Morocco - Algeria Conflict: A Final Solution?

The first genuine sign of a near end to this long simmering conflict was the explosive comments by the former head of the The United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), the diplomat Peter van Walsum.  During his tenure in the MINURSO, Mr. Walsum came to the conclusion that the referendum for independence of the Western Sahara is ‘unrealistic’. The Dutch diplomat was franc, blunt and a straight arrow. For Mr. Walsum, the ongoing negotiations between the Polisario (Algeria backed and directed) were a “farce”.  He explained that both parties are more concerned about keeping their irreconcilable position than finding a solution for the refugees lingering in miserable conditions in the Tindouf camps in Algeria. It is important to remember that Mr. Walsum is neither a friend of Morocco nor a sympathizer to the Moroccan position on the Western Sahara; which make his remarks ever important and not to be ignored.  Since he had unfiltered access to information about the situation on the field on both sides of the conflict- the Polisario camps in Algeria and the Saharan provinces under Moroccan control- the former U.N. official suppositions have considerable weight. Obviously, the 74 years old diplomat was well aware of the truth surrounding the Algerian claims about the conditions in Tindouf, the opinion of the refugees stranded in the Camps, and more importantly the number and the origins of the inhabitants of these Camps.

As central to a just and humane solution to the conflict are the unspoken words of Mr. Walsum.  According to interviews conduct with him after he left his position with the MINURSO, The Dutch diploma did not believe that the Polisario front was a representative of the civilians in the camps. He complained privately of the reluctance of the Algerian authority to grant him open access to talk freely with the refugees, even though, part of the MINURSO mandate is to “repatriate the refugees of Western Sahara, a task to be carried out by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) “. In short, the former head of the UN mission did not view the Polisario as viable part in the conflict. Being diplomatic, he would have never mentioned that Algeria is keeping the conflict floating at the expense of the civilians in the Camps, but it was implied in his final report.  Mr. Walsum compassionate stance was not lost however as pronounced by the position of the UNCHR in their last unofficial comments.

Another sign of a possible solution to the Moroccan-Algerian conflict is the recent comments by the UNCHR chief asking the Algerian authorities to live up to its responsibilities as a host of the refugees in the Tindouf camps. As I stated in my posting a year ago- , the Algerian government is in violation of International law by keeping thousands of civilians in deplorable conditions without the right of movement. The refugees of the Tindouf camps have the right to ask for resettlement in Morocco, a third country or move to live any where in Algeria.

The timid reaction of the Algerian authority to the UNCHR call for the resettlement of the Tindouf refugees, coupled with the Moroccan positive reaction to the idea may be a sign of a change in Algiers. Morocco will not necessarily be the destination of many of the refugees. According to people familiar with the tribal make up of the civilians living in the Camps, a number of the Sahrawis are actually natives of the Mauritania Sahara, rather than the Moroccan. The Polisario political leadership has always had the option to settle in Spain, Cuba or other “friendly” country.

Furthermore, the talk of an opening a land access between the Moroccan Sahara and Tindouf is a further sign of an improvement in the Moroccan-Algerian relations on this issue.

At this juncture, it is up to Morocco to show the world its wiliness to give all Sahrawis refugees that may return to Morocco under UN supervision international guarantees of well treatment, freedom of movement and access to international human rights organizations.

Mr. Walsum conclusions are more relevant today than ever. The Western Sahara conflict is revolving from a political-military dispute between Morocco and Algerian to a regional humanitarian crisis. Aside form background noise coming from naïve and aimless left wing groups and some Che Guevara “wanabes” , the international community is ready to adopt the Moroccan Autonomy plan with international guarantees and some type of UN supervision as the platform for a final solution to the Sahara problem.

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a guest
0 #1 Is this Geography?a guest 2009-10-05 05:17
Are you so envying by the size of Algerian territory as compared to the Moroccan - even with the stolen Western Sahara - that you need to make geography lie? What sort of audiences are trying to trick? The Americans, because they are supposed to be ignorant of geography? Or Are you just portraying your hatred of Algeria via aggressive and forged maps that give Morocco the upper hand? Algerian people are your brothers in origin, civilisation and faith, we will unite one day but in a win-win partnership, I am sorry to say this but for the time being Algeria is the one who is working to achieve that goal, because it is independent from the West. Algeria is the only force who has the means, the potential to bring the Muslims of North Africa together. Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara is postponing such project. In Five years time, Algeria will give the world an amazing surprise, remember this in five years time, God willing.
a guest
0 #2 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco - Algeria Conflict: A Final Solution?a guest 2009-10-05 08:52
is this the objectivity that you learn in journalism school ? :sad:
a guest
0 #3 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco - Algeria Conflict: A Final Solution?a guest 2009-10-05 10:33
you need to get your eyes checked! map is right Brother!
a guest
0 #4 the maurea guest 2009-10-05 10:42
in five years Algeria will give the world an amazing surprise. What could that be? another 100000 killed in a civil war? Algeria finally milking it own cows instead of buying dry milk? or is it finally getting real potable water instead of recycling sewer water? Or could it be some scientific breakthrough like for example planting your own vegetables?
Look Monsieur mujaheed don't take 5 years take eternity trust me noting will change in your beloved Algeria you know why? people like you, who are more concerned with map sizes and nothing else.
a guest
0 #5 Yes in 5 yearsa guest 2009-10-06 00:16
Yes in 5 years time. You are counting our supposed problems with such happiness that in your own heart and conscience – if you have one – you wish they would last and worsen.
Just this counts you out from the Muslim community as per the Prophet’s saying “No one will fully believe until he wishes for his brethren what he wishes for himself”.

