the reason for all troubles in the Sahara is just nonsense. Does anybody think that the Spanish media will change their stand as soon as a "pure" or at least an acceptable level of democracy is reached in Morocco, that would be a dream.

Those of us who think that it would be impossible to point to a perfectly democratic country and call them colonizers need to think again, it didn't stop France and England, why would it stop Morocco?

Algeria has its (nonsense) reasons in contributing to creating the problem (with Gaddafi) and in continuing to feed it and feed on it, their behavior won't change if the political system in Morocco was that in Switzerland.

As for Spanish media, some of them (separatist spanish movements and the radical left) have their own reasons to support polisario, but the most active support to polisario comes from the popular party who have a set of other very practical reasons, the least of which is the convenient price of gas imported from Algeria, in addition to blackmailing Morocco over fishing agreements, over Sebta and Melilia and many other issues...

So let's be clear, none of the reasons behind Spanish media support to polisario will go away after the next elections, whether their fair or manipulated...

I agree with Iberkak on his assessment, especially his final note, we have all the good reasons to improve our political system, and to strengthen our economy and work in a sense that the growth profits to everybody, but let's not mix things that are not necessarily related

It's the job of politicians to use demagogy to lead the herd.
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media BiasMorcelli 2011-10-30 08:08
There re 2 types of Moroccans that i disdain:
* Those who tell us that all is good in Morocco and goulou l3am zin.
* Those who will squeeze in religion is every damned subject we debate.
Assad is is blaming the uprising on terrorists and so was qaddafi, Binlabidine, and Mubarak.
When Dictators feel threatened, they send their dogs to tell the world that all is well and the west led by the US is the root of all problems.
I have news for the dogs, People have woken up from their deep sleep and that excuse will no longer fly. I just do not understand when people come over here to tell us that the system is Morocco is not to blame and we should blame the media and no one else.
0 #13 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media BiasSahrane 2011-10-30 10:47
Well the lack of respect is third world phenomen in general but is specific to arabs,and more prevelant in morocco than other places ,if a Moroccan presented with a situation that he or she has to attend a compatriot or a caucasian.while the choice is obvious,not only for money reason ,but for respect .moroccan are class tolerant or the lack of .for example the last time I landed in casablanca was in 2007 ,the customs guys were doing their business with the ram passengers .as soon as they saw a golfe region plane landing ,they ran to attend them and the hell will the Moroccans.
I had a habit, when I was a student in morocco in late seventies an early eighties(dinosa ur),to enjoy my vacations in Agadir,so now when I travel to morocco i stay a week in agadir and enjoy my country as the tourist do, in the so called 5stars ,by the way I can attest that they’re over graded ,and at the terrasses by the beach like everybody knows are segrerated ,so I make a point of sitting in the tourist partition,and I was served as the tourist were , and I was hoping that some attack dog will go at it ,my hope faded ,night after night.as I see it morrocans do it to themselves .
Moroccan Patriot
0 #14 Elections will Change Nothing in MoroccoMoroccan Patriot 2011-10-30 11:30
Like most people capable of critical thinking, we all know that the upcoming elections in Morocco will change absolutely nothing. Politicians in Morocco are useless, no matter the party or the cause.

Do you want to know what you have to do in order to vote? You have to go to the Mukataa. You have to actively register. This means taking time out of work and dealing with someone who is not there, and has no interest in doing anything for anyone, otherwise known as a typical government employee.

This year, I decided to vote. I went to register to vote and was told that I had to renew my carte National. I managed to get a residency paper from the Mukadim after a year worth of wasted trips, and so I happened to have that useless piece of paper in my possession already. I thought that with the residency paper, and my old carte national and a picture and 20 dirham stamp, it would be a simple process... but... of course not. They wanted me to get a proof of residency paper from the local police precinct. When I went there, they told me that I had to give them an attestation de travaille. Essentially, I had to produce a piece of paper that said where I was employed and for how long. They also wanted me to bring a French and Arabic extract of my birth certificate, which would have to be extracted from my fathers "Hala Madania" - this involves a trip to another city.

Long story short, I was not able to register to vote, as the deadline was Friday. More importantly, the crazy paper work process in Morocco is designed for the unemployed, the psychotic and the terminally ill. You would have to be terminally ill (mentally that is) to continue going through the maze that is Morocco's government processes and procedures.

The Government itself can only govern if you let it. If you do not recognize their power to govern you, then they cannot do so. Just do not participate.
man en blanc
0 #15 Sahara is the last thing on Spain's mind right now.man en blanc 2011-10-30 11:57
We all know that the Sahara stories reported in the Spanish media are buried in the back pages, of no special importance, just something to fill the newspapers, nothing more.
The Spanish economy sinking is deeper and deeper into the abyss, millions of Spaniards will run out of unemployment benefits in the next few months creating a whole new class of destitute people. Do you really think they would, non-sequiturial ly, care about a roving band of camel jockeys and their neighborhood quarrels?

Bless the Moroccan media's little heart! They always manage to make us bark at the wrong tree.
0 #16 CONFUSED (A FOLLOW UP)Sahrane 2011-10-30 13:29
Moroccan Patriot said:
Brian, you must be a cop
Brian - Thank you for the constructive criticism. NOT.

I represent an atypical story. An American born man with Moroccan parents, who is not poor, nor uneducated and decided to leave the United States to come to Morocco at the age of 29 to get married and start a life in Morocco.

I am happy to say that if you have just a little bit of money and earn a half way decent income, you will live like a king in Morocco.

Making three times less than I used to make in NYC, I drive a Big fancy car and live in a Villa in the most exclusive area of the Capital city.

I never worry about crime. I never worry about parking tickets, or speeding tickets, or tickets of any kind. My wife stays at home with the kids and we have two maids to help with the kids.

In the US, I was living paycheck to paycheck, in Morocco, I have savings in the bank, money to invest and love what I do for a living, because it brings good to the lives of others.

The truth is that life in Morocco is much easier than life in the US. In the US people work much harder than they do here. I used to work 12 hour days, and in Morocco, on a busy day, I work 2 or 3.

The quality of life is all about earning Halal money, not having to look over your shoulder, doing something you love for a living and living debt free.

To all of you who are still living in the US, working like dogs, constantly afraid of losing your job, or not being able to pay your mortgage, invest in an education, find something you love to do that will not necessarily make you rich, but give you clean, Halal money - and you too will find Baraka in Morocco.

There are lots of things wrong with Morocco.... but here is the reality, the Morocco of 2011 is better than the USA of 2011. The USA of 1980 was better than the Morocco of 1980..... and we can all trace it back to Bush... Bush destroyed America
0 #17 Please answer argument with argumentharas 2011-10-30 13:48
Can anybody tell me how do they know, for a fact, that democracy is the solution to our problems in the Sahara?

Let's be clear, there are all the good reasons to preach for the most democratic system in the world in our country, but let's not get confused. Democracy might allow for a cleaner and healthy business environment and for a more equitable distribution of wealth, but it is not a proven fact that establishing a democracy is the magical solution.

Democracy in the UK didn’t dissolve the Northern Ireland problem, and the new democracy in Spain in the 1970s didn’t end the struggle with ETA,... I can refer to as many other examples as you want….

On the other hand, it wasn’t the transparency of the political system in China and their shinning democracy that granted Macao and Honk Kong back to the Chinese….

I am not questioning the fact that a democratic system is generally more attractive to the people in the disputed territories and helps to gain the support of other nations worldwide but I am not sure that it is the ultimate weapon, far from it.

Finally, some of us have always those same (old) comments, they are welcome to add their (old) notes, but I'd appreciate if they can bring themselves to do so in a respectful way that reflects their (old) age and status.
0 #18 Bad press isn't that bad after allHamidChef 2011-10-31 07:31
Sahrane, I salute you and your courage. 