Algerian people had their problems, we admit them, but they are being solved. America, England and France had their own civil wars; civil wars are the marks of dynamic societies. If I were you I will be more concerned about the Moroccan society, which is boiling inside (as I told you before there is no big difference between our two societies, what was extirpated from Algerian Society is an ongoing issue in Morocco).

Any Algerian citizen can say whatever he/she wants about their president – I can say for example Bouteflika is an idiot – it is a well-known fact if you say such a thing about your king – who is by the way more feared than God Himself – you will end up in prison, tortured and humiliated.

As to water, Algeria has invested billions of dollars over the last few years and has just announced a 15 billions dollars investment over the next 5 years. Such good news make many Moroccan people sad, because you know that Algeria is back but don’t worry there are many good news coming even if your alike are doing their best to tarnish Algerian image, we know who your masters are, we don’t blame you really.

Milk? Goggle Q4 business report on Algeria and you will see what is the production of milk in Algeria, and by the way dry milk that Algeria buys saved many lives of Moroccan in Oujda. Yes that milk is also consumed by Moroccans and many other Algerian products such as petrol.

Agriculture is making excellent performance as well, wheat production multiplied by 3, olive oil, fruits and vegetables all of that is just under way. In five years time, Algeria will have a growth of two figures, then by 2020, North African people will unite. Algeria would have by then achieved the third goal of its glorious revolution.

1.Kick out the French from North Africa– (it is a shame that they came back to colonise Morocco) up a democratic society within the frame of Islamic precepts
3.Unite the North African People
a guest
0 #6 the maurea guest 2009-10-06 03:54
Well, I am so relieved to see that in your Algerian cosmic 5 year revolution plan there is no mention of kicking Moroccans out from the Sahara. Or, was that hidden in item 3 of the final plan? anyway I am hooked and can wait.
a guest
0 #7 Map Sizea guest 2009-10-06 04:32
Very funny is the apparent, magnified size of Morocco's map here.... and you consider this site serious?! lol
0 #8 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco - Algeria Conflict: A Final Solution?MacadamiaN 2009-10-06 22:11
It seems like you have some kind of insecurity. I don’t see you making a comment about Algeria depicted bright green as if it were a rainforest, where in reality we all know it is nothing but desert. It is a just a picture, calm down.

a guest
0 #9 Rhedaa guest 2009-10-07 04:30
Morocco and Algeria should have a war and whoever wins win everything..
Moroccan or Algerians it is the same type of people...backwa rds, self-righteous, arrogant, tribal, semi-illeterate , egoistic, self-centered, thugs, liars....Nation alism is a mascarade. Nobody feel he/she is Moroccan or Algerian, if he does, ask him what it means.. he will tell you because he live in a country called Morocco or Algeria. If this is the answer for being nationalist, I have already turned to an anarchist... It is tribalism that dominates everything... that's why we have failed undemocratic states in all of the Muslim lands... I wonder why.. every leader wants to be the commander in chief but then of course he knows he is a thug then turns his police state against his people and blaming outside influences for their failures. And the narrative will go on until the end of time....

Algeria and Morocco were created in the 1950's out of some abheration of history and faulty mapping devices thanks to our Papa Noel the French empire and his two bastard sons one called Morocco the other Algeria. Both Countries emerged on completely different footings. One holding on to archaic principle of legitimacy of the absolute rule and rights of kings who were merely humans, who use links to the prophet Mohamed to maintain their power.. The other thought they were much more sophisticated to fall prey to this archaic form of rules of kings and thought they were much more refined and sophisticated and educated as their former French Masters and took it upon themselves to create a police state worthy of praise of totalitarian Bolshevism all in the name of a nothing state whose population like their brothers in Morocco live a dismal life of lies, herd mentality and backwardness... trully street people and they still think they can get along... Who are they kidding??? Long live peace and long live hatred and war on the other....the story of Cain and Abel..
a guest
0 #10 Forwarda guest 2009-10-08 05:36
Somebody wrote : " Algeria is the only force who has the means, the potential to bring the Muslims of North Africa together."