I must say that in my two-year peaking at this forum, I noticed that many find a pleasure trashing Morocco, the system and its government. Their mean is not to objectively share their opinion about their native country but to paint the worst picture as a mean to prove their lives in the US is better. 
Spain is changing with the time, we shouldn't forget that less than 100 years ago they were still killing moors by 100s. So Bring on the 100 bad press, especially if no one is listening, not even the EU itself.
0 #19 Power and democracyIberkak 2011-10-31 13:47
HARAS, I agree with you and to answer your question.. It is not only with democracy in Morocco that the conflict in the Sahara will go away. Democracy is only one piece of the solution, the big piece is POWER (I hate to say it). Hong Kong was given back because China was becoming a super power. As long as Europeans and Americans need Algerian gas and oil and Algerian regime enjoys causing trouble to Morocco, this conflict will last more decades. Morocco had once more than 2000 of its POWs in Algeria for years, would you think it would had been possible if Morocco was strong?
We can't get the Spanish talk about Ceuta and Melilla because they don't fear us.
The inhabitants of Ceuta and Melilla will stay with Spain if they were asked because they are better off by being Europeans; something, at least for now, we could not do with the Sahrawis.. Clear and simple because we don't have much to offer.
We just hope that Algeria give up and the next generation of the Sahrawis understand that their future is within the nation of Morocco.
Sophie Barbeleau
0 #20 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media BiasSophie Barbeleau 2011-10-31 14:24
Madrid, Oct 31, 2011 (EFE via COMTEX) --
Spain's foreign ministry delivered a formal protest to Morocco on Monday after Moroccan police manhandled a Spanish politician trying to visit the disputed territory of Western Sahara.
Mohammed D.
0 #21 terrorism and PolisarioMohammed D. 2011-10-31 20:02
I am Moroccan living in Spain and when I have read the website www.memorialdevictimas.org I realize that the Spanish press is not credible and independent enough to address the WS conflict from neutrality. Hopefully Morocco Board will talk about the terrorist attacks against civilians committed by the Polisario arm forces between 1977 and 1987.
0 #22 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media Biasborsa 2011-10-31 20:24
@haras I totally agree I couldn't have said it better. Spain has it's reasons but these reasons were not borne out due to the fact it's a democracy but because it serves its economic and strategic interests. Lets not get off topic and try to focus on what Hassan Masiky has pointed out with regards to Spain's media crusade against Morocco and Moroccans.
Moroccan Patriot
0 #23 Sahrane, what is your point?Moroccan Patriot 2011-10-31 22:22
Moroccan Patriot said:
Brian, you must be a cop
Brian - Thank you for the constructive criticism. NOT.

I live a very comfortable life in Morocco. I live MUCH more comfortably now than when I was in the US. However, I also earn substantially more than the average Moroccan, live in a villa, drive a Big nice car and have domestic help - not to mention that I get to do something Halal for a living everyday that eventually helps others.

My situation is the exception in Morocco. Most Moroccans are prisoners. 99% of the youth would like to leave Morocco tomorrow and never look back. The only adults who don't want to leave are the ones living like me, and that is because they can leave when ever they want.

I agree with Iberkak and Morcelli on this. The solution is to fix Morocco. You cannot fix Morocco by burying your head in the sand and pretending elections are going to fix the country, or by trying to denigrate the Spanish press.

When Moroccan journalists are no longer tortured, arbitrarily imprisoned and blackmailed into writing fluff pieces, then we can throw stones at Spain Journalists.

Spain has a vested interest in supporting the Polisario. Spain does not respect Morocco, and I don't blame Spain, I blame Morocco. If Morocco's leadership had any integrity or courage, they would cut all relations with Spain.
0 #24 ....Amine 2011-11-01 01:24
M.P I think Sahrane's point is how can you be married living in a villa with your wife making hallal money if you still wait for your dad's hala madania to have a CIN. once your married you have your own hala madania!! Please don't reply because i really wish you the best regardless ...i don't care about what you do, i listen to your arguments and sometimes i agree and sometimes i scratch my head!!
Spaniard and Moroccans will never see eye to eye...very simple (we mingle with their affairs just like they try to do with ours)... Keep in mind folks that Less than 70 years ago they used to come to Morocco and sell fabrics (Toube) door to door in Morocco...we called them back then Sbalyoune l hazek... Since the 80's they joined Europe and Spain has changed .... before Europe started in the basque country ...today it starts in Algesiras ... Bottom line the Sahara is Moroccan whether Spain /Algeria likes it or not... i don't care about what the leftist, centrist, ikhwane ...etc have to say or do for that matter (Democracy) .... i care for Morocco's interest ... the rest is just talks...
Moroccan Patriot
0 #25 Morokkan, - can't help but to replyMoroccan Patriot 2011-11-01 04:36
It is funny you should ask about Hala Madania's - I wrote a short article on it that was posted on this site. I literally got the Hala Madania less than a month ago, despite being married for a while now, because I did not get one when I initially got Married. The reason I needed my dad's Hala madania is that he registered me after I was born in the US, and they needed to pull what is called an extrait from HIS original Hala Madania - does it make sense to me? Not really but that is what Happened. Life is too short to lie especially when you write under a pseudonym!
0 #26 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Western Sahara: Spain's Media BiasMorcelli 2011-11-01 04:37
I have been following the Sahara dossier for 3 decades and I like to think of myself as a connoisseur on the matter.
There are 4 media outlets that Morocco is fighting: South African, Nigerian, Spanish, and of course the evil doer Algerian.
There is ONE single government that will do anything to keep the Moroccan Sahara conflict alive: The government of Algeria.
Algeria is supported by China, Russia, and several Latin and African countries

Morocco is supported by the US, France, The Arab league, and few African countries, and fewer Latin countries.

As you can see Morocco has its backers and Algeria has theirs. They will never switch side do their economic interest in the region.

Morocco tried to reach to Algeria but failed miserably not due to their lack of their seriousness but due to Algeria's stubbornness.
Algeria is not stubborn because they want to play tough, they are because they are using the Sahara dossier for their internal problems. The generals need to to tell the Algerian people that they are purchasing 10 billions of weapons to defend against Morocco who can colonizing another country called RASD.
Morocco knows that Algeria will never have a change of heart and they too pley Algeria's game.
I can blame Morocco for many things but I will not blame Morocco who is fighting the Algerians who have 200 billion dollars extra money in their coffer that they would rather spend on weapons than on their own people.
It 's really tricky situation for Morocco and they have no choice but to be the puppet of the US and France in order to continue to get the support needed to counter the Algerians.
If Morocco is unable to reach out to the Algerians, there has to be a better way to reach out to the Polisario or to destabilize it , Take Libya or Iraq for instance, their opposition were able to get a rid of the dictators and I believe that Morocco should do it utmost to overthrow abdelaziz and his people. I just do not understand how bunch of thugs cannot be infiltrated. Is it because Algeria is doing better job? or is it because Morocco is doing a bad job. I believe the latter. I think Morocco should change gear and start thinking of ways other than kissing up to Malawi and Cape Verde.
People in the camps are always tuned in to the outside world via TV or the internet and they never hear something good coming out of Morocco to alleviate their fear. Many chose to flee the camps, and i do not understand why Morocco is not making fleeing the camps is their priority. Morocco is always on the defensive, look that Haidar, a simple rug headed woman made Moroccan officials life hell for a month. Morocco should go on the offensive instead of playing of the politics of wait and see. They are many options that Morocco should explore instead of only relying on lobbying France, the US, Gabon and Saudi Arabia. That is good but they should do more. South Africa is doing More to harm Morocco in the UN and Morocco is helpless.
Isn't 36 years enough of dealing with the generals evil doers??:-??

0 #27 fact of the matterlol 2011-11-02 02:41
:-)Sahara is Morroccan now that Gadafy is gone but who will be the group prime winner in the recuperation of Sahara?
0 #28 to Iberkakharas 2011-11-02 06:29
Iberkak, that was exactly my point; it is first and foremost, the balance of powers that defines the outcome of those issues.

Regarding Sebta and Melila, if they are our cities, why should we ask the inhabitants (of Moroccan descent or not) if they would rather be part of Spain. You really think that if the people of Hong Kong were polled a couple of decades ago, they would have favored the return to China? No way.

As for what we have to offer to the Sahrawis, if you ask me, more than they will ever get from anybody else. They can compare their situation to their cousins in southern Algeria where most wealth -oil and gas- is produced, yet they continue to be marginalized and ignored. They can look at Mauritania, a country with a larger territory and diverse resources, yet, one of the poorest countries on earth. To answer lol, Sahrawis are the prime winner in the recuperation of Sahara (some of them get paid without even working, they have better access to basic services than any other cities or towns in the same size in Morocco, they are disproportionat ely represented in the public institutions -16 parliamentarian s for some 200,000 people, scores of governors and high ranking officials, ouzid ouzid). But, my true belief is that the Sahara is a Moroccan territory, and the Sahrawis who think otherwise are free to move somewhere else, they’re nomads after all.