-What do you mean by potential ? gas or (mismanagement + dictatorship)?
You can not export a model to other countries, when it does not work not even in your country.
a guest
0 #11 Forward2a guest 2009-10-08 05:54
Bouteflika won the Algerian elections by some 80% or a similar non sense figure ...and this guy is talking about the increase of milk powder production in Algeria, as if milk powder would be an Index for measuring democracy and lack of corruption. Bouteflika is a dictator and he is ruling you by force, call him idiot or Mikey mouse, that makes no difference

The Algerian billions generated from the gas sales,are now used to build the complex infrastructure needed for advanced and competitive technologies able to produce milk powder.
Who knows ? maybe one day Algeria will be able to mix milk powder with cement and build a North African space station.

a guest
0 #12 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco - Algeria Conflict: A Final Solution?a guest 2009-10-08 19:04
Whoever you are Mr. Warmonger, thanks for speaking your mind, Israel and the West will not retrieve a word from your post, if you have not already done so, please liaise with Commentary Journal, they might have a position for you. There will be no war between Algeria and Morocco, never. When Algeria reaches its potential - economic - the whole region will be integrated, and the frustration of the warmongers will be at its utmost. I have some advice to give to some Moroccans here who show extreme bias against Algeria: please be modest, this is a central teaching of Islam.
a guest
0 #13 Nababa guest 2009-10-09 04:09
Algerian and Moroccan people are the same people.. Muslims and arabs at heart but maurauding wolves and blood suckers at soul..

I think the arabs will definetely end up undermining each other. Algerian screwing up other algerians and Moroccan screwing up other moroccan until the end of time. There is no need for war with anyone, no need for algerians to screw up moroccan or moroccan screwing up algerians. War is already happening deep in the minds and actions of algerians and moroccans. It is a internal war of derision and hate of each others. Dog eats dog mentality. That's why Arabs are not good at building and developing socio-political states worthy of pride and attention for the world to see... all we do is nothing...if not destroy what has been already been built. What do we have to show for ourselves? The Tour hassan (morocco) or the monument of the Chahids (Algeria)?...

Ibn Khadoun once said: "if it is Arabized, it will be mortified".

I could not find a word that perfectly rhyme with arabized, because the right word should be it will be "Destroyed", but mortify can also encapsulate what Khaldoun meant which is "debased" "put down"... Here is a 13 century sociologist speaking the truth, and the self fulfulling prophecy...
Hajidat ..
0 #14 Morocco is great ..Hajidat .. 2009-12-21 16:08
I do not want to look selfish cos I am Moroccan, but the truth is that Moroccans are tending to build a strong democracy and economy while Algarians still dream of that shit callaed Arabisation. Arabs are doing nothing in this world except destruction adn the world is really underlooking Arabs...
Ahmed Maazouzi
0 #15 COMMENT_TITLE_R E Morocco - Algeria Conflict: A Final Solution?Ahmed Maazouzi 2011-02-08 10:48
I think the best to do is that Morocco starts intervening in the internal affairs of Algeria and having relationships with the Separatist Chaouis, Kabyles and Tueregs, and you lll see how that will eventually work effectively... I think that if the claim that Sahrawis are not Moroccans, than the Kabyles who differ 100 % from other algerians are not Alkherians but Kabyles, different culture, different language ... think about it
Abu Achraf Morocco
0 #16 The Maghreb Arab is falling apartAbu Achraf Morocco 2011-05-17 09:39
It is high time the Maghreb counties and mainlt Morrocco and Algeria look at the interest of their polulation rather than making road blocks for each other. There is place for a tiny fabricated state as the so-called polisario knowing the challenges of the time. There should be a visison for the Marghreb ro rise up as we have strong potentials instead of dismantling this capacity. The invitation GCC for Morocco to join the Golf council is a slap in the face for those subscribing in creating conflicts that do not follow any sense making.
0 #17 funnyguest 2011-09-16 21:29
let's cut the crap would you. we are so much alike,our memory is still stuck back when we had something to be proud of back when we were able to kick out the invader . Moroccan people think they are the smartest people in the world, and Algerian people still each n everytime refere to Algeria as the land of the million shaheed I mean what did u do for those people who died other than remembering them in national occasions isn't there a much better way to remember them.How can Moroccan people call themselves smart??? I mean we really need a wake up call. This conflict will never end because it suits us. what's funny is that we can't imagine how our lives would go on without cursing each others on forums so if this proves something it proves that we are anything but smart and that the blood of the people who had sacrificed their lives was in vain. How could you think for a minute that the UN can put an end to a conflict like that?? if it has any power to do anything Palestine wouldn't still be occupied and there would be peace all over the world.having said that I apologize to whoever was offended.

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