Some commentators are linking it to the Moroccan system; they prefer to argue that if Morocco were a more democratic country this problem would be solved in a heartbeat. Somehow, Spaniards would be our best support, their media will praise us day and night, the Algerians will stop been the pain in the neck they have chosen to be, and the lost souls in Tindouf will come to their minds.

I am hoping that Morocco is really headed toward a more representative political system, I am hoping that the people of Morocco will surprise me and that the shouting on the streets will reflect on the quality and dedication of our parliamentarian s and the elected government; if not in the coming elections this month at least in the few next years...

BUT, I don’t think that all our structural problems will disappear overnight; and, regarding the Sahara, I think that we are up for a long struggle, it started 36 years ago, and, if you ask me, I will be lucky if I live long enough to see the end of it.
0 #29 The point to MPSahrane 2011-11-02 10:31
Well my friend my point half of it what morokkan mentioned ,the other half is that,you’re sending a conflicting messages.on one hand morocco is better than the states and on the other hand in your post (Elections will Change Nothing in Morocco) you’re describing the reason why almost all the expatriates fled the country 20 and 30 years ago,and the same psychotic behaviour .still prevelant,there is more to life than economy we call it dignity,and according to the present situation there is none in morocco as it were,with all do respect you’re talking from both sides of the mouth,everybody knows there is no better country than his own.no better home than his,no better mom than his own ,and finally no better bed than his own ,and that’s true for even the most destitute of this world,when I’m pounding on morocco ,I’m not putting the country down .i’m criticizing the people and what they’re doing to the country.
0 #30 Blame diversionSahrane 2011-11-03 09:10
The sahara saga is just that a pit that drained morocco finances and still , I remember as late as 1979 the Moroccan currency worthed more than the French franc,in effect it started after the green slide (march) that’s when all hell broke loose ,so the resources were diverted south,the militiray and the government were sucking the blood out of the mainland, the guys were paid double and sometimes triple their salary, just to go there ,and to try to buy the sahraouis what we got from it? nothing not counting (JUMMANI jokes)it’s a diversion and it was a Siberia equivalent ,when there was unruly military personel or a treatning one, they send him to the sahara to be slaughtered,so the government try to cower everybody to accept it as do or die ,yes sahara is Moroccan if the sahraouis willing to accept it ,if not the hell with it,why should we take from everybody else to give to a few,and furthermore without an outcome, unless the palace knows something we don’t know ,like (oil/gas…)remem ber when M6 took power they announce that morocco found an oil reserve in the sahara and everybody was ecstatic ,that was bate and switch .and the saga will go on ,no end insight.

0 #31 to Sahraneharas 2011-11-03 13:12
You really don't get it, you let go the Sahara, they come after Oued Noun, the Rif and I don't know what more. If you ask me, I'd rather see Morocco as a state, in a confederation of North African countries, but some of our regional leaders, excited by the surplus from oil and gas, had other plans....

Morocco didn't create the problem, and it's true we lost some good men there, let's not call the whole thing a mere diversion, let's not join the savage polisario in urinating on our fallen soldiers' dead bodies....
0 #32 To harasSahrane 2011-11-04 13:23
Well my friend I agree to disagree ,you got it for to 36 years what did you do with it ,but throwing money ,literally pouring water in the sand ,hoping to buy the sahrawis,rhetor ic aside,I’ll predict to you what will happen,the sahrawis will secede as did the south from Soudan as will do a lot of minorities in defferent countries,maybe not in my lifetime ,I don’t know about yours.and I have an advice for you don’t get cut in the political game ,both governments playing it on the citizens expense.the royal palace and the presidential one using the sahara as a valve to alleviate the home pressure and suck the innocents like you in.
0 #33 Si Sahraneharas 2011-11-05 03:08
This conflict is not (only) about the Sahara, it's Algeria and -at moments- Gaddafi all the way, so let's not get confused... and to be clear, I don't know about you but I am on my people's side... especially when they are the victims...

The sahrawis will secede? just like South Sudan? should I remind you that unlike the Sudan, Morocco actually won the war in the Sahara and secured the territory... engaging in the peace process was just a way for HassanII to eradicate the whole problem in get it out of the Maghreb way, then came Bouteflika, the Irak war, the high oil prices, and Algerians decided to go for another round, and try to split Morocco to three or four countries.

The same secession stories were told a decade ago after the Timor Leste got their independence, a case much more similar to the sahara than the South Sudan, since then the Moroccan position only got better...

By the way, the same guy who funded the creation of polisario, Gaddafi, well, he was also funding the Touareg rebellion in Niger and Mali, the Darfur rebellion, and the South Sudan secession, he left a lot of orphans...
0 #34 Mr harasSahrane 2011-11-05 10:03
The issue at hand is not who created the scapegoat ,but who bought it,if according to your explanation morocco won the war why it’s still trying to win the hearts and minds by buying the sahrawis and any African country who willing to tow morocco line?and they’re doing it on the mainland’s citizens expense,asking the question is answering it, (by the way I have a firsthand knowledge from an oncle did 27 years in the military most of it in sahara) .and I know and as you perfectly do why? And furthermore putting the government and the palace feet to the fire doesn’t make me less patriotic than you.but my problem is that I don’t trust the bas***ds a bit on anything let alone an issue that was used for different purposes for all the involved parties, to get rich and scam the Moroccan people,and using the issue as staging point in the world arena for the innocents clowns fihri &cie,to make themselves more important than they actually are ,if only they put the same energy and money in the mainland we wouldn’t be talking about the sahara issue and the sahrawis will be happy to join and belong to morocco without a payouts,just ask the mainland students who pays their tuition, even if they cannot afford it ,but here come the sahrawis everything on the house no question asked,on…and,on ….and,on….and like I always say “trust but verify”.
0 #35 Si Sahraneharas 2011-11-05 18:07
Maybe for you it doesn't matter who started it, but for others, it does. The game, as you refer to it, was not started by Morocco, and cannot be stopped by Morocco, it was Algeria and Gaddafi then and it is Algeria alone now. So let's be clear about this.

Let's not start sending the blame left and right, what do you have against Fihri exactly? do you think that the handling of the sahara issue would have been any different if the dossier was handed to somebody else? I join you in condemning corruption, and there is a lot of it in Morocco, including the sahara, but let's not get confused... and let's not throw out the baby with the bath water...

Your uncle in the military should be able to tell you who was kidnapping the sahrawis and taking them to Tindouf, that might help you discern the reality from fiction... he can also tell you whether we won the war or not, the diplomacy part is just for international recognition, and to solve the problem once and for all, I hope you understand the wisdom in that...

He will also tell you how many people we lost there, and the scores of injured (many with life handicaps), and for me it is the main reason we should hold to that land, it is marked with our peoples blood. innocent people, who were defending their country, as they were told by the king, Hassan II and by his opponents, including Abderrahim Boubid, Youssoufi, and Ait Idder.

Is there some favoritism in Morocco for the sahrawis, big time, you can go back and check my posts on this article, and I am not talking about the students and unemployed, but again, if it wasn't for those policies their economic situation would be much worse and heated, and the guys in Tindouf wouldn't be tempted to join the Sahara...

I agree on the principle that the sahrawis shouldn't be given a special treatment, but the first principle for me, is that the blood of our soldiers and the borders of our country should be red lines... the rest is up for discussion.
0 #36 Mr haras take NO for an answer.Sahrane 2011-11-06 10:26
My friend, it take two to tango,the rivalry between both governments the Moroccan and algerian and I emphasize on governments,is backdated to as long as we can remember, with sahara or without, and I’m older than most of the so called Moroccan ministers ,and the love hate relationship,wa s and is exacerbated with the issue at hand.so eachside is muddying the waters to take advantage for the otherside ,and doing so using the issue to divert their citizens attention from the real issue that affecting millions who are living under the poverty line ,while the palace and the government living high on the hug like there is no tomorrow .and they want us to go to the bat for them when it suits their purpose,and it’s mind boggling how people got rattled and take the issue personally for what for the blood suckers to get richer on our back like if they’re not already gimme a break,well I have news for them ,it will be over my dead body,as for honoring the soldiers sacrifice in defending the homeland I have the most respect for their action ,I value life but it doesn’t worth it for a cause I don’t believe in and furthermore the same people who’s trying to sell us the goods are ripping their poeple blind,why should I trust them this time .
0 #37 Mr Sahrane,haras 2011-11-08 01:57
It would help if you can do your own research and come up with your own conclusions as to the reality of this conflict, rather than waiting for someone to “sell you on it”.

By mixing the Sahara with the rest of our political problems you sound like someone who (deliberately or unintentionally ) is not able to detach himself from the other misfortunes of our political scene, and the conclusions from such amalgamation are mere state of mind or plain “coup de gueule”.

Your uncle who spent years of his military service in the Sahara, to whom you owe your first hand knowledge on the Sahara, can explain to you how the whole Sahara issue started as a “coup de gueule” of a dozen of Sahrawi students in Moroccan universities, who were used by Gaddafi and Boumediane to score some points on Hassan II.

The “it takes two to tango” and “there is no smoke without fire” are catchy expressions but do not exonerate one from providing real arguments, as a matter of fact, should we step back every time Algeria steps on our toes, for you to not shoot us with the “it takes two to tango”…

“I value life but it doesn’t worth it for a cause I don’t believe in”, I think this is the kind of decisions people make very early in their lives, so let’s not fantasize….
0 #38 Mr haras (GUEULE DE BOIS)Sahrane 2011-11-09 08:13
well if I understand your criticism .i can deduct that you did your patriotic duty and ,went to sahara and the concerned places and did an investigation,a nd got the picture.otherwi se you’re vomiting what you have been fed by the blood suckers without questioning the veracity or lack of. And propagating a misinformation wraped in patriotic package and sold as the issue to die for NOT.
Let us also not dwell on the anecdotal reason for the sahara saga, i don’t give a hoot what hassan2 thought he is no better.by the way he got scot free,and you’re going to an extraordinary lenght to piece meal the issue,and to separate it from the political scene for easy digestion you got it wrong,you call it (coup de gueule)I rather call it (gueule de bois) ,and my oncle example ,was just that other sources in play,I’m not a parrot .and believe me there is a lot of them and mostly on the sahara issue, I’m not the one who tries to condition it ,you’re adamant that they are two issues at hand but they’re not ,they’re both political no two ways about it .,
the mainland situation, moroccans learned to live with.(no dignity,corrupt ion,and fear)the other is the only political subject moroccans can excel at and it’s the regime way ,or the high way,so I don’t take a lesson from nobody political or otherwise ,if you cannot accept that there is another side to the coin , that’s provides further reason to what’s wrong with the regime you cannot trust the same people at the helm that failed the people miserably,to be moreforthright.
If you can put the same energy in one of the real issues in morocco like(poverty….c orruption….chil dren slavery ………………)the sahara one will be consequently resolved.
0 #39 Mr Sarhaneharas 2011-11-09 14:42
People who you don’t accept lessons, generally, in the sake of consistency, don’t give lessons either…

The Sahara issue shouldn’t have been a difficult one, that is of course if it wasn’t for Boumediane and Gadhafi, and the curse of oil, who gave dictators resources to expand their madness beyond the borders of their countries, this is how Sudan got divided, this is how the Touareg started their rebellion in Mali and Niger, and this is how the Darfur crisis was started…

True that there are always two sides to every story, also true that there is only one truth, this is not about Hassan 2, it’s about Morocco, people believed the Sahara was our land before him (Mohammed V and Allal Al Fassi), other patriotic figures like Abderrahim Bouabid were against the referendum before Mohammed 6.

I don’t get your point in trying to mix everything, generally, for problem solving, it helps to, as they say, "divide and conquer", that is of course unless you prefer to play “fine souta” that is another issue…

I am not concerned about the Sahara and don’t even think that it should be our priority, I join you in recognizing that it is more important to focus on other issues that touch all our territory, and concern directly the whole population, and there are many, especially increasing our wealth and making sure everybody profits.

I will add that as far as the Sahara goes, the directly concerned people, the military and security forces, are doing their share, the government has been successful in handling the political and diplomatic side… the problem started 36 years ago and will go on for another 30-40 years, and we buried too many good men to leave now that it’s been finally secure and so many countries have joined our side…

And since you ask, yes I've been to the right places and yes I met the right people, and yes I have a good picture, and yes I will fight when called upon to do my duty and serve under the flag…
0 #40 THE MIRAGESAHRANE 2011-11-11 10:22
First of all I’ve never pretended to give a lesson to anyone ,now that’s out of the way,as for the willing to sacrifice yourself for a cause you believe in that’s your prerogative and that’s something you’re commanded for,and you believe as well that there is a lot of wrong that can be righted in morocco,so obviously the logic is to clean your house before cleaning others ,so I think those issues will bring more benefit the whole population from one end of the country to the other, and take a precedent don’t you?but also have issue with ,that to my knowldge never heard of a prisoner freeing another one ,unless one of them is free ,and is not your case right now.as for the political side ,who has the leverage has the momentum and can if not decide at least shape the outcome,as it appears they (gov&palace)wan t it badly as we want democracy so make them pay for it as simple as that give and take .furthermore if the Moroccan history thaught us some lessons ,one of them that the innocents and the patriots sacrifice themselves and the collaborators and the chicken hawks benefits,when your children or mine asks what our parents left us?if the answer is the same as the grand parent did,well my friend no sahara gonna save the day.well good luck on your endeavour,and hopfully you don’t end up chasing the mirage no upon intended.
0 #41 Clarityharas 2011-11-13 11:57
As I said earlier, it would help if you can state clearly your beliefs, that way we can have a healthy discussion…

I don’t even know if you mean to say that we should give up the sahara, to gain democracy in the “mainland”; or maybe blackmail the "(gov&palace)" over this issue. Either case, I am all for taking our full rights and approve the march for democracy, equity and progress in our country, but I am not willing to joke with this issue. I think that pursuing democracy is a noble cause that shouldn’t be sullied with this kind of, assumingly, tactical moves. It is also, as proven times and again, bad politics; that is of course unless you believe that the sahara SHOULD not be part of Morocco, but then, what and why are we discussing exactly???

Also, I don’t see why you frame the two issues as inherently associated; one of the notable defenders of the sahara issue (before it became an issue) is Mr Ait Iddir, who just happens to be one of the most outspoken opponents of the regime and an eternal suspicious of monarchy all together.

History is indeed a fascinating discipline , unfortunately the lesson you mention is a general one, but I can’t help it if my father was an “ancient combattant”; the lesson is in fact more true in Algiers than in Rabat, and speaking of mirages, it seems they are more frequent in Tindouf than in Laayoune.

PS: If I am prisoner of anything, that would be my need of clear cut arguments to make up my mind on anything, I really hate to stuff my mind with nonfactual truths ...
0 #42 PUT IT TO REST.SAHRANE 2011-11-15 10:36
Honestly I don’t give it a hoot one way or the other ,I don’t loose sleep over what Algeria thinks or what the palace want ,i rather take care of the real issue at hand ,and that’s the dictatorship,an d the blood suckers ,and unfortunately you’re doing their biding ,to muddy the waters and deflect the pressure from the social issues,and i m adamant that both issues are on the table,cause the Moroccan people tried for half a century to bring reason to the blood suckers but without success, that’s the only way they gonna listen and take notice ,I will not be cowered to defend the sahara issue while they ripping the population with impunity. like they say build it (democracy )and they come (the sahrawis). We should take care of what we have first before taking on more ,and to be blunt if I’m a sahrawis I would’nt be happy to join a dictatorship,an d cant blame them.
0 #43 Mark Twainharas 2011-11-15 13:29
Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.
0 #44 SAYS MESAHRANE 2011-11-16 13:07
Mr twain was right more than a century ago,and his quote is not a time proof.it's true he lived trough a war but not dictatorship,he did never get picked up from the street corner for standing with friends in the neighborhood,no t once but a lot,we learned later that was an emergency law what were living under for more than thirty years.so i'll put their feet to the fire at any occasion i'll get..

